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Mother Teresa once said, “serve the poorest of the poor and to live among them and like them” (T. learning to give. org). Would it be possible to live among the poor and like them? Mother Teresa was a nun that helped the poor. Mother Teresa was and is still known as a woman that had a kind heart, and even as a teenager she would always be found helping poor children, visiting countries where there were people in need, helping those that needed money and even after her death her charities are still helping the poor.

Just at the age of 12 she felt it was time for her to serve the hildren of God. She was facing a difficult decision to whether she would become a nun or not. That would mean she would give up having a family. At the age of 18 she decided it was right for her to be a nun. In 1929, she arrived in India to start working to become a nun. She started teaching Christianity in 1931. In 1946 while she was on a train she received what she called “a call when a call” to go to the poor people of the world.

She was given permission by the Pope to start serving the poor children, and orphans in the city of Calcutta. Mother Teresa said “let us touch the dying, the oor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the grace we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work” (T. brainy quote. com). She wasn’t slow; two years later she started her first group called “Missionary of Charity’ which led to a great success. Mother Teresa did not only want to serve the poor of Calcutta, but wanted to expand her mission further.

She left Yugoslavia to become a missionary in India. Mother Teresa first started her work as a nun in Calcutta; she also started her “saving the poor” mission in Calcutta. After getting some support for unds, she started having different groups which sent out to different countries to portrait her message. These groups, with Mother Teresa’s command, started building houses and aiding centers for the poor children, prostitute, drug addicts, and orphans. Mother Teresa once said “the miracle is not that we do the work but that we are happy to do it” (T. rainyquote. com). This quote shows that Mother Teresa was happy to help the poor. Overall she has helped over twenty-five countries in the world. In every country that she has helped she has over two-hundred of her center, ther than the houses and the aiding centers. To help the poor children of the big populated countries, Mother Teresa obviously needed a big budget to accomplish all of this. This came from many different people. Firstly, the citizens of Calcutta.

After seeing how successful her first school was, Mother Teresa started receiving donations along with a couple of recruits (to help the poor children). The recruits were the people seeing the good that Mother Teresa was doing, and they all wanted to take part in the good deed. As she grew in popularity, she also became a medic to elp the struggling. This influenced others to start opening charities for her cause. Although, with all of this financial help her main source of money came from the Latin American dictators, which gave her a large budget.

That would be used to send out her workers and groups to other countries, and build the houses and aiding centers all for the poor. She had been working with the American political dictators to try to get money to give it to the poor. Mother Teresa said “Money will come if we praying to God for so long, the money did come in a large amount to help the people n need. After all of this success of changing the world what happened to Mother Teresa and her quest to save the children of Jesus? Lastly, in 1970 it was recognizable of what mother Teresa and her groups were trying to accomplish.

In the 1970’s her group expanded further into more developed countries like America, England, and later in China. China was a big step due to the size and population of the people. All of this obviously didn’t get recognized, she went on to collect the noble peace prize in 1979. After collecting the noble peace prize Mother Teresa described it aying that “if you become a burning light in the world of peace , then really the noble prize is a gift of the Norwegian people” (T. brainyquote. com)of helping the poor children.

All in all, her hardworking did not go unrecognized. Some people thought that when she won the award she might stop helping the poor children. Actually, Mother Teresa didn’t find winning an award the most important thing, but rather to serve Jesus’ children. Mother Teresa is known for her kindness since she was a teenager and until after she died as she helped poor children at a very young age, isited countries that were in need, helped people that needed money, and when she died, her charities continued to help the poor.

Mother Teresa started off at a very young age to help the poor children. Mother Teresa did everything that she could have done to the poor by helping them out in every possible way Just to make a child happy; she once said “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do” (T. brainyquote. com). Mother Teresa helped the poor children in various ways. What one might wonder if there will be another reaching hand for the next generation of children and poor people?

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