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MNGT 6000 Question 2

MNGT 6000 Question 2. Help me study for my Writing class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Researcher Adams wants to conduct a work sampling study and decides to research how much time is spent at the water coolers and what employees say there. He believes the best way to do this is to install a hidden camera and microphone. Adams wants to be sure proper research ethics are followed. He determines that because employees voluntarily came to work here and abide by company policies and decisions, this takes care of informed consent. He does not intend to let others know of the results except the Board of Directors so confidentiality is there. What is your assessment of Adams and his approach? Would you approach the work sampling differently?
MNGT 6000 Question 2

PH 221 Grantham University Week 1 Coulomb Law Lab Report.

PH221 – Week 1 LabCoulomb’s LawBefore you can start working on the labs you must set up an account at KET Education and download the labs to your computer. Please follow these directions to access your physics labs.Welcome to the Lab component of Physics II. All our labs use simulation applications of real laboratory equipment that are combined with measurement and graphing tools to allow you to explore, observe and analyze experiments. Each week you will complete one laboratory exercise using a virtual lab application and then use your results to write a formal lab report. Each experiment will be based around one main topic.For this week’s lab you will use the Electrostatics simulation. Download and read the following user guide to familiarize yourself with the simulation.Download the instructions for two laboratory activities you will complete this week. You may wish to print them out and use to collect and organize your results.Coulombs Law LabUse the data and answers to the laboratory questions to help you write your lab report. Your lab report should focus on calculating the coulomb force acting on the charged pith balls and the charge on each pith ball. Then you should compare those experimental results with the actual charge indicated in the simulation.The lab report will have the following six sections. Include section headings in bold at the beginning of each section.Introduction – Explain the purpose of this laboratory and what results you expect to see in this experiment.1.Background – Discuss the concepts that form the foundation for this lab. You should address what you learned from the weekly lectures and readings that are related to the lab.2.Methodology – Describe the apparatus that was used in the experiment(s) and how it was used in performing the experiments. Also explain what tools were available within the laboratory that allowed you to collect or analyze the data.3.Data – Enter the data that you collected in the lab. You can use screen shots from the Data Table within the Pivot Interactives labs. Data should be clearly labeled with physical quantities and units.4.Analysis – Analyze your results. If your Data Table included Calculated Columns, then the equation you used in those calculations should be included and described here. Any graphs created with the data go in this section, as well as your interpretations of their meaning. Were your results consistent with your original expectations? 5.Conclusion – Provide a concise summary of the results of your experiment(s) – what you did, what you found and what it means. Speculate on possible sources of experimental error and/or uncertainty within the experiment. Describe an additional experiment that could be run with this equipment to expand on what you’ve learned OR explain how you could use this equipment to answer another real-world problem.PH221: Rubric for Laboratory Assignment 4OVERRIDE GRADE OF 1:If a PDF file is used, name and GID must be on each page.All of most of the screenshots are missing.Screenshots lack a time stamp (when indicated)Lab worksheet file(s) not submitted along with the lab report.The following screenshots required with a computer timestamp included:“Faraday_Bmin_max.png”“Faraday_5_points.png.”“Faraday_Emf_steps.png.”Lab ReportUse the answers to the laboratory questions to help you write your lab report. Your report will focus on measuring the emf induced in a coil of wire when the magnetic field varies. You should discuss the factors that influence the magnitude of this emf.Introduction10The purpose of the lab is clearly stated and is aligned with the lab objectives. Expected results are proposed.8The purpose of the lab and expected results are stated and consistent with the assignment.6The purpose of the lab and expected results are stated but lacks clarity or is not consistent with the assignment.2The stated purpose is not aligned with the lab objectives or missing key elements.0The introduction is missing.Background10The concepts that form the foundation of the lab are discussed. Reference to the weekly lectures or readings are made.8Concepts that underly the lab are discussed, but no reference is made to the weekly lectures or readings.6Concepts that relate to the lab are discussed but are vague or contain minor errors.2Underlying concepts are described but reveal major errors in understanding.0The background was not addressedMethodology-Include a screenshot of the Faraday apparatus and description of how it works.10Methods, materials and equipment are specifically described using proper terminology. Concise, but detailed, procedure is provided.8Methods, materials and equipment are described, and a detailed procedure provided, but minor errors in terminology or descriptions are made.6Materials, methods and equipment are described, and a procedure provided, but they are too brief or vague to easily follow.2Some materials, methods and procedures are described, but they are not coherent or missing major pieces.0The methodology was not provided.DataInclude:- Screenshots corresponding to “Faraday_Bmin_max.png”“Faraday_5_points.png.”“Faraday_Emf_steps.png.”-Completed Table 1 – Magnetic Field at 5 Positions20Adequate data is collected in the lab is presented in a logical way that is organized and clear. Data is relevant to the purpose of the lab. Tables and observations are complete, clearly labeled, and physical quantities and units are given when appropriate.15Adequate data is provided and relevant to the purpose of the lab, but with minor errors in labeling or units. Tables and observations are complete and generally include captions and units.10Relevant data is provided, but it is not adequate to address the purpose of the lab or contain errors or omissions so that it is difficult to derive useful information from the data.5Data provided is not relevant to the purpose of the lab. Data is not organized or major errors in labeling and units appear throughout.0Little to no organization of the data was present. Lacks data.AnalysisInclude:- Completed Table 2 – Emf measured by Pickup Coil- Discussion of the factors that influenced the magnitude of the induced emf.20Data is analyzed appropriately, and key results are presented in a logical sequence. All required calculations are included. Sample calculation(s) are provided to show how the calculations were done. All variables include units when appropriate.15Data is analyzed, but with some details missing. All required calculations are included but with minor errors.10Data is analyzed, but with key details missing or inaccurate. One of the required calculations is missing or major mistakes made in the calculations.5Data analysis is included but does not include the required calculations or major errors in the calculations are made.0Date analysis is lacking.Conclusion30Conclusion contains a concise summary of the results, speculates on the possible sources of error and uncertainty in the lab, and proposes an experimental extension of the lab or applies its concepts to a real-world situation.20Conclusion is provided, but only two of three elements are well addressed.10Conclusion is provided but only summarizes the results.5A conclusion is provided, but does not communicate useful information about the results, sources of error or possible laboratory extensions.0A conclusion was not provided
PH 221 Grantham University Week 1 Coulomb Law Lab Report

MN 553 Purdue Global University Zyrtec and Claritin Prescription Comparison Chart.

Choose one prescription drug that has a generic available (the pharmacy MUST sell both the generic and the brand of the chosen drug) and one over-the-counter (OTC) drug you would be likely to recommend to patients. Next locate one pharmacy from each of the four different types listed below:Large chain pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS, Eckard’s, etc.Grocery store associate pharmacies such as Publix, Kroger, etc.Privately owned local pharmacyPharmacy associated with a “big box” store such as Target, Walmart, etc.Do not use any drugs on the pharmacy’s four dollar or other special price list. If the pharmacy has a “club card,” coupons or other special way of getting lower cost, do not use this cost. The cost you are examining is the “cash price” for uninsured patients.Compare the cash cost of the brand and the generic of the prescription drug, and the OTC drug brand and generic making sure that the dose (milligrams, micrograms, etc.), form (caps, tablets, etc.), and number of pills are the same. (Example: Synthroid .05 milligrams and levothyroxine .05 milligrams, prescription for 30 pills. Tylenol 500 mg. and Acetaminophen 500mg, 100 gel caps.)Include the city and state of the pharmacies.SubmissionThis assignment is due on the last day of Unit 2 at 11:59 pm.The assignment can be in any form you choose including narrative, table, etc. No cover page or reference page is required. Here is a sample table:Cash Price at Pharmacy AAddressCash Price at Pharmacy BAddressCash Price at Pharmacy CAddressCash Price at Pharmacy DAddressBrand name RxGeneric RXOTC BrandOTC GenericTo view the Grading Rubric for this Assignment, please visit the Grading Rubrics submodule under Course Resources.Assignment Requirements:Before finalizing your work, you should:Read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed above); and consult the Grading Rubric (under Course Resources) to make sure you have included everything necessary.How to Submit:When you are ready to submit your Assignment, select the unit Dropbox then attach your file. Make sure to save a copy of the Assignment you submit.
MN 553 Purdue Global University Zyrtec and Claritin Prescription Comparison Chart

Video Discussion 4

Video Discussion 4. I need help with a History question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Video Discussion 4This is one part of a documentary called Prohibition by Ken Burns and Lynn Novack. After watching the clip and thinking about your materials, think about the following question. Should the federal government have passed the 18th amendment? Here are some guiding questions to help you. Would temperance have been enough? Should the federal government have had the power to legislate what Americans ate and drank? Was it possible for the federal government to provide enough enforcement for this amendment to be effective? Do you believe this amendment hurt or harmed the United States?
Video Discussion 4

Monmouth University Identify the Archetypes in Neil Gaimans Stardust Essay

essay help online free Monmouth University Identify the Archetypes in Neil Gaimans Stardust Essay.

Task #2: Identify the Archetypes in Neil Gaiman’s StardustLocate and analyze the eight conventional archetypes in Stardust. Locate at least one character whom you believe represents a hybrid (a single character with the features of multiple archetypes), and at least one character whom you believe defies categorization and requires the creation of an addendum within Vogler’s text. (archetypes explained in Vogler’s text:…) 700 WORDS.Task #3: Find and Slay the Dragon in Neil Gaiman’s StardustDragons can take many forms—psychological, literal, physical, even political. However, a true “dragon” is not only something that our Hero or Heroine must confront and defeat individually, but also something that transcends total destruction—the “dragon” is the sociocultural issue or problem that cannot truly be purged and must be dealt with in an ongoing way as part of the human experience. What form(s) does the “dragon” take in Stardust? In what way(s) is it slain? And in what way(s) does it live on? 500 WORDS.Use 3 quotes from Gaiman’s Stardust and 2 quotes from Vogler’s text.
Monmouth University Identify the Archetypes in Neil Gaimans Stardust Essay

ISOL 632 UOTC Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning Data Recovery Plan

ISOL 632 UOTC Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning Data Recovery Plan.

I’m working on a information technology case study and need support to help me learn.

Students will create a Disaster Recovery Plan for either the organization they work for or one they wish to work for in the future. The plan will follow the template/example provided.Student should request prior authorization of company to be addressed to ensure that all students are working on unique companies.***Even though this is a technical document, for academic purposes, all sources should be cited and referenced.***Student may modify some of the sections per the company they have selected but all students will need to complete a DR Plan for the Portfolio Requirement.
ISOL 632 UOTC Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning Data Recovery Plan

University of California Collaborating to Manage A Primer for Public Sector Essay

University of California Collaborating to Manage A Primer for Public Sector Essay.

I’m working on a political science Essay and need support to help me study.

For this paper, imagine that you have been tasked with advising a generic public organization that has become overly insular and siloed. This is a generic public organization, and the assignment does not call for creation of a specific organization. You are an outside consultant justifying an organization-wide restructuring. Of course, these papers cannot be exhaustive given time and space limitations, but you need to begin by laying a theoretical foundation for change.Paper #1 is based on the course material covered through Session 4. You need to make a case for change and a movement toward a collaborative system. Therefore, the first paper in this assignment is theory-based and persuasive regarding the need for a more collaborative system (define it). It would also be helpful to discuss public organizational theory history and it trajectory toward more democratic systems (in brief).Do more democratically based organizational systems lead to collaborative systems? Is this something the organization you are examining could benefit from?I expect you to make connections to the materials that you are reading and watching in this course by citing them in this paper.Assignment DetailsLength: 5 pages (exclusive of title and reference page)APA style for all citationsWord, 12 point, double-spaced
University of California Collaborating to Manage A Primer for Public Sector Essay

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