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But less than 150 years ago it was the norm. No state in the world supplied water to anybody. And it remains the norm to date in areas such as Nagaland or emote Himalayan villages, where the modern state has failed to reach. Water is not something that anybody can live without. Therefore, people will do everything to ensure their own water supply. And, as technology was once limited, people then depended less on large river systems and underground water sources. They depended mainly on the rain that fell in their towns and villages or on the flood waters of nearby streams.

And people did everything possible to collect this water through household or community efforts. 11. The idea that is ‘seen as unimaginable’ in the text refers to (A) The isappearance of the state government (B) The nonavailability of government supplied water (C) Buying drinking water 2 Class 10 12. The norm 150 years ago was to (A) Live without water (C) Save rain or flood water (B) Ensure water supply (D) Depend on underground water Direction (Q. No. 13 to 15) : Read the passage given below and then answer the quest ions that follow. Once upon a time, everybody “did” science, for their own amusement and excitement.

All of us, as children, are scientists too” testing substances on our tongues, discovering gravity, peering under rocks, seeing p tterns in the stars, wondering what makes the night scary and the sky blue. Partly because the educational system has taught science only in a reductionist, leftbrain style and partly because of society’s demands for practical applications of technology, the romance of science fades quickly for most youngsters. Those who love nature but dislike dissecting small animals soon learn to avoid high school biology.

Case Study: Fraud in Collegiate

Case Study: Fraud in Collegiate.

 1.Identify some of the weaknesses in KU’s internal controls that allowed fraud to occur in the athletic department. Explain your answer. 2. Do you think that the sentences given to the perpetrators were appropriate? or too harsh? or too lenient? Explain your answer.{“issue_id”:92880,”view”:”articleBrowser”,”article_id”:”918829″}

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