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Morningrise by Opeth college admissions essay help Theatre homework help

We head back a couple albums into the more brutal side of Opeth. By then, Opeth have released two albums in total and with Candlelight Records that seem more brutal than what most Opethians are well used to by now. From the aponimous debut Orchid represent who they were, a more diverse force of nature, and, much like YouTube, too many jump cuts. Then Morningrise comes to say hello with longer tracks, fewer tracks, and more brutality than Orchid.
Morningrise is Opeth`s second album ever. Morningrise does seem to share lots of similarities to its father album Orchid due to it being brutal as #$&@ and excessively long tracks. However, they uped both of the factors I just mentioned and created something that only includes five tracks and over an hour of long lasting chaos. Within this madness we also get the final tracks Black Rose Immortal and To Bid You Farewell the former of which is the longest Opeth song to date at well over 20 minutes. The other three tracks: Advent, The Night and The Silent Water, and Nectar; are well put together and have some of the most jarring moments in music history. Take this as an example: say you have to go to school in 10 minutes but then you hear they very soft transition from Advent to The Night and the Silent Water. You feel very intrigued to the point where you wish to finish this album all the way through before going anywhere else. You don’t care if you’re late to class or late for the bus, you must finish this first! That is what it feels like, and there are many more to keep you interested so it never truly gets boring and stale. Plus think about it, a 20 minute Opeth song. That sounds like Heaven to me! While it may still feel like, well, not Opeth, do give this a try. Besides, Mikael was also in death metal band Bloodbath for a while and this is more like blackened progressive death metal which seems pretty interesting if you think about.
I give this a 9/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.