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My father’s job with Coca-Cola made us feel like he was in the army because it demanded that we relocate every few years. This was nothing new to the family. In fact, we grew quite used to it. However, this move would be different than any of the previous moves from years prior. This move was not to a new city or to a new state. This move was to a new country, furthermore, another continent. Although I was not scared of moving to Australia, I was extremely nervous of how my new life would be. The feeling it gave me was similar to the feeling you’d get when asking that special girl out to eat?

Butterflies in my stomach and not sure of what will come next. I was about to become a foreigner in someone else’s native land. I suppose that is why my father approached me with a choice; I could stay in the USA and attend a boarding school or I could move to Australia with the rest of the family. Although I was apprehensive about starting over again so far away, I chose my family. So within a few weeks I was on a plane flying to Melbourne, Australia. I was filled with fears of what might be, and anticipation of what was to come.

After settling into my new home, new school, and making new friends, I quickly learned how great this new country was. People in Australia were so accepting and nonjudgmental compared to the US, especially in Saint Louis. It always amazed me how often people invited me into their lives, and wanted to learn about me. People seemed to really care for humanity and one another. To this day I am an extremely accepting and understanding person because of my experience. In addition to the people, another great thing about Australia was the low crime rate. There is no need for patrol cars.

Police cars simply are not seen on the streets. Guns are not carried by citizens, there is no conceal and carry law. The thought that someone might point a gun at me never crossed my mind. Murders and robberies were not a part of the daily news. I continued to live there for ten years and loved everything about it. Not only did I enjoy it, but I have become a better person because of it. I have learned that a better place does exist and not everyone is desensitized from crime. I have become a better person because of my experience of living in Australia.

Integrated Marketing Theranos Case

“This week you will post about your analysis to the Theranos Case we discussed last week in class. Post your insights and share some of your concerns that now face the marketing industry as a result of the outcome.” (300 word minimum)