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MGT 422 SEU Empowering Employees Discussion

MGT 422 SEU Empowering Employees Discussion.

The answer should be very short not exceeding 4 lines.Q1: Imagine that someone who reports to you is on a prescription medication that makes his breath smell like alcohol. How would you handle this situation?Q2 : Identify strategies that can be used to change an organization’s ethical behavior and legal compliance, and analyze each strategy on its impact on the organization. post your comments ?Q3: If you were running your own company, how would you communicate your CSR strategy with employees, with external stakeholders, and why?Q4: Read the article entitled “Guidelines on Managing Ethics in the Workplace” available at the following link: and post your comments ?…
MGT 422 SEU Empowering Employees Discussion

Relationships are a very important part of human life. Regardless of the success of any human being, relationships are an essential key to a better life and their ignorance could have the most serious repercussions. Family members should strive as much as they can to relate well with each other. This is particularly crucial for children as regards their relationship with their parent since this relationship determines how a child undergoes psychosocial development. This paper looks into parent-children relationships to identify some of the challenges that this relationship faces and also suggests remedies to problems encountered by parents and children as they relate to each other. A good society basically defines an environment that upholds the good morals that is universally acceptable. It is for this fundamental virtue and reason that good parent-child relationship can be realized within such society. Let’s therefore find out the meaning of good morals that fosters good relationships between parents and children in the society. Through out the human history, communities have been concerned with what their children would become when they grow up, assessed by parameters of appropriate moral growth. This could only become as a dream because of the ever common and confusing results later seen in their behaviors. Good morals are therefore hard to achieve and they must be worked for in order to be realized. It is hence, very apparent that the parent-child relationship embraces behaviours, feelings and expectations that are unparalleled to a particular parent and child. All these unique characters contribute to the full extent of a child’s development and growth. There are a number of factors that affect the relationship between children and their parents. For instance, the relationship between a parent and his/her child may be affected adversely by marriage instability or the experience that the parent has in dealing with certain issues. Other factors include confidence of parents in the decisions they make affecting their children and the character of a child. Age in this case, specifies the cognition of setting good standards of behaviors. Take for example; parents who have been married for quite some time tend to be patient and calm before delivering judgment to an errant child compared to their newly married colleagues. This is usually so, because such cases have arisen in such family settings before and going by such past experiences, have been successfully arbitrated upon. On the other hand, new couples are bound to act on the spot without considering the other side of the consequences that can spark rebellion from the children. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Another instance, where wisdom through age demonstrates itself, can be seen on the ability to be understanding in a conflict. Come to think of this, sometimes children want to do something contrary to their parents’ wish. In such cases parents should be honest and open with their children by explaining why they feel the time or situation is not yet ripe or why the action is improper. It is thus prudent, to approach certain conflicts between parents and children with caution so as not to blow it out of proportion in order for good relationships to blossom. Such, can majorly be actualized through innate wisdom and knowledge majorly set by age .having seen that parenting is an important determination of good morals, stability in marriage is a major factor that equally contributes to a good relationship between parents and children. A happy couple would reason together, consult every now and then, keeps family secrets, plans and most importantly do not prejudice or incite the children against each other. Parents who commit in house wrangles are bound to disagree on certain principles that are essential for the children’s development. It is an obvious factor that, ‘children learn by observation.’ children on the other hand are bound by nature to take hard line positions in support of or disapproval of either of the parent’s view. Parents need to agree on household issues and to stick to the rules relating to the family’s wellbeing. Both parents should each time remember their resolutions and refuse to get compromised by the children who break such rules. Children gain a sense of security from parents who love and support each other. It is clear from this reason that unstable marriages would absolutely contribute to bad relationships between parents and children as opposed to stable marriages that fosters good relationships between parents and the children in the society. Other key area that requires the parents’ full attention and intimacy for a good relationship with the children is education, which anchors more on the parents’ support to the children for its success. The outcome of this closeness is that, parents can make a spectacular difference in positively molding the future of the children. Religion on the other hand, can be a reality when parents have good relationship between themselves (Thera 1). For achievement of a good relationship between parents and children, there is need for involvement of all stakeholders in the relationship. Close knit families are therefore formed in families where members understand each other and complement each other for achievement of a common goal. We will write a custom Essay on Good Parent-children Relationship specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This comes as a result of, talking to the children, taking time to take them to bed, praying with them and literally driving their efforts based on family objectives such as hard work, respect, love and so on. This condition of closeness and stability eventually inculcates good relationships between parents and children. Characteristics of the children compared to those of the parents can also influence the relationships between the parents and the children. Let us look at this factor pegged on four main stages of development. These are Infants, kindergarten children, school age and adolescence. It is common to note that as the children move from infancy, the parent-child relationship begins to change. At this stage, the parents simply natures the relationship based on day to day care (Holman 60). For example, if parents show open pleasure in their children however much busy they could be, the toddler appreciates in a sub conscious way and reciprocates by forging good relationship with the parents. In this case, the much a child is connected with the parent may be the determinant factor of the success the child will encounter due to reliable psychosocial development during childhood. The small pre school child becomes more cheerful, self-reliant, self-controlled and focused when the parents are permissive while children who are brought up by authoritarian parents tend to lack self-confidence and withdrawn. This therefore affects the good relationship with the parents (Milordo 1). For example, where in a situation where parents and do not encourage negotiations with their children. The above stage enables the child to explore much of the environment and feel that they can get away with any behavior expecting not to be reprimanded. This stage calls for less rigid personality in addition to firmness so that the parent-child connection is not withheld. At school-age stage, good relationship between parents and children is natured by congealing patterns of interaction between parents to children. Remember this is the stage where the child’s social world expands and they increasingly become interested in peers. It should not be misconstrued to mean that this is a sign of disinterest to the parent. Even though, parents are supposed to be displinarians, they should not so much rely on physical punishment or withdraw their affection; instead, they should encourage and politely give direction so that a good relationship between the parent and child is yielded.Behaviourial changes at adolescence stage may also put strain on the relationship between the parents and the children. A case of study would be, taking a child at this stage of development as one who bickers and challenges the authority of the parents. It must be known that adolescence stage provides a base for most teenagers to hold different views with their parents; albeit, it’s very poignant to reason in this manner. The concern to parents should be an absolute concession on essentials and limit tendencies of variations that can affect their relationships. Not sure if you can write a paper on Good Parent-children Relationship by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More From this essay, it is evident that the skills of a child’s parents in maintaining a good relationship with their child are very instrumental in the development of the child and it determines the child’s future. It is therefore of essence for parents to ensure that they do their best to achieve healthy relationships with their children since the benefits of the same may be more than they can imagine. All these attempts essentially improve the good relationships between the parents and children in the society. Works Cited Holman, Thomas. The Family in the New Millennium:: Strengthening the family. New York. Barnes
The issues of change for GSK. GlaxoSmithKline is the earth major produce of pharmaceutical company. GlaxoSmithKline is among the globe pinnacle five companies of pharmaceutical and apex twenty FT international five hundreds companies in the earth. The company trendy his career in one hundred sixteen countries and it overcomes one hundred sixteen countries market place. Beecham opens the world’s first manufacturing make frivolously for manufacture medicines. Since at the time the crowd has transitory from side to side among stage, but the position where road brushwood off another term come during the join into whole of company. There was a most important impact on the relating to the art, and their planning of the company according to this combines into a whole. The company promotes his single society. They progress their approach of course. (Beecham, 2000) The role of this change condition that has been select by artistic transform and placement union join of the RThe issues of change for GSK
When replying, try to address different aspects of the ethical argument with Bible integrations. Often, these situations are not as black and white as they seem, particularly when responsibilities such as independence and confidentiality come into play. Scenario – You are negotiating a transaction for your client, Shark Corporation. Parties on the other side of the deal ask you for information about the structural stability of a building, which is a significant part of the transaction. Coleman, Shark’s tax director, tells you to say that everything is all right when the building has substantial hidden damage. Coleman tells you to say this because it would be more favorable to Shark’s position in the transaction. How would you respond to Coleman’s request? Be sure to cite research that supports your position. My response to Coleman would be that I would not lie about the damage of the building. One of the Principles of Professional Conduct is Integrity which means being honest and candid while also maintaining client confidentiality. This principle also notes that members should perform all professional responsibilities with the highest sense of integrity, which is the best course of action to maintain the public trust. I am not only responsible to represent Shark Corporation, but also, I am responsible to maintain honesty and integrity with the other parties. By lying about this transaction, I would also be violating the principle of Responsibility which states that members should always exercise moral and professional judgement during their work and career. My responsibility is to provide professional service, and an obligation to uphold the standards of the profession. Also, the Due Care Principle states that I should constantly try to improve my ethical competence and act to the best of my ability when it comes to ethical standards. What if you have already told the other side that the building is fine when you learn about the problems? The Bible teaches us in Proverbs 10:9 “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.” I must conduct myself with integrity and I must inform the other side about the damages of the building. I must also be responsible to tell the other side that the information I provided before is incorrect and that the building has such problems. What other potential ethics issues do you see in this situation? Another potential ethic issue that I find in this case is that Mr. Coleman is the Tax director of this company, and he wants me to act in an unethical way. This is an indication that Shark Corporation does not have a good ethical environment. An ethical workplace environment supports a positive reputation for your company while improving the morale of your employees. Violations of basic ethics can hurt your business or cost your company money due to actions such as lawsuits or theft of good and ideas (Shelley Frost). This unethical behavior shown by Mr. Coleman puts in risk the reputation of the Corporation and can cost them a lot of money. I might also consider leaving this client because I do not want to put my reputation in risk. Which AICPA Code(s) of Professional Conduct rules apply in this situation (explain how and why they apply)? Rule 102. AICPA (2011, p. 1757) would apply to this situation. This rule is about Integrity and Objectivity which states that in the performance of any professional service, a member shall maintain objectivity and integrity, shall be free of conflicts of interest, and shall not knowingly misrepresent facts or subordinate his or her judgment to others. This rule means that I shall conduct myself with integrity in the performance of my services as a professional, and that I shall not help this client to conduct this transaction because I am completely aware that there is a problem with it. In this case, the building has structural damage. Cite the specific verse(s) for at least one Biblical principle that you feel is relevant to the situation (explain how and why it applies). The Bible verse that I feel is relevant to this situation is Luke 8:17 “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” Mr. Coleman thinks that he can keep this secret and that nobody will find out, but the truth is that God knows everything, and He brings everything to light.

Beis Medrash Heichal Dovid Policy Proposal on Obesity Report

Beis Medrash Heichal Dovid Policy Proposal on Obesity Report.

Assessment 2 will build on the health issue, vulnerable population, and position that you started to develop in the first assessment. For Assessment 2, you will develop a proposal for a policy and a set of guidelines that could be implemented to ensure improvements in care and outcomes.undefined What are the relevant best practices from a population health standpoint (cultural competence, disease prevention, and interventions) for your chosen health issue and vulnerable population? undefined How are these best practices relevant to your chosen health issue and vulnerable population? undefined Do the best practices make any reference to standards of care or benchmarks that should be achieved? How could these best practices be leveraged to help inform or develop a policy and guidelines to improve care and outcomes for the vulnerable population you are working with? How could technology be used to identify health concerns or collect data that could help health care practitioners determine which health care issues to focus on in a population? undefined What are the relevant laws, regulations, or policies for employing any of the technology you might find useful? What type of policy and guidelines would be most likely to ensure improvements in care and outcomes related to your chosen health issue and vulnerable population? undefined Are there any policies in existence that could help inform your own policy development? How might your proposed policy and guidelines influence the way in which care is accessed? How might your proposed policy and guidelines influence the amount of access that is available?
Beis Medrash Heichal Dovid Policy Proposal on Obesity Report

Volunteer Tourism: Factors and Contributions Essay

essay writer Introduction The tourism industry ranks amongst the greatest income generating sectors across the world. Consequently, different countries regard tourism as an opportunity to achieve economic growth and development. Tourism leads to improvement in living standards within societies by creating employment. Moreover, the local society benefits from the infrastructures that are built in order to support tourism. Examples of such infrastructures include airports, telecommunication networks, sewerage systems, and other public utilities (Wearing

Issues of Japanese Cultural Identity Essay

Through anime productions, Japan has today become a significant player in the global cultural development and economy. Many people across the world label anime as Japan’s major cultural export. The products and ideas have extended across the world. While it is hard to give a proper definition for anime, many people have defined cartoons and images presenting fantasy and imagination as part of anime. This makes the animated works a major aspect of the Japanese culture. Issues of Japanese Cultural Identity In Japan, animated caricatures and films have become important than elsewhere in the world. Unlike the presentation of cartoons in the Western countries, Japan’s anime is definitely a mainstream phenomenon that continues to define pop culture. The young generation and other members of the Japanese society have accepted the idea thereby making it a classical portrayal of the Japanese staple culture (Drazen, 2003). There is the continued production of animated characters for movies, books and other related medium. For example, Spirited Away is a Japanese animated movie telling the story of Chihiro who enters a world inhabited by monsters and spirits. Yoruba who is a witch transforms her parents into pigs. The witch forces Chihiro to work in her bathhouse where she plans to free her parents and escape from the mystery. Similar films are common in Japan. Such films have played a huge role to promote the issues of the Japanese cultural identity. This has made the country outstanding compared with other cultures. The anime is today fitting accurately into the contemporary visual culture in Japan. In the country, these animations and similar portrayals help a lot in educational purposes and even commercial enterprise (Poitras, 2001). At times, the idea of animations has become part of policy implementations and political resistance. The use of anime has helped the Japanese for years to express unique powers and fantasies that form the imaginary world of the people. As observed in the film Spirited Away, the industry and literary works have always used animations as a way of promoting the Japanese culture, beliefs and traditions. For anyone interested in the culture of the Japanese, it would be fascinating to use animations to present their ideas, powers and concepts (Drazen, 2003). This is a rich and fascinating approach to present the aesthetic and visual aspects of the culture. As well, this becomes an innovative approach aimed at promoting media and art in the country. Different analysts have indicated that anime with its breadth and analysis of subject matter remains a resourceful mirror on the Japanese society. This makes it possible to understand some of the issues, dreams, fantasies and nightmares that define the modern society. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The other way the anime productions deal with the issues of the Japanese and their cultural identity is by presenting the aspects and ideas that define the people of Japan. Japan is today a major cultural and commercial force in the global society (Poitras, 2001). With the presentations of these animations, the culture has influenced the western world. This is the same role played by its ideas and technological developments. The production of animated films such as Spirited Away presents this aspect and identity of the Japanese people. An Anime production offers an opportunity to explore the cultural force that is fascinating. The world absorbs the productions thereby presenting the relationship between local cultures and the global culture. At the time when the Americans have dominated global culture, the influence of these animations is something unique because they offer the identity of the Japanese and eventually becoming as a unique cultural resistance (Drazen, 2003). The anime productions have become a form of culture and popular tradition that shows the true picture of the Japanese roots. This has helped the people to exert a wider influence and promote Japanese ideas. In Japan, the supernatural and imaginary world is common both for cultural and religious practices. Anime productions have offered the people an opportunity to produce these ideas and narratives to define their traditions and cultural foundations (Poitras, 2001). The narrative styles, imagery, humor and psychological aspects running through these animations have helped establish the Japanese culture across the world. As more people watch these films and anime productions, it has become easier to promote the Japanese culture and identity than ever before. Conclusion The important thing is that the anime productions are in the form of narratives not visual styles. The Japanese consider animated films as a medium in which there is the combination of the visual aspects and elements. The approach makes generic and philosophical structures that help to produce a unique world. We will write a custom Essay on Issues of Japanese Cultural Identity specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The reason why the Japanese use animations to present these ideas is that their world and culture is tragic, sexualized and provocative. The complexity of the stories makes the anime productions effective and analytical of the Japanese cultural aspects. The use of anime productions in Japan is a practice that has helped position the cultural identity of the people. The influence has been enormous to the western world thereby making the culture unique and spectacular. References Drazen, P. (2003). Anime Explosion: The What? Why and Wow of Japanese Animation. Berkeley: Stone Bridge Press. Poitras, G. (2001). Anime Essentials: Everything a Fans Needs to Know. Berkeley: Stone Bridge Press.

Eng 225, movie choice is Titanic

Eng 225, movie choice is Titanic. I need an explanation for this Psychology question to help me study.

In your paper,

Explain genre theory and, using Chapter 3 of the text as a reference, describe the conventions and attributes of the genre you have selected.
Identify a feature-length film that fits your selected genre and briefly summarize the movie. As you develop this summary, remember the differences between a film’s story and a film’s plot and be sure to highlight specific genre elements.
Interpret at least two genre conventions exhibited in your chosen feature-length film that help classify it in the selected genre. Be sure to provide a specific example of each convention (e.g., a particular scene or plot component).
Provide an example of a third convention from your chosen feature-length film and explain how this convention expands the boundaries of the specified genre.

The Genre and Genre Theory paper

Must be 900 to 1200 words in length and formatted according to APA style
Must include a separate title page with the following
2 scholarly sources
Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper.

Eng 225, movie choice is Titanic