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Moore Idiot Nation Critical Analysis my assignment essay help Networking

As to answer his question, “Do you feel like you live in a nation of idiots? Without a doubt, my answer is NO! Because personally I know so many intelligent people (like all of my classmates and my professor); and I know of so many brilliant Americans as well. Such as Franklin Chang Diaz, John Forbes Jr. , and Bill Gates, just to mention a few. However, Mr. Moore makes some points that are hard to disagree with. For example, he mentions that our educational system is in urgent need of overhaul; this argument is backed by some studies, which have been done independently by various groups. Thus, Mr.

Moore leaves the reader no option but to agree with him. At least this is how I felt. Do any of my classmates feel different about this point? However, he has done what he does best; he has exaggerated the facts, or has only focused on the negative. Why? Some of you may ask. Because, this way it creates controversy, which Mr. Moore uses to feed his propaganda machine. Nevertheless, after reading his essay, it is clear to me that Mr. Moore has a soft spot for some teachers of this nation. Finally, I found something positive in this essay full of so much negativism.

But as I read on, I was not sure if teachers really want this kind of kindness. I mean, he is for getting the teachers some more money for the work they do, which is thoughtful of him. I am sure teachers all over this nation could use an extra income. However, at the same time, he advises students to make teachers lives a living hell. So, is he advocating getting teachers a better pay, or is he trying to make teachers feel like they have to tolerate nonsense because they are making enough money?