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MGT 422 SEU – Business Ethics and Organization Social Responsibility Essay

MGT 422 SEU – Business Ethics and Organization Social Responsibility Essay.

Put yourself in the role of the recall coordinator for Ford Motor Co. It’s 1973, and field reports have been coming in about rear-end collisions, fires, and fatalities. You must decide whether to recall the automobile. What will you decide? 1. Identify the relevant facts, pertinent ethical issues, and points of ethical conflict. (1.25 Marks) 2. Identify the relevant affected parties, the possible consequences of alternative courses of action. (1.25 Marks) 3. Identify relevant obligations, the relevant community standards that should guide you as a person of integrity, and Check your gut. (2.5 Marks)
MGT 422 SEU – Business Ethics and Organization Social Responsibility Essay

Table of Contents The Nano-Chip Implants Negative impacts of computer technology Personal Obligation and Web Content Social Websites and Employee Character Analysis The Nano-Chip Implants These chips have been designed using nanotechnology. Their basic working principle is based on computer programming. These chips have the ability to perform various functions. For instance, they can erase human memory, enhance the ability of human memory, boost the effectiveness of the brain, utilize the human senses in computer systems, and also detect anomalies in the human body. Therefore, the chips are indeed one of the greatest scientific inventions of this era. The scientist who came up with this technology hoped that it would make life more interesting and comfortable for all human beings. The capability of the chips to monitor human senses has made it possible to be used by the security agencies. The results are tremendous since the eye can be used as a camera while the ear can perform the function of a microphone. The security personnel have been transformed to moving surveillance cameras. They hardly get sick or emotional since the parts that trigger emotions have been erased. This technology has completely managed to curb most of the chronic infections. An early detection method even without the knowledge of the affected person has boosted the healthcare sector. The use of the nano-chips has finally given rise to a super human. However, this type of technology has some shortfalls. For instance, the nano-chips are very small and can be induced through ingestion. This has significantly interfered with the human’s right to privacy because any individual can be used as a camera to monitor other people. The technology’s capability in terms of memory manipulation is also threatening to wipe out humanity. Mankind will be converted to perfect machines without emotions, family ties, and cultural beliefs. Negative impacts of computer technology The 21st century has witnessed the desire to incorporate computing technology in several aspects of our daily lives. As such, a computer is turning out to be a necessity in every person’s life. This technology has tremendous negative effects to humanity in. For example, advances made in computing knowledge have led to sophisticated acts of crime and elimination of several employment opportunities that were initially done manually. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The societal values have also changed remarkably due to increased computer use. Currently family values in some cultures have been eroded. For example, young people may have quick access to adult content from online sources. Besides, members of the society no longer understand how to socialize face to face due to increased use of social media. Computing knowledge has equally made it easy to make fake identities. Digital crimes have become a norm as many people continue to gain access to computer literacy. The most common crime is piracy. The latter has been enhanced because most media files have been converted to digital formats and therefore easy to produce copies. Piracy is a major impediment towards the growth of the music industry. Online hackers are also on the increase. Confidential information can easily be accessed when someone gains access to private data through a computer. There are increasing instances of money laundering and theft from banks. Since most confidential files and records are stored in computers, they can easily be deleted remotely. Computer systems have the ability of performing work faster than human beings. A single computer with one operator can perform work that could have been done by several people. This has resulted into massive unemployment. It has affected the livelihoods of many individuals across the employment field. The negative effects associated with the use of computers can be managed in various ways. The manufacturers of computers should design these devices in such a way that they both healthy to use and also do not erode our values. Computers should be designed with improved security protocols that can assist in eliminating digital crimes. In addition, employment opportunities should be boosted by various governments across the world because computerization of the systems has negatively impacted the availability of job opportunities. Personal Obligation and Web Content The number of personal websites has increased significantly in the recent past. Besides, sharing information on these websites has also been on the increase. This information is used for academic purposes and also when handling emergencies such as first aid instructions, general knowledge, and several other aspects of life. This implies that the contents on websites have become increasingly vital in the contemporary society. We will write a custom Essay on Negative Impacts of Computer Technology specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The information available on website are supposed to be accurate bearing in mind that there are millions of web users who rely website contents on a daily basis. Currently, measures that have been put in place to enhance authentic publication of web content are quite limited. This leaves all the obligations to owners of websites to ensure that the contents posted are appropriate and accurate. We live in a society where character is judged based on our actions. If a website owner wants be credited, then it is pertinent to ensure that the information being released to the public is indeed credible. The internet has so far become a rich source of learning resources. It is a type of resource that has proved to be cost effective and easily accessible. As it stands now, the internet and related web content are largely used for informative purposes. Therefore, it cannot be neglected as a learning resource. The governments and major players in the industry have put up measures that are believed will protect the internet as a vital part of human life. This initiative will not succeed if the owners of websites do not feel ethically obligated to provide the most credible services to internet users who access their websites. Social Websites and Employee Character Analysis The code of morality has been developed since time immemorial. There are myriads of values that have been adopted while others have been completely dropped from human civilization. The current age is definitely in a phase of moral crisis. This has been worsened by the widespread exposure to social networking websites. Ethical standards are based on truth alone. How sure do these employers know that what they are reading from social networking sites is true about that person they are interviewing? These employers should try to get a distinction between personal and public or professional life. These two are completely different and should not be mixed. A good example is a person who was denied a job opportunity because of a letter written online when the person was still a student. The letter denied the person employment opportunities until when it was withdrawn. When a person is applying for a job, the past personal interests should never play a role in determining the effectiveness of that individual. College and work life are very different. It is therefore difficult to predict the true nature of a person based on social networking sites. 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HN 510 Purdue Global University Risk Management Discussion.

Learning is enhanced when you take time to reflect on the process. This week, you will have a journal that asks you to discuss your thoughts in relation to the topic for the unit. Your reflection and writing will help with your understanding of the content covered.Your response to this journal should be clear, concise, and organized. The expression of information must be well written and original, with few or no errors in format and mechanics.Review the “Risk Management Strategies” section in Chapter 5 of your textbook. Choose three strategies and discuss how you feel they could be implemented.Please respond to the following questions:Why do you feel these strategies are important?How would you implement these strategies in your professional life? What steps do you need to take?What are the benefits for both clients and professionals in implementing risk management strategies?text book: Corey, G. C. (2019). Issues and ethics in the helping professions. Boston, MA: Cengage.
HN 510 Purdue Global University Risk Management Discussion

English for Global Communication Essay

Table of Contents Interviews The Concept of Global Citizenship Intercultural Communication and Its Peculiarities Implications Recommendations Questions References Interviews Every year more and more students made a decision to study abroad. That is why they are to understand a new language and interact with new culture. The concepts of global citizenship and intercultural communication occur to be the ones that help to understand this situation and processes connected with it. So I have paid attention to these two topics to deepen into the subject and provide some evaluation and recommendations that may help to enhance and streamline the adaptation. Two interviews were conducted to gain authoritative information. The first one was held in La Trobe University. Five students were chosen randomly and asked at lunchtime to answer six questions. The second interview took place beyond the campus. Five people of approximately the same age were selected. They were interviewed individually, and it took about five minutes to have a talk with one of them. The majority of interviewees answered the questions with no problems and provided me with the amount of information that was enough for me to make reflections. That is why I believe these interviews to be successful. The Concept of Global Citizenship I had always thought that the students can provide only some abstract information about global citizenship, so I was pleasantly surprised when they started to give a decent answer. Thus, the majority of the interviewed students claimed that the concept of global citizenship is applicable to a person who treats the humankind as a whole and believes that people should emphasize that they belong more to the global community than to the particular nation. The students of La Trobe University think that the most important is to understand that there are lots of people in the world, and all of them are connected with us. As for me, global citizenship is to be promoted in the course of education; I even see this perspective as the most significant one. I hoped that my idea would be shared and, fortunately, this happened. Even though not all students treated themselves as global citizens, they claimed to be equal with students of various nations and underlined that at school they were already taught some aspects of global citizenship education. The teachers explained them the peculiarities of widely-known cultures and made them tolerant. They also got to know about the opportunities of international education. On this basis, students believed that it is important to continue developing global consciousness and global competence so that it would be even easier to interact with various people (Hail, 2015). Those who do not study at La Trobe University say that they are tolerant of people from all over the world, but they believe that national citizenship is greater than the global one. Thus, they were divided in opinion with the students, who understand that global citizenship and national citizenship are significant for the process of shaping one’s identity. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Intercultural Communication and Its Peculiarities Preparing the question about the representatives of a culture they would like to get in touch, I was almost sure that the majority will name Chinese. Due to the rapid technological development in the country, people started take an interest to them. However, our culture and language is in marked contrast to theirs. That is why I considered that a range of difficulties will occur during the communication. Of course, some interviewees have chosen representatives from other countries but six of them preferred Chinese, which proved my assumption to be correct. Even though I am not a native speaker of English, I thought that cultural differences will be the ones that the interviewees will mention as the main problem they face (would face). However, it turned out that the youth does not find this aspect as a real issue. They claim that in the very beginning they need some time to get adjusted to the way their partner speaks. Thus, native speakers are not always able to understand the accent and non-native speakers feel confused when the speech is too smooth and quick. Still, this problem solves itself within a short period. Cultural stereotypes are the things we all know. To my mind, it is impossible to avoid their influence. As soon as one gets to know that he/she is speaking to a person from a different culture, the person recollects everything one heard about it. Of course, stereotypes are not always true to life, but in the majority of cases they can help to understand how to behave while interacting with a partner or what to expect from one. The interviewees from both groups claimed that they have sometimes referred to the stereotypes while communicating, and mostly this information was of advantage. It was interesting that even if the stereotype was not true to life, the partners did not consider the reference to it to be rude and treated it as a joke. That is why I believe cultural stereotypes to be one more source of the themes for a conversation that helps to understand the person and his/her culture better. Off-campus interviewees consider religion to be more important than students do. The last ones said that they do not usually ask about the person’s religion and just do not pay attention to it, unless the partner asked them. Others claim that religion changes the manner of conversation and underlines topics unlikely to be spoken about, as Berensmeyer and Hadfield claim (2015). However, students pay more attention to the style of communication. I think it happens as they are to change it more often than others. It is impossible to talk to a professor as if one is your best friend. So knowing the difference between the styles, one can choose the style that will make him/she sound correct (Chen, Lawless,

ENGLN 2338 TUTA Audience Analysis Memo Paper

essay help online free ENGLN 2338 TUTA Audience Analysis Memo Paper.

This read-me of the assignment sheet is for your benefit. This read-me gives you an exact overview of what is expected for the major assignment for this unit.Effective communication depends largely on understanding your audience. Your audience’s expectations, characteristics, knowledge level, and information needs determine the content you choose to present, the depth of detail you provide, the overall tone or attitude of your writing, and even the purpose you establish for your communication.In addition to knowing the importance of analyzing audience, you should also be able to distinguish a document’s primary and secondary audiences.Primary audiences are the major intended readers for your document. In the workplace, your primary audience is the person or persons who will understand and act on your message.Secondary audiences are the other potential readers of your document. These are people who may receive a copy of your document.Most workplace communication has a combination of primary and secondary audiences. For example, people attended your presentation (primary audience) might later share information about your presentation and your handouts with people who didn’t attend (secondary audience).Assignment Guidelines: For this assignment, choose two (2) websites that present information on the same subject. However, the two (2) websites should be aimed at different primary audiences. One website should be designed for a non-technical audience and the other for a technical/specialized audience.Write a memo to your instructor analyzing both websites and their audiences (primary and secondary) and explain the persuasive strategies each website uses to serve its primary audience’s needs.Synthesize your analysis to the following questions:Note: You need to answer all of these questions; your failure to answer all questions will result in point deductions. What primary audiences do the two websites seem to aim for? What kind of knowledge do the audiences seem to possess about the subject matter? What are their age(s), genders, education level, occupations, and cultural background?Who are the secondary audiences of these websites? Who else might use information found on these sites?What persuasive strategies do the websites employ to appeal to their primary audiences? Do they use claims? Do they make an effort to connect with the audience? (See pages 48-51 of your textbook for more on persuasion)To what extent do the websites use technical language? Do you see any examples of jargon? Give examplesHow long is the average sentence in each website? How long is the average paragraph? Does this tell you anything about the audience?How formal/informal are their respective style? Why?Is there advertising? If so, what do the ads tell you about the audience?Do the website use tables, graphs, figures, illustrations or images? How different are they on the two websites?Requirements:Keep in mind that your purpose is to compare and contrast the two websites, not merely to describe them (failure to compare and contrast will result in a 20-point deduction)Do not simply type the questions followed by your answers. Like all professional memos, this one should summarize and organize the information into coherent and well-written narratives (failure to use a narrative will result in 5-point deduction)Format: Use a business memo format. You can also use a memo template in Word. (Failure to use a business memo format will result in 10-point deduction)Minimum word requirement: 750 words (Failure to meet the minimum word count will result in a 5-point deduction)Make sure to include the Websites’ URLs in your memo (Failure to include working URLs will result in a 5-point deduction)Submission Instructions:Submit via Unicheck in Canvas (Final draft only). No assignments will be accepted over email. Assignments incorrectly posted or submitted to the wrong location in Canvas will receive a 10-point deductionRequired title for final version: your last name-audience analysis memo.Submit the document as a PDF.Deadlines: First draft due by 11:59pm CST Friday of week 1Peer review due by 11:59pm CST Sunday of week 1Final draft due by 11:59pm CST Wednesday of week 2PreviousNext
ENGLN 2338 TUTA Audience Analysis Memo Paper

Assignment 4:

Assignment 4:.

HABITS WORKSHEETThis assignment will help you apply behavioral techniques to your own life. We all have habits – some good, some bad. In an effort to improve our lives, we should work on reducing the habits that aren’t helpful to us and increasing the ones that are helpful or beneficial.Instructions:
Identify a current habit you wish you did not have. This needs to be a habit that you are willing to talk about with classmates. Using a lot my self self phone.Answer the following questions:What is the habit and how did you acquire it?
How do you maintain this habit? Describe the behaviors and/or thoughts/feelings (both positive and negative) that you have about this habit.
How frequently do you do this habit? (where, how, when, etc.)?
Have you tried to break this habit before? If so, how did it go?
Outline a plan detailing how you could change this using the principles of operant conditioning.
Your plan should include how you will use reinforcers (positive and negative) and/or punishers to change your habit.
What kind of schedule of reinforcement will you use? Why?
Will you use the concept of shaping as you try to change this habit?
How effective do you predict your plan will be (chances that you will be successful, i.e., 50%)

Remember: reinforcers are used to increase a behavior and punishers are used to decrease a behavior. After reading the material in this chapter, which will you use?
Assignment 4:

Research Paper Proposal

Research Paper Proposal.

Research Paper: Topic ProposalSee the Details for Research Paper for full instructions and the Research Paper Grading Rubric for the research paper.Remember that your proposal must include:Your thesis and at least two main points in support of itRefresh your knowledge of thesis statements by doing the interactive exercise included this weekThree sources you will use for your paper, not counting the story and film themselves, presented in MLA formatAn analysis of how each source will help you make your argument and how each is credibleRefresh your knowledge of literary argument by doing the interactive exercise included this weekSubmit to the digital drop box.I need this in 3 parts:Topic proposal and three proposed sources -See above ( By Tomorrow)Rough draft of your essay (in two weeks or before)Final draft (in 3 weeks or before)
Research Paper Proposal