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Miami Dade College Moral Decision Making Family Values Case Study

Miami Dade College Moral Decision Making Family Values Case Study.

Instructions: Read the Family Values Learning Exercise 4.3 in Chapter 4.Then, review Display 4.5 MORAL Decision-Making Model .Explain how you would use the Moral Decision-Making Model to make the decisions presented in the Family Values scenario. Pretend
that you are the attending nurse for the critical patient and see
whether the MORAL model helps in the decision-making process for the
scenario. Finally, comment on the usefulness of the MORAL Decision-Making Model. Your paper should be: One (1) pageTyped according to APA style for margins, formatting and spacing standards
Miami Dade College Moral Decision Making Family Values Case Study

Macomb Community College Certified Medical Assistant Essay.

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Please submit a five-paragraph paper discussing your research finding on the CMA (AAMA) credential.The website of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) will be very beneficial to you (Links to an external site.) . After you introduce your topic in the first paragraph, please use the second paragraph to discuss the advantages of obtaining the credential. Discuss your findings as they relate to you and your career in the field of medical assisting. Why would employers choose a candidate with a CMA (AAMA) over another candidate? Who is eligible to sit for the exam? The third paragraph should list how an individual maintains their credential. What is involved and how many ways are there to re-certify? The fourth paragraph should list any limitations or disadvantages of not obtaining the credential and any joining an organization perhaps location, cost, or time or lack there of. You could suggest ways to get around this. The fifth paragraph should give your own personal thoughts on obtaining the CMA (AAMA) credential. Rubric:Each paragraph will be worth 20 points.Each punctuation error, spelling error, error in grammar or sentence structure will result in a loss of 2 points. Use spell check before you submit your assignment. Should be no longer than one page in length with a minimum of at least 250 words.Important: When using the CMA credential from AAMA, you must always cite it as “CMA (AAMA)”. If not, this will result in a loss of 2 points for each time used incorrectly.Cite your sources at the end of the paper. If you fail to do so, this will result in a loss of 5 points.
Macomb Community College Certified Medical Assistant Essay

Ethics and education.

Assignment 1To prepareReview the Learning Resources dealing with the security of digital health care information. Reflect on your own organization or one with which you are familiar, and think about how health information stored electronically is protected.Consider the nurse’s responsibility to ensure the protection of patient information. What strategies can you use?Reflect on ethical issues that are likely to arise with the increased access to newer, smaller, and more powerful technology tools.Consider strategies that can be implemented to ensure that the use of HIT contributes to an overall culture of safety.Post an analysis of the nurse’s responsibility to protect patient information and the extent that HIT has made it easier or more difficult to protect patient privacy. Comment on any security or ethical issues related to the use of portable devices to store information. Assess the strategies your organization uses to safeguard patient information and how these promote a culture of safety. Describe an area where improvement is needed and one strategy that could address the situation.Assignment 2To prepare:Think about the nurse’s role in improving the health literacy of patients.Consider the many ways patients access health information, including blogs, social media, patient portals, websites, etc.Reflect on experiences you have had with patients who self-diagnose using online medical sources.Using the Internet, the Walden Library, or other trustworthy sources, identify a resource that you could introduce to patients to help them evaluate the credibility of health information found online.What are some strategies you could employ to improve the health literacy of patients?Post your assessment of the nurse’s role in improving the health literacy of patients. Then, identify the resource you would recommend to patients for evaluating online health information and why it would be beneficial. Describe additional strategies for assisting patients in becoming informed consumers of online health information.Assignment 3Assignment: Health Information Patient HandoutOne of the pivotal goals of consumer health literacy efforts is to design educational materials that attract as well as educate users. In this Assignment, you design a health information document on a topic that is of interest to you.To prepare:Select a health issue of interest to you.Identify the audience or population that you seek to educate about this issue.Search the Internet to find credible sites containing information about your selected topic.Review the two health literacy websites listed in this week’s Learning Resources. Focus on strategies for presenting information.To complete:Design an educational handout on the health issue you selected.Include a cover page.Include an introduction that provides:An explanation of your issue and why you selected itA description of the audience you are addressingIn the handout itself:Develop your handout in such a way that it attracts the attention of the intended audience.Include a description of the health issue and additional content that will enhance your message (i.e., key terms and definitions, graphics, illustrations, etc.).Recommend four or five sites that provide clear, valuable, and reliable information on the topic.
Ethics and education

Sir Alex Ferguson’s Leadership Principles of Management

Sir Alex Ferguson is a Scottish football manager, born on December 31st, 1941 in Glasgow. He is considered by many as the best manager in modern football. But before becoming the famous and well-known manager of Manchester United, he went through several stages. Alex Ferguson started as an amateur playing for Queen’s Park, while working in a shipyard as an apprentice and a Trade Union representative (Alex). Then, in 1964 he turned professional when he joined Durfemline and afterward Rangers FC where he was successful. His professional career was marked by a low point when he left Rangers FC, later he joined two teams but he was not as successful. In 1974 he started his managing career with East Stirlingshire at the early age of 32 as a part-time job, but quickly changed team for a full time position by signing with St Mirren. While managing them he was able to lead them to the First League in only three years. But his contract was cancelled due to several violations. He then moved to Aberdeen where he had a difficult beginning, especially with some of his player, who did not respect him because he was not much older than them. His first year was of acceptable performance he finished fourth of the league. But later he was able to lead them to success by winning the League and the European Cup Winners’ Cup. At this point Ferguson won the respect of his player and built solid reputation in the field. After four successful seasons with Aberdeen he joined Manchester United in 1986. When Alex Ferguson joined Manchester United, it was going through tough times. Many players were not in a good physical condition and some of them were heavy drinker. Although, he was able to put them back in shape, he did not succeed to win any tittle for more than 6 seasons. The fans were disappointed by his results but the top managers decided to keep him. This decision paid when he led the team to the premier league title, and it was the start for its legend as a manager of Manchester United. From this point and so on Alex Ferguson always led them to win titles, and he became the legend he is now. Alex Ferguson leadership style is said to be tough, aggressive and loyal with high ethical standards and commitment toward and from the players. Many of his players highly regarded him and considered him as a disciplinarian with a hard character and a stubborn man. But Alex Ferguson proved that his leadership style is working and producing great results. It is demonstrated by the fact that he was able to lead each team he managed to great results through his 38 years managing career, even if the team is in the worst positions, before he started managing it. This case study will look at the leadership style of Sir Alex Ferguson and analyze it. First, it will start by looking at different management style and see the ones that are close to the one of Alex Ferguson. Then using these leadership styles it will explore how they can be used to improve Alex Ferguson style. The case study will also try to explain the reasons of Alex Ferguson management style. Finally, it will try to see if Alex did things differently would it make him as successful as he is now. But first the case study will define the scope of leadership it will be working with. 1-Leadership: Leadership is the ability to unite and mobilize the energies around a one action. It is generally the result of a formal or informal election, explicit or implicit in which the majority of the group’s members recognizes one of them as the legitimate leader and delegate its decision-making power (Definition Leadership). However, leadership has various meanings for people and mainly among leaders. Each leader/authority emphasizes on different aspects of leadership that he believes are the most important. Three Authorities were chosen to serve in defining and narrowing the scope of leadership for the case study; each one has its own approach that is described below. Peter Drucker (1909-2005), a famous American theorist of management affirms that a leader must always think through the organization’s missions, goals and define them. He also believes that no one can be a leader without trusting his team or having the responsibility to encourage the team to be stronger. (Definition Leadership – for the 21st Century.”) John Adair (1934-), a British academic and theorist of leadership believe that all leadership skills are related to the triumvirate (Task, Team, Individual) and the connection between those three. Moreover he consider that there’s no single style of leadership, that all potential leaders will have to cope with different situations continuously and that making strategies is a priceless added value. He also contrasts between leadership and management. (Definition Leadership – for the 21st Century.”) Rudolph Gulliani (1944-), an American lawyer and politician, former Mayor of New York (U.S.A) believes that all leaders must be always prepared and aware of its surrounding environment. For him representing people is a big responsibility and the leader must never harm the image of his people, by paying attention to every single detail of his words and actions. According to him, a true leader should always impose his values, principles and beliefs so he won’t seem weak and be discarded by people. Being loyal to your follower’s is also an essential trait of leadership because it keeps them stimulated and motivated. (Definition Leadership – for the 21st Century.”) 2-Leadership Theories: In the light of these definitions of leadership from different authorities and an investigation of leadership theories, several of them seem to be candidate to match Alex Ferguson leadership style. These theories are: Great Man, Trait theory, Contingency and Situation theory, Path Goal, Behavior. Below is a concise description of each one of them which gives the necessary information needed to compare them to Alex Ferguson leadership style. Great Man: It was developed by Thomas Carlyle in the mid-19th century. This theory states that leadership skills are innate, not acquired or developed and that people are born natural leader. Hence there is an inheritance character. The theory also emphasize on the fact that leaders arise to lead others when they are needed. (Leadership Styles) Trait Theory: Traits theory built up on the Great Man theory. It took successful and less successful leader through history and defined traits that are common between them. The results were classified to the following categories “Drive, desire to lead, honesty and integrity, self-confidence, intelligence, job-relevant knowledge, and extraversion” (Sidanim, Jamali, Robbins

SJSU Persuasive Business Message Improving the Value of Coffee Services Discussion

term paper help SJSU Persuasive Business Message Improving the Value of Coffee Services Discussion.

Persuasive Business Message, Ch. 9Situation: The coffee shop across the street from your tiny apartment is your haven away from home — great beverages, healthy snacks, an atmosphere that is convivial but not so lively that you can’t focus on homework, and free wifi. It lacks only one thing: some way to print out your homework and other files when you need hard copy. Your college’s libraries and computer labs provide printers, but you live three miles from campus, and it’s a long walk or an inconvenient bus ride.Your task:Write a letter to the owner of the coffee shop, encouraging her to set up a printing service to complement the free wireless access. Propose that the service run at break-even prices, just enough to pay for paper, ink cartridges, and the cost of the printer itself. The benefit to the shop would be enticing patrons to spend more time — and therefore more of their coffee and tea money — in the shop. You might also mention that you had to take the bus to campus to print this letter, so you bought your afternoon latte somewhere else.Remember to use the AIDA approach!You may wish to use the peer review questions as a guide.Please see the attachment for the sample.
SJSU Persuasive Business Message Improving the Value of Coffee Services Discussion

Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help. Select ONE of these companies ,from the first column, as the subject of your paper. You are provided source links in the table about the company to get you started.,Select ONE of these companies ,from the first column, as the subject,The following five (5) companies have been in the news due to either a consumer protection or antitrust problem. Select ONE of these companies ,from the first column, as the subject of your paper. In addition, you are provided source links in the table about the company to get you started. In conclusion, y,ou will need to do more research about the company as well as the ethical frameworks and applicable law.,Company,Fact sources to get you started,Comments/additional sources,Southern Rail, U.K.,(Consumer issue),Little, S. (2018, January 16). ,Southern Rail voted UK’s worst train service for third year in a row,. ,Independent. ,Additional citation for you for facts:,Stauffenberg, J. (2016, August 18). ,Two girls hit as ceiling collapses on Southern Rail train,. ,Independent. ,For other issues, think creatively: explore employment, workplace safety (a subset of employment), tort of negligence (what duty is owed passengers?), defamation, —- remember this company is in U.K.,Google,(Antitrust),Google faces antitrust fine from EU over Adsense,. (2019, March 15). Pymnts.,Note this is EU antitrust law.,Google is rich ground for finding other areas of law to discuss. Consider such topics as privacy, contract, defamation, intellectual property, employment,Rent-A-Center Business,(Consumer),Eiserer, T. & Smith, M. (2018, May 23). ,That couch you’re sitting on could land you in jail,. WFAA.,Complaints and accusations of abusive collection practices pile up against Rent-A-Center,. (2017, November 15). MarketWatch.,This is in Texas. You might take a look at possible prosecution of Rent-A-Center in California. Not clear this is all the same umbrella company, a franchise, or just common practices by same type companies in TX, but I suspect it is RAC. Take a look at the second article I listed in VA. Tons of issues here. For other the legal topics, consider contract, defamation, trespass, criminal law, and other torts (research these how these apply),Apple,(Antitrust),Spotify v. Apple,Vincent, J. (2019, March 13). ,Spotify files antitrust complaint over “Apple tax,.” ,The Verge. ,And,Lapowsky, I. (2019, March 13). ,Spotify’s Apple complaint cuts to a core antitrust issue,. ,Wired,.,For the other topics, look into Apple’s employment practices, contract practices, privacy protections, corporate social responsibility, ethical code, etc.,Heritage Pharmaceuticals,(Antitrust),Associated Press. (2016, December 15). ,20 states sue 6 makers of generic drugs, alleging conspiracies to manipulate prices,. ,L.A. Times.,This has morphed from a couple of drugs to a cartel of 300 drugs involved. See this one:,Rowland, C. (2018, December 9). ,Investigation of generic ‘cartel’ expands to 300 drugs,. ,Washington Post.,For other areas of law, look into employment, contract, ADR, securities, intellectual property,Questions,When you have selected your company, research and cover the following points in a well written essay. Use APA format and topical headings.,Firstly, in an introductory paragraph identify the company, the topic and a well crafted thesis statement.,In addition, briefly describe the company and the nature of its business and corporate business environment. Consequently, do not spend a lot of time on the history of the company, but do describe sufficiently to create meaningful context. This should only need to be a paragraph.,Also, research, define and discuss the ,legal issues and regulatory environment ,for the company’s consumer or antitrust issue. (i.e., What are the laws involved?) Include case law.,Consequently, Ethical dilemma and frameworks: Identify the ethical dilemma that the company presents with respect to its antitrust or consumer problem. Again, this should be encapsulated in a single sentence. More so, evaluate ,two ,ethical frameworks with respect to the company’s management’s decisions that led to the situation. Nonetheless, one of these should be the ethical framework you identify as the framework the company followed in its decision-making. The other should be a contrasting framework that might have produced a different situation for the company.,Furthermore, Other legal topics that relate to the company’s business: Also, clearly define and evaluate ,three (3) additiona,l legal topics (NOT antitrust or consumer protection) and apply them to the company’s business. (Examples: contracts, torts, product liability, bankruptcy, securities & stocks trading, employment issues, defamation, privacy, ADR, etc. Include illustrative case law.),Lastly, General recommendations for business leadership and managers that you have learned from this study (not just for the company you have selected, but for running a business).,Further Guidance:,In conclusion, Write a well-supported analytical essay critiquing the company (See uploaded file), its operations, and the ethical dilemma it caused. Also,  discuss the legal issues and concepts identified and make recommendations for management.,More so, do not write in 1st or 2nd person. Paper must be written in 3rd person.,Lastly, Do not use contractions., ,Statistics homework help

ERAU Toward Transformative Supply Chain Management Boeing 787 Case Study

ERAU Toward Transformative Supply Chain Management Boeing 787 Case Study.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner construction project began in earnest in the early 2000’s, with an initial completion date around 2008. However, the project was rife with problems, delays, issues, and mistakes related to logistics and planning. Use the Hunt Library to research related articles. Study the articles and complete a case study analysis. Begin with a summary overview outlining the main logistics issues facing Boeing as the Dreamliner project progressed. Then, add detail and analysis by responding to the following topics and questions.Assess the extent to which Boeing used modern technology to help control and manage the 787 project. Justify your answer with an appropriate example or illustration, and cite a reliable source to support your comments.Describe any quality methods used by Boeing during the 787 project. Evaluate the effectiveness of those methods if used.Identify the most valuable logistics lessons learned from the Boeing 787 construction experience, and suggest ways for present logistics managers to avoid making similar errors. Comment on why such management errors are made considering that best practices have been taught about logistics and project management for several decades. Why do you think well-educated professionals fall into ineffective practices leading to such cases as with Boeing? SubmitSubmit your case study. Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number (or description). Do not add punctuation or special characters.Write the paper in accordance with current APA style rules including a cover page, narrative body, and reference list on a separate final page.
ERAU Toward Transformative Supply Chain Management Boeing 787 Case Study

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