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Montana State University Customers Management of Budweiser Beer Discussion

Montana State University Customers Management of Budweiser Beer Discussion.

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This week you were assigned reading for chapters 3 and 4 with some additional supplemental reading. One of the links was “7 Great Examples of Interactive Ads” developed by Cassinelli (2017). For this discussion, you are to find an example of an interactive ad video, print, or image you can share with the class. To upload, you can provide a link or use the “insert stuff” or “insert image” options above.I would like to address the following regarding what you are sharing.1) Who is the target? How do you know this?2) Is it effective? (Do not tell me yes/no, but instead WHY)3) Using the factors described in the text (page 63 in the 7th edition/ page 65 in the 8th edition), list the factors that are applicable to your example (this probably means you will need to reference the text in your submission).You are required to use proper APA formatting, spelling, and grammar for this submission. Your submission needs to be a minimum of 300 words to earn full credit. You need to fully explain your answers to the above questions.NOTE: If you do not provide an example of an interactive ad, the submission/discussion will receive 0 points. Interactive advertising is the focus of this discussion.References:Cassinelli, A. (2017, January 24). 7 great examples of interactive ads. Retrieved from will be provided after bid won
Montana State University Customers Management of Budweiser Beer Discussion

University of North Alabama Management Case Length of Project Discussion Questions.

Case #2Dr. John Watage, deputy director of the family planning Research Center in Nigeria’s Over-The-River Providence, was assigned the task of organizing and training five teams of field workers to perform educational and outreach activities as part of a large project to demonstrate acceptance of a new method of birth control. These workers already had training in family planning education but must receive specific training regarding the new method of contraception. Two types of materials must also be prepared: (1) those for use in training the workers and (2) those for distribution in the field. Training faculty must be brought in and arrangements made for transportation and accommodations for the participants. Dr. Watage first called a meeting of his office staff. Together they identified the activities that must be carried out, their necessary sequences, and the time that they would require. Their results are displayed in Table 1. Louis Odaga, the chief clerk, noted that their project had to be completed in 29 days. Whipping out his solar-powered calculator, he added up the time needed. “no,” Dr. Watage replied, “some of these tasks can go forward in parallel.” “Be careful, though,” warned Mr. Oglagadu, the chief nurse, “there aren’t that many of us to go around. There are only 12 of us in this office.” “I can check whether we have enough heads and hands once I have tentatively scheduled the activities,” Dr. Watage responded. “If the schedule is too tight, I have permission from the Pathminder Fund to spend some funds to speed it up, just so long as I can prove that it can be done at the least cost necessary. Can you help me prove that? Here are the costs for the activities with the elapsed time that we planned and the costs and times if we shorten them to an absolute minimum.” Those data are given Table 2.Table 1 Family Planning Research Center ActivitiesActivityImmediatePredecessorTime(Days)A. Identify faculty and their schedules—6B. Arrange transport to base—8C. Identify and collect training materials—4D. Arrange accommodationsA3E. Identify teamA7F. Bring in teamB, E5G. Transport faculty to baseA, B3H. Print program materialC6I. Have program materials deliveredH7J. Conduct training programD, F, G, I10K. Perform fieldwork trainingJ10Table 2 Family Planning Research Center CostsActivityNormalTime (days)CrashTime (days)Cost per dayto crash ($)A633,000B844,000C423,000D312,000E736,000F512,000G313,500H6410,000I717,000J1095,500K1054,500Discussion QuestionsSome of the tasks in this project can be done in parallel. Prepare a diagram showing the required network of tasks and define the critical path. What is the length of the project without crashing? Do not just answer, but show the whole process.If the critical path is longer than 29 days, what is the least additional amounting that Dr. Watage can spend and still achieve this schedule objective (29 days)? Do not just answer, but show the whole process.
University of North Alabama Management Case Length of Project Discussion Questions

TSU Essentials of Social Work Comparing & Contrasting Code of Ethics Discussion.

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics, the Global Standards for Social Work Education and Training, National Association of Black Social Workers Code of Ethics, and the North American Association of Christians in Social Work are listed in the back of the textbook (pages 497 – 538 in the textbook). This assignment focuses on comparing the NASW Code of Ethics and the Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners Code of Conduct to one other professional counseling Code of Ethics. After reviewing the NASW Code of Ethics and the Texas State Board of Social Worker Code of Conduct, select one other professional counseling Code of Ethics to review. Compare and contrast the two codes of ethics. How are they similar? Where are they different? Based on your comparison, which of the three codes do you believe is more stringent and why? Close your paper by focusing on the core ethical principles in the NASW Code of Ethics (if you are in the DAAC program use your core ethical principles) – discuss how the core ethical principles will help guide you in your future practice. This paper is worth 100 points or 10% of your final grade.
Some of the Counseling Websites:
American Counseling Association ; American Psychological Association ; American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists ; NAADAC, Association for Addiction Professionals There are many other associations and many states, including the State of Texas have laws/statutes, and licensing requirements. The above are just to give you a little help in picking a counseling organization from which to compare the NASW Code of Ethics.Compare And contrast NASW, TSBSWE And another professional couseling code of ethics
TSU Essentials of Social Work Comparing & Contrasting Code of Ethics Discussion

A molecule which speeds a reaction by bringing the reactants together is, biology homework help

A molecule which speeds a reaction by bringing the reactants together is, biology homework help.

A molecule which speeds a reaction by bringing the reactants together is referred to asa nucleic enzyme.a lipid.a glycerol.a carbohydrate.
A molecule which speeds a reaction by bringing the reactants together is, biology homework help

Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Real? Research Paper

nursing essay writing service Introduction Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurobehavioral and psychiatric disorder that affects at least one in every 20 children in the western world (Pineda, Ardila, RosselliMet al, 1999). It is characterized by hyperactivity or impulsiveness, and in most cases, difficulties in paying attention. Since 1970s, there has been a debate over the existence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In fact, the existence of the condition, its treatment and diagnosis, have been considered controversial topics since the condition was first suggested in the medical, psychology and education. The controversial aspect of ADHD has attracted researchers from a number of fields, with an aim of determining whether the condition is real or whether it is a myth (Brown, Freeman, Perrin, et al, 2001). Yes, ADHAD exists and Is a Brain Condition That Affects Children and Adults The American psychiatric Association (2004) asserts that ADHD actually exists and in the United States alone, it affects at least one in every 20 children. Studies have shown that sufferers of ADHD have relatively similar symptoms. These symptoms includes inattention (the patients are easily disrupted), impulsivity as well as hyperactivity. In addition, APA (2004) asserts that ADHD victims may have a number of their aspects of behavior and performance adversely affected both at home and school. Studies reveal that the condition may persist throughout adolescent, and in some cases, it may progress towards adulthood. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Over the last three decades, biomedical studies have confirmed the existence of the condition. For instance, the study by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (2008) found that the condition has a strong genetic linkage, with a high rate of hereditary and running in certain family lines. In fact, this study confirmed that about 75% of all the cases are hereditary (Swanson, Sergeant, Taylor, et al, 1998). Recently, studies by Arcos-Bugos and colleagues (2010) have identified a number of candidate genes that are closely associated with the condition, including DAT1, DRD5, DRD4, HTR1B, 5HTT and SNAP25. In fact, most of these genes are associated with and may affect dopamine transporters, further provides a strong indication of the presence of ADHD as a hereditary factor. In addition, studies by Geizer, Ficks and Waldama (2009) have shown that a gene variant LPHN3 accounts for more than 9% of all the ADHD cases. These studies provide a strong evidence of the existence of ADHD. No, ADHD Does Not Exist According to the US Department of Health and Human Services (1999), opinions regarding the existence of ADHD include a belief that the condition does not exist at all. Other opinions attempt to make the people belief that the condition is a purely hereditary factor running in families. In addition, according to NIHCE (2004), ADHD diagnosis lacks any biological basis, indicating that the condition could only be an exaggeration of one of the known psychiatric conditions rather than a disease by its own. According to Ramsey (2007), ADHD is a controversy that only results from a misunderstanding and misconception of diagnosis criteria and how medical practitioners use these criteria. We will write a custom Research Paper on Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Real? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Personal Opinion on ADHD and Application in the Classroom ADHD is a psychiatric condition that should not be ignored in education. The fact that students with ADHD normally tend to be disrupted from concentrating in the class is a factor that requires adequate measures to ensure that student’s conditions are addressed (Biederman, Wilens, Mick et al, 1998). Screening and testing is necessary to determine the children who require special attention. Considering ADHD in the classroom, a teacher would observe the affected child getting frequent cases of inattention, which in turn disorients the child. Special education may be required in cases where the child’s condition is advanced. References American Psychiatric Association. (2004). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. Washington: American Psychiatric Association Arcos-Burgos, M., Jain, M., Acosta, M. T., Shively, S., et al. (2010). A common variant of the latrophilin 3 gene, LPHN3, confers susceptibility to ADHD and predicts effectiveness of stimulant medication. Mol Psychiatry 15(11), 1053-66 Biederman, J., Wilens, T., Mick, E., et al. (1998). Is ADHD a risk factor for psychoactive substance use disorders? Findings from a four-year prospective follow-up study. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry 36, 21–29 Brown, R. T., Freeman, W. S., Perrin, J. M., et al. (2001). Prevalence and assessment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in primary care settings. Pediatrics, 2(4), 107-114 Gizer, I R., Ficks, C., Waldman, I. D. (2009). Candidate gene studies of ADHD: a meta-analytic review. Hum Genet 126(1), 51-90 Not sure if you can write a paper on Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Real? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. (2008). CG72 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). London: NIHCE Pineda, D., Ardila, A., Rosselli, M, et al. (1999). Prevalence of attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder symptoms in 4- to 17-year-old children in the general population. J Abnorm Child Psychol, 27, 455–462. Ramsay, J. R. (2007). Cognitive behavioral therapy for adult ADHD. New York: Routledge Swanson, J. M., Sergeant, J. A., Taylor, E., et al. (1998). Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and hyperkinetic disorder. Lancet, 351, 429–433 US department of health and human services. (1999). Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Washington, DC: department of health and human services.

Park University Who May Initiate the Organizing Campaign at The Other Factory Ques

Park University Who May Initiate the Organizing Campaign at The Other Factory Ques.

Group members, along with your union Vice-President, met at a local restaurant to discuss the union organizing process. The meeting’s purpose is to help fellow workers unionize at a related manufacturing company across town. The meeting is to review the union organizing process. A Group member brought along the Labor Relations textbook as a reference to the process. A good start point is Figure 6.1 in the textbook.Who may initiate the organizing campaign at the other factory?What is an “Authorization Card” and what is its purposeplease answer each question separately. 200 word min per question and 2 web basedm scholarly refereces
Park University Who May Initiate the Organizing Campaign at The Other Factory Ques

Interview With A Leader: Analysis

In the first part of the course work, I made a report about a business person who made impact on me. His behavior and aims which he has already achieved made him my idol in my life. “Nothing is perfect” this quote is true, the person I chose does not know English, so I have just talked with him in Uzbek, and asked his opinion and ideas about following five criteria personality, motivation, leadership, team and group working skills, and decision making. I chose a person who made impact on me because he has very strong emotional control on himself, also he is very optimistic; he is a business person who manages a credit union in Tashkent. His name is Ilyaos, he was born in Samarkand in a simple family in 1981. In his childhood he wanted to study and work in Tashkent. During these all time I have learned many practical things from him. As he says: “I became independent in 1994, and started my own way”. So that is why he is so independent nowadays. In 1999 he passed entrance exam to the Finance institute in Tashkent, successfully. He had financial difficulties while he studied in institute. Because of that he had to work after the studies. He studied very hard and the result was a graduate ship red diploma of Tashkent Financial Institute in 2003. In 2005 he began working as a teacher in Finance Institute in Tashkent. In 2010 he got a PhD degree from Insurance. In addition, nowadays he teaches Insurance subject in the Academy of Bank and Finance and also in one time works as a manager of Credit Union. If we look to the theory to the personality it could be said that personality is the sum of ways in which an individual reacts and interacts with others (Robbins, 2003). In the reference from the Jung’s theory that the personality of the individual I chose, can be clarified as an extraverted. Because, he speaks a lot, as we know that extraverted people first speaks and thinks. And also, according to the Big Five Model, Ilyos aka can be put into the personality group of extroversion, because he tends to be gregarious, assertive, and sociable. In my opinion, difficulties in his student life made him very strong. When we talked, I said that difficulties make person stronger if he does not give up and solves them. Then Ilyos aka said that: “You will be stronger if you know something to give up and do not be upset”. He always says: “If you are making decisions, always remember that new things must be more useful and beneficial than your older ones”. His life experience and skill which he is gaining made impact on me. Because, when we are having discussions he always wins. He reads books every day, watches news and analysis. That is why, he always the first in discussions. Once I wanted to reflect on him, I wanted to be like him in talking and thinking. It was difficult, but one day I won him in discussion and then he said: “Good job, boy!” Motivation Motivation is a passion to work for reasons that go beyond money or status (Robbins, 2oo3). As we learned from lectures there are two types of motivation such as internal and external. For example, for the person I chose intrinsic motivation is his own future plans and extrinsically motive is money. “Before motivating others, you yourself should be motivated first, for the reason that if, someone hesitates, he/she will hesitate others, too” Ilyos aka said. As for him, money is the strongest motivator in the world. “In addition, in order to be motivated himself, a person should have strong personality, and optimism”, said Ilyos aka. According to the Joyce S. Osland, 2001, most effective leaders are alike in one crucial way: they all have a high degree of what has come to be known as emotional intelligence. It is not that IQ and technical skills irrelevant. And also in this book there was given a research in “Leadership and management” which was done by author and his friends. They have found five components of emotional intelligence at work. Self awareness is the first component of emotional intelligence – which makes sense when one consider that Delphic oracle gave the advice to “know you” thousands of years ago. Also, self awareness means having a deep understanding of one’s emotions, strength, weakness, needs, and drives (Joyce, 2oo1). When I asked him to speak about leaders and leadership skills, he bound leadership skills with motivation, as for him motivation is the most important tactic for leaders and managers, and said that without knowing motivation no one can be can have leadership skills. As I mentioned above he likes to read books about psychology, during the interview he gave example of ideal leader. He said the words of the leader who got one million dollar a month, “There is nothing bad for employees except the punishment of their manager”. As for me the same situation, I always tried to encourage the people with good words. Leaders should know what his employees want, and always should respect other’s ideas. Ilyos aka said that: “Your works and results should speak instead of you”. For example, when he worked in commercial bank as a manager, he had always a good communication with his colleagues. I think, having good communication is good, however manager should remember that he leads the company. So, my opinion is that managers should be a bit strict with his employees. Team and group working skills A team is a small number of people, with complementary skills, who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they are mutually accountable. A group is defined as two or more individuals, interacting and interdependent, who come together to achieve particular objectives. Groups can be either formal or informal. (Katzenbach and Smith, 1993) The nature of Teamwork occurs when a group of members work together in ways that utilize their skills well to accomplish a purpose. The person I chose has some lack of team and group working skills because when I observed his speech in some meetings he always tries to be first and talks a lot and loud. According to Arts of Communication by Dale Carnegie there was written about that if a person wants to have more audience and friends that person must learn to listen to them. However, he always tries to be in the center of the attention. Speak a lot, gives interesting facts. As for me, it is cannot be seen as a good skills, he has some minus in team working. For example, he should learn how to listen to the other’s idea. Decision making Then he gave an example of buying his flat as a decision for his own purpose. On the other hand, when he chaired the meeting in his credit union almost always decides regarding to the purpose of the organization.