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Miami University Reporting Numerical Answers Questions

Miami University Reporting Numerical Answers Questions.

Important General Instructions for Reporting Numerical Answers:- Do not round intermediate calculations.-Unless otherwise instructed, round your final answer to 2 decimal places, e.g., “32.16”. – Unless otherwise instructed, solve problems in the given units. IE: if given units are in $K, complete your computations in these units and, as applicable, report your answer in these units (without writing “$” or “K”).- Do not report any numerical answer as a percent. IE: for example, write 0.324 instead of 32.4%.- Report negative numbers with a leading minus sign, like this (for example): -23.451 Not like this: (23.451). – Note that Canvas removes trailing insignificant figures. If you type, for example, 41.350, Canvas will remove the last decimal place and record your answer as 41.35 This is fine because 41.35 = 41.350.- Assume time is measured in years unless otherwise stated.Q1:Calculate the effective rate(EAR) assuming an APR of 9 percent compounded quarterly.(Do not round intermediate calculations and do not enter your answer as a percent. Round your answer to 3 decimal places, e.g., 0.315 instead of 31.5%.)Q2:An investment will pay you $80,000 in 10 years. If the APR is 9 percent compounded daily, what is the present value? Q3:Elliott Credit Corp. wants to earn an effective annual return (EAR or EAIR) on its consumer loans of 17.1 percent per year. The bank uses daily compounding on its loans. What interest rate is the bank required by law to report to potential borrowers? Hint: The bank is required to report the APR for these loans. (Do not round intermediate calculations and do not enter your answer as a percent. Round your answer to 3 decimal places, e.g., 0.315 instead of 31.5%.)Q4:What is the future value of $3,100 in 17 years assuming an APR of 8.4% compounded semi-annually? (Do not round intermediate calculations and round your answer to 2 decimal places, e.g., 32.16.)Q5:The appropriate APR for the following cash flows is 9 percent compounded quarterly.YearCash Flow1$81529903041,520What is the present value of the cash flows? (Do not round intermediate calculations and round your answer to 2 decimal places, e.g., 32.16.)Q6:You want to buy a new sports coupe for $84,500, and the finance office at the dealership has quoted you an APR of 5.2 percent compounded monthly for a 60-month loan to buy the car. What will your monthly payments be? (Do not round intermediate calculations and do not enter your answer as a percent. Round your answer to 2 decimal places, e.g., 32.16.)Q7:You are planning to make monthly deposits of $475 into a retirement account with an APR of 10 percent interest compounded monthly. If your first deposit will be made one month from now, how large will your retirement account be just after two months (just after your second deposit)? Round your answer to the nearest dollar.Q8:You’ve just joined the investment banking firm of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe. They’ve offered you two different salary arrangements. You can have a) $85,000 per year for the next two years, or you can have b) $74,000 per year for the next two years, along with a $20,000 signing bonus today. The bonus is paid immediately, and the salary is paid in equal amounts at the end of each month. If the appropriate APR is 7 percent compounded monthly, what is the PV for option b)?Q9:You are planning to make Quarterly deposits of $1,000 into a savings account with an APR of 5% interest compounded monthly. Your first deposit will be made one quarter from now, and you want to know what the value of the account will be just after 3 quarters from now. Is the below Cash Flow Diagram appropriate to represent this problem from your perspective?A. YESB. NOQ10:Beginning three months from now (one Q from now), you want to withdraw $2,500 each quarter from your bank account to cover college expenses over the next four years. If the account pays r of 0.57% interest per quarter, how much do you need to have in your bank account today to meet your expense needs over the next four years? (Do not round intermediate calculations and do not enter your answers as a percent. Round your answer to 2 decimal places)Q11:You plan to make the following deposits into your 4% interest savings account (IE: r = 4%, compounded annually). If you have nothing in your account now and you never make a withdrawal, how much will be in your account when T = 4.5 years?T (years)Deposit1.52002803.5405.510Q12:Find X for “The APR of this investment is X compounded semi-annually,” if the associated EAIR (EAR) is 11.1 percent.Hint: Note that r in this case = APR/2. Plug APR/2 into the EAIR equation. Solve for APR, then X = APR.(Do not round intermediate calculations and do not enter your answer as a percent. Round your answer to 3 decimal places, e.g., 0.315 instead of 31.5%.)Q13:An investment offers $4,350 per year for forever, with the first payment occurring one year from now.What is the best way to describe this investment?A. A perpetual sovereign bondB. A growing perpetuityC. An annuityD. A growing annuity dueE. A growing annuityF. An annuity dueG. A perpetuityH. A perpetual annuity dueQ14:First National Bank (bank a) charges an APR of 13.1 percent compounded monthly on its business loans. First United Bank (bank b) charges an APR of 13.3 percent compounded semiannually.As a potential borrower, which bank would you go to for a new loan?A. First United Bank (b)B. First National Bank (a)The remaining questions are all about bonds that pay half of their coupons every 6 months.Q15:Facebook has just issued its first bond. It’s a 10 year issue with $1,000 face value and a 4% coupon rate. What is the r for this bond?Hint, r is in time units of 6 months, with semi-annual compounding.(Do not round intermediate calculations and do not enter your answer as a percent. Round your answer to 3 decimal places, e.g., 0.315 instead of 31.5%.)Q16:Facebook issued its first bond on 1/1/20X1. The bond has $1,000 face value, a 4% coupon rate, and it matures on 1/1/20X9. Today, 1/2/20X7, the bond is trading at $1,050 per bond. Which table best represents the remaining contractual Cash Flows for this bond?A. Date Cash Flow1/1/20X8 $401/1/20X9 $401/1/20X9 $1,000B. Date Cash Flow7/1/20X7 $401/1/20X8 $407/1/20X8 $401/1/20X9 $401/1/20X9 $1,050C. Date Cash Flow7/1/20X7 $201/1/20X8 $207/1/20X8 $201/1/20X9 $201/1/20X9 $1,000D. Date Cash Flow1/1/20X8 $401/1/20X9 $401/1/20X9 $1,040Q18:Google issued a bond on 1/1/20X1. The bond has $1,000 face value, a 8% coupon rate, and it matures on 1/1/20X9. Today, 1/2/20X7, the bond is trading at $990 per bond. The remaining contractual cash flows for this bond are as listed below.DateCash Flow7/1/20X7$401/1/20X8$407/1/20X8$401/1/20X9$401/1/20X9$1,000Which is closest to the r for this bond today?Hints: r is in time units of 6 months, with semi-annual compounding. Use trial and error. Plug in the suggested r’s until you find the one that works best.A. 0.043B. 0.036C. 0.040D. 0.049Q19Google issued a bond on 1/1/20X1. The bond has $1,000 face value, a 8% coupon rate, and it matures on 1/1/20X9. Today, 1/2/20X7, the bond is trading at $990 per bond. The remaining contractual cash flows for this bond are as listed below.DateCash Flow7/1/20X7$401/1/20X8$407/1/20X8$401/1/20X9$401/1/20X9$1,000What is the Yield to Maturity (YTM) of this bond today?Hints: Start with your answer from the previous Google bond question. Remember YTM = EAIR.(Do not round intermediate calculations and do not enter your answer as a percent. Round your answer to 3 decimal places, e.g., 0.315 instead of 31.5%.)
Miami University Reporting Numerical Answers Questions

Differences Between RPC And RMI

In enterprise application there is possibility that resources need to be access across multiple system to do a business process. One of the Java’s solutions for distributed application is Remote Method Invocation (RMI). Objective of this paper is understand how a RMI system works in real time scenarios and how enterprise application can implemented using java RMI API’s. An enterprise distributed system is a set of objects that isolates the consumers of services from the providers of services by a well-defined interface. In other words, clients are completely abstracted from the implementation of business method as data structure and executable code. This is how one can distinguish with simple client / server application with object based remote invocation method model. In the distributed enterprise object model, a client sends a request message to an object, which in turns analyzes the request to decide what service to perform. This business entity service, selection could be performed by either the object or a broker. Remote Method Invocation (RMI): RMI is one of the possible ways to access distributed business objects from another JVM and RMI uses object serialization to marshal and unmarshal parameters. If you want send objects across the wire, your class (object) need to implements Serializable interface. Here is the RMI architecture and how RMI ‘s works internally. RMI Transport Layer Client Server skeleton stub Interface Interface Client Process Server Process Process According to sun web site “Java Remote Method Invocation (Java RMI) enables the programmer to create distributed Java technology-based to Java technology-based applications, in which the methods of remote Java objects can be invoked from other Java virtual machines*, possibly on different hosts. RMI uses object serialization to marshal and unmarshal parameters and does not truncate types, supporting true object-oriented polymorphism.” When a enterprise server process wants to export some remote method invocation based service to consumer, it does so by registering remote method invocation enabled objects with its local rmiregistry (Registry interface). Every remote object is registered with a name consumer can use to reference it. A consumer can obtain a reference of stub to the remote object by requesting for the remote object by name through the Naming interface. The argument for Naming.lookup() method is name of a remote object and locates the object on the network. The object’s fully qualified name can be composed with host name port and the name of the object look like url syntax for the naming resource. Few of the terminology one should know about RMI are listed below. rmiregistry — A executable program used to bind remote object to names and that provides a bootstrap naming service which is used by servers on the server machine. JVMs on client and server machines can then look up remote objects and make remote method invocations. rmic: The rmic compiler tool generates stub, and skeleton class files for remote objects. These classes’ files are generated from the compiled Java language classes that contain remote object implementations (implemented java.rmi.Remote interface). skeleton : A skeleton for a remote object is a JRMP protocol server side business object that contains a method which dispatch calls to the actual remote object realization. stub: A proxy object for a remote object which is responsible for delegating method on remote objects to the server where implementation of the actual remote object resides. A consumer program reference to a remote object, therefore, is actually a reference to a local stub. Remote Interface: The Remote interface serves to recognize interfaces whose methods may be invoked from a non-local virtual machine. Any object that is a remote object must directly or indirectly implement this interface. Difference between RPC and RMI Remote procedure call (RPC) is a network communication protocol with server and client architecture and the idea behind RPC is to call implemented code remotely as if we were just calling a function. The only difference between RMI and RPC is in case of RPC functions are invoked through a proxy function, and in case of RMI we invoke methods through a proxy object. RMI is java solution to RPC, with connectivity to existing systems using native methods. RMI can take a natural, direct, and fully powered approach to provide a enterprise distributed computing technology that allows us to add Java functionality throughout the system. To get the cross-platform portability that Java provides, RPC requires a lot more overheads than RMI. RPC has to convert the arguments between architecture so that each computer can use its native data type. Java-RMI is tightly coupled with the Java language. Whereas RPC is not specific to any single language and one can implement RPC using different language. Because RMI can implemented using Java, its get all the advantages like object oriented, parallel computing, design pattern, easy to write and re use, safe and secure, Write once and run anywhere. But in the case of RPC, to achieve any of these advantages one has to write implementation code. Sample application: To demonstrate RMI and distributed application in real time I have implemented a Lottery system. The Lottery system is developed as per UK Lotto system. Assuming that user before using this RMI client application already purchased the lottery ticket. Lottery client system displays the welcome message to customer. Lottery system also displays the winning amount to the customer. The Lottery system is developed as per UK Lotto system. But simplifying system I have modified certain rules. Here how winner is chosen. Jackpot, Match 6: £500,000 Match 5 numbers: £1,500 Match 4 numbers: £60 Match 3 numbers: £10. System asks customer to enter positive integer number ranging 1 to 49. Once he enters all 6 numbers Lottery system generate 6 winning non-repeating random number between 1 to 49. System checks the match between user entered number and server generated number and calculate winning amount and display the result Implementation: Here is how I have implemented Lottery system Define a remote interface import java.rmi.Remote; public interface LotteryGenerator extends Remote { public ArrayList getLottoryNumber() throws java.rmi.RemoteException; } Implement the remote interface Below is the just a snippet of the implementation class for the remote interface. I have not listed the supporting private methods of the class. import java.rmi.RemoteException; public class LotteryGeneratorImpl extends java.rmi.server.UnicastRemoteObject implements LotteryGenerator{ private ArrayList numbers; // Integer array for holding repeat private ArrayList lot; private java.util.Random gen; public ArrayList getLottoryNumber(){ lot.clear(); for(int i=0;i<6;i ) { lot.add(getNextInt()); } System.out.println(“Generated Lottery number:” lot); return lot; } } Develop the server Create an instance of remote object and register the remote object with RMI registry. Here is the code snippet for the import java.rmi.Naming; import java.rmi.Remote; public class LotteryServer { public LotteryServer() { try { LotteryGenerator c = new LotteryGeneratorImpl(); Naming.rebind(“rmi://”,(Remote) c); } catch (Exception e) { System.out.println(“Trouble: ” e); e.printStackTrace(); } } public static void main(String args[]) { new LotteryServer(); System.out.println(“*****Server started******”); } } If RMI application running on default port 1099 then the rebind statement will be Naming.rebind(“rmi://”,(Remote) c); and if you run the RMI registry on a non default port number , for example on port 5100, then binding statement becomes: Naming.rebind(“rmi://”,(Remote) c); Develop a Client Next step is implementing the RMI Lottery client and the client remotely invokes the method getLottoryNumber specified in the LotterGenerator remote interface. To do so however, the consumer program must first obtain an object reference to the LotteryGeneratorImpl remote object from the RMI registry. Once an object reference is obtained, the getLottoryNumber method is invoked. import java.rmi.Naming; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Scanner; public class LotteryClient { public static void main(String[] args) { displayWelcomeMessage(); Scanner scanner = new java.util.Scanner(; System.out.println(“Please Enter 6 integer numbers ranging 1 to 49)”); ArrayList clientArray=new ArrayList(); for(int ii=0;ii<6;ii ){ int val = scanner.nextInt(); clientArray.add(val); } System.out.println(“You have entered: “ clientArray); try { LotteryGenerator c = (LotteryGenerator) Naming.lookup(“rmi://localhost/LotteryGenerator”); ArrayList servList=c.getLottoryNumber(); System.out.println(“Lottery Winning numbers:” servList); int count=checkWin(clientArray,servList); dispalyResult(count); System.out.println(“Thank you !!”); } catch ( murle) { System.out.println(); System.out.println(“MalformedURLException”); System.out.println(murle); } catch (java.rmi.RemoteException re) { System.out.println(); System.out.println(“RemoteException”); System.out.println(re); } catch (java.rmi.NotBoundException nbe) { System.out.println(); System.out.println(“NotBoundException”); System.out.println(nbe); } } private static void dispalyResult(int count) { //implemenattion for display code } private static void displayWelcomeMessage(){ //display the welcome message and Lottery winning amount. } public static int checkWin(ArrayList clientArray,ArrayList serverArray){ int count=0; for(int ii=0;ii<6;ii ){ int clientVal=(Integer)clientArray.get(ii); for(int k=0;k<6;k ){ int serVal=(Integer)serverArray.get(k); if(clientVal==serVal) { count ; break; } } } return count; } } Running RMI application: Here is the steps how one can execute Lottery application. Compile all the java classes. Using rmic command, create stubs and skeleton for the implemented remote object. rmic LotteryGeneratorImpl Start the RMI registry using rmiregistry command Execute LotteryServer application Execute LotteryClient application Conclusion: Because it easy implementation nature RMI has definite advantages over other distributed application methodology like RPC, Corba etc. Because it is implemented using java it’s get all the advantages like object oriented, parallel computing(Multi-threading), design pattern, easy to write and re use, safe and secure, Write once and run anywhere. Also one can integrate RMI based application any other application because of its platform independent ability.

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Describe rules for protecting pedestrian safety.

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Remembering Stalin: Article: “Why is Stalin’s Popularity on the Rise?” Article: “A real catastrophe: Russia’s reverence for Stalin grows

Remembering Stalin: Article: “Why is Stalin’s Popularity on the Rise?” Article: “A real catastrophe: Russia’s reverence for Stalin grows as memory of atrocities fades” Article: “Why Russia Still Loves Stalin” Article: “Why Stalin’s popularity doesn’t have to be as terrifying as it seems” Video: “How is Stalin Taught in Russia?” Video: “What do Russians Think of Stalin?” Video: “Stalin’s Resurgent Popularity in Russia” Video: “Stalin Nostalgia” Video: “Even in Former Gulag, Stalin’s Popularity Persists” Remembering History: Article: Monuments aren’t museums Hints for Connections How should current Russians remember Stalin? What issues arise from different interpretations of the past? How does this issue connect to our study of history in Canada today? Citations Required? Yes – your reflection must have a works cited page and in-text citations.

The Business Plan: JAMA Company Report

The Business Plan: JAMA Company Report. Executive Summary The car wash industry develops rapidly to respond to the increasing needs and demands of customers. The JAMA Company is one of the leading companies within the market, which works to provide the high-quality services and increase the company’s competitive advantage. The JAMA Company’s strengths are the focus on the provision of the top quality services and the 24-hour support for all the customers in different communities because of using the innovative technologies. The Business Description The JAMA Company is a corporation which operates within the field of car wash services. The company works to guarantee the provision of its customers with such services as normal cleaning, outside polishing, and full polishing. Being at the high stage of the development, the company plans to increase the competitive advantage while orientating to utilizing the effective technologies such as apps for making calls and using the call center services to reach customer at different places within a short period of time. It is possible to forecast that at the end of the third year, the company will pay dividends close to the highest percentage norm to its shareholders. The principal aim of the business plan is to communicate this prospect to the JAMA Company investors operating in the car wash industry and to attract more investors to participate in the business as well. The JAMA Company intends to have the two years loans that will cover its business operations during the first three months. Such forecasting tools as the time series analysis, regression, and correlation analysis are incorporated in the business plan in order to demonstrate the accuracy of the predictions in relation to the expected revenues. The current organization structure is based on the work of ten sales executives, and it is expected that each representative is able to work with more than five customers per hour, depending on the urgency of the services which are discussed and provided. Following the assumption mentioned above, it is possible to note that the company can work for 50,000 clients per year while providing the high-quality services. Mission Statement The mission of the JAMA Company is to provide the high-quality services in relation to normal cleaning, outside polishing, and full polishing in order to satisfy the customers’ needs with references to the use of specific apps and call center services to contact the customers quickly and successfully. The JAMA Company develops to become the leading service supplier of car wash services within the industry. The company is devoted to creating a binding association with its customers by providing the excellence service as well as the effective customer support. The company’s strategic goals and objectives are to grow steadfastly, becoming profitable during the third month of operations as it is depicted in the business plan. Products and Services The JAMA Company plans to operate effectively basing on the work of four car wash small and mobile stations to provide the car wash services in four different locations. The work of these car wash stations should depend on the effective communication with the customers with the help of such technology as the call apps and with the help of call centers to ease the provision of services as well as to improve the efficiency of service provision, while guaranteeing the immediate feedback. The company intends to provide the segregation of duties in relation to providing the cleaning, outside polishing, and full polishing services. The use of reports and performance assessments can lead to the better administration of business. Thus, the initiative can contribute to the increased profits for the company. Marketing Strategies Consumer Inducement The JAMA Company focuses on car wash services. The corporation is created as a personalized service for its customers to provide the systematic services. The company can differentiate itself among the other competitors within the industry because of offering the high-quality services for the customers. A good business strategy enables the company to overcome the competitors since the orientation to the customers’ final decisions is prevailing. The JAMA Company has strived to provide the high-quality product to the clients while guaranteeing the superior services with attractive prices that can be discussed as convincing for the customers to use the proposed services. From the company’s perspectives, the current generation of customers has the special powers in influencing the selling-purchasing relations. That is why the company demonstrate the concern about the customer’s preferences and orients to the customers’ interests and decisions in order to satisfy them completely relying on the customer lock strategy as the way to reduce the negative effects of competition within the industry. The company studies the customers’ opinions on the services to receive and understand the feedback on the company’s services. The company plans to refer to the effective sales promotion and advertising strategies, ensuring that the company’s services are fully accepted by the customers. To contribute to the sale promotion, the company intends to employ an expert to control the business promotion strategies and work with the latest technologies. The implementation of the idea to use the call apps and efficient call centers is rather effective to promote the company’s services as well as to build the reputation within the industry. As a result, the implementation of these strategies makes customers use the promoted services since they are attracted to the company. This situation can lead to the increased revenue in relation to the business development. Advertisement and Promotion The company’s advertising and promotional strategies are organized and developed basing on three major perspectives which are the public relations, promotion of the Internet site, and the improvement of the company-customer relations. Public relations The JAMA Company relies on providing the information about the company and services in newspapers and magazines. These efforts will be realized with references to developing the stories concerning the company’s mission and objectives, concrete actions and services, the company’s potential customers as well as the company’s personnel. All these attempts and approaches can guarantee the acceptance and recognition of the company and its services within the community. Thus, such strategies can lead to the enhanced profits of the company in return because of creating the good reputation of the company to the public’s perception and feedback. Building good relations with the public is a key approach to the successful business because the potential clients can be attracted to a company which focuses on the sustainable relations with the community. The company communicates with the community within which it operates with references to the concept of the corporate social responsibility. Thus, the principle of the social responsibility is the key to the successful business as it can boost the company’s image in the public’s eyes, and this situation can lead to reduction of misunderstanding within the community in relation to the company’s services. The customers will be ready to use the company’s product when they experience the need for the product and services. Thus, good public relations must be upheld with references to succeeding in the competitive market where customers have the power to decide what to buy and where to buy as well. The development of the website for promoting the company’s services would enable the business to reach many customers within a short period and rather easily. The focus on the other promotional techniques can cost about $ 25,000 since an expert should be employed to develop specific strategies to attract more customers to the business because the company’s employees often do not have the relevant expertise in the field. It is necessary to pay attention to the development of the management and marketing departments in order to use all the benefits expected from the implementation of the innovative technologies for supporting the services proposed by the company for the customers belonging to four different communities. That is why it is important not only to provide the detailed information about the advantages of using the call apps and call centers for the target audience but also to refer to the customers’ interests which can be different with the references to the definite communities or locations. The company’s website To receive the information about the customers’ satisfaction in relation to the company’s services within a short period, it is necessary to promote the materials about the use of four new locations for car washing, available apps, and call centers with the help of the JAMA Company’s website. The use of the Internet as a tool of advertising and as the part of the promotion strategy is effective because the Internet resources can be discussed as the fast-growing and key promotional channels. The Internet promotional campaign is expected to be successful because it is a convenient way of communicating the customer within a short period of time. The focus on the Internet resources and social networks can become the part of the major promotional strategy used by the company since almost many people have the access to the Internet connection, and it can be easy for the company to win the customers’ attention. The Internet cost is minimal if there will be reductions in advertising and promotion costs. That is why the company is oriented to creating a website for advertising the services. The company-customer relations The company intends to maintain the customer records in relation to sales by phone, and the business can use a lot of information on the company’s customers to modify the approach to selling services. In order to achieve the maximum from the customer look-in strategy as well as to focus on the reduction of hostile competition within the industry, the business orients to retaining details about each customer’s behaviors and attitudes to ensure that the services that they are given are satisfactory. The focus on feedbacks is relevant since the company is able to correct any minor mistakes that the customer can notice while attracting new customers to the company. These strategies can lead to the reduction in competition, the customer lock-in as well as to increasing the competitive advantage. The Operations Plan The first step is the selection of the four specific locations for placing the mobile and small car wash stations. The location of the company’s car wash services centers is strategically important to guarantee the easy access of the customers to the provided services. The main aim of planning the effective location of services centers is to ensure that customers are in a position to have the services done by the company without seeking any external parties for assistance. The company’s estimates to cover the rent payments are of $ 240,000 totally per annum as well as the expected material costs are of $120,000. The JAMA Company is a new competitor within the market, and a good strategic position and location with references to the car wash centers and call centers will guarantee the availability of the company’s services. While analyzing the perspectives, it is essential to pay attention to the customers’ behavior, their needs, and to the price they prefer. The business can take advantage of the situation in order to reduce the time necessary for the product to be recognized within the market and be fully accepted by the customer. This approach can lead to the reduction in start-up costs, advertising and promotional costs. Thus, the company’s management considers the choice of location as the focus on the strategically useful places to locate four different stations which services can contribute to the competition within the industry. The company intends to develop the 24-hour provision of the assistance and support for the customers with the help of call centers and modern call apps. The company tries to ensure that its services are available at any time, and it provides the friendly services to the customers. The company is oriented to establishing the balanced services provided to its clients. This approach will contribute to improving the company’s image and its reputation among customers. The use of the call apps and developed call centers with the highly technological equipment will enable the company to enlarge the number of the sales representatives to react to the customers’ calls. The use of innovative technologies contributes to utilizing the full on-screen data on the customers and the services they want to be offered since the company intends to have four outlets or stations that will provide the equitable services to the customers in relation to their preferences. The company will have the full data on the customers’ needs so as to provide the satisfactory services. In this case, the implementation of call centers services and the use of call apps to support the four new stations in different locations are based on the use of top technologies and proper equipment. The next stage is the recruitment of the support team. The business intends to distribute jobs to persons in relation to their qualification, and the company ensures that each worker knows what is expected and what duties should be performed. New employees will be required to pass specific tests developed by the company’s management team before beginning the recruitment process in the company because the business aims to hire quality workers. The business outfit policy will command the management team to regulate the company’s following the right path to succeed and to demonstrates professionalism in the industry. The Financial Plan and Forecasts The Financial Summary The JAMA Company focuses on providing the car washing services in four different parts of the country within the same period of time. Referring to the financial analysis worked out for the first year of the company’s operation, it is possible to state that the company relies on raising a net profit in $329,000 after the first year of operation while fixing the net total for the first month of implementing the idea as 21,500 and the net profit in -30,500 and for the twelfth month – the net total in 113,000 and the net profit in 71,000 (Figure 1). Figure 1 The company plans to have a steady growth rate in relation to the sales. This strategy will be attained with the focus on the latest technologies for providing services as well as with the concentration on guaranteeing the customer satisfaction in different regions in which the business will be operated. The number of clients expected during the first year of operation with the use of call centers and call apps will be increased with references to the implemented promotional strategy. The company plans to earn the revenue of $54,000 per annum from the cleaning department, $255,000 from the outside polishing, and $534,000 from the full polishing. The revenue from different departments would amount $843,000 per annum after the second year of operation with the new technologies. The Operating Costs It is also necessary to calculate the possible operating costs for the first year of providing the services in order to see the complex picture of the potential revenues and predict all the expenses and gains. The company’s monthly expenses include expenses on salaries, fuels, material, and housing as well as on insurance and visa (Figure 2). Moreover, it is essential to predict the expenses on rents, advertising and promotional companies, the new equipment in call centers, and the use of call apps along with the specific phone equipment for the support teams. Figure 2 The detailed analysis presents some favorable trends in sales forecasting and, as a result, such other factors as the intensive capital rationing as well as the effects of inflation might inhibit the achievement of the estimates. Some measures have been undertaken to minimize the adverse effects of those externalities. The management team believes that the only factor that inhibits attainment of this budget analysis is the effective financial plan. All the other factors contributing to the achievement of this forecasting have been fully incorporated, and the company’s management team considers that as soon as the financial plan is developed, the business can have no other focus than the orientation to the high returns. The sales projection aims at ensuring that the fixed cost should be preserved at the minimal level since the changes can affect the break-even point. The company is a new competitor within the industry, and the high fixed costs as start-up costs accentuate the possible downfall in business and that is why it is important to provide the realistic forecasting that incorporates all the elements of the financial forecasting while constructing and analyzing potential estimates. The Break-Even Point In order to propose some assumptions of the financial development of the company, it is necessary to calculate the break-even point according to which the company’s expenses and profits are equal (Figure 3). Figure 3 The focus on the situation when there are no financial losses or gains in relation to revenues is necessary to forecast the potential profits in the future. The JAMA Company can earn no profit or loss when it reaches a break-even point with references to spending $ 33.97 per unit of services provided as it is calculated below. Contribution margin per unit total contribution /No. of unit produced. Contribution margin per unit (2,085,000 / 2035) = 1024.57 Break even point = (total fixed / contribution margin per unit) Break even point = $ 34, 800 / $ 1024.57= $ 33.97 This point is regarded as a stable point at which the company will signifying that the liquidity position of the business can be rather high in relation to the low ratio. The break-even point can be achieved within a reasonable time, accentuating the useful income statement projection. The statement of the company’s financial position, as well as the aspects of the cash flow, can depict a positive trend, and the strong capital base can be enhanced since the margins of safety will be low, and the company will focus on the proper stock management in order to guarantee the constant supply of material as well as the provision of services to the customer. The poor inventory system would make the company to have a bad reputation with the customer. Return on Investment The company can also achieve 24% return on investment with references to the stated net profit after calculating taxes and with references to the total assets. Thus, the company intends to use the funding from external sources as well as from their sources which is worth 15% of the total value of the initial capital required and seeking 85% from the outside funding. Business Control Quality Control The company’s workers need to have the necessary high skills and expertise in field of support and providing the car wash services. The JAMA company intends to use the specific software to manage investigation on the personnel’s effectiveness in order to control the quality of the services provided. This approach can guarantee that all the received calls with the help of call apps are dealt with in the similar manner and with references to the ethical code of conduct developed for the company since the customers require the high-quality and professional services. We are going to ensure that the customers are encouraged to give feedback on the received services in relation to whether the company is able to deliver the services on time as well as whether the services which are offered to them meet the expectations, and whether the improvements should be implemented. Thus, the management, quality assurance, and sale departments control the company’s performance and focus on the customers’ reaction as well as on the areas which should be improved regarding the information on the productivity. Ensuring that the active cooperation exists between the company and the public living in the community, it is necessary to refer to the concept of the corporate social responsibility which contributes to building the effective business reputation. As a result, more clients will be attracted to the business. The employment of the well-trained and competent workers can also lead to the improved efficiency and to the increased production because the management team believes that a competent worker can understand the role of high-quality services in the business as well as the business goals and objectives. Thus, the company will provide the high-quality products and services along with offering the competitive and rather affordable price for customers. This approach to the promotional strategy can make more clients visit the company’s stations and service centers. Accounting Systems The company will concentrate on using the latest accounting software in business in order to manage the company financial system. This software is effective to check on the sales performance as well as promotional activities frequently. This process will enable the management team to assess the productivity in relation to the observed revenues received by different stations located in different places. The JAMA Company provides the payment to workers basing on the performance reports and contracts, and it will be easy to assess the employees’ performance and to ascertain the employees who achieve the higher performance results. Long-Term Goals The company’s commercial purpose is to operate above or close to the break-even point at the end of the financial period with a steady growth rate during the next three years. The company focuses becoming profitable after the three months of the business operation depending on new technologies, four new stations, call centers, and on the use of call apps to receive and send the orders and feedbacks. The company orients to the net profit of at least $320,000 per annum with the profit margin being higher than 8% after three years from developing the business. Opportunities and Risks Today, the company provides three basic services, which are normal cleaning, outside polishing, and full polishing. The company will expect to diversify its business operations and services provided as well as to expand the services in relation to the work of the support team with the help of call centers established to support the work of four new small stations located in different regions of the country. The company also plans to negotiate the insurance contracts to safeguard their properties against damages and possible risks. The JAMA Company also plans to implement the superior service content as well as the additional investing in other ventures while ensuring the work of the effective and updated database management systems. This procedures and approaches will lead to improved client loyalty as well as to increasing the competitive advantage. The threats for the company’s development and operation within the market depend on the ineffective strategies used by the management team when the team tries to implement specific mechanisms to ensure that the company remains active in the market and within the industry. It is important to cope with the competitors within the industry while providing unique and superior products and services to the clients available with references to comparably low prices. Conclusion The mission of the JAMA Company is to become the principal service supplier of car wash services. The company is devoted to creating a binding association with its clientele with providing the excellent services as well as the adequate customer support with the help of call apps and call center services. These factors are important because customers are inclined to choose car wash service centers, which can guarantee the provision of the top quality services in relation to cleaning and polishing cars. That is why the company’s strategic goals and objectives are to achieve the rapid growth and to become profitable during the third month of providing operations. To achieve the stated results, the JAMA Corporation currently plans to refer to establishing four services centers as rather small stations which activities are supported with the help of call centers and useful call apps. The focus on using innovative technologies is necessary to guarantee the company’s achievement of the significant competitive advantage. The main features of the car washing industry in which the JAMA Company operates are the presence of a large number of small competitors which can attract more customers while providing the high-quality services along with proposing the appropriate prices. While developing the work of new call centers and new four services centers, the management team of the JAMA Company should pay attention to such facts as the preferences of the local customers in relation to using the specific cleaning and polishing services during different periods. The JAMA Company should orient to the customers who are inclined to choose the high-quality services for adequate prices, thus, the company’s aim is to attract the price-conscious and quality-conscious customers while ensuring them that the company focuses on the high-quality 24-hour provision of services and support with the help of call centers and specific call apps. The Business Plan: JAMA Company Report