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Module 6 Paper Essay

Write a 1200-word paper that addresses all of the following topics:

– Why Does Project Management Give You a Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace?

– Why Does Project Management Make You More Marketable?

– Why is project management skills so critical for diverse work teams?

– “Task focus” as a strategy for diverse project teams.


Community Building

Community Building.

In 1.5 to 3 pages, not including the title page and references page, describe your program’s priority population. Elements of this paper should include (1) a description of the priority population and the need (this should include data to back up your belief regarding the need); (2) why you selected this specific population; (3) an explanation of how and why your program/project/intervention is considered “community building” in nature; (4) how you intend to earn the trust of and recruit community members as participants; and (5) how your program/project/intervention will benefit the community. In addition, include how the theory you selected for the Module 2 Assignment relates to this community building assignment (program/project/intervention).

This assignment should conform to APA format. You do not need an abstract, but you should include a title page, running header, page numbers, lines should be double-spaced, and a references’ page at the end of the assignment. Further, you must use in-text citations in your work to allow the reader to know what ideas you are including from the literature.


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disscussion board

Module 6 Paper Essay hi, i will send you the reading and you answer the question below :

Durkheim: “Division of Labor in Society” and Bratton (152-158) (2nd: 162-169) 1- Is the division of labor solely an economic phenomenon (as proposed by Adam Smith)? 2-In which sense does Durkheim use the word “function”? What is the function of the division of labor? 3-How does Durkheim justify his focus on law in studying social solidarity? 4- What are the features (social organization, type of law, nature of beliefs) of a society characterized by mechanical solidarity? 5- What are the features (social organization, type of law, nature of beliefs) of a society characterized by organic solidarity?

CIS visual analysis

Need choose one data from this link (Check attached file for more detailed requirement for data):
I need at least 350 words presention script (I will read the script during my presentation, so need to write a presentation script for me). And I also need a 2 slides PPT for presentation.
Check attached “Project ” file for more detailed informationn. Only need to do is Press 1, need using Tufte’s theory, Tufte’s theory need to check Lecture 2, Lecture 3 attached files.

marketing manager speech

marketing manager speech.

It’s been three years since you graduated from college. After gaining experience as an administrative assistant at a major office equipment manufacturer, you’ve just been promoted to marketing manager for office copiers. Though you have occasionally given brief reports to other members of your work team, you’re now facing your first speech to a large audience. At your company’s annual sales meeting, you will address the sales force about the company’s new multifunction printer/copiers, and how to sell them to dealers such as Office Depot and OfficeMax. You’re pleased to have this opportunity and you know it shows the company’s faith in your abilities. Yet the closer you get to the day of the speech, the harder it is to control the butterflies in your stomach. There will be 200 people in your audience, including all the sales managers and regional managers, in addition to the sales force. All eyes will be on you. It’s important that you come across as confident and well informed, but you’re afraid your stage fright will send the opposite message. What strategies will you use to control your nerves and make them work for you? please write in first person

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Health Law and Ethics

Health Law and Ethics.


Effectiveness of compulsory treatment orders for patients with mental illness

The lectures have covered the use of compulsory treatment orders (e.g. inpatient treatment orders [ITOs] or community treatment orders [CTOs]) for people with mental illness. In Victoria, these orders are made according to the requirements of the Mental Health Act 2014 (Vic). Other Australian (and international) jurisdictions have similar legislation and orders (generically termed “compulsory treatment orders”).

While the issues of autonomy and justification of orders have been discussed in the course, effectiveness has not been mentioned. Your presentation will consider the effectiveness of compulsory treatment orders in terms of patient or system outcomes. Issues of autonomy aside, do these orders actually have benefits?

As a starting point, a selection of international and Australian research on compulsory treatment orders is provided below. You may also wish to review other compulsory treatment order studies published more recently.

Along with a general description of compulsory treatment orders and overview of these effectiveness studies/reviews, please consider the following questions in your presentation:

– To what extent does this research relate to the system in Victoria?

Starting points:

Please note that you may need to access some of these journals

Kisely S, et al (2011), “Compulsory community and involuntary outpatient treatment for people with severe mental disorders,” Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews,Issue 2. Art. No.: CD004408.

Ingram G, et al (2009), “Effectiveness of Community Treatment Orders for Treatment of Schizophrenia with Oral or Depot Antipsychotic Medication: Changes in Problem Behaviours and Social Functioning” Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 43(11): 1077-1083.
Preston N, et al (2002), “Assessing the outcome of compulsory psychiatric treatment in the community: epidemiological study in Western Australia,” British Medical Journal 324:1244
Kisely S, et al (2013), “An eleven-year evaluation of the effect of community treatment orders on changes in mental health service use” Journal of Psychiatric Research 47(5): 650-656.

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