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Motivation Theories Chardye Lloyd University of Phoenix Online Each employee has different things that motivate him or her to do the Job tasks that are assigned while presenting great hospitality to the guest of the hotel. To make sure that my employees are doing a great Job I need to fgure out what motivates them to come to work and provide this great service on which our hotel takes such pride in. What shall I use? I feel that the best motivation theories to use with my employees would be the Maslow theory and the Mayo theory.

The Mayo theory would be good for my mployees who are motivated and enthusiastic about the Job. According to Bard’, J. (2007) this thery works best for those employees who take pride in their work and do a good Job because they love the work they do. To motivate these employees it is always good to let them know how good of a Job they are doing, offer recognitions for the outstanding customer service as well as taking a personal interest in them.

The Maslow motivation theory would help me out as well with the employees that are not so enthusiastic and motivated and that are making the hospitality being offered imbalanced. This theory according to Bard’, J. 2007) this theory requires us to take a look at each individual person and see what motivates them. It would be pretty impossible to try and use the same technique on all staff members because everyone has different learning styles and different things that motivate them.

For example one employee may be Just motivated by being able to interact with different people on a daily basis. This person is more social and they get satisfaction from meeting and interacting with others and would care less for extra money. And then on the other hand You may have an employee who is Just looking to move up in the ompany and would Just like the chance to pick the brains of the department heads are be given more responsibilities so they can prove themselves. And then another person may be purely motivated by money and would like an increase in pay.

With that being said one theory could not work for everybody within the organization. I would implement an employee recognition program for all employees so that they have something to strive for. Maybe have an employee of the month program where the employee with this recognition earns a plaque as well as maybe a pin that they can put on their uniform letting the guest know of their recognition as well. I would also implement some sort of incentive program to go along with this.

Something like the employee of the month gets a $25 gift certificate. I would combine the 2 programs because the recognition would keep the employees that are motivated still motivated and then the monetary gift will get the not so motivated employees more motivated to give great customer service and provide our guest with the hospitality that they have paid for and deserve. Training I would make it mandatory for the trainings to be done on a quarterly basis and ensure that we have enough coverage at the front office.

I would start the training off as more of an empowerment training by asking the employees how they feel about their position and how d they feel when they are providing hospitality to the guests. I would also go over the policy standards and what their Job description and duties are and why they are important to the successful run of the business. I would then go onto let them know why it is important for them to provide the best service possible because by doing this creates Job security for the employee as management will see that they are an important piece to the puzzle. Conclusion

In conclusion I have found that a very important part of having employees that provide outstanding is having an office manager that provides motivation to these employees. The manager must have an understanding of how their employees work and what will help them provide better service. I have also found that implementing refresher trainings for employees can help ensure that they are providing the service that the guests deserve and the staff is reminded why they are an important piece to the puzzle. References Bard’, J. A. (2007). Hotel front office management. (4th ed. ). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.