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MLA STYLE Using the play Trifles please answer the questions on the literature homework document, The play trifles is

Using the play Trifles please answer the questions on the literature
homework document, The play trifles is also on youtube. The answers need to incorporate some research related to the answers and the teacher gave us the fisher publication so I am sure she wants that referenced as well.

Insert surname1 Professor’s name Student’s name Course title Date Supply Chain –

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Supply Chain – Reply

Companies depend on the members of its supply chain in delivering the right products to its customers in a cost-effective and timely manner. In the upstream part of a firms’ supply chain, a company depends on its suppliers to deliver raw materials and components on time in order to meet the production needs. If deliveries of these materials are of poor quality, for they arrive late, then this means that their will be delays in the production process, regardless of the efficient of the firm’s operations process. On the downstream side, a firm will depend on its retailers and distributors sin delivering the final product to the final customer. If the products are not delivered on time, are poorly displayed at the retail location, or are damaged in the transportation process, then sales will suffer. The bottom line lies to the company’s supply chain which needs to link and coordinate its operations functions so that the entire chain can operate in an efficient and seamless manner.


MLA STYLE Using the play Trifles please answer the questions on the literature homework document, The play trifles is Which is a vital character trait of the successful patient care technician?
Worth 2.000 points.

A. Enjoy caring for others

B. Interest in the field

C. Successfully multitask several responsibilities at once

D. All of the above
What should a patient care technician do when helping a patient during rehabilitation therapy?
Worth 2.000 points.

A. Act as his counselor

B. Alert the charge nurse to any signs of depression

C. Make optimistic statements about a quick recovery

D. Always take the patient to and from rehab in a wheelchair
A severely infected patient was brought in to the hospital. He didn’t know where he was and couldn’t remember his name. After a rigorous treatment of antibiotics, the patient’s infection began to diminish, and he became coherent. More than likely, what was the patient experiencing?
Worth 2.000 points.

A. Temporary senile dementia
B. Progressive form of dementia
C. Delirium brought on by the infection
D. Beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease
You are working this when you are assisting a patient in exercising her legs.
Worth 2.000 points.
A. Gross anatomy
B. Gross physiology
C. Microscopic anatomy
D. Microscopic physiology
One of your patients has insulin-dependent diabetes. What describes this patient accurately?
Worth 2.000 points.
A. Normal anatomy/abnormal physiology
B. Abnormal anatomy/normal physiology
C. Abnormal anatomy/abnormal physiology
D. Normal anatomy/abnormal microscopic anatomy
Harold’s doctor is concerned about his body’s ability to rid itself of wastes through urination or defecation. What term describes this process?
Worth 2.000 points.
A. Passing
B. Voiding
C. Emission
D. Elimination
Which is a good alternative to a bed bath?
Worth 2.000 points.

A. Wet naps

B. Bag bath

C. Sponge bath

D. Changing into clean clothes
Lucille cannot control her output of urine or feces. What does Lucille suffer from?
Worth 2.000 points.
A. Reticence
B. Incontinence
C. Bowel control
D. Incompleteness
You need to give your patient Amy her bed bath. To provide modesty and warmth for Amy, what should you use?
Worth 2.000 points.
A. Lift sheet
B. Draw sheet
C. Bath blanket
D. Bed protector
While caring for Alma’s hands, you notice that her nail beds are a yellowish color. What color should the healthy skin under a fingernail be?
Worth 2.000 points.
A. Red
B. Pink
C. White
D. Peach
Your new resident, Abigail, suffers from incontinence. The healthcare staff at her previous group home provided sub-standard perineal care. Which is true?
Worth 2.000 points.
A. Abigail will most likely develop a yeast infection and need to be bedridden.
B. The healthcare staff was trying to prevent damage to the highly sensitive perineal tissue.
C. Abigail could be at risk for infection because microbes can re-enter her body through the vagina.
D. Abigail will be fine because her body needs the bacteria found in urine to maintain a healthy digestive system.
When handling linens, what should you remember to do?
Worth 2.000 points.
A. Fluff the pillows
B. Hold linens under your arm
C. Avoid fluffing them in the air
D. Position pillows with the open end facing toward the door
Harry wears a hearing aid, but lately he seems to have more trouble hearing you than usual. Which is not a possible cause of Harry’s sudden hearing loss?
Worth 2.000 points.
A. The volume is turned down.
B. The aid is not turned on or it has a dead battery.
C. The hearing aid is too dry and should be moistened.
D. Earwax buildup, either in the patient’s ear or in the ear tubes.
Which signifies that an unoccupied bed is now ready to be occupied by the new patient?
Worth 2.000 points.
A. Make a side-to-side fanfold
B. Make a top-to-bottom fanfold
C. Attach the call button to the mattress
D. Turn down the sheets to the footboard
You can brush an unconscious person’s teeth with a small amount of toothpaste or _____.
Worth 2.000 points.
A. salt water
B. mouthwash
C. baking soda
D. a solution of vinegar and water
Determine if each task is within a patient care technician’s legal scope of practice.
Applying antiembolic stockings
Worth 2.000 points.
A. Legally within a PCT’s scope of practice
B. Not legally within a PCT’s scope of practice
Taking vital signs
Worth 2.000 points.
A. Legally within a PCT’s scope of practice
B. Not legally within a PCT’s scope of practice
Giving medications
Worth 2.000 points.
A. Legally within a PCT’s scope of practice
B. Not legally within a PCT’s scope of practice
Giving catheter care
Worth 2.000 points.
A. Legally within a PCT’s scope of practice
B. Not legally within a PCT’s scope of practice
Performing procedures that require a sterile technique
Worth 2.000 points.
A. Legally within a PCT’s scope of practice
B. Not legally within a PCT’s scope of practice
Determine the terms(s) to complete each sentence.
The tasks that you are able to do and what you are legally allowed to do are known as your _____.
Worth 2.000 points.

Medical terminology is loaded with abbreviations. For example, “p.o.” is the abbreviation for per os, which means _____.
Worth 2.000 points.

Jacob, an experienced PCT, is very good at handling stress. He makes good use of _____ mechanisms.
Worth 2.000 points.

The _____ method is used to collect small volumes of blood from fragile or thin veins.
Worth 2.000 points.

_____ is the process of minimizing the threat of harm by practicing preventative measures.
Worth 2.000 points.

Chemical symbols often start with the same letter as the chemicals they represent, but not always. For example, K is the chemical symbol for _____.
Worth 2.000 points.

_____ infections are infections that patients get while they are at the medical facility.
Worth 2.000 points.

As you know, _____ is one of the most important infection control practices.
Worth 2.000 points.

_____ is/are the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, through speech, signals, writing or behavior.
Worth 2.000 points.

Joe is an overweight patient with diabetes. You need to lift him out of bed every afternoon so he can go for a short walk. When you lift him, you are careful to bend from your _____, not your waist.
Worth 2.000 points.

Review the steps and identify if the procedure was done correctly or not. If not, please indicate what was done incorrectly.
In order to place Kaleb in a sitting position, his knees are bent about 90 degrees and the calves do not touch the wheelchair. His back and buttocks rest against the back of the chair. In addition, Kaleb’s feet are placed flat on the rests of his wheelchair.
Worth 4.000 points.

Yukiko is instructing Rob on the correct technique when using an incentive spirometer. She tells Rob while holding the device, he should sit and place the mouthpiece spirometer into his mouth. Yukiko verifies Rob has a good seal with his lip over the mouthpiece. She instructs Rob to breathe in normally and then breath out slowly and completely. Yukiko has Rob breath in again as deep as possible and instructs him to hold his breath for at least 3 seconds and then slowly exhale. Rob is to repeat this procedure 10 times per hour.
Worth 4.000 points.

Patsy is instructing her patient to do ankle pumps. She instructs Marc to start with one foot in the dorsiflexed position. Marc then slowly rotates the ankle clockwise. After three rotations, Patsy tells Marc to repeat the procedure in a counterclockwise direction. Marc is to repeat this exercise at least three times in each direction, and then repeat the cycle with the other foot.
Worth 4.000 points.

Elias has been hospitalized for a broken leg and has been instructed to perform deep breathing exercises 10 times every hour he’s awake. Elias breathes in deeply and slowly though his nose. His lower rib cage expands, and his abdomen moves forward. After holding for a count of five, Elias breaths out slowly and completely through his nose.
Worth 4.000 points.

Thea is asked to put Julian into a Fowler’s position. After washing her hands, Thea asks Julian to lie on his back because he’s able to move on his own. She places a pillow under his head and another under Julian’s legs to elevate them.
Worth 4.000 points.

Burt is assisting Ned into a Sims’ position. After washing his hands, Burt stands on Ned’s left side and asks Ned to turn towards him. Ned places his left arm behind his left hip and his body weight on his chest. Burt helps Ned flex his right knee at a 45-degree angle, keeping his left leg straight. Ned’s left arm is behind his body for support with the palm up, while his right arm is placed toward his head for support. Burt places a pillow under Ned’s right knee and verifies there is a pillow under Ned’s head.
Worth 4.000 points.

Bev is helping Dmitri into a dangling position. After ensuring that the bed’s wheels are locked and the bed is at the lowest position, Bev stands on the side of the bed with her feet about 12 inches apart and her knees slightly bent. Bev asks Dmitri to bend his knees and plant his feet on the bed. Bev slides one arm behind Dmitri’s upper back and her other arm under his knees. In one fluid movement, Bev slides Dmitri’s legs over the side of the bed while moving his head and shoulders up. Dmitri is now sitting on the edge of the bed. Bev asks him to place his hands on the edge of the bed, next to his thighs. Bev watches for dizziness or fainting. Bev helps Dmitri stand and takes him to the restroom.
Worth 4.000 points.

Marco is preparing to change the bed linens for Felicia, but she is bedridden so he will need to lift her head and neck in order to change them. Marco ensures that the bed’s wheels are locked, the bed is at a comfortable height and the head of the bed is lowered to a horizontal position. He moves the pillow so it’s against the headboard and out of the way. Facing the head of the bed, Marco positions his foot farthest from the edge of the bed about 12 inches in front of his other foot. While he slightly bends his knees, Marco slides one hand under Felicia’s nearest shoulder and his other hand under her lower back. He counts to three and slowly lifts Felicia’s head and shoulders. After repositioning the pillow under the Felicia’s head, Marco straightens her sheets and blankets. Marco continues the process of changing the bed linens.
Worth 4.000 points.

Marta, a resident at Pleasant View Nursing Home, is on a low-cholesterol diet. Her diet card indicates she must limit her meat intake, eating only chicken and fish. Victoria receives Marta’s meal tray. She verifies the name on the tray matches the patient and then checks the food against Marta’s diet card. Victoria notes that Marta received roast beef rather than roasted chicken, so she switches trays with another resident, Robert, who has no dietary restrictions and has roasted chicken on his tray.
Worth 4.000 points.

Stacey is applying a figure-eight wrap to Adrik’s leg. After washing her hands, Stacey assembles the supplies and puts on her gloves. After carefully placing the dressing over Adrik’s wound area, Stacey anchors bandage by placing end of bandage on bias at starting point. She performs an encircle part, allowing corner of bandage end to protrude. After turning down the protruding tip of bandage, she performs an encircle part again. Stacey continues to encircle the area to be covered with spiral turns spaced so that they do not overlap. She completes the bandaging by tying off or taping in place and discarding contaminated materials and gloves in biohazardous waste bag.
Worth 4.000 points.


4-1 Small Group Discussion: Citizens United v. FEC (Workspace)

Read the assigned text chapter, as well as the following articles: How Citizens United Changed Politics, in 7 Charts and Corporate Politics, Governance, and Value Before and After Citizens United. Pay particular attention to pp. 304–315 of the text. Attached
Address the following questions, in an organized and clear format.
Should the First Amendment protect corporate political expression? Why or why not?
If not, where should you draw the line for corporations between freedom and restrictions?
If you were in charge of government relations at a business, what strategies would you now employ, in light of the Citizens United decision, to advance your position?

The Pharmacology Research Paper should include the following sections: Drug name: Morphine Title page Introduction and background The body of

The Pharmacology Research Paper should include the following sections: Drug name: Morphine Title page Introduction and background The body of the paper should include the following 3 sections focusing on all aspects of the drug: Causes and various types of the chosen indication (disease/disorder) Treatment recommendations Pharmacological aspects of the recommended treatment Conclusion Reference page These sections are described below, and your paper should include the section headings that are underlined: Title page: This is a separate page by itself, with the following information centered in the middle of the page: course title, paper title, student’s name, instructor’s name, and date. Introduction and background: Start the paper on a new page. Write a paragraph briefly introducing the drug you have been assigned. Describe its main indications, that is the disease/disorder that the drug treats. Keep in mind that there could be many indications – diseases/disorders – that your specific drug can be used to treat, so choose just one – the most common one, or the one we are focusing on in class – and briefly mention how your drug is used in its treatment. The body of the paper should include the following 3 sections that are underlined, focusing on all aspects of the drug: This paper should focus on the drug and not the disease/disorder. Causes and various types of the chosen indication (disease/disorder): You will pick one indication for your assigned drug to focus on in this section. You will briefly tell the reader about the different types of the disease/disorder, as well as the primary causes of this disease. Treatment recommendations: In this section, you are going to present the common treatment options often given to combat the disease/disorder that you have chosen. This should include: Non-pharmacological treatments, if any Brief therapeutic information about different drugs, other than the one that has been assigned to you Pharmacological aspects of the recommended treatment: In this section, with a focus now on the drug assigned to you, provide a detailed explanation of the following key information in a systematic manner: Pharmacological class and indication Pharmacodynamics and Mechanism of action Pharmacokinetics (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion) Side effects and adverse effects Contraindications Be sure to include any relevant therapeutic considerations/patient teaching that logically/scientifically ties into the above sub-sections a-e. Conclusion: Summarize your findings. All good research papers should include a conclusion where you wrap up and summarize all of the important points made in your paper. References: As with the Title page, this should be a separate page by itself. All references should be included in correct and complete APA format. More than 5 current and authoritative sources, of which at least 3 are peer-reviewed journal articles or scholarly books. General Comments and Guidelines The research paper should be between 6-8 pages of content, double-spaced, which does NOT include the Title page and the Reference page – both these should be on separate pages and do NOT contribute to page count. It should be written in Times New Roman 12pt font. Be sure to number the pages, usually in the bottom right corner. All sources need to be cited properly in APA format. For help in formatting a research paper properly, please check the ‘Academic Writer’ link on the left navigation pane in your course in Canvas. Be sure to include in-text citations where appropriate. Please be sure to read the assignment rubric (next page) very carefully so you understand all of the aspects of the paper that will be graded. Finally, keep in mind that this is a Pharmacology Research Paper about your assigned drug, and not an Anatomy

history of photograph

history of photograph.

Paper responding to Yousuf Karsh: American Portraits at a museum, between 1000-1500 words, properly footnoted,include a bibliography.

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Management Question

Knowledge management cycles and Models: ( 5 Marks
Discuss in detail Bukowitz and Williams KM cycle. (1 Mark)
Describe how the major types of knowledge (i.e., tacit and explicit) are transformed in the Nonaka and Takeuchi knowledge spiral model of KM. Use a concrete example to make your point (e.g., a bright idea that occurs to an individual in the organization). (2 Mark)
a. Which transformations would prove to be the most difficult? Why? (1 Mark)
b. Which transformation would prove to be fairly easy? Why? (1 Mark)

Covid-19 impact on sports

Provide comprehensive insight, understanding, and reflective thought about an economic or financial issue/story in any sport-related organization. Postings should creatively stimulate dialogue and commentary. Postings should reflect students’ expressions of personality and personal experience. All images and text created by others should display appropriate copyright permissions and accurate citations. Each blog assignment will require posting a comment to another student’s blog entry.
Search economic or financial news in the area of sports within the past calendar year related to impact of Covid-19. Provide commentary of how the sport organization/league/event has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. If available, provide financials related to revenue loss, or estimated losses.
Provide summary of source article
Briefly explain your opinion, critical thought
Cite the source(s)