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mkt 574 week 1

mkt 574 week 1.

I’m working on a marketing report and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Read “Ethical Issues in Marketing: An Application for Understanding Ethical Decision Making” from the University Library.Write a 350- to 575-word analysis and evaluation of a company’s effectiveness in the following areas:Distinguish between social responsibility, ethical, and legal issues and their effect on marketing.Relate the triple bottom line to an organization’s sustainability.Analyze consumer influence on ethical behavior in marketing.Assess the value of communicating ethical behavior to the public.Conclude how ethical issues influence legal issues in marketing. Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.
mkt 574 week 1

Swallowtail Butterfly Chinese Film Discussion.

This week’s film is: Swallowtail Butterfly (Suwarouteiru, Iwai Shunji, 1996)Required Reading:Colleen A. Laird, “Japanese Cinema, the classroom, and Swallowtail Butterfly,” Jump Cut 52 (2010).…Keyword is ‘heterogeneity’.Here are some explanation for this keyword related to this course from professor in lecture:Why this keyword? Because I wanted to introduce you the complexity, diversity, and the difficulty of defining Japanese cinema in a simple manner.Okay. So do film of this week is Swallowtail butterfly. So I want you to watch this film after this lecture. This is film directed by a Japanese filmmaker, UI Xunzi in 1986. This is a film made in Japan. This is a film by a Japanese filmmaker. Beat Japan money. But I think this is a very good example of heterogeneity of Japanese cinema. When you watch this film or think about languages, think about ethnicities. Think also about visual style has given us so many interesting ways of depicting story in this film. One such example is a so-called music video style. This film is a very interesting adventure story, but at the same time, this has a very interesting style of music video as well. So this is not a straightforward cinematic film. This is kinda like a music video as well. Service is Marty periodicity or heterogeneity of visual styles as well.For No.6, the image is just a screenshot of the scene you picked or the one make you feel something.Here is how the review will be graded:Grading criteria is as follow (10 points total):1. On-time Submission2. Length(300-400 words)3. Pick one scene from the required film this week4. Originality (Your own idea about why and how the scene is impressive)5. Reference to assigned reading6. Image7. Clarity of expression (appropriate grammar; clear meanings of words8. Coherent structure of argument (No bullet point or itemization)9. Present the Keyword from this week’s lecture10. Explanation of the keyword
Swallowtail Butterfly Chinese Film Discussion

Civil policing arrangements aim at restoring justice within the society through the use of social justice structures. Capehart and Milovanovic suggest that the restoration of justice requires the reliability of the social structures and institutions within the society to operate efficiently and autonomously (2007). Further from relying on the social justice systems to punish offenders, members of the society are often asked to become vigilant. However, this has resulted into the sprouting of vigilante groups within the society that take upon themselves to deliver justice. Being vigilant refers to being extra careful about one’s safety within their immediate environment. This will require the adoption of some safety practices such as walking with a flash light at night or getting home early. By being vigilant, individuals aim at shielding themselves from falling into any imminent danger within their immediate environment. On the other hand, a vigilante is a group composed of individuals that enforce the law on their own accord. Vigilantes seek justice in their self-developed style that is often quite different from the civil laws. Secondly, by being vigilant, an individual does not bestow any powers to punish upon themselves but rather seek to view their immediate environment with more clarity. Vigilantes bestow powers upon themselves by prescribing to other members on the modes of punishment within the society whereby lack of proper social structures could negatively impact on the society. Lastly, vigilantes are a response to a security deficit issue within the society. This deficit results into the unity among the society’s members to bridge the justice gap. However, being vigilant is an individual response in an effort to boost one’s safety (Capeheart
APM Tools SME Doctoral Degree and Curriculum Vitae Worksheet.

I’m working on a computer science exercise and need support to help me study.

Overview: To help prepare you for the scholarly world beyond your doctoral degree, we will take on a unique way of introducing ourselves in this course. Rather than a simple “here is who I am,” we are going to post a Curriculum Vitae and an acknowledgements section.

View the rubric and examples to make sure you understand the expectations of this assignment
Create a discussion thread to include the following:
Develop (or improve) a current curriculum vita for yourself. 

If you are unfamiliar with this process, be sure to check out the examples and article.

Write the acknowledgements section for your dissertation.

You may actually use this later when you publish so make it strong.
See the examples for additional clarification.

Include a professional photo of yourself (preferably a professional headshot).
Include a photo of you and someone or something you mention in your acknowledgement section.
Your entire post will consist of the curriculum vita, the acknowledgement section, a professional photo, and a “fun” photo.
Respond to one other classmate with one thing you have in common with them after reading their CV or acknowledgement section.

APM Tools SME Doctoral Degree and Curriculum Vitae Worksheet

SOC 100 CSU Du Bois Black Reconstruction in America Questions

SOC 100 CSU Du Bois Black Reconstruction in America Questions.

Please review all course materials and pay attention to the assignment prompt for instructions as to how you may successfully fulfill the requirements. Address the following prompts. Define and describe the key terms of each prompt and give an example to illustrate their usefulness and significance for our theorist. 1) Is Du Bois a theorist? 2) Du Bois says he was often asked “what it feels like to be a problem.” What is the significance of this question for Du Bois? 3) What does Du Bois mean by “the Veil?” 4) Is all capitalism really racial capitalism? Assess in relation to Black Reconstruction in America.5) Assess the debate between Du Bois and Booker T. WashingtonFormat:Do not add the questions to your response. Simply list 1-5 and give response.Each answer should be no more than one page length, single-spaced.Must be 12 point Times New Roman font with standard margins.Provide in-text citation for quotes: Author Year: Page (Marx 1844:389).Edit, edit, edit. Make it concise and clear. You should work with a draft.
SOC 100 CSU Du Bois Black Reconstruction in America Questions

Security incident research paper-banking sector

cheap assignment writing service Security incident research paper-banking sector.

Summary: James Hurd and his team lead the group the sets policies and user domains for the branches of a local bank. Recently there has been evidence of people gaining access to files that they should not and actually sharing information they should not be able to. You are James Hurd & his team. You need to respond to this incident by taking action immediately. You will need to complete the following: Using the methodologies set out in Chapters 6 through 9: Summarize the issues that face research hospitalsWhat types of policies are needed?What core principles apply here?What would be the best framework to use for a research hospital?What User Domains should there be?Be sure to define who the groups are What files and folders containing what type of data should they have access to?How would you go about implementing the changes?6 pages of proseLimit the number of bulleted listsProse + charts + figures = 10 pages Presentation This presentation must be supported by the research paper. Please note the following criteria: Research paper: Research Paper must be in APA Style Research Paper must have at least 5 works cited of which 2 must be peer reviewed works/articles (note your book can be included as a reference) Must be at least 10 double-spaced pages with standard 1 inch margins. Total report should be 10 – 12 pages Grading criteria will include the following as this represents 40% of your grade: Presentation will be 100 points and based on the following: Completeness of the Topic(Policy, Processes, Action,Conclusion) Presentation Delivery Alignment of policy Paper will be 100 points: Meets Standard CriteriaCompleteness/contentIncident Risk Policy as AttachmentLogic of Processes and Actions (Thoroughness)Alignment of the Incident Risk Policy components in completing and supporting the evaluationRefer text book: Johnson, Rob. Security Policies and Implementation Issues Second Edition, Jones & Bartlett
Learning, 2015
Security incident research paper-banking sector

NSG 330 Stradford University Partner Health History Interview Project

NSG 330 Stradford University Partner Health History Interview Project.

If you are in a clinic, jail, or in a situation where you do the history and physical exams as a registered nurse, you will need to know how to interview a patient for a health history and doing a genogram.
Attached is a document with the criteria for writing your complete health history paper.  Also attached is a sample paper turned in by a Stratford U. student who received an A on her paper.
You will be interviewing another student who is acting and pretending to have a particular type of illness and the student will fabricate a story of his/her illness so you can do a thorough health history on the student.

NSG 330 Stradford University Partner Health History Interview Project

CPT 200 Ashford University Week 2 Fundamentals of Programming Languages Responses

CPT 200 Ashford University Week 2 Fundamentals of Programming Languages Responses.

1. Brandon Eger
Mar 12, 2021 at 8:44 PM
Since list and dictionary are both ways of storing sequential collections of variables or elements, the main difference falls within the parameters of their use. Lists are for ordered sequences of items, such as pulling up a character inventory when making a RPG program. A dictionary associates items with a key-value pair, saving time when searching for a specific element since the element sequentially of the stored info has no effect when searching for a specific value. To access the elements, a list needs indices while the dictionary uses only the key-values. The downside for speed of dictionary method though, is that list maintains the order. 
The textbook uses this example of a dictionary in relation to caffeine content of drink;
“caffeine_content_mg = {
‘Mr. Goodbar chocolate’: 122,
‘Red Bull’: 33,
‘Monster Hitman Sniper energy drink’: 270,
‘Lipton Brisk iced tea – lemon flavor’: 2,
‘dark chocolate coated coffee beans’: 869,
‘Regular drip or percolated coffee’: 60,
‘Buzz Bites Chocolate Chews’: 1639
print(caffeine_content_mg) ”
Whilst a list would look like this; 
“# Apple (APPL) stock prices 2005-2010
prices = [
34.62, 76.30, 85.05,
180.05, 90.75, 211.98
print(prices )
# Delete 2005 stock price
# Delete stock price value of 211.98
# Add a new stock price
print(prices) ”
In the dictionary example, the order of the drinks does not matter, just the database to be used for comparison. In the lists, the order sequentially listed is import because the value refer to a time range of 2005-2010.
2. Joseph Shives
Mar 11, 2021 at 11:04 PM
Hey Everyone, 
I am not sure why every time I post things it erases what I have typed. From what I have read, lists keep order based on how they are placed. Basically, a list is a collection of objects in a fixed order. While both save data, they do it in different ways. Lists and dictionaries don’t necessarily need to consist of the same type of objects. Dictionary associates with a key value, while lists just contain values. Lists use square brackets[]. Dictionaries utilize the curved ones{}. 
For instance, if you want to discuss grades, they will look like this.
a_list = [86, 92 , 74 ,65]
a_dict = {Sue= 86, Bob = 92, Stephen = 74, Tom = 65}
If you want to discuss hotel prices in Phoenix, Arizona, they will look like this
hotel_list = [75.50, 87.25, 125.60, 150.48]
hotel_dict = {Hilton = 75.50, Hyatt = 87.25, Holiday Inn 125.60, Best Western = 150.48}
Utilizing the dictionary, if you wanted to print the cost of the Hilton, you type print(hotel_dict[Hilton]) and it would pull up the cost and print 75.50.
CPT 200 Ashford University Week 2 Fundamentals of Programming Languages Responses