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Module 8 Discussion online-course-icons_icon-learning objectives.png Purpose The Discussion Forum is a way for you to engage with each other Essay

Module 8 Discussion
online-course-icons_icon-learning objectives.png Purpose
The Discussion Forum is a way for you to engage with each other and to share your questions and thoughts about the concepts you are learning. The goal is to connect, extend and challenge!

Discussion Prompt

According to a 2016 Study (The Economist, 2016 (Links to an external site.)), knowledge workers were spending 70-85 percent of their time in meetings. Organizations across the globe built massive open floor plan headquarters in order to encourage collaboration. As soon as COVID-19 shut down operations as normal for most companies, the online collaboration tools initially struggled and then adapted to make millions from the corporate need to collaborate. And yet, despite this time together, studies (Cross et al., 2021 (Links to an external site.)) show that nearly 35 percent of effective collaboration comes from 5 percent of employees. So, do we have a collaboration overload? Do you think we attempt to collaborate too much? If so, what are the potential downsides of collaboration? If not, what are we missing from collaboration today?

Review the readings and lecture videos provided in this module.
Provide a relevant and in-depth response to the above prompt by replying in the discussion forum below. Write no more than 200 words in length.
Provide substantive comments on at least two postings from your community members. Your response postings should be at least 50 words and no more than 100 words each.
Refer to this tip sheet on how to comment on discussion postings [Google Doc] (Links to an external site.).

All Discussions contribute 20% towards your final course grade. Please refer to the rubric for more information regarding how your assignment is graded. To review the rubric, click on the Options icon (three vertical dots) at the top right corner of this forum and select the Show Rubric button.

Geography Question

ASSIGNMENT: ESSAY 1Geography 101 • Spring 2022
Essay 1: Uneven Geographies of Production and Consumption
DRAFT DUE DATE: February 25th via Canvas
FINAL VERSION DUE DATE: March 25th via Canvas

Analysis of Leadership Definitions and Biographical Leadership

Module 8 Discussion online-course-icons_icon-learning objectives.png Purpose The Discussion Forum is a way for you to engage with each other Essay Analysis of Leadership Definitions and Biographical Leadership.

There are three parts to this week’s Critical Thinking Assignment paper.

Part I: An important concept for this week’s study is that no single, standard definition of leadership exists. We can trace the history of how leadership has been defined and redefined by scholars and managers. Page III of this week’s lecture provides insight into an exercise that may be useful for individuals wanting to understand their own leadership definitions: constructing a biographical leadership explanation. Western (2013) [required reading] offered a personal example of a leadership explanation through the author’s lens; Western also describes the exercise as “locating oneself.” Begin the Week 1 Critical Thinking Assignment by composing your personal biographic leadership explanation. You may use Western’s format or another that is supported by the literature or that fits your career purpose. Place the biographical leadership explanation in Appendix A of the paper.

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Internal control challenges within a typical ERP system and how to manage them

Internal control challenges within a typical ERP system and how to manage them.

1)Cover page 2)abstract 3)introduction 4)background 5)literature review 6)methods 7)results 8)discussion 9)conclusion 10)references This is how the paper should be laid out or set up Allowed similarities up to 6% Do not use sources published before 2010

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Land Laws- Case study

Land Laws- Case study.

The question is a case study………….”You are consulted by four friends – Amna, Bob, Cathy and Dave – who want to buy the freehold of Rosewood House, a large country house with two acres of grounds in Buckinghamshire, to live in as their home. They each intend to contribute 25% of the purchase price. Title to the property is registered in the name of the current owner, Eric, who lives in the house with his partner, Frieda. Frieda’s mother, Gertrude, lives part of the year in Rosewood House and the remainder in Italy. Harry, who owns the neighbouring farm, claims to have an easement over a track that passes from his farm through the grounds of Rosewood house, to the main road.

In relation to this case scenario, please advise Amna, Bob, Cathy and Dave on the purchase of the property, and on all the steps that you, as their solicitor, will need to take, and why. The four friends also want to know what would happen if they pulled out of the sale after contracts for sale are exchanged. Additionally, they would like advice on what would happen if, in the future, one of them wanted the property sold but the other three did not. Finally, they would like your advice on what would happen if Bob, who is always broke, were to mortgage the property without their knowledge and fail to meet the mortgage repayments.

More generally, critically discuss the difficulties a purchaser would have had if they wanted to buy Rosewood House before 1925, and the reasons for the great land reforms of 1925.”…………….The reference style should be OSCOLA, The word limit is 2500 words so it should be between 2450 and 2550 words, the references should be around 20-25 and should be almost equally divided between books, articles, sites, journals, cases and etc, there’s no limit as to how many internet sources are accepted but they shouldn’t totally be internet sources so just divide them equally where possible.

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Set a clear goal and devote all your positive energy toward reaching it. OR The importance of self- confidence. PERSUASIVE SPEECH PRESENTATION SPEAKING TIME: 4-7 minutes GENERAL PURPOSE: to persuade; reinforce, modify or change audience beliefs, attitudes, opinions or behaviors DESCRIPTION: You are exposed to persuasive messages every day; your boss persuading you to reach sales goals or quotas, local non-profit organizations persuading you to donate money to a cause, politicians persuading you to vote and manufacturers persuading you to buy their products. You sift through all the information you receive, selecting suggestions which best fit your personal needs. For this presentation consider your personal interests, the audience’s knowledge and needs and select a topic which matters to you. Organize your speech using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (problem-solution format), and include oral citations within your speech. INSTRUCTIONS Speech Development and Outline Preparation: Choose a persuasive presentation topic. Conduct research. 2 research sources are required. Begin your preparation outline using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (5-step problem-solution format, pg. 321). Select information which is most interesting and motivating. 600-800 words See outline example and template provided Use standard labeling for the 5-step outline. Also, include title, general purpose and specific purpose statement Include works-cited (APA format)

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Group Discussion 5: Are Slot Machines Dangerous?

Note to tutor: I will provide you with the two classmates’ posts
One political argument against the legal gambling industry focuses on slot machines as especially “addictive.” Why do you think slot machines are singled out as particularly addictive or dangerous? How does blaming the machine differ from saying someone has an “addictive personality?” Is it the thing or the person that is to blame? Or is there more to this equation?
Specific guidelines for the Discussion:
Your initial response should be 200-300 words in length, reflecting on the way that the Integrated Resort has spread around the world from Las Vegas to Macau to Singapore and to Indian Country.
Reply to at least two classmates’ posts. Your response to your classmate’s discussion should be around 100 words (each) and add to the discussion (i.e. reflecting on their response, asking questions, etc.).