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The political system of the Medieval Mongols involved a rigorous process upon which it entailed the participation of several key players. It was noticeable from the reading that Mongol politics may have been quite similar to that of other Feudal states. Friar William of Rubruck was a French envoy who set up a journey to meet with the Mongols, in order to convince them to convert to Christianity. With other companions, he set off to the Ordu of Baatu.Their guide gave them specific instructions upon meeting Baatu: “Our guide cautioned us to say nothing until Baatu should have bid us speak, and then to speak briefly” (Jackson 1990). This was true in many cultures in the Oriental world as the highest political leaders were to be revered. When he was signaled to speak, he kneeled with both knees and conveyed the message briefly as instructed. Baatu. They went out and were soon followed by their guide to give Baatu’s message: “The lord King requests that you remain in this country, but Baatu may not do this without the permission of Mangu Chan.So you and your interpreter must go to Mangu Chan” (Jackson 1990). They were to meet another key political player, Mangu Chan, in order to finalize their stay in the Mongol area. It was also rude not to accept this proposition as explained by their guide: “Say no more about it, for Baatu has settled it, and I dare not go again to the court” (Jackson 1990). Baatu’s words seem to be final and absolute. It was a four month journey but they were able to reach Mangu Chan.As they entered Mangu Chan’s chambers, their guide were greeted with singing and clapping by the subjets: “…subjects of Mangu Chan, who everywhere sang and clapped their hands before our guide, because he was an envoy of Baatu. For they show each other this mark of honor” (Jackson 1990). It was the same when Baatu’s subjects would greet the envoys of Mangu Chan; although, they seem to have not keenly observed the practice since they were stronger. References Jackson, P. , & Morgan, D. (Eds. ). (1990). The mission of Friar William of Rubruck : his journey to the court of the Great Khan Mongke, 1253-1255. London: Haklyut Society.

“Young Goodman Brown”

“Young Goodman Brown”.

“Young Goodman Brown” 

1. Analyze the point of view in “Young Goodman Brown.” How does point of view affect the descriptions of the landscape and secondary characters, like Brown’s wife and the “second traveler”? 2. How does the exposition introduce the setting, the mood and the characters? 3. Who is Young Goodman Brown? 4. What is his deal with Satan? 5. How would you call Young Goodman Brown’s Journey? 6. Who is Satan’s antagonist in the story? 7. What is the role of Faith in the story? 8. What do pink ribbons symbolize? 9. What does forest symbolize? 10. Find examples of Gothicism in the story. 11. Has Goodman Brown fallen asleep in the forest and only dreamed a wild dream of witch-meeting? 12. Do you believe Goodman actually witnessed a Satanic festival, or did he imagine it or dream it? What evidence is there in the story? Does it matter? 13. How can you describe Brown’s awakening? 14. Is there a sinner in this story? Is there a virtuous man or woman in this story? What deadly sin does Young Goodman Brown commit? 15. “Young Goodman Brown” contains numerous allusions to Biblical narratives. Find one of these allusions, read the original story in the Bible, and compare it to “Young Goodman Brown.” Are the events of the stories similar? Why do you think Hawthorne chose to reference this particular Biblical tale in his story? 16. Consider “Young Goodman Brown” as an allegory. How does Hawthorne establish the allegory in the opening pages? 17. What symbolic interpretations of the story can you suggest? 18. What other interpretations /approaches to the story can you suggest? 19. Hawthorne often deals with moral and ethical questions in his writing, but his stories rarely have clear “morals.” Why do you think this is? Is it a strength or a weakness in writing?

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