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Categorize and lumping characters together from the movie The most obvious lumping of characters is seen at the beginning of the movie. They are people who are considered as the town crazies. The two characters that fit this category the best would be Mr. Glover and Luther Driggers. Mr. Glover is seen walking Mr. Bowen’s dog, Patrick, in compliance with his will. Patrick the dog had died 2 years after Mr. Bowen passed away. Every morning, Mr. Glover is walking with just a leash, every morning.

But everyone in town that sees’s Mr. Bowen walking through the town knows that he is walking Patrick, so he would get paid 1 5 dollars every week as according to the will. The second person would be Luther Driggers. Luther is the older man that takes part in the Jury during the trial. He is seen at the restaurant scene when he walks in with horseflies that are tied to strings that are attached to his sweater and also a brown vial that contains a poison that can kill the whole entire county.

After the first day of the trial, Luther was ordered by the Judge to eave his horseflies and the vial at home. The second sets of people that can be lumped together are considered to be free spirits. The two characters that can be placed in this category would be Mandy Nichols and Lady Chablis Deveau. They are both free spirited female characters that follow their own sets of rules. Another similarity between the two characters, they enjoy being up on the stage and entertaining. Mandy Nichols is seen with Joe Odom at the club singing on stage when John Kelso was walking in.

Lady Chablis is a omedian that works at the Pick up on Congress where she does stand up. They both enjoy having a good time. Mandy takes John toa party after knocking on his door to borrow some ice. She then takes him to a get together that Joe Odom was throwing with a bunch of people at a house that he is looking after. And Lady Chablis ends up crashing a cotillion that is being thrown by Alpha Phi that John is attending. She creates a commotion when she is on the dance floor with Phillip who was sitting at the same table with John.