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Born in 1977, Mohammed Salem was destined for musical greatness. Since his early childhood, his love for music and dance was undeniable. At age 12 he made his first appearance as a professional actor in the theatrical production French Blue. He soon followed with more theatrical roles before finally succumbing to the love of songwriting and music. In 2001 Mohammed launched himself into singing and songwriting releasing a religous album entitled The Greatest Gift. The accapella set was an album he put together to raise awareness amongst his own community and the album became the biggest selling religous set that year.

However, in 2003 Mohammed stepped out of the shadows and into his own by deliberating an album with energy and confrontation. Songwriters from Australia and around the world were the driving force behind Mohammed’s debut album mojo. The debut single Nasty peaked at No. 3 on the International Pop Charts, although not immune from the nasty feedback by critics. The song was soon followed by the release of his second single Say you’ll make love with me again which peaked at No. 9 and written by Chris Headford and Lisa Butler.

Critics had a field day with the song claiming it was like revisiting the 80s, and not the better part of it. By April 2004, Mohammed released the third single Can you handle this. Whilst a hit on the charts and in the clubs, it was a song that was overshadowed with controversy. The song was a very sexual song about acceptance, it’s indirect dealings with homophobia and dabbling in a same sex rendezvous. Community and religous leaders stepped out protesting to the song which saw a good boy (of once religous songs/background) become so sexual (and in their eyes … very bad).

The news hit headlines and soon enough it overshadowed the album itself. Mohammed’s record label “Salem Music International” went into damage control by releasing the fourth single Have you ever; a remake of Brandy’s #1 hit. Moderately doing well on the charts, the drama surrounding the very daring and sexually explicit Can you handle this was not going away. Mohammed soon went into seclusion, unable to deal with the media, the dramas in his personal life and the disappointing shipment of only 3,000 units globally. As time went on, Mohammed was in his own little world.

There were whispers about a new album; a new project. However, Mohammed was desperate more than ever this time to keep his new found idea a secret. It was only known to managers, label officials and friends as “The S. S. Project”. In February of 2005, Mohammed released a brand new single called Trust A Try which was taken from the new album Street Symphony released in May that year. The song bulleted straight to No. 1 on the International Pop Charts followed by his second No. 1 single Make A Change. There was a new vibe in the air with the release of this album.

Finally, Mohammed stepped into his own by writing a majority of the songs on this album as appose to his first. The album’s theme surrounded social and political issues such as racism, bigotry, sexism, violence, drugs and peer pressure. It was a very mature side to Mohammed that audiences hadn’t yet experienced. Critics also praised the bold move by the singer to stand out on his own and take his music into a completely new direction. The drama and controversy that surrounded his first album had by this time been long forgotten. The album completely titled Mohammed Salem’s Street Symphony went on to sell 43,589 copies world wide.

The album also went on to produce an unprecedented 6 Top 10 singles on the International Pop Charts (Trust A Try peaked at #1, Make A Change peaked at #1, Love Will Never Do peaked at #3, Street Symphony peaked at #5, Insecurity peaked at #8 and I’m going down peaked at #10). With the success of his second album, there were clearly high expectations for anything that would follow. Although with a clear head on his shoulders and finally shaping his own future, Mohammed Salem would by now clearly be on the path to the ultimate dream.

By November 2005, a new song had been leaked to radio and the internet. Nobody had heard this song before and it clearly had taken critics by surprise when it became clear that the singer was Mohammed Salem. A new song Fantasy had risen to No. 1 on the International Pop Charts and it wasn’t long before everyone at SMI had to play catch up to get the single officially released for sale. A European DJ known on the club scene as Jenkki had been trying to contact Mohammed for a while. He had become such a fan of Mohammed’s Street Symphony album that he wanted to do remixes for songs on that album.

After speaking with Jenkki, Mohammed said he would have no problems with him working on remixes for songs on his last album so long as he would create remixes for his brand new single Fantasy; and so started the phenomenon. Jenkki went to work on the remixes knowing he had a deadline to meet. He lived up to that deadline as well as his reputation in Finland for being one of the best DJ’s in the country. The remixes boosted the single’s success in making it a No. 1 club hit all over Europe. Now that Europe had caught on, it was in early 2006 that SMI Records released Mohammed’s new album Ritual of Love.

The album was very special to Mohammed in a number of ways, from finally being able to express the happiness he was going through at the time to sharing music with one of his closest friends; Mohamed Abdelaziz (aka Moey). The two had longed to write music together and record a song together, but the opportunity never presented itself. Mohammed eventually used samples from Cyndi Lauper’s True Colours to put together Listen to my heart; co-written by Moey and eventually became the album’s second single. The single peaked at No. and although dismissed by some critics; had other critics in awe. Mohammed then released another happy track called I’m Alive which also peaked at No. 1 and by this stage, released sales figures indicated that Ritual of Love had shipped in excess of 60,000 units world wide. By this time, Mohammed was doing promotional appearances and shows across the country (Australia) and Instinct became the 3rd chart topping hit from the album. Clearly, the theme of this album was very sexual as Mohammed dug deep into the world of love, lust and sexual fantasies.

The song I can feel your love shine peaked at No. 3 on the charts and proved just how daring and comfortable Mohammed was with his sexuality. The album by this time had finally shipped in total 67,422 copies world wide and to this day, Fantasy being Mohammed’s biggest single ever. The song also lasted on Soundclick’s Australian Singles Charts for 56 weeks straight. Despite the growing success and finally gaining respect from his peers and fellow singer/songwriters; behind the scenes Mohammed was falling apart.

He began to use the negatives and turn them into positives in order to have the strength to create what would become his biggest selling album to date; The Chronicles of Mimi. In September 2007, Mohammed released Stained & Lonely, an award winning song that saw him tackle a new genre; ROCK! The song received critical acclaim and became his first single ever to debut straight away at No. 1. September also saw Mohammed kick off his first ever world tour; The Chronicles of Mimi World Tour. The tour kicked off on September 7th in Singapore before heading to the Middle East.

Mohammed had 13 sold out shows for the first leg of his tour which included 2 in United Arab Emirates, 2 in Singapore and 9 in Egypt. Before Mohammed did kick start the tour, he also did a tour launch in Melbourne, Australia where close friends were invited to see a once in a lifetime special up close and personal performance. It took 3 months for Mohammed to complete the first leg of his tour before coming back to Australia where he would rest up before preparing for the Australian, European, North and South American leg of his tour.

Whilst on tour in the Middle East, Mohammed released his second single from the album called Uncomfortable. The song which also peaked at No. 1 was instrumental in making this album what it had become. Critics called the song “Incredible” and “Downright unsettling …. it’s amazing”. However, the best was yet to come … as critics began to rave on about how Mohammed’s debut into rock music was “pure genius” he released Sin which also hit No. 1. By this time, pre-ordered copies of the album as well as internet shippings and in store sales had the album selling in excess of 158,000 copies world wide.

It was by far his biggest selling album and his most successful. In February 2008, Empty Apologies became the singer’s 9th No. 1 single and the album’s 4th. Mohammed said that this album was his most personal. He wanted an album that fans could connect with and be able to see him in a way no-one had ever seen him before. On this album there were no holes barred as Mohammed exposed the hurt, grief, sadness and pain of his childhood through to his young adulthood. The success of the album was sealed with the album’s 5th No. 1 single Hello a duet with Evanescene’s Amy Lee.

Just as Mohammed would be living it up and enjoying his evergrowing success; the singer felt that he had a few things lacking. He craved to get back into acting and although he scored a role in his first feature film back in 2005 for which he wrote the song I’m going down, the project folded and the movie never went into fruition. In early 2008, Mohammed Salem had again been presented with an opportunity to audition for new movie roles. However, a week before schedulled reading auditions, Mohammed was struck with a mystery illness that had the singer hospitalised for 2 months.

At first, Salem spent only the one night in hospital before discharging himself the next day to the protests of doctors, family and friends. It wasn’t long, however, when Salem collapsed hours later and was re-admitted into hospital the same day. Doctors were baffled as they were unable to diagnose the singer with anything. Blood tests, urine tests and even retrieving fluids from the singer’s spine were unable to turn up anything. Mohammed Salem was in a terrible and deteriorating state. At times, the singer was unable to walk and had to be pushed around in a wheel chair.

After finally responding to various treatments and still leaving doctors with no clue as to what illness they were dealing with; the singer was finally discharged from hospital and ordered to rest up before going back to his normal day to day life. It wasn’t long before Mohammed Salem was back in the studio writing and recording his fifth studio album OUT. By May 2008, he released the album’s first single Peepshow. This dance track had Salem move into yet another genre; DANCE! The song made it’s mark on the charts peaking at No. 15 on the International Pop Charts and people’s response to the upbeat track were respectable.

However, whilst everyone loved and respected Mohammed’s happy and upbeat styles, it was going back to what he does best with his second single I don’t know why that had sales souring. A song that dealt with sadness and loss took him straight to No. 1 and was quickly followed with the release of the album in July 2008. Whilst many speculated as to what the new album was about and whether or not it would put to rest rumours surrounding the singer’s sexuality; Mohammed insisted the album was about “Stepping it up, being bold and taking control”.

At this time, Mohammed Salem had also embarked on his second world tour entitled, Mohammed Salem’s PEEPSHOW. Again, sold out shows proved an increasing demand for the singer’s live appearances globally and an evergrowing market for a singer of Mohammed’s diversity. One of the more serious tracks on the album Open your eyes a duet, and the second with Mohammed’s best friend Moey which included vocal appearances by Sparxx and Slick was leaked to radio and the internet.

The 9/11 tribute track was praised by critics and co-written by both Mohammed Salem and Moey (with the rap exert written by Ricky Lacey aka Slick). Salem scored his 12th career No. 1 single with the release of his Middle-Eastern influenced dance track Balady another song Mohammed co-wrote with his best friend Moey. Mohammed Salem had finally crossed over four different genres of music; Pop, Rock, R’n’B and Dance. He had also become the first singer to score a #1 hit in each individual genre; a record that remains unprecedented.

Over the years, Mohammed Salem has crossed boundaries, challenged views as well as social and political thinking. He has worked with producers from around the world like VTZ, Tha 24s Gang, Jenkki, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis as well as long time co-producer Chris Gatz. Mohammed has also worked closely over the years with a number of local and international artists such as Mr. Loco, Janet Jackson, Akon, Annubis, Amy Lee and Jad Choucair. Now at age 30 the singer celebrates the release of his fifth studio album OUT which features the hit single Peepshow and his new single I don’t know why.

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