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MIS 303 NVCC Network Technology Supports for the Cloud Questions

MIS 303 NVCC Network Technology Supports for the Cloud Questions.

Briefly answer the following questions. Your answers must be inspired from Chapters 6-7 of the textbook but crafted by your own words (i.e., avoid copy/paste from the textbook, PowerPoint presentation, or any other resources on the Internet). 1.Why Do Organizations Prefer the Cloud? Name at least 4 out of many reasons.2.What network technology supports the cloud?3.What is a gig economy? What are some of the downsides of being a worker in the gig economy?4.What are the primary purposes of collaboration? How are they related to each other?This class has plagiarism check. PLS don’t
MIS 303 NVCC Network Technology Supports for the Cloud Questions

Stability Equilibrium States & Using ODE for Differential Equations MATLAB Exercise.

I’m working on a differential equations question and need an explanation to help me study.

I have two very short differential equations questions that both involve matlab coding using ode45 for equilibrium states and using splines. I would like 4b and question 5 answered with the code and graph. In the zip file is both questions along with the video and the starter code for the second question dragliftdata.m. Two other files on splines and pendulums are included as code modeling examples from class. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Stability Equilibrium States & Using ODE for Differential Equations MATLAB Exercise

Introduction to the Company DXB Entertainments PJSC, previously Dubai Parks and Resorts PJSC, is a leading leisure and entertainment company in the city of Dubai that officially opened its operations on December 18, 2012. According to Schröder, the company is currently the largest integrated theme park and leisure destination in the entire Middle East (21). It is located on Sheik Zayed Road in the city of Dubai and it sits on a 25-million square feet of land. Clients who visit the facility can enjoy a variety of entertainment and leisure services irrespective of their age. The three theme parks, Legoland Dubai, Motiongate Dubai, and Bollywood Parks Dubai offer a variety of services to the visitors (Murray 31). The facility also has a water park known as Legoland Water Park for visitors who prefer having their leisure in or around water. The Lapita Hotel Dubai is a world-class resort that offers premium quality to its customers. As Kallen notes, Dubai Parks and Resorts is a perfect destination for families looking for leisure and entertainment (21). It is designed to ensure that every member of the family is taken care of at all times. The adults can entertain themselves at the theaters in Bollywood Parks Dubai as the children enjoy the rides and slides in the Legoland Dubai. The facility has also put in place excellent communication infrastructure that can enable parents to monitor the activities of their children with ease. The security of the facility is enhanced to eliminate any worries of kidnapping, robbery, burglary, pickpocketing, or any other acts of crime. Situation Analysis It is important to conduct a situation analysis to understand the internal and external forces that this company has to deal with as it seeks to expand its operations to accommodate a higher number of customers than is currently the case. Conducting a SWOT, PEST, and competitive analyses will make it possible to understand the ability of the company to achieve its set goals and objectives. SWOT Analysis The strength of this company lies in the diversity of the products it offers to its customers. It makes it an attractive destination for small and large families, individual travelers, business travelers, get together parties, and a wide range of other customers. The strategic location of the park in the city of Dubai is the strength of this company. It is impossible for visitors to Dubai to ignore its presence. However, it is necessary to appreciate that some weaknesses exist that the management of the company needs to address. Dubai is currently one of the top global tourists’ destinations that attract tourists from all over the world. However, enough is yet to be done by the company to popularize the brand in the global market. The market offers huge opportunities that the management of this firm should focus on, top of which is the growing local economy. The growth of the local economy means that local tourism is expected to grow. The improved infrastructure and security in the city also boost the tourism industry. The management should also be keen on dealing with the threats that exist in the market such as stiff competition from the existing and new rivals. The regional insecurity and the fear of extremist groups may also have a negative impact. The following table summarizes the SWOT analysis: Strengths Strategic physical location A wide range of products World-class internal infrastructure Weaknesses The limited scope of marketing Opportunities Growing local and international economy Improved transport network Improved local security Threats Stiff competition from existing rivals and possible new entrants Regional insecurity Table 1: SWOT summary. PEST Analysis It is important to further scrutinize the external environment using PEST (political, economic, social, and technological) analysis to understand the forces that this company must be ready to deal with to achieve the desired success. The political environment in the United Arab Emirates is very stable and has been so for the past several years. The rulers of the country have done everything possible to ensure that the political environment in the country remains stable. The stability is critical for the economic success of DXB Entertainment PJSC. However, it is worth noting that the regional instability in some countries such as Syria and Iraq may hurt the progress of this company. The economic environment in the country has also been very supportive. Since 2010 when the country came out of the economic recession, it has experienced consistent economic success over the years. The economic boom means that more people can now afford to purchase products offered by this company, which assures it of further growth. The social environment in the country may impede attracting international visitors. The society does not tolerate some of the western practices prohibited in the Islamic culture. Schröder observes that this issue may not be a problem for a long time because society is becoming more liberal (45). Technology acts as a double-aged sword that may benefit or harm a firm based on the approach taken. The cutting-edge technology embraced by the firm has enhanced security, improved service delivery, and increased the product portfolio of the company. However, the management should monitor disruptive technologies that may render some of its products outdated. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Competitive Analysis The wide product portfolio of this company means that it has numerous rivals in the market that it must compete with for the local and foreign customers. The city of Dubai has numerous five-star hotels offering premium services such as InterContinental Hotel, Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Armani Hotel Dubai, The Ritz-Carlton Dubai, and Kempinski Hotel

Whorf’s linguistic relativity hypothesis Research Paper

It is obvious that different people have absolutely various perception of the reality and much talk exists concerning this problem. Whorf’s linguistic relativity hypothesis is based on the idea that human perception of the reality is based on the language they talk. Thus, according to this theory depending on the language people talk, they are united in their vision of the reality. Even though this theory has many rejections and it is believed to be the weakest one, there are a lot of supportive arguments which give an opportunity for the idea to deserve attention. Liang (2011) states that culture and the way people think depend on the language they talk greatly. The perception of the world depends on human culture as in most cases cultural and traditional aspects influence people from their birth and it presupposes the formation of their vision of the surrounding reality based on the cultural and traditional aspects which, in their turn, affect language as well. Additionally, Liang (2011) stresses on the idea that language helps express that vision that makes it possible to correct or change the reality, “the theory of linguistic relativity does not claim that linguistic structure constrains what people can think or perceive, only that it tends to influence what they routinely do think, which makes us realize that language reflects cultural preoccupations and that how important context is in complementing the meanings encoded in the language” (p. 570). For example, Indonesian language does not have the past tense, that is why all the actions people did are still considered in the presence tense and it makes the perception of time of Indonesians different from other part of the world. This influences their perception of the world greatly. January

A case study for organizational behavior, management homework help

help writing A case study for organizational behavior, management homework help.

As you have learned from this module, perception and attribution are of fundamental importance in understanding and managing organizational behavior because all decisions and behaviors in organizations are influenced by how its members interpret and make sense of people and events around them. In this team case discussion, you will use the concepts on perception and decision making to analyze the case. Please follow the instruction as follows:Read the case “ MediSys Corp: The IntensCare Product Development Team”.Post on the discussion board your own answer to the following questions:If you were(Mukerjee), how would you feel about the team and the IntensCare project?What does being on this team mean to you?How would you ideally like to see the team act?What things would you consider in acting within and managing the team?How would you take action?What does the team need from upper management?Please make the answer between 1-2 pages. Thank you
A case study for organizational behavior, management homework help

Writer’s Choice

Writer’s Choice. Paper details Assignment Objectives 1. Interpret major theories of reading and writing processes and development to understand the needs of all readers in diverse contexts. 2. Demonstrate a critical stance toward the scholarship of the profession. 3. Read and understand the literature and research about factors that contribute to reading and writing success. Learning Tasks 1. Evaluate one major theory that informs the practice of writing instruction. 2. Explain a key theory in depth. 3. Explain the impact on instructional practice. 4. Write a two-page paper (double-spaced). Writer’s Choice

please respond to one of the bulleted questions below, or formulate and respond to your own discussion question that poses and analytic and historical question about these secondary and primary sources.

please respond to one of the bulleted questions below, or formulate and respond to your own discussion question that poses and analytic and historical question about these secondary and primary sources.. I need an explanation for this History question to help me study.

, please respond to one of the bulleted questions below, or formulate and respond to your own discussion question that poses and analytic and historical question about these secondary and primary sources.

Secondary source:
Jocelyn Olcott, “Cold War Conflicts and Cheap Cabaret: Sexual Politics at the 1975 United Nations International Women’s Year Conference” Gender & History 22, no. 3 (November 2010): 733-754.
Primary sources:
Excerpt from Domitilia Chungara Barrios, excerpt from Let Me Speak!,
Text of CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women), adopted in 1979 by UN General Assembly, Text on CCLE and available here:…

(Recommended but not required:) Combahee River Collective Statement (1977)
(Recommended but not required:) Adrienne Rich, “Notes Toward a Politics of Location” (1984)
Olcott’s essay is about the 1975 International Women’s Year conference in Mexico City. This conference was pivotal in launching numerous new feminist networks, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and feminist conferences that in turn produced new international conventions and initiatives.
This conference is also often remembered as a “global catfight,” which is also how the press portrayed it at the time. The U.S. press in particular described the fault line in 1975 as running between Marxist, anti-colonial, and anti-racist, “Third World” women on one side, and white, liberal, bourgeois “First World” women on the other. They insisted that failure to bridge this divide—often described as a conflict between “politics” and “women’s issues” would prevent this event from having any long-term impact.
This divide was said to have been embodied by a fight between Bolivian feminist Domitilia Chungara Barrios, and between white U.S. feminist Betty Friedan. However, this showdown between the two women, Olcott tells us, never actually happened. Chungara Barrios’s conflict was more with the Mexican feminist Esperanza Brito de Martí, who prioritized abortion rights and reproductive freedom over anti-imperialism, and with other feminists who focused on rights of sex workers and lesbians. In the aftermath of the conference, Chungara Barrios’s testimonial memoir, Let Me Speak! narrated her conflict with Brito de Martí, yet the idea that she and Friedan clashed is what many remember about the conference.
Olcott’s article is an attempt to understand why this narrative of a First World versus Third World show-down became the story that everyone told about the IWY conference, and even, to some degree, how a number of participants explained the event themselves. In her article, she attempts to destabilize supposed dichotomies between “First World” versus “Third World” feminism especially when looking at politics around sexuality at the conference. This article stems in part from a book Olcott wrote about the IWY ( in which she argues that the politics of disunity at this conference were in fact more productive than counter-productive; debates over feminist goals, she argues, resulted in pushing forward broad agendas.
Please read the short excerpt from Chungara Barrios’s testimony, which became a canonical account of the challenges of forging solidarity among women across lines of class, race, and ideology.
The IWY conference and the UN Decade for Women that followed it (with several more UN women’s conferences) produced numerous new global feminist initiatives and led to the passage of international women’s rights conventions. One of the outcomes of these new global feminist conversations and meetings was the adoption of CEDAW, described as a bill of rights for women, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1979. Although nearly all member states of the United Nations has signed CEDAW, the United States remains an outlier in refusing to sign it.
In Olcott’s article, how does the example of Mexican lesbian feminist Nancy Cárdenas complicate the idea of a divide between “First World” and “Third World” feminisms?
What does Olcott mean by a “hauntology” and how does she see hauntology operating in how participants understood, and how we remember, the IWY conference?
What does CEDAW tell us about the goals for international women’s rights at the time it was created? What are the priorities of this document? What rights, if any, are missing?
The two recommended but not required primary sources help us see how the internationalist discussions of Third World and First World women resonated in debates in U.S. feminisms, and also show us the diversity of “First” and “Third World” feminisms at this time. As we’ve seen from other readings, many of women of color began to identify as “Third World” women, identifying their own shared histories of being subject to colonialism within the U.S., and to espouse an internationalist, anti-racist and anti-imperialist feminism. The Combahee River Collective, established in 1974 in Boston, Massachusetts by black lesbian feminists, utilizes this identification. The Combahee River Collective Statement reflects a clear articulation of many of their intersectional feminist goals.
Tensions within U.S. feminism that the Combahee River Collective Statement identify, and conflicts that emerged at the U.N. Decade for Women conferences, led some white radical feminists to think carefully about how they universalized feminism from their own perspectives. Feminist poet Adrienne Rich called this attention to “the politics of location.” Before writing this essay, Rich had gained renown for her contributions to radical feminist theory in her book Of Woman Born about the social and political institution of motherhood, and her poem collection The Dream of a Common Language that explored love between women. In the 1980s, because of tensions in U.S. and global feminisms, Rich asserted the need for white, Western feminists to not universalize their own experiences. In this essay, she acknowledged her own “politics of location” as a North American, white, Jewish lesbian, and criticized the universalization of those experiences, what she called “the faceless, raceless, classless category of all women as a creation of white, western, self-centered women.”
please respond to one of the bulleted questions below, or formulate and respond to your own discussion question that poses and analytic and historical question about these secondary and primary sources.