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motion acceleration displacement and motion in one dimension

motion acceleration displacement and motion in one dimension.

Suppose the acceleration of a particle is a function of x, where ax(x) = (2.4 s-2)x.(a) If the velocity is zero when x = 1.0 m, what is the speed when x = 3.5 m?(b) How long does it take the particle to travel from x = 1.0 m to x = 3.5 m?
motion acceleration displacement and motion in one dimension

Previously marketers had only limited tools that allow them to affect customers, to make them do the purchasing process only. They were focusing on the product itself and how to change it to make more convincing to the customer, they were also modifying the prices to make it acceptable by the customers, they were looking for the best places to offer their products to make sure they have enough demand, and they were doing some promotion activities to motivate customers to buy their products. Importance of consumer behavior Consumer behavior is very important to marketers because it gives them a lot of extraordinary tools that allows them to manipulate and persuade customers. But with consumer behavior now, they can design and manufacture their products and services based on the needs and wants of consumers, they take into their considerations what the customer like or dislike, then they produces their products and services according to that. They can also understand the consumer purchase decision making process when a customer start asking himself what to buy and how to buy it, and when he start meeting with other people and friends who likes other types of products or services, that might change or affect his purchase decision also. Marketers now can understand how the consumer think and behave, and what are the reasons behind his actions, that allows them to make more marketing efforts based on their understanding to the consumer way of thinking, and even more, with in depth understanding to consumer behavior, they are able now to change the way the customer think and behave, to make him fit with their marketing goals and objectives. Importance of perception With consumer behavior, Marketers now can make consumers think that they want their products, even though they might not really want. This goal can be achieved using the fantastic consumer behavior theories and concepts. Starting with the perception concept in consumer behavior, which is the process by which consumers use and interpret their sensory system. Perception explains how consumers see the products and services of the company, and how they feel and think about it. The image is considered as the basic factor that affects the purchase decision for most customers. Customer now don¿½t only want to make the right choices, customers now wants to be perceived by other people and friends as being able to make the right choices and choose the right products. Marketers can successfully use senses as sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste to stimulate and motivate customers to try to examine their products and services. Marketers can do the marketing for their products in a totally different way to create a distinct perception for their product to make it received by the customers more favorably. Marketers can also differentiate their message from other competitor¿½s messages to get more attention from the consumer. They can also make their products more expensive than other identical competitors¿½ products, and can make customers buy it just because they think that it is better because it is more expensive. Marketers can change the way consumers perceive their products and services. They are a lot of ways marketers can do that, they can successfully use the human sensory system to affect and manipulate consumers. They can use the vision sensory to change the way the customer think, for example they can change the design and shape of a container of product like perfume or juice to make it look bigger while actually it is still having the same volume or size, they can use some colors that can give a specific emotions to consumers, like giving pink colors to most female products like cloths, or even making mobiles and laptops with pink colors to attract female customers, or using black color to send a message of mystery or power about the product. They can also change the packaging by using an expensive finishing or packaging to give the impression that this packaging contains inside a luxury product or an expensive product, or they can change the packaging to make it look like other famous products. Marketers also can change the touch of a product to make it different to give you a special implication, we can see that in manufacturing mobile phones for example, some mobile phones are being manufactured now with aluminum or glass from outside instead of plastic, this will result in giving the image of quality and power to the product and it will be accepted to be a high priced mobile phone. Marketers can also now choose the correct stimulus level that they want to expose to consumer sensory, they will make the stimulus level above the consumers awareness if they want the consumer to notice the change they made in the product if the consumer will like or accept this change, and they can make the stimulus level below the consumer awareness if they were afraid that the consumer will reject or resist the change. Importance of learning and memory Learning is the permanent change in behavior caused by experience, where memory is the process of gathering information and storing it over time to be available whenever we need it. Marketers can start using the learning and memory concept of consumer behavior to make the consumers learn about their products and their brand as well in the way they want. After choosing the correct stimulus to make the desired perception by consumers, marketers can start learning consumers about what their brand means, some companies try to attach their brand name to the meaning of quality, while some others try to make their brand name means variety, or any other meaning they want. If we look at apple, we can directly say that it means high quality and luxury computers, if we say Mercedes it means luxury cars and BMW means sport cars. That what marketers learned us about their brand names by successfully using the sensory system and stimulus. Not only that, after learning the consumers about the brand image, marketers can get use of the learning in many ways, they can use their brand name image to offer other product line, depending on that consumer have already learned that this brand name means good products like LG, or they might use their established brand name to add more related products like Apple, after they succeeded in their luxury computers and laptops, they have introduced their iphone and ipod and Apple TV and other products. They can even offer their popular brand name for rent for other companies who don¿½t have a popular brand, or a brand with negative image. Importance of motivation Marketers can also use the motivation concept of consumer behavior. Motivation process is what stimulates all types of consumers. Motivation happened when consumer have an unsatisfied need which result in a tension, then the consumer will make all the required effort to reduce or eliminate this tension to satisfying his need. Marketers can the different needs a consumer can have to persuade and motivate him to purchase their products. Marketers for example can use the biological or physiological needs such as need for water to offer their products that can satisfy this need like juices, so the consumer will be motivated to go for these products to satisfy his thirsty. Marketers also can use other types of needs to motivate consumers, like need for power when consumer wants to feel that they have mastery over their surroundings, marketers can offer products like muscle cars, or they can offer luxury resorts. They can also use the need for affiliation to offer products like sports equipment¿½s and cloths. Marketers can also use the purchase situation involvement in their motivational tools, like offering special products for Valentine¿½s Day or mother¿½s day where the consumer will be purchasing in a different situation, he will be looking for more extraordinary and expensive jewelry or other gifts, while in other normal conditions he might be looking for a normal and low price gift. Sometimes also consumer could have a motivational conflict between his needs, even in this case also marketers can get use of such a situation, they can offer a products that can give solution for these conflicts, like when consumer want to have a heavy food but he is afraid of the calories, so marketers try to offer him a good food with no calories, or when consumer want to purchase cloths with animal leather finishing but he don¿½t like animals being killed for that, then marketers could offer him cloths with fake leather that looks exactly like real one. Conclusion As we can see, all these consumer behavior concepts can help marketers persuade the consumer behavior in many ways, they can change the way he sees the product, they can change the way he think or feel about a product, they can even motivate the consumer to make him willing to buy a product or service, they can also reach a point where finally they can make consumers buying products not for what they do, but for what they
University of California Berkeley If He Hollers Let Him Go Novel Discussion.

Choose one of the interpretive claims below about If He Hollers Let Him Go.Choose a passage /quote from the book that help you develop the claim. Analyze it closely.Interpretive Claims:As Chester Himes’s narrator drives around Los Angeles, the novel confronts readers with tacit representations of segregated urban space. Himes’s novel depicts Los Angeles as a partial escape; despite having left Ohio and Jim Crow behind, Bob Jones finds himself in a war-time city where his patriotism is constantly put to the test and the threat of the draft is always around the corner. By using a first-person perspective, Himes’s If He Hollers Let Him Go emphasizes Bob Jones’s inner conflict. On the one hand, Jones prides himself on his physical stature, his car, and his newfound economic mobility, but, on the other, he worries that he will lose the little freedom that he has found in LA.Throughout If He Hollers Let Him Go, Bob Jones’s personal attitudes and sentiments often correlate with the visual scenery described in the novel, particularly how Bob views the city environment around him. Throughout If He Hollers Let Him Go, Bob Jones’s car functions as a trope for Los AngelesExample passage you can analyze:Passages from Chester Himes’ If He Hollers Let Him Go (1945; pages 10 & 12)
I went out to the garage, threw up the door, backed halfway out to the street on the starter, telling myself at the time I oughtn’ to do it. I had a ’42 Buick Roadmaster I’d bought four months ago, right after I’d gotten to be a leaderman, and every time I got behind the wheel and looked down over the broad, flat, mile-long hood I thought about how the rich white folks out in Beverly couldn’t even buy a new car now and got a certain satisfaction. I straightened out and dug off with a jerk, turned the corner at forty, pushed it on up in the stretch on Fifty-fourth between San Pedro and Avalon, with my nerves tightening, telling me to take it slow before I got into a battle royal with some cracker motor-cycle cop, and my mind telling me to hell with them, I was a key man in a shipyard, as important as anybody now.
The red light caught me at Manchester; and that made me warm. It never failed; every time I got in a hurry I got caught by every light. I pulled up in the outside lane, abreast a V-8 and an Olds, shifted back to first, and got set to take the lead. When the light turned green it caught a white couple in the middle of the street. The V-8 full of white guys dug off and they started to run for it; and the two white guys in the Olds blasted at them with the horn, making them jump like grasshoppers. But when they looked up and saw we were colored they just took their time, giving us a look of cold hatred.I let out the clutch and stepped on the gas. Goddamn ’em, I’ll grind ’em into the street, I thought. But just before I hit them something held me. I tamped the brake.‘What the hell!’ Johnson snarled, picking himself up off the floor.I sat there looking at the white couple until they had crossed the sidewalk, giving them stare for stare, hate for hate. Horns blasted me from behind, guys in the middle lanes looked at me as they passed; but all I could see was two pecks who didn’t hate me no more than I hated them. Finally I went ahead, just missed sideswiping a new Packard Clipper. My arms were rubbery and my fingers numb; I was weak as if I’d been heaving sacks of cement all day in the sun.After that everything got under my skin. I was coming up fast in the middle lane and some white guy in a Nash coupé cut out in front of me without signalling. I had to burn rubber to keep from taking off his fender; and the car behind me tapped my bumper. [. . .]Respond to one classmate’s postclassmate’s post:”I couldn’t hear him breathing and I looked for him to hit me, probably to beat me to death, and I didn’t give a goddamn. Then he began chuckling and I could smell his breath on me again and he asked, ‘Whatja kill him for?’… He laughed louder and louder until his big booming laugh woke up the whole neighborhood and he said ‘That’s right, you kill ’em every time,’ … ‘Hell, I’ve raped all kinda women, white women, black women, yellow women, red women, and the only reason I ain’t raped no green women is ’cause I couldn’t find none,’ (Himes 198-199).The quote I am analyzing occurs in the very end of the novel, in one of Bob’s final dreams from the jail cell when he has been falsely framed for a crime he did not commit. This dream does a good job of symbolizing Bob’s inner conflict, as well as representing the contrast of California’s image: between seeming, by name, one of the most progressive and open states, and actually following in many of the same, discriminatory, practices as other states. This quote does a good job of illustrating both, with the marine representing California and Bob being himself. The marine, when first catching up to Bob, asks him what he did in a whisper, indicating he may have had some sort of sympathy, or wanted to give Bob a chance to explain himself/his situation before coming to a conclusion about him. Similarly, Bob says, in the beginning of the quote written above, that he expects to get hit or beat by the man, but that does not happen. Instead, the man waits and listens, giving off an aura of understanding – even asking what he killed him for before saying anything more, before then laughing loudly at Bob and using racial slurs. This is like California, it seems to give each citizen equal rights, the way a white person would first be questioned before being immediately beaten if accused of something, but then, goes on to discriminate and offer the black American (Bob in this case) no real opportunity to explain himself or say what happened. Both the marine and California gave Bob a sense of false hope, making things more confusing to him and driving him crazy.This conflicting messages coming from the marine, or California, is what causes Bob to feel his inner conflict. On one hand, he wants to believe that California is more equal, yet, what he often sees with his own eyes is the opposite, causing him to not know what the appropriate way to respond is. At first, Bob responds with defiance, asking “what you gonna do about it” after saying he killed the man, and calling the marine a “goddamn peckerwood”. This is the equivalent of when Bob tries to stand up for equality, like when he calls Madge a slut for using racial slurs at him, hoping that the state of California will see the situation in an unbiased manner and help him out accordingly. Yet, Bob then doesn’t reply to the marine for the rest of the passage – half a page – before then beginning to respond in a direct and cooperative, almost defeated, manner, simply telling the Marine the honest answer to each question he asks. This demonstrates his relationship with California at other times, he accepts it to be another horrible place sometimes and just attempts to do the best he can without causing trouble, like what Alice encourages him to do throughout the story.The last sentence in the quote I attached above hammers home this point. Now, by mentioning all the different girls he has raped, of all kinds, the Marine is showing that California can oppress all types of people simultaneously. From Japanese Americans to African Americans, anyone who is seen (like the green women not yet found) will be oppressed if not white, at least to some degree. This exact contrast in California is what causes Bob’s inner conflict: California can be so accepting and will listen at first, yet will completely flip, being brutal about “raping every women” just a few paragraphs later. When the environment around him is changing so much, Bob does not know how to respond to it all, shifting his moods, and thus responses, along with the shifts in the state mentality.
University of California Berkeley If He Hollers Let Him Go Novel Discussion

New York Institute of Technology AECOM Management Consulting Firms Paper.

Compare and contrast the services of three Management Consultanting firms identified as Forbes 2020 America’s Best list. To complete this assignment: Reserve three (3) firms by posting their names in the Discussion Board “W2-Assignment Discussion”. Firms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Identify three Management Consultation firms from the Forbes 2020 American’s Best list (web link provided below).…For each firm (in your own words) provide, analyze, and answer the following:1. Provide the firm name and web page. 2. Does this firm provide highly specialized skills or generic skills?3. What client need does this firm specialize in? 4. Which phase in the change lifecycle does the firm focus on? 5. Name two – three corporations or organizations this firm has identified on their client list. 6. How do you feel this firm sets itself apart from others? 7. How is this firm similar to at least one of the other firms you have chosen? In order to obtain credit for this assignment, students must identify three (3) firms and provide responses to the seven (7) questions above for each. Responses or analyses must be full complete sentences, using graduate level writing and grammar skills – any outside reference must be in APA format. Failure to not meet any of these requirements will result in a deduction in points for the assignment. Post this completed assignment in W2-Assignment Discussion. ReferencesAPA FormatNo Plagiarism
New York Institute of Technology AECOM Management Consulting Firms Paper

System Design Of The Waterfall Implementation Model Information Technology Essay

The Waterfall model is a chronological software development process, where the progress in develop the software is flowing from upward to downward (like waterfall) through the stages of Requirements, Design, Implementation, Verification and Maintenance. The first waterfall model is published on article in 1970 by Winston W. Royce[1]. In Royce’s original waterfall model, the following stages are followed in order: The waterfall model implemented in this study is preceded with the requirement analysis. Here, the requirements of the new software will be identified. The literature review about the software or system that wants to design must be done. Even a small project of calculate the sum of numbers also need to be written with the output in mind. All requirements will be listing and presented to the team of programmers. The software and hardware will be analyzed include the deciding of computer language used to design the software. System Design This implementation is followed by the next stage in the waterfall model, which is the system design phase. In this section, the requirements that have been analyzed will be translated into detailed design and flowchart of the software code is being created. System design is the important stage that depending on the previous stage to make the great implementation and can be executed properly. When have anything requirements to be insert in designing the code, it will be add up in the requirement analysis phase and the design phase is carried out based on the new set of resources. System Construction (Coding) In the system construction phase, all the design will be converted into machine-readable coding. The coding of the software that wants to be developed and implemented is carried out based on the algorithm or flowchart designed before. Here, all of the ideas in developed the software of program to be designed is turn up. System Integration The various codes designed by different programmers will be integrated together so that, at the next stage of system testing will have no problem. System Testing The complete coding will follow by the testing department where it testing based on the functional and non-functional requirements. It checks if there is any problem in the designed software and if it follows the specifications. At this stage, testing activity will include the involvement of computer technician and client. Here, the good flow of the process in designing the software will ensure satisfaction from the client. If there is any problem with the design, it must be reverted back to the system design. Coding and testing are repeated again. System Installation For the last stage of the software development process, using waterfall model, a proper execution of all previous stages will ensure it is followed the requirements and more important to satisfied the client. The setup of final software which needs to be installed at the client system will be tested so that, the client does not face any problem while using the software. Here, the product is handed over to client. System Maintenance Some support regarding the software that has been developed must be provided to the client. If have any problem about the software or clients demand some further enhancements to the current software, so that, all of the process need to be started from the requirements analysis. Waterfall Model Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages Linear model are the most trouble-free to be implemented and easy to understand. Cannot go back if the design phase has any problem. The amount of resources required to implement this model is very minimal. Any change in implementation the software is a source of confusion. Documentation is produce at every phase of the waterfall model development. Small error that arises in the completed software will become a big problem. Testing is done in every main stage of software coding. Errors in the code only discovered when the testing phase is reached. Waste time and other important resources. Employs a organized, conventional method of project development and delivery. Client doesn’t get a chance to see the software until the last stage of development cycle. Not suitable for project requirements that are dynamic or constantly changing Waterfall Model Vs Agile [3] Waterfall Model Agile Model History Waterfall model established as a method by Winston Royce in 1970. The idea of Waterfall model was generate from the hardware manufacture strategies and construction strategies that were produce in 1970s. Agile model were formally defined by Edmonds in 1974. The agile model of software development progress in 1990s when developers changed from traditional structured to flexible development styles. Conceptual Difference Waterfall model is the chronological process of software development. The model phases are state below: Requirements specification, conception, analysis, design, coding, testing and debugging, installation, and finally maintenance. The next stage of development can be do when the first stage are fully completed. After the design stage is finish, proceed to implement based on the coding stage without any alterations. Agile model focuses on agility and adaptability in development process. Involves multiple iterative that used to improve the output of process. The design can be changed even in the last minutes due to iterative implementation. Faster than waterfall model and deliver the working program. Efficiency Less efficiency than agile model due to its compliance to the real world. The last minute changing in requirements and design are more complicated. More efficient than waterfall model due to their iterative and compliant nature. Product can be produce in short time and integrated with changes. Suitability Waterfall model is appropriate for development of programs that are already stable and doesn’t need a major alteration. Agile model is appropriate for web based application where the iterative nature helps in integrating and repairs the various bug that arise over time. Discussion and Conclusion Waterfall model (heavy method) works best when we can clearly define our requirements that consist of two; system requirements and software requirements. All the requirements must be documented so that it is easy to develop the software based on the requirements that have been listed. After the requirements are clearly define, it will eliminate the problem in the design and development phase while also enforcing discipline to our workers or designers and programmers. All workers will clear on the scheduling and customer expectation. Based on the comparison between waterfall method and agile method, we understand that, there is no win or lose situation because between those two methods, it has their respective advantages. For example, agile method is also the variation of the waterfall method where it is exist when developers decide to changed from traditional structured, segmented, bureaucratic approaches to more flexible development styles. Therefore, the agile method or ‘light weight’ method is introduced in 1974. The method should be use in software development are depends on the project, team members, and the company environment that we work in. For example, the waterfall model is most suitable for development of programs that are already stable and do not need bigger alteration. It is also involved a large size of team and focuses on large project. That’s why it needs a bigger amount of cost to develop this project. Even this waterfall model known as the orthodox method, it still widely use because it is a linear model and simplest to implemented. Waterfall model still continues to remain as the one of the most commonly use methodologies even the new system that more flexible was exist, the widely uses of waterfall model is the reason why it is studied and adapted in various software management and development project. For a conclusion, the process of software development will be easier if we understand the waterfall model diagram. This method is not only simplest software process model for application development, but also known as the most popular model for its ease of implementation in the area of software development. ISO 12207:2008, SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE [4] Engineering: Software Life Cycle Processes Software life cycle processes is a structure corresponding to the processes, activities, and task used for gaining development and maintenance of software products. Specialization of the system life cycle processes is the software life cycle processes. In the context of organizational wish for is to define the standard processes that suitable to the company business where follow the processes from organizational rather than follow the ISO standard. Life cycle model is not include in the standard, however, life cycle processes will be mapped onto life cycle model that suitable to the project, and accepted by the organization. System Context Processes ISO 12207 is more specific because it is include the software specific information to provide more widely defined processes in ISO 15288. The name of processes in ISO 15288 also slightly changed in ISO 12207. This contribution is for satisfaction of the corresponding processes in ISO 15288 and provides more specialization to those processes. Software Implementation Processes Software Implementation is the software-specific specialization of the ISO 15288 standard. The life cycle model is select and development activities are mapped to that model. Standard and procedure are based on the requirements of project and implementation plans. Software implementation process is supported by six lower level processes: Software Requirement Analysis – To develop the software requirement, the system requirement must be analyzed. The software requirements need to be reliable and visible with the system requirements. Software Architectural Design – To translated the software requirements into a high-level design and allocated to software components. Software Detailed Design – To develop the design of each software to a greater levels and then to be coded and tested. Software Construction – Each software unit and database is coded and tested. Software Integration – A documented plan for the integration of software unit is develop and executed. When software requirements are satisfied, it proceeds to qualification testing. Software Qualification Testing – Demonstrate that the software product performs as specified.

Capstone Change Project Proposal

cheap assignment writing service Capstone Change Project Proposal. Paper details In this assignment, students will pull together the capstone project change proposal components they have been working on throughout the course to create a proposal inclusive of sections for each content focus area in the course. For this project, the student will apply evidence-based research steps and processes required as the foundation to address a clinically oriented problem or issue in future practice. Develop a 1,250-1,500 written project that includes the following information as it applies to the problem, issue, suggestion, initiative, or educational need profiled in the capstone change proposal: Background Clinical problem statement. Purpose of the change proposal in relation to providing patient care in the changing health care system. PICOT question. Literature search strategy employed. Evaluation of the literature. Applicable change or nursing theory utilized. Proposed implementation plan with outcome measures. Discussion of how evidence-based practice was used in creating the intervention plan. Plan for evaluating the proposed nursing intervention. Identification of potential barriers to plan implementation, and a discussion of how these could be overcome. Appendix section, if tables, graphs, surveys, educational materials, etc. are created. Review the PICOT Question Paper and Literature Review. Use this feedback to make appropriate revisions to these before submitting. (I didn’t receive any feedback. I was given full credit for both papers) Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.Capstone Change Project Proposal

George Mason University Sociology Global Human Rights Discussion Questions

George Mason University Sociology Global Human Rights Discussion Questions.

You should use Response Papers to clarify your thinking on the issues related to Human Rights, be sure to use ASA style for your citations (no less than 800 words, no more than 1000 words).For this response paper, I would like you to assess the effectiveness of Human Rights (laws, agreements, and enforcement) for seventy years. How well has the global Human Rights regime performed until now? Has the world been made safe from the possibility of repeating the many atrocities of the 20th century? Or have Human Rights failed to live up their true potential?please answer these questions and site the outside sources that you will use also make it look simple and do not use any complicated words or sentences ….
George Mason University Sociology Global Human Rights Discussion Questions

4th take home exam (2 pages maximum)

4th take home exam (2 pages maximum).

This is an open book exam, which means that you may consult your notes and the assigned readings if you wish. I advise against consulting other sources for this exam. However, if you do, you should attach a “References” page to your exam, with full citations for those sources. And you should also indicate on your exam (with a parenthetical citation) when you are using ideas and language from other sources. Failure to do so could result in a charge of academic dishonesty. Please review the policy on plagiarism for this class, on page 3 of the syllabus.Hopefully the commands on the last exam can help me understand what the Professor is looking for!Hope you doing well on this exam!Please answer the question directly! No FLUFF this time. The length of the answer doesn’t matter. Be able to answer the question and approve your answer are the most importantonly pick 1 question out of the prompt to answer!Professor said she would discuss the prompt on Thursday! i will upload the notes later! Please view the prompt and the book in advance since the due date is really close and I can’t extend the deadline this time~
4th take home exam (2 pages maximum)

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