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The United States of America is the land of freedom, equality, and opportunity for each and every American, with the ability to live the “American Dream.” The American Dream suggests that anyone in the United States is able to follow their hopes and aspirations, succeed through hard work, and has the potential to lead a happy and successful life. Through hard work and dedication, reaching success and wealth is never too far, everyone receives as much as they put in. America is one of the world’s leading nations, with a high quality of government, development, military, and more. Many factors of our nation that put us at the top of the chain come from support of Americans themselves, the individuals living in the United States, through taxes. It is required that anyone who receives an income must pay taxes.

Taxes are certain fees or charges that the government requires people to pay in order to live and work in their state or country. The government needs money to operate, and taxes are a way for them to get this money. This money is used to fund various types of programs such as education, military, social security, and more. Each and every American generating an income is subject to pay for these taxes. Although, not every American makes the same amount of money. It isn’t fair for those individuals who don’t receive as much income to pay for the same fixed tax amount as the wealthier citizens in the state. The rich should pay more taxes because they have a greater amount of money.

The wealthy are the individuals who receive a much higher income than those on the lower end who face challenges receiving money. Unfortunately, not everyone in America is able to live up the great “American Dream.” It is only right that those individuals who generate a great amount of income pay a higher amount of tax. It is completely unfair for those individuals who don’t have a lot of money to pay a lot of taxes. People in this world such as Brad Pitt, Madonna, and Beyonce are the few lucky individuals who own great fortunes. Splurging their wealth on extravagant items, designer brands, all these various types of “wants.” These individuals certainly have much more money in their pockets, while on the other hand, there are people struggling to keep food on the table and working minimum wage jobs. The rich have more money to spend, therefore should receive an increase in tax, as compared to the less wealthy who struggle to make ends meet.

The number of America’s underprivileged is rising; the economy today is certainly not standing at its finest. The amount of people losing their jobs is continually stacking and stacking, leading to less and less individuals making money. Through raising the taxes for the rich, it could be a stepping stone to fixing our economy. It will do so by, making our debts lessen because if we tax the wealthy more than the government will receive more money. An example of this is, in the past, Clinton raised taxes for the wealthy in the 1990s, which resulted in the economy producing faster job growth and higher wages. As compared to George W. Bush when he slashed taxes on the rich during his first term. Through making the wealthy pay more taxes, it could be a high possibility that the economy could also grow along with it.

According to Jon Ancheta in “The Rich Should Not Pay More Taxes”, he speaks about how the rich shouldn’t be taxed more. Ancheta states,“Working hard, big investments, and being smart with your money are many ways to create a higher income. Those who are wealthy worked very hard to get where they are today.” He believes that it isn’t fair for the rich to pay more simply because they make more; they put in hard work and effort themselves towards their riches. This may be true, although surely these wealthy individuals must have needed resources to achieve their success, including government funded resources, which every individual pays taxes to.

Equality is one of the key foundations of America, and wealth also takes part in this. Everybody should have an equal distribution of their wealth. Not that everyone should be standing at the same position of income, but that because the wealthy have more money to spend, they shouldn’t be paying the same amount of taxes as the middle class and below does. America is the land of freedom, equality, and opportunity for each and every American, with the ability to live the “American Dream” and pursue their pursuit of happiness.

Although for every American, living up to the American Dream certainly varies between every individual. Sure, America is certainly a land of freedom, opportunity, and equality, although the playing fields for each and every individual are not the same. Millions face financial challenges day to day, making it harder for them to succeed, while the other few bask in the American Dream. These two groups are at different sides of the spectrum, they both don’t generate the same amounts of income. It isn’t fair for those individuals who don’t receive as much income to pay for the same fixed tax amount as the wealthier citizens in the state. All in all, the wealthy receive more money; therefore the wealthy should pay a higher amount of taxes.