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Microeconomics/Capital and Labor Requirements

Microeconomics/Capital and Labor Requirements.

You are assigned the task of computing the variable capital and
labor costs for Cost Cutters production level. Below is a table with
the capital and labor requirements for ten different levels of
Production Level
Complete the table and answer the following:
Assuming the price of labor is $6 per unit and the price of
capital is $12 per unit; compute the total variable costs, the marginal
costs, and the average variable costs for the firm.Using the numbers that you calculated above, explain the
relationship between the marginal cost and average variable cost. Using
the same numbers, explain the “marginal cost” in terms of additional
inputs needed to produce a marginal unit of output.If the output price was $62, how many units of output would the firm produce? Explain.Please show work.
Microeconomics/Capital and Labor Requirements

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Reflection Paper.

Hi I want to write my paper reflection for the Negotiation and Conflict Resolution .. I hope to focus on strengths, weaknesses, etc., mentioned in the tests that I have taken (attached)Each student is expected to write a summary self-evaluation paper at the end of the course. These papers are usually 8-10 pages in length. Students are asked to comprehensively address their negotiating style and effectiveness (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, future learning agenda, etc.), integrating readings and activities that have occurred during the academic semester. Students might address some or all the following points:1. Do I enjoy bargaining? Do I enjoy being in situations of conflict, and/or do I enjoy attempting to persuade others to my point of view? Why?2. Do others see me as a good bargainer? Am I seen as strong or weak? Am I perceived as one who gives in easily, or holds out too long, or knows when to make concessions and tradeoffs?3. How do I see myself in relation to the question in (2) above?4. How effective am I at persuading others? How effective are my verbal skills to argue my points?5. At what time do I feel most competent in bargaining? Least competent?6. How do I respond when I hold power in a situation? How do I respond when I have little or no influence in a situation?7. Overall, what are my major strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator, and what kind of learning goals must I set for myself for the future?
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Reflection Paper

ED593 Freedom of Expression

ED593 Freedom of Expression. I’m studying and need help with a Management question to help me learn.

Freedom of Expression, Copyright Law, and Professional Conduct
For this week’s discussion you will post to one of the threads below. Be cognizant of how many students have made an initial post to each given thread so that each thread has an equal distribution of participation.
Thread A: Freedom of Expression
After reading the course material on freedom of expression, use “A Case to Consider” in chapter 3 of Strike and Soltis (2009/2015), to respond to question 1 on page 48 in the text. Focus your discussion on consequentialism v. non-consequentialism.
Thread B: Copyright Law
After reading chapter 8 in Schimmel et al. (2015), discuss copyright law and fair use. Reflect upon your own uses as an educator. Have you crossed copyright law? Have you found ethical ways to use another’s work? How can technology assist educators or work against them when needing to use copyrighted material?
Thread C: Professional Conduct
After reading chapter 14 in Schimmel et al. (2015), discuss how teachers are to model behaviors to students. Include your thoughts on how students have learned inappropriate behaviors, and how you can influence more positive behaviors.
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

Schimmel, D., Stellman, L., Conlon, C. K., & Fischer, L. (2015). Teachers and the law (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson/Allyn and Bacon.
Strike, K. A., & Soltis, J. F. (2009/2015). The ethics of teaching (5th ed.). New York, NY: Teachers College.

Intellectual Freedom and Freedom of Expression
Previously, you learned that the courts have typically upheld Constitutional protections in school settings. However, freedom of expression is one area in which the courts have allowed some restrictions to stand. As an institution, public schools do have the authority to limit speech to some extent, when the purpose is to censure activities or speech disruptive to the educational process. This week’s readings and assignments will explore some variations on the question of free speech in order to analyze more clearly what is protected and to what extent it may be limited.
The role and appropriateness of electronic communications, especially between teachers and students, have become key issues in recent years. While easy communication between teacher and student via email, texting, and social media may help facilitate learning, whether by a spontaneous question or last-minute clarification on an assignment, electronic communications also can veil inappropriate relationships. This week consider different ways of managing the use of electronic communication.
Although the required material focuses on student expression, there are important limits to teacher expression, not only in the classroom, but generally, as an employee of the school. You will consider teacher expression in a cursory fashion but be sure to read the support materials for further information.

Weekly Objectives
Through participation in the following activities, the candidate will:

Review and discuss the levels of acting ethically: as individuals, within organizations and governments, and throughout the society. (9f, 9i, 9m, 10q)

Freedom of Expression, Copyright Law, and Professional Conduct
Electronic Communication
Benefits and Abuses of Freedom of Expression

Study and analyze the latest research and professional literature related to law and ethics in educational practice. (9f, 9m, 9o)

Freedom of Expression and Copyright Law, and Professional Conduct

Analyze current legal standards and their association with contemporary ethical practice. (9f, 9m, 9o)

Freedom of Expression, Copyright Law, and Professional Conduct
Electronic Communication

Textbook Reading
The Ethics of Teaching (Strike & Soltis, 2009/2015)

Chapter 3: Intellectual Freedom

Teachers and the Law (Schimmel, Stellman, Conlon, & Fischer, 2015)

Chapter 8: How Does Copyright Law Affect me?
Chapter 9: When Can Schools Restrict Teachers’ Freedom of Expression?
Chapter 10: When Can Schools Restrict Students’ Freedom of Expression?
Chapter 12: When Can Schools Limit Freedom of Association?
Chapter 14: How Free Is My Personal Life?

ED593 Freedom of Expression

MT 302 PGU New Leader for Pilston Cookware Company Presentation

best assignment help MT 302 PGU New Leader for Pilston Cookware Company Presentation.

Assignment: Choosing the Right LeaderIn creating a positive organizational culture, good leaders need to understand how individual personalities fit into the workplace. When the right person is paired to the right job, productivity goes up! Read the scenario and the document provided and then address the checklist items.The following Course Outcome is assessed in this Assignment:MT302-2: Apply personality theory within a business environment.Scenario (fictional): The Pilston family has been in the cookware or camping business (your choice) for over 60 years. They have always had a family member as president of the (your company name of choice). As the current president steps down, the founders’ remaining family members are not inclined or are unable to take over the business and have called you in as their consultant to perform the executive search. They know this will be a challenge based on several changes that may need to take place in the very near future in order to successfully continue their business.The industry is beginning to change. The competition is beginning to change over to using Blockchain ledger technology that shares data within a network in sequential order with a timestamp — like a database, but encrypted. They also have been increasingly automating their production line. Now with the increasing competition, they realize that without changing to these technologies, the business may not survive. This will mean laying off some personnel, and this will be the first time in its history that this company has had to contend with major layoffs; in the past layoffs were not necessary since growth outpaced the need to lay off workers. With no family member currently to lead the company, the company must do an intensive search for an individual suited not only to their industry with the right expertise and education, but the right personality to lead the company into a new era.This company has a culture that has remained the same from its inception with a reputation for reliability within the industry. Most employees pass their jobs on to someone else residing in the local community by referring them for the job; so all employees really feel like one extended family. They expect little change now. Although their market has been predominantly in the United States (U.S.), with little or no diversity in the workforce, they are increasingly getting inquiries from Asian countries since competitors’ prices have increased substantially. Currently there are 300 employees in this small Western U.S. city though the salaries and benefits have always been on par with the industry salaries elsewhere in the country. Their belief in the customer first, taking the time to get things done in a precise manner, and honesty have been hallmarks of this family business.In light of the possible future demands and needs of this company, and as this company’s hired consultant to do the executive search, address the checklist items.Checklist:Identify the industry and name of the company (your choice) based on your choice of either a cookware or camping equipment company, and identify the products the company provides.Summarize the problem, and the company’s culture as presented in the scenario. Describe any changes that might be necessary and that will pertain to the type of personality the new president will need to have.Explain the traits and personality factors that should be considered when selecting the next president using the Reading from Chapter 5. Include the Big Five personality traits, Holland’s typology, and at least one other personality theory in your response (you may use the Internet but provide the source URL).Explain how the personality you described previously of the new president would benefit the employees and the success of the company going forward.● Submit your 8–10 slide PowerPoint® presentation with no more than five bulleted items per slide, in 24-point font, with either audio (or speaker notes below each slide) with additional title and reference slides to the Dropbox. The title of your presentation will be: Finding a New Leader for (your choice) Company.
MT 302 PGU New Leader for Pilston Cookware Company Presentation

Advocacy Project and Cultural Competence

Advocacy Project and Cultural Competence. I’m stuck on a Powerpoint question and need an explanation.

Choose one of the numerous partners involved in global health (clinical care providers, governmental agencies, private foundations, corporations, intergovernmental groups, public-private partnerships, nonprofit organizations, the defense sector, universites, the media, and many others.
Select a health related topic for which you want to advocate for. Request help from the agency/ entity of your choice in order to help the problem at hand. Example: Request Apple to donate $1.00 for every iPhone they sell to provide clean water for the community in Bangladesh.
Create a 5 to 10 slide PowerPoint presentation to deliver your message to the agency/ entity of your choice about the health related issue you want help with. Your slides should:

first slide (after title slide) should explain at least three (3) objectives of your request.
clearly state purpose of request to agency/ entity.
show relevant and up to date statistic on the problem you are trying to advocate for. (include references)
use references according to the APA Style Guide.
be original work, and will be checked for plagiarism

Advocacy Project and Cultural Competence

Strayer University Problem Solving Skills for Fixing Situations Discussion

Strayer University Problem Solving Skills for Fixing Situations Discussion.

Share a problem you’ve recently encountered in your own life and outline the steps you took to solve it. What were the possible solutions? (For example, if you knew you were going to be short on rent, would you borrow the money or ask your landlord for an extension, and why?)Explain how you determined the best course of action for your situation. In the end, how did you ultimately solve the problem?Remember to answer each part of the question in 2 paragraphs. Each paragraph should be 5-7 sentences. Also, respond to at least 1 of your peers.
Strayer University Problem Solving Skills for Fixing Situations Discussion

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