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MoonLucks’ Change and Different Strategic Options Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Measuring Identified Issues Addressing Identified Issues Internal and External Cooperation Possible Difficulties Measuring Effectiveness Conclusion Reference List Introduction It has been established that MoonLucks’ expansion to China and Egypt, which is going to be combined with the termination of operation of fifteen locations in other countries, is likely to involve several difficulties relating to culture, ethics, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The identified difficulties include the cultural issues of organizational culture establishment and cultural conflict management in new locations as well as the ethical challenge of the implementation of ethical and CSR policies. Moreover, there is the ethical issue of dismissals in the closed chops and the CSR challenge of ensuring the fulfillment of all the company’s responsibilities in the new locations. Measuring Identified Issues Multiple measurement tools for issue identification and effectiveness assessment have been developed and successfully applied throughout the history of HR studies. Nowadays, it is recommended to combine approaches (for example, a normative approach will benefit from the introduction of qualitative surveys and vice versa) and take into account the context of the company, which presupposes customizing measurement solutions to particular needs (Guest 2011; Paauwe 2009). Some of the components of HR management are not quantifiable and intangible (Boxall
After watching the movie Truman Show, I think a lot about the reality about the media recently. In fact, I know exactly this movie was to express an ironic effect by black humor. However, the film hit let me on media authenticity has many thoughts. Now the media, false information too much, especially newspapers and television, make people interested in reducing, even trust also reduced. Network of false information is the same. In order to better attract the audience or reader, the authenticity of media is very important, just like The Truman Show. Key words: Truman Show; Reality; Media I.Truman Show Truman always feels he has been under surveillance.He didn’t think it was true. Since he were born during the first thirty years, Truman Bobbin most for a long time, there is the history of the most popular documentary soap opera actor, he is an ideal living town sea town is actually a huge studio, and his relatives and friends and before him every day people are all actors in the hidden throughout the occupation photographic lens. This is the “The Truman Show “, the global hundreds of millions of viewers was watching his every act and every move, and he himself does not know. Then after thirty years of drift life, Truman finally felt that his life was something wrong, when he discovers he is like living in a glass jar butterfly, he decided to escape from the sea town, regardless of the cost. But he must face the “The Truman Show” founder, producer and director Christophe, and overcome his deepest fear, can break through the barriers to get freedom. Of course, after watching the film, I had a pity for Truman, his all life was false by director, and he knew nothing about this. However, it was popular in the film. The film comes from the real life; this success in audience ratings gives me an important enlightenment at the media. II the reasons for the Truman Show popular In the movie, the soap opera Truman’s world is loved all over the world is because Truman to film it know nothing at all, natural deduction. The true man show, as another self. In the Truman body, the audience can see the shadow of themselves including their birth, their love, and the first kiss. Truman sadness and happiness seemed so real, real as occurring in the audience themselves, can cause the audience response and love. Truman’s world in the film popular reason is — true.Of course, the real is cruel, for it hurts the pure man. However, it caused my attention to the authenticity of media is very important. III.The reality is the life of the media First, we must understand, this is a lack of attractive age because too much information. TV programs from the people’s life, let people feel the resonance. Naturally, it is unable to attract the attention of the people. No matter how to perform, there has to be a real existence in order to better attract the audience. The newspaper is even more the case, these years, our newspaper, false news, advertising increases; make people getting away with it. In recent years, the network became popular, but the network is too much false information also hinders the further development of network. From the film, we can see, people for the authenticity of the call. Then, the media should do to improve their authenticity? In order to enhance the authenticity, made the audience, the film Truman Show gives us the following enlightenment: one is the reality of characters. In the movie Truman is a born alive in the boy, he really exist, this character not fiction, his life and our life is not much different, and thus more likely to attract the attention of the audience. Therefore, in the media of authenticity, either in TV or film to create a character, or the real figures, media workers must pay attention to ordinary people, ordinary people get inspiration from. The lives of ordinary people can move the audience or reader, because, like we see another me. In addition, emotional authenticity. Truman every emotion so real, his family, his love, his grief and joy are so natural. Now a lot of TV programs like sensational, like with exaggerated reality to let the audience tears. In fact, the true feelings can cause the hearts of the audience resonance. Not everyone’s life is very strange, more and more people’s life is very ordinary. However, they are eager to be of concern, as their true feelings in the media embodiment, wanted they don’t care about the difficulty. Watching the real life by the director, we had to mention news. Now the news authenticity was questioned, much news can even be director. As everyone knows, authenticity is the most important news soul. In the news, in order to Truman true, but not like the Truman’s life was director. There is advertising, the ads are everywhere, but also a very exaggerated. Of course, exaggeration is advertising a means of performance, but if you really want to impress the audience must also be true. Only to meet the demands of consumers, the consumers can be remembered and the purchase of. The film tells us, authenticity is the important way to attract. In recent years, the media authenticity call more and more, people for the authenticity of media attention began to strengthen. Now a lot of domestic television stations have started to do some civilian program, started to pay attention to ordinary people’s real life, and has made very good progress. However, these civilians programs in many fictional events or the audience. The film Truman Show told us, does not need the imaginary of ordinary people, real life and emotion is enough to attract people. IV.Conclusion Life is not a drama, Truman story can only appear in the movie, and we have great sympathy for him. However, in this film, the protagonist to Truman hit television series gave us deep enlightenment. In this view, we present the media to be learned from this movie important element of success — real. Whenever we are, authenticity is the life of the media, especially the lack of attention; we have to know, the more real, the more popular. Without the reality, the media will lose the charm for us; Truman Show also tells us this simple truth. Notes: The film Truman Show 2 Daniel. Dai Yang, Elisha Kats, media event [M] Beijing: Beijing Broadcasting Institute press, 2003:3 3 McGuire, audience analysis [M] Beijing: Renmin University of China press, 2006:90 4 Chen Lidan. What is communication [M]. Beijing: Peking University Press, 2007:178 Bibliography¼š [1]The film Truman Show [2] Liu Xuefeng. On news authenticity principle of multiple levels of understanding of [J]. Reading and writing, 2009, (02) [3]Bian Jian. From the ” The Truman Show ” to see media Pseudo Environment groups imbalance ( J ) – Movie Review, 2008 ( 02). [4]Guo Yonghong true absurdity and refuses to escape — on the film ” The Truman Show ” philosophical anatomy ( J ). Appreciation, 2009 ( 18) [5] Xing Runmei movie ” The Truman Show ” and mass media literary interpretation ( J ). Journal of Shanxi Normal University ( SOCIAL SCIENCE EDITION ), 2008 ( S1 ).
ABSTRACT Public sector undertakings (PSUs) are considered to be vital and crucial pillars for strengthening country’s economy. The prime purpose of starting public sector enterprises was to fabricate infrastructure for economic growth and economic development. Since their birth PSUs have played an essential role in achieving the goal of economic development. Various factors such as deterioration of financial performance of PSUs, rising fiscal deficit forced Government to adopt a radically new approach towards the working of PSUs. The policy measure implemented involved Disinvestment of public sector undertakings (PSUs) .During the regime of P.V Narasimha Rao, entire new economic policy of Liberalisation, Privatisation, and Globalisation (LPG) was introduced in India in the year 1991.Dr Manmohan Singh was the finance minister who successfully implemented the policy of Liberalisation, Privatisation, Globalisation (LPG) into India. The goal of Disinvestment policy was as follows: Improving the financial performance of PSUs. Generating resources to reduce the fiscal deficit. Promoting extensive public participation (including employees). INTRODUCTION Public sector undertakings (PSUs) are the companies established, maintained and controlled by the Central Government of India having 100% stake in it. In 1947 when India became independent, the country was confronting with a variety of socio-economic concerns which had to be resolved. India was mainly agriculture dependent economy with poor infrastructure facilities, no knowledge about investment, pathetic industrial base and low level of savings. There was wide difference in incomes of different people. The private sector neither had the necessary resources, trained managerial staff nor the ability to undertake risks involved in long term projects which forced the state government to intervene in all the sectors of economy. The type of problems faced by the country in all domains including economical, social obliged the Government of India to focus on public sector enterprises (PSEs) to empower self -dependent economic development. The holistic outline of public sector undertakings in India is heterogeneous mixture of service industries, manufacturing industries and infrastructural industries. The basic objectives of starting public sector enterprises in India were as follows: Generate employment opportunities. Reduce gap between incomes of different people by redistribution of wages. Promote rapid economic growth. Improve essential infrastructure for economic development. Support development of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). Central public sector units are widely diversified in products and services from steel manufacturing, instruments and machine tools, road transport, power generation, mineral mining, coal mining, manufacture of heavy machines, telecommunication equipment, equipments for thermal power station. Over the last five decades, huge investments have been done in public sector enterprises to expand their production, employ new emerging technologies. As on 31st March, 2005 there were 237 central public sector undertakings out of which 10 fall under the category of enterprise under construction, 144 are from field of manufacturing/producing goods and 83 under the head of enterprises providing services. From the Table-1 it is evident that initially at the commencement of First Five Year Plan, only Rs.29 crore was the total investment for 5 enterprises. After gradually increasing the budget, at the commencement of Fifth Five Year Plan, the total investment reached whooping Rs.6237 crore and the number of units became 122.By the end of the fifth Five year plan, total investment touched Rs.15534 crore and the number of enterprises reached 169.From the data, it is quite clear that there has been increasing trend of investment from the commencement till the end of fifth five year plan, a rise of 149.06 % is observed. Similarly a hike of 57.70% in investment was examined from the start till the end of eighth five year plan. The investment made in public sector in 2005 was Rs.3, 57,849 ,an increase of 2.24 % from 2004.It can thus be concluded that there is increasing tendency towards investment made in the different five year plan. TABLE 1: DISINVESTMENT The dictionary meaning of word “disinvestment” is opposite of investment. Investment means putting money into something with the hope to generate profits from it. So disinvestment means to pull out money from the investment. Initially central government had 100% stake in all the public sector enterprises, but due increasing fiscal deficit government is forced to sell 5 or 10 % stake to the public, thereby generating income for government spending. This way the government is losing full control over the corporations, but has no other option. Many times the government finds it very difficult to fulfil all the financial obligations of public sector enterprises, hence undergoes rigorous resource crisis. To bring back country’s economy on right path, disinvestment formed an important part of structural reforms carried on by the government. The two most important reasons which favour disinvestment are as under: Offer financial support to public sector undertakings (PSUs). Develop effectiveness

Thums Up Soft Drink Brand Analysis

Launched in India by Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd. Now owned by Coca-Cola. Until leaving India in 1977, Coca Cola was the nation’s leading soft drink. It was around that time that the Chauhan brothers launched Thums Up, Parle’s flagship cola drink. The “Tough Man’s Cola” quickly went on to become a nationwide success, dominating smaller players like Campa Cola, Double Seven and Double Cola for over a decade. But all that changed in 1993 – for that was when Coca Cola re-entered the Indian market and Pepsi launched here too. Background: Thums Up is a carbonated soft drink (cola) admired and biggest selling brand in India, where it’s valiant, red thumbs up logo is widespread. Earlier the logo of Thums Up was a red ‘thumbs up’ gesture of hand with one-sided white sans-serif typography. This would later be tailored and modified by Coca-Cola with giving some blue strokes and a more advance and modern-style. The main motive behind changing the logo was to lessen the dominance of red colour in the signage. Brand Identity of Thums Up: Iconic, victory, celebration, proactive Happiness, brave, excitements Thums Up, Red color, logo Macho, Masculine, adventurous, cool Masculine, risky, courageous Macho, refreshing, adventurous, joyfuluntitled Stage at Product Life Cycle: Thums Up has seen all the stages of product life cycle except decline stage, starting from introduction. When the Brand was doing well, it was taken away from the market because it was giving stiff competition to Coca-cola but Coke had to bring out the brand again to attack all the promotional policy of Pepsi and it was introduced once again. If we talk about current scenario, thums Up is at its Maturity stage. It has grown like anything, has been successful in attracting more and more number of customers and now it has a huge market share. The brand has been successful in capturing the minds of the consumers. Now, all the communication policies of the brand is all about informing consumers that the brand is in the market and doing well. The objective of the communication policy of the brand is to remind people about the strength and status of the brand SWOT Analysis: Weakness Negative Publicity Decline in cash for operating costs No autonomy Strength Strong brand image Good marketing tools Strong distribution channels Different taste Brand loyalty Reasonable price Threat Cut- throat competition New entrants Government regulations Economic instability Health Issues Market instability Opportunity Growing Market Acquisitions Innovation Overtake competitors Creative marketing tools Market Scenario: Thums Up has enjoyed a near monopoly with a much stronger market share often beating its other rivals like Camp cola, Double seven and Dukes, but there were many small regional players who had their own market. It was one of the major advertisers throughout the 1980s. In the mid-80’s it had a brief threat from a newcomer Double Cola which suddenly disappeared within a few years. Pepsi was the first company to come to India In 1990, when the Indian government allowed the market to multinational companies… Thums Up went up against the worldwide giant for a strong ambush with neither side giving any quarter. When Pepsi had starred with famous bollywood actress like Juhi Chawla, to frustrate the Indian brand, Thums Up focussed on cricket sponsorship. Things became even more complicated when Coca-cola re-entered India after its absence from 1977 to 1993. Now the fight became a three-way battle. But Things got changed post liberalization, when Thums Up was facing unbendable and stiff competition from coke and Pepsi both. But After all this happening, owners of Parle Agro, finally sold Thums Up to Coca-Cola. Relaunch of the product: When Thums UP was sold off to Coca-Cola, it in fact tried to kill Thums Up, but later on they sensed that Pepsi would be more benefitted than Coke if they withdrew Thums Up from the market and Coke decided to use Thums Up against Pepsi to thwart the brand. By this time, Coca-cola had about 60.5% share in the Indian soft-drink market but if they would have withdrawn Thums Up from the market the market share would have remained 28.72% only. Hence it once again launched Thums Up brand targeting the 30 to 45 year olds. In today’s scenario, amongst all the carbonated drinks Coca-cola occupies about 58% market share in India in which Thums-up is the premier selling brand with a market share of about 15% of the total CSD market where as Pepsi is the second brand with 36%. Communication strategy after Re-launch– After entering again into the market the brand was re-positioned as a “manly” drink, stressing on its strong and bitter taste qualities. Thums Up kick-started an forceful and aggressive campaigns directly targeting Pepsi’s TV ads, showcasing the strength of the drink in the hope that the representation of an “adult” drink would attract more young consumers. “Grow up to Thums Up” was a triumphant and amazing campaign done by Thums Up and because of this campaign the market share of the brand soared. The brand became unbreakable and resilient Positioning: Earlier Thums up was positioned as a refreshing cold drink, with having slogans such as Great and Happy Days are here Again” but after this it was around post-1996 that the brand decided to move towards a more idiosyncratic, manly positioning. Having all odds Thums Up has enjoyed a market share of around 30% at the time, but Coca-Cola has always focused all its money and resources on promoting the Coke brand. The latest thums up 2010 ad has an attitude that is “I will do anything for Thunder” which shows the enthusiasm and adventurous nature of males. The different types of positioning opted by the brand in several times are as follows: Time duration Brand positioning Tag line 1977-1980 Joy, Refreshment, Happiness Happy days are here again 1981-1987 Masculine I am the thunder. 1988-1992 Masculine Taste the thunder 19993-1995 Back out from the market 1995-2006 Confidence, masculine, Adventurous Taste the thunder 2006 onwards Confidence, Masculine, cheerful Taste the thunder Current Marketing plan Even after 13 years, Thums up is sold more than Pepsi and Coke. The brand has refused to die because of its strongness and attitude involved in it. The brand personifies victory, achievement and celebration. Thums Up is our very own Indian brand. The brand is very popular amongst Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat, UP and Karnataka where Andhra contributes 30% of the total sales. Coke has always promoted Thums Up half heartedly but even after all mess up, the brand has stood strong and everlasting . May be it is on the part of consumers that they are not willing to let go the brand. This brand has got an iconic status. It is a classic case where the customers have the ownership of the brand. If Coke would have promoted the brand in most efficient manner, Pepsi did not have a chance to enter and compete in Indian cola market. Coke could have ruled and became the market leader in India only with Thums Up. Now, Coke is trying to have a separate market for Thums Up. Coke is trying to play the regional game through which in those areas where sales of coke is strong, Thums Up is withdrawn slowly. Thums Up Launches New Ad Campaign – Yeh Toofan This summer, Thums Up, one of India’s most iconic and the largest soft drink brand, is all set to storm fans with a new ‘Taste the Thunder’ communication initiative- ‘Yeh Toofan’. In the latest campaign, Bollywood Super Star and Thums Up brand Ambassador, Akshay Kumar reminiscences about the several thunder packed action stunts for his favorite bottle of Thums Up. The communication takes the ‘I will do Anything for my thunder’ attitude to the next level, where Akshay is seen, back in thick of action, performing some adrenalin pumping action such as crashing through the window of an exploding high rise, snatching a Thums Up bottle from jaws of a vicious alligator, taking on a mob of angry gangsters to swimming through strong rapids. This campaign first got previewed to the Thums Up fans on Facebook and then releases on mass media channels. Internet Marketing done By Thums Up: Honestly, Thums Up is a brand does not use the power of internet marketing. Their main motive is to reach out mass public by using mass media tools of promotion. They have focussed more on TVCs and OOH media. In the field of internet marketing, I could find only following steps taken by the brand: All the ads of the company are uploaded on YouTube. They are using social media as in Facebook for awareness but the extent is very low. They are having Search Engine Optimisation to an extent because while searching for data related to Thums Up, I was getting the links related to Thums Up but still a lot can be done in this field. All the latest updates about the brand come on internet on regular basis There is no separate website of the brand. It comes under Coca-Cola as a sub brand. What can be done-? Now, as we can see that the company does not promote itself on internet and it feels also that there is no use of it. Frankly speaking thums Up is doing great in the market but in this situation of cut-throat competition, a lot can be done on internet to create buzz and to get competitive advantage. As we all agree that this age has become “word of fingers” instead of “word of mouth”, Thums up as a big brand should utilise the power of internet in current scenario. Developing their own website: Thums Up should have its own website, where they can separately calculate the hits by using web analytics. On their website, they can demonstrate their latest ads, new packaging, history of the brand and all related information can be found on that website only. Using Social Media: Thums Up being a youth product, must use social media as one of their promotional tool. They can have application related to the brand; they can have games related to the brand. One idea can be that they develop a quiz related to the latest updates of Thums Up and they offer prizes to the winner. Search Engine Optimisation: Thums Up uses this technique as promotion tools but not in an effective way. When I was looking for the Internet marketing plan of Thums Up, I was getting every data related to Thumbs Up, which was very irritating. So, I think they should focus on this and try to get the keywords as perfectly as possible. Search Engine Ads: Thums Up doesn’t go for any ads on Google. I think they can have collaboration with any food place, restaurants etc and along with their ad, Thums Up can promote itself. Email Marketing: Thums Up can use email marketing for increase in its sales. They can directly contact the people who are involved and have the authority to make decisions. For example, they can target colleges and all. Where they can interact with the higher authority through emails and can get the orders. If they allow, Thums Up can have its stall or counter in the colleges and offices. From a brand that was virtually unchallenged to a brand that was stifled, Thums Up stormed back after a near death experience. The brand proves that its strength lies not just in its taste but also in its performance. The grown up tag is an enduring one and will probably counter Pepsi for a while to come.

Importance For Effective Care Management Nursing Essay

assignment writer Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Under the Nursing and Midwifery Council Guidance on professional conduct confidentiality and anonymity will be maintained at all times to protect the identity of service users, careers, families, healthcare settings and professionals involved (NMC 2009). The NMC Standard of proficiency for pre-registration nursing education (2004) requires student nurses to complete set proficiency, this is to ensure they have the appropriate knowledge and skill required to become a qualified registered nurse. Through learning these specific skills and acquiring the appropriate knowledge, student nurses will be able to perform the role suitable to the position of a qualified staff nurse. One standard of proficiency for entry to the register is care management. Under the domain of care management one must: “Demonstrate knowledge of effective inter-professional working practices which respect and utilize the contributions of members of the health and social care team, Delegate duties to others, as appropriate, ensuring that they are supervised and monitored and Demonstrate key skills (such as literacy, numeracy and computer skills needed to record, enter, store, retrieve and organize data essential for care delivery “(NMC 2004). The term management “is a process of coordination and integration of resources through planning, organizing, coordinating, directing and controlling to accomplish specific institutional goals and objectives” (Huber 2006). In relation to care management the care of patients/clients goes through this process of being planned, organized, coordinated, directed and controlled (with input from the clients themselves) by the individual in charge of their care. My experience of care management was both exciting and terrifying. When I was in charge of a bay, I was involved in assessing, delegating and prioritizing patients’ needs, ensuring tasks such as patient washes, bed change and the drug round (using the seven rights) was completed safely and in an appropriate time. I also had to ensure tasks were being completed and that the workload was disturbed evenly with appropriate help. I was also involved in a working with and exchanging information in a multidisciplinary team, such as doctors, surgeons, physiotherapist and social workers. In order to succeed in care management, there are many skills one must acquire and build on. One of these skills is known as time management. Time management is making optimal use of time available. There are three basic steps to time management, first is setting aside time for planning and establishing priorities. Second is completing the highest priority task first, when possible and finishing one task before starting another. Third is reprioritizing tasks when there is new information (Marquis and Huston 2009). Student nurses will go through a period of transition when they have qualified. By developing skills such as time management one can prepare themselves for the following role transition. The concept of role transition is used to refer to “a process of changing from one state to another, a set of expectations that de¬ne the behavior deems appropriate for the position and involves changing the way one thinks, abilities and acts” (Lee, Lin and Hu 2011). Considering the role of a student as a learner compared to the role of a qualified nurse of leading in care management and care delivery situations, maintaining standards of care, making ethical and legal decisions, being accountable, working in teams and teaching others (Burton and Ormrod 2011). When I was allocated my own bay, in terms of completing set task on time, the paper work and helping patients with their needs, time seemed to be my enemy. While being in charge I find it difficult to manage and it seemed as if tasks would increase as I was often interrupted by patients who needed assistant. However, having experience this, I realized the ability to manage my time effectively is very important. By using certain aspect of time management such as planning and prioritizing, caring out clients care occurs more efficiently. In terms of becoming a qualified staff nurse and having experience being in charge, being able to manage my time effectively will significantly help in terms of my role transition and ensuring that effective patient care will be carried out. Although my time management skill is not on par with those of an experience qualified nurse, I can improve. Reflection is a way of making sense of events, situations and actions that occurs. It enables an in-depth look at oneself, the patients and the care being provided. By using Gibbs’ (1998) model of reflection of description of event, identifying your feelings, evaluation the experience, analyze the experience, draw a conclusion with alternative actions and make and action plan for the further (Oelofsen 2012). On reflecting on how I have manage my time so far, I will be able to identify areas I need to further develop with an action plan/goals to work towards.. During an episode of my care management, the ward was under staff. As my mentor was a sister she was in charge and often out of my bay and I was alone. During that time managing my patients was difficult as a lot of tasks needed to be complete, such as bed baths, bed change, patient feeding, observations, patient assistant in transferring, daily wound dressing and paper work such as fluid and food charts. Instead of prioritizing, it was more of multitasking with no objective. This made managing my patients more difficult as what needed to done was not being done. It was made more difficult due to interruptions from patients, such as wanting a commode or bed pan. I was feeling overwhelmed, panic and stressed. I wasn’t thinking about prioritizing or planning. I was just doing the tasks as I know them, when I get them and moving on as I finish. I kept on thinking of that there was so much to do; all I was focus on was the amount of tasks needed to be done. What was bad about this experience was the feelings of being overwhelm. What was good about this experience was even through I was going about thing in a round-about way. I was able to complete the majority of task that was needed to complete including those which were important. Looking at this situation my lack of planning and prioritizing my task let me down. Although multitasking is important in time management, however it is essential to recognize top priorities to ensure high quality nursing care for the patient under your care (Lipe

PU Racial Discrimination in The United States Incarceration System Essay

PU Racial Discrimination in The United States Incarceration System Essay.

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IntroductionThe purpose of this core assessment is to explain the role of race at the institutional level by analyzing data, existing literature, and applied concepts from the class. DirectionsYou will submit your final paper in this unit. Choose one institution and research the practices within it which result in different outcomes for different racial groups. Include academic research and statistical information on these outcomes. Explain how this practice occurs, its overall social impacts, and propose changes to alleviate it. Your paper should include the following components:Clear, focused thesis statement that demonstrates the scope of the paper and the claim you are making.Clear sociological explanation of institution, its practices and outcomes.Demonstrated comprehensive understanding of reasons and mechanisms that produce inequality in institution.Strong integration of scholarly and reputable sources that support claims and are well contextualized.Probable, proposed changes that respond to evidence that explains problem.Clear writing, organization, formatting and citationsASA or APA style, in-text citations.Length 7-9 pages, double spaced 12pt fontFour academic resources including articles from class, peer-reviewed resources and demographic or statistical information.
PU Racial Discrimination in The United States Incarceration System Essay

Political Science homework help

Political Science homework help. Describe how the components of the Hawthorne study are incorporated in current human resource functions. What was the main idea behind this study? How have you been impacted by the components of this study in your current or past work setting?SAMPLE RESPONSE FROM A FORMER STUDENT Organizations cannot truly exist without people.ÿ When people are uncomfortable, for whatever reason, you will not get their best performance.ÿ When they feel they are important, wanted and cared for, you will begin to see their best in every aspect.ÿ ?The writers suggested company managers should account for human emotions and interactions to achieve higher levels of success (Urwick, 1960; Bedeian, 1986).?ÿ (Baack, 2012).ÿ Mayo and Roethlisberger definitely had the right idea in putting the care for people in the forefront of business.ÿ They started with something as simple as lighting, something we all find either uncomfortable or comfortable in our environment.ÿ Obviously if you cannot see well you will not be as productive ? you cannot see what you are doing.ÿ I loved the fact that they were interacting with the employees.ÿ On a personal level, I enjoy having my boss and other employees take the time to stop and talk, whether it is on a personal level or discussing work.ÿ I also take the time to seek out my staff, individually and as a group to check in and see how things are going or if they have any ideas.ÿ I believe it is important to their morale, which definitely affects productivity in the end. I also noted the employees began taking on additional responsibilities.ÿ When employees are shown appreciation, they will in turn make the boss look very good because they enjoy doing the job and the people around them.ÿ I try so very hard to make sure that each person who works for me knows I have a true interest in them personally and professionally, as well as being interested in their ideas and concerns.ÿ I love being able to give someone credit for a new idea which has turned out wonderfully.The positive peer pressure was also a great in that they did not need the ?boss? to come down on them if someone was slacking ? the group took care of corrective action.ÿ I see this on a daily basis at the detention center, not only with employees but also, with inmates.ÿ When I have a few strong personalities, I can influence to be positive role models with their behavior in the dorms, I utilize these inmates as they often can keep other inmates in line just by setting the example.As for how I have been impacted in my job by this study ? Well, everything I do seems to be based off this very basic idea.ÿ My Sheriff implements these very thoughts in how his office runs.ÿ He says it is God, family then; work and he back this up and expects his supervisors to as well.ÿ I really do not know why anyone would attempt to manage an organization without considering the emotions, personalities, and comfort zones of their employees.ÿ(Baack, 2012)ReferencesBaack, D. (2012). Organizational Behavior. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.Political Science homework help

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