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Milestone Assignment Chemistry BY 2233 In Method 1. You start by watching the building from afar, seeing how it is used and what Its general structure Is. You then begin to get closer and more particular, examining systems such as the electrical system and sprinkler system, walls and floors. Your last step is to examine the nails, screws and other elements of the building. Which method do you think is closest to your study of chemistry thus far? What are the pros and cons to proceeding one way rather than another?

Write 3-5 arcographs and submit the short essay to your teacher. Have fun’ Method one is most similar to Chemistry. This is because the table of elements is like the building and we began by looking at it as a whole and then learned the individual parts of It. First we learned the anions and canons and where they are located. Also we learned specific elements with their symbols. Second chemistry Is like method 1 because as we learned the symbols we also started to put everything together and began making compounds.

We did this by lancing the charges and making sure everything was stable like a building. The periodic table Is the foundation of chemistry as a blueprint Is to a building. A pro about this method Is that we begin to see trends and patterns within the table itself. Which help us identity and put together compounds. A con is that you can become overwhelmed when you first look at the periodic table and see how many parts there are. With out the periodic table there would be no chemistry and without the walls and floors and other elements of a building, It would not exists.

Why The Benign Theory Doesn’t Always Work?

Why The Benign Theory Doesn’t Always Work?.

 Using two texts from the book “Hokum: An Anthology of African-American Humor” by Paul Beatty and referring to the YouTube video link at the bottom, on why the Benign Violation Theory does not work on certain topics and circumstances using 2 or 3 short passages from the book. Use the YouTube link to at least explain what the Benign Violation Theory is. You little to no outside research.

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