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Modern Family vs. Leave It to Beaver essay help free custom essays in Australia

Television Review There are some slight differences between the families in Leave it to Beaver and Modern Family. Lets start with Leave it to Beaver, created in 1957 with black and white video the main family consisted of a husband and wife, and two sons named Wally and Beaver. The family manner was the man of the house brought in the money while the wife cleaned and served most of her time at home looking after the boys.

As I viewed a couple episodes, I saw that both brothers got along very well and had a brotherly love relationship, who were respectful and faithful to there parents. Compared to Modern Family, the family looks out of rhythm. In this show the parents play the same role as in Leave it to Beaver, but the siblings have slightly different behaviors than those of Beaver and Wally. Comparing the siblings together, Beaver and Wally treat their parents with great respect and have family conversations about concerns they are have in their life.

While in Modern Family, there is hardly a close family relationship between anyone in the family. During breakfast, everyone at the table is completely focused on their electronic devices and there are no group discussions. In Leave it to Beaver, the parents are on track with their kids and decisions are made 100% between them with no arguments. On the other hand, Modern Family has a lot of disagreeing involving the parents.

There is a lot of talking back to the parents and calling them names like “daddy-o” rather than a respectful Sir or Madame. All in all the differences in these two families show how family roles have changed over a period of time. It also shows how technology has had a great impact on the world today, and is rapidly taking away from face to face conversations. In other words its an outlook on how much society has changed in a short period of time to go from a conservative outlook to and independent society.