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MIS201 – CASE STUDIES as per below instructions.

MIS201 – CASE STUDIES as per below instructions.. I’m trying to study for my Management course and I need some help to understand this question.

Case Study 1: Should a Computer Grade Your Essays?

Identify the kinds of systems described in this case.
What are the benefits of automated essay grading? What are the drawbacks?
What management, organization, and technology factor should be considered when deciding whether to use AES?

Case Study 2: American Water Keeps Data Flowing

How did implementing a data warehouse help American Water move toward a more centralized organization?
Give some examples of problems that would have occurred at American Water if its data were not “clean”?
How did American Water’s data warehouse improve operations and management decision making?

Please follow instructions as per attached file along with choosing one case study to do a summarized power point slides.
MIS201 – CASE STUDIES as per below instructions.

Question : When alice becomes disoriented in Harvard s quare, a place she visited daily for 20 years, she doesn’t tell john. why do you think she made that decision? how do you think you would react if similar situation happened to you? (2) what do you think of Alice suicidal plan? do you think her faimily would understood it? (3). how does alice relationship with her family change as her disease progresses? (4)4). Alice doctor tells her “you may not be r=the most reliable source of what’s been going on” yet the film tells the story from Alice pooint of view. why would the author choose to stay in Alice’ds perspective? what do we gain, and what do we loose?
BA 411 Central Texas College Bayside Foods & Workers Choice Union Contract Paper.

Prepare a union contract. The student will determine the content of the contract and what the negotiated items are. The amount available for the entire organization for salary and benefits is indicated above. Be creative. As the job market is competitive, the benefits that are available may not be the best benefits. This is an opportunity for the creation of new and additional benefits. The numbers of pages will vary depending on what all is negotiated. Pages 387-405 in the text has an example. There are many contracts posted on the internet that can also provide other examples. There is not a single way to create the document. The student should select a format that will complete the intended content. The final document should be a formal document that appears professionally prepared. It should include the cover page, table of contents and the content of the agreement. It is estimated the contract will be shorter than the sample in the text, but still should include detail. (Estimate: 10-14 pages of content)The final document should be a formal document that appears professionally prepared. I’ve ATTACHED the parts that have been completed and can be added into the union contract.
BA 411 Central Texas College Bayside Foods & Workers Choice Union Contract Paper

GB 591 Purdue University Global Time Value of Money as ROI Paper.

As a newly hired Project Manager, you have been assigned to prepare a bid proposal for a project
that your organization is interested in bidding on to possibly obtain a new contract. The assigned
project is estimated to cost on the magnitude of $20 million over the course of 5-years. Your
organization intends to borrow the entire amount upfront to meet customer requirements and pay the
debt off over the 5-year life of the project at an interest rate of 10% compounded annually. Including
the principal and interest, what is the total cost of your project at the end of the 5-year life cycle? How
much do you need to bid or earn from the work in terms of dollars to pay back the loan and still make
some profit and cover operating expenses? Show all work and calculations to include selected
formulae. Based on your calculations, what is the minimum estimate your organization should bid on
your proposal, and why this is the case?
The Assignment should include a written narrative to explain your calculation and what it means,
including commentary and analysis on how the organization should plan their activities and discuss
covering costs and profit margins (use your project management skills and think like a Project
Manager). As the project manager, you must be able to calculate the minimum estimate your
organization should bid on the proposal. Of course, it’s imperative that the customer’s requirements
are met. Your explanation should demonstrate sound analysis and critical thinking.
In completing this Assignment, please recall that you should calculate the future value. Please make
sure to calculate future value for the initial $20M investment for each year up to 5 years. As a
reminder, the future value calculation is as follows: FV=PV(1+i)5
To simplify this Assignment, think of making annual payments on the 5-year loan. Keep it simple and
clear. You must earn enough to repay the loan, cover operating costs, and make a profit.
The Assignment (should be similar in format as all of your GM591 assignments week 1–6) must be
submitted as an MS Word document. You are free to use an MS Excel spreadsheet for your personal
calculations, but you must transfer the calculation detail to the paper (as an annex after your
conclusion) and you must discuss all the components of the Assignment in the document. Please do
not submit your spreadsheet, only the MS Word document.
Criteria for the Assignment
● How much do you need to bid or earn from the project in terms of dollars to pay back the loan
(principal and interest)?
● How much do you need to add to the bid for profit and to cover operating expenses? Make
sure you analyze the ROI and other relevant factors.
● You should conclude your discussion with the final recommended bid amount and why you
arrived at your conclusion.
● Include references to validate key points, factual claims and counter arguments.
● Map organizational objectives, goals, and strategies to project management strategy.
Unit 5 [GM591]
V2.1801D Page 2 of 3
● Title page formatted in APA 6
th edition style with the following information: Title of the paper,
your name, course number and section number, and date.
 Include a table of contents using the following headers: Executive Summary, Introduction (3–5
sentences including thesis statement), Project Overview, Analysis of Project (Assess the core
project concept. Determine the costs and benefits of the project. Assess if the project scope,
risk, and strategy was defined clearly.), Recommendation and Course of Action, Conclusion
(4–8 sentences stating your recommended solutions in terms of project management
techniques and tools), and References.
● A minimum of three scholarly journal and textbook source references cited and credited
according to APA 6
th edition formatting style using a minimum of six in-text citations.
● The paper should be focused and to the point, containing between 600–800 words from the
Executive Summary to the end of your Conclusion.
GB 591 Purdue University Global Time Value of Money as ROI Paper

Qualitative and Quantitative factors, management homework help

Qualitative and Quantitative factors, management homework help.

Description of assignment and attachment of excel spread sheet and completed part 1 of assignment.
Section IV: Qualitative Factors (500-700 words) This assignment builds on the assignment you have completed in Unit 3 (IP 1A). You will build on the work that you have already done to complete sections IV, V, and VI in this assignment. Once finished, you will compile your work from Unit 3 & 4 in one single document with a cover page, a reference page, and a table of contents. For this assignment, you will identify 3 subjective, qualitative factors to consider. Once you have explained each select the one out of the three options listed that you recommend most. What factors may affect the demand for the product in the future? Section V: Quantitative Factors (Excel Spreadsheet) Discuss the quantitative factors that may affect the option we are to choose. Use this template to show your numeric calculations. Without calculations shown for how you reached your conclusion, section V will earn 0 points. Fill out the Excel template attached. Discuss your findings. You must attach the table to your paper in Appendix or as a separate file to get the credit for this part. Additional data for your recommendation is below: The products are primarily medium- and large-size insulated coolers, like you might use for a picnic or trip to the beach. Each cooler occupies 2 cubic feet of trailer truck space; trailers are 10 x 10 x 40’ long and cost $1,000 to ship from the East Coast to the West Coast. Based on this information, the added freight cost to get raw materials to a West Coast manufacturing location would be $0.20, $0.20, and $0.60 per finished-good unit, respectively. The mass merchandiser location on the West Coast will be purchasing 10,000 units per week, but in lots of only 1,000 at a time because of their retail store space constraints. The raw materials to make this product are bulky, and inbound shipping from the suppliers to the manufacturing plant represents 20% of total raw material costs. These raw materials are supplied in the United States from the East Coast; they are not available elsewhere. In the past, to keep West Coast customers happy, the CEO agreed to freight equalize customer shipping charges to be competitive with West Coast competition. She says that they only charge those customers the local freight cost of shipping, which is $200 per delivery for anything up to half-truckload quantities. Section VI: Conclusion (200 words) What is your conclusion based on what you have discussed in the paper. What option do you recommend the company to pursue? What are the most important points that you want the CEO to understand about this entire decision-making process?
Qualitative and Quantitative factors, management homework help

NUR 2092 Rasmussen College Romeoville Health and Illness Beliefs Discussion

essay order NUR 2092 Rasmussen College Romeoville Health and Illness Beliefs Discussion.

I’m working on a nursing project and need a sample draft to help me study.

In a 2-3 page paper, excluding the cover and reference page, discuss how health and illness beliefs can influence the assessment process. Use evidence-based sources. Include how belief structure might impact how a client responds to an assessment interview and how culture might influence physical findings. Your assignment must have accurate spelling and grammar and use 7th APA Editorial Format. Scoring Rubric: Assessment and Health and Illness Beliefs Criteria Points Belief structure influences client response 10 Culture impact findings 5 2-3 page paper with accurate spelling and grammar & APA format 5 Total 20
NUR 2092 Rasmussen College Romeoville Health and Illness Beliefs Discussion

HSA3104 St Petersburg United States Health Care Delivery System Presentation

HSA3104 St Petersburg United States Health Care Delivery System Presentation.

Instructions20 POINTSThis module discussed the many components of the U.S. Health Care Delivery System. It is complex, and many people do not understand all the components or how they work together to provide health care and promote positive health outcomes.For this assignment, I would like you to imagine you have been asked to create a presentation for a community meeting to explain the types of health care services provided through outpatient, hospital, and long-term care providers.Requirements: Community Presentation Assignment Guidelines1. You may use PowerPoint, Prezi, or other presentation software of your choosing. The one requirement is that I need to be able to review it without installing software on my computer. Before beginning this assignment, review the HSA PowerPoint Tools located in the Course Resources module.2. This is to be a 15 minute presentation including the following:Title SlideIntroduction / OverviewDefine a medical homeUsing a medical home perspective, discuss outpatient services including primary care providers and specialists, community health centers, telephone triage, home care, and the need for care coordination across providers.Hospital types and changing servicesLong-term care and Hospice (community-based and residential)SummaryReferences3. Presentation should be 12 to 16 slides (not including title or references slides).4. Use in-text citations for outside sources used on each slide where the audience may see the source.5. Avoid full sentences and paragraphs. Use key bulleted phrases on the slide. The audience is better able to process the information.6. Provide additional details [Required] about the information to be discussed during the presentation without making the slide too busy. If the software permits (i.e., PowerPoint) use the notes section to provide additional details. Otherwise, submit a separate document with your notes.7. Do not use information taken directly from the source (i.e., no quotes).8. Provide at least three scholarly references in addition to the textbook (cite on slide and reference at the end). Wikipedia, WebMD,, and are not acceptable resources.9. Include at least four relevant images and appropriate citations, if necessary (i.e., if they are not free ClipArt).10. Review the HSA Assignment Grading Rubric (20 points). Note: I will provide the rubric because it does not paste easily into PowerPoint.11. Save your presentation as hsa3104_pp_last name (e.g., hsa3104_pp_Shellhorn).12. Upload to the Module 3: Health Care Delivery System Components Dropbox as an attachment by Sunday before midnight EST.
HSA3104 St Petersburg United States Health Care Delivery System Presentation


Money. Paper details Examine this credit agreement. Between SYNCHRONOSS TECHNOLOGIES, and Citizens Bank. What are the implications for Synchronoss if the Fed Fund rate is increased? Please read Note 2 in the 10-K filed by Citizens Financial Group. You must know the difference between required reserve and excess reserves and you must know the required reserve ratios for Banks. Please examine references to Federal Funds in the 10-K of Citizens Financial Group (CFG). Is CFG a net lender or net borrower of fed funds? Look at the effective and the target Federal Funds Rates. How does the Federal reserve put upward pressure on the effective Fed Funds Rate? Money