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Moving is sometimes exciting, but most often it is heartbreaking. I say this from experience. In my life I have moved a total of seven times. It may not seem like a lot, but first off I am thirteen. And second I once moved across the country. My cross-country move was my most memorable move. At the time I was living in Las Vegas, Nevada and since my dad works for the FBI we moved a lot. I had the three best friends in the entire universe, but I also had girl problems. One day my dad asked my brother and me if we would maybe want to move to Virginia and I decided my answer was yes.

I was only thinking of it being on the east coast, far from the terribly cruel girls at school, but I soon realized I was going to miss my friends with a burning passion. The day before I moved was a Friday, so obviously I had school. My teacher (only one because it was 5th grade) gave a farewell speech and other students just stood there awkwardly. My friends on the other hand linked arms with me and in a way dragged me to my bus. We were glued to each other. There weren’t any tears, but that was probably because we hadn’t realized this could be the last time we were all together.

The next day though, was full of waterworks. My best friend, Brittney, came over to my house. It was completely out of the blue. She gave me a present that I wasn’t to open until Christmas. We hugged and said our final goodbyes and there were still no tears! Until the door closed. I was at a loss for words, but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. My eyes were like flash floods. The salt water was unstoppable and I couldn’t pronounce full words. The only thing I could do was sit on the floor, bawl, and open the present. It may have been for Christmas, but I didn’t care.

I wanted to see something that would cheer me up. Inside the box there was a bunch of things, but the most important thing was a handwritten story. The story was written by Brittney in third grade. It was about us and it was called “Two Sisters”. Basically it was about how we met and our adventures together. It didn’t cheer me up though, I cried even harder. It took my parents two hours to get me to calm down and breath. Then we had to leave, we hopped in the car and started away from the most perfect life anyone could imagine. Across borders I felt like I was slowly melting away from my old life.

I couldn’t even enjoy Graceland. It was the home of Elvis for goodness sakes! After six days we were in Virginia and I had never felt worse. I called all of my friends and told them about my never ending drive next to my brother. We laughed and I discovered I could still be great friends with them even three thousand miles away. Since it was winter break I couldn’t make friends with anyone, but the first day of school came too soon for me. The first day I was there, nobody even so much as glanced my way. I was crushed, but I put on a happy face for my parents. The second day was a different story.

By then people had discovered I was from Sin City. I got the most bizarre questions: Did you gamble? What were the casinos like? Were you a stripper? I was seriously freaked out. Still, I was getting attention. I was so happy I had made friends, but turns out I chose the wrong ones. The next year was middle school and that’s when people started getting mean. I hadn’t really regretted my choice to move until then. People were calling me names that were definitely not school appropriate. I got pushed into walls and got my hair caught in a locker. One day I decided I wasn’t going to take it anymore.

I kept thinking I didn’t move here to make enemies I moved to get away from them. Now I realize it was such a childish thing to think, but it helped me through a rough patch. Before sixth grade was over my parents announced we were moving again, but this time I thought it over. Did I want to move again and run from my problems or take a chance and possibly make new ones? Easy. I moved to Utah! And here I am today. I learned that you shouldn’t worry about what’s ahead because I know I have a lot of fantastic friends here and I wouldn’t have them if I didn’t move. And now I am making exciting summer and spring break plans for it.

Asian Studies Question

For this week’s writing assignment:
1 Choose from your reading three thematic groups of rhymes/poems (caution: NOT just three poems/rhymes) from Songs of Gold Mountain book plus the Angel Island poems selected in the Class Rader. (pages16-28)
2 Prepare a critical essay based on these readings, make sure you demonstrate a thematic focus to tie your analysis of the poems and your viewpoints together. Do not just summarize or generalize without an acritical analysis of the readings.
Suggestions: Identify certain points/topics for you to articulate and develop into a coherent critical analysis. For example:
on the rhymes’ structural aspect:
-There is the use of “literary eclipse” in these rhymes to skip the direct descriptions of labor work and hardship at work. How is that done?
-There are many directional references used in the rhymes, what do these directional reference suggest? There are also many uses of numbers in these rhymes, especially as time references, age references, etc. How do these numbers function in the rhymes?
on the rhymes’ cultural aspects:
-Why are rhymes on marital relationship presented mostly in a woman voice/persona? Why aren’t men’s voices in the rhymes expressing love and relationship to the wife?
-Why are the rhymes on the American-born generation so critical and negative?
-Why are the ambivalence and emotional ambiguity towards gambling and womanizing/prostitution?
There are many other thematic topics for you to do an interesting and good paper. Put some thoughts and energy into it!