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MGT 422 Saudi Electronic University Local Waste Management Companies Questions

MGT 422 Saudi Electronic University Local Waste Management Companies Questions.

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MGT 422LO 6: The capacity to write coherent project about a case study or an actual research about ethics.undefinedundefinedCritical Thinking Questions: (5 Marks)undefinedundefined1. You are the CEO of a small manufacturing company. One of your employees has dumped toxic waste in a nearby stream. Who would you call into your office and what would you want to know? Develop a short-term and long-term action plan for dealing with the crisis. Who would you communicate with and why? (3 Marks)undefined2. How will you characterize the ethics efforts in this organization as taking a value, compliance, or combination approach? Is it effective? Recommend improvements. (2 Marks)Answer must be 300 words for each qustion
MGT 422 Saudi Electronic University Local Waste Management Companies Questions

BUSI 745 Liberty University Online Disruptive Marketing Proposal Report.

iberty UniversityundefinedBUSI745undefinedDisruptive Marketing Plan – Brand Proposal Paper AssignmentundefinedNameundefinedDateundefinedundefinedIndent first sentence of each paragraph – tell the reader what this paper is about…remember that you are provide a specific consumer brand offering / service. undefinedDisruptive Brand PlanundefinedIdentify a brand that you would like to change their approach to their marketing and/or business practices. This must be a consumer tangible product OR a service company. Here are some examples, a cruise line that would change the vacation experience for the customers. You want everyone to talk about their experience and share with their friends and family (word of mouth). Or it could be a company that changes to all ‘green’ and that drives more interest and marketing coverage for this brand.undefinedMarketing MixundefinedDiscuss here the 4Ps that would have to be modified to make these changes. At this point it is very high-level. Remember that these changes the mix must be affordable. You cannot say for example that you are a car brand that is going to give a cruise to everyone that buys your vehicle…that could bankrupt a company. But what would change below? The product itself?Would the price have to change? Would you distribute this differently (place of purchase)? And then how would you promote this ‘disrupted’ product differently?undefinedProductundefinedBrief recap of the key attributes of this product identified above today and how it might change.undefinedPriceundefinedToday’s pricing is discussed here. Provide the exact price of your product and the source.If it is sold in multiple locations, provide three examples of pricing found via your research.How might this have to change?undefinedDistribution (Place)undefinedCurrent distribution plan for this product. This is where consumers can buy your product.If your product is sold at several online and brick & mortar locations – provide at least five examples.undefinedPromotion / Communications undefinedHow does this brand communicate their brand offering today? How would you improve this? Deliver a minimum of 750 words and do not exceed 1000 words. You may use this submission (based on feedback you receive) as the start of your week seven paper. The tight range for word count is to ensure that your final Week Seven paper is under 25% SafeAssign. undefinedTarget MarketundefinedReview current versus future target market for this brand based on the changes you plan to implement.undefined undefinedundefinedReferencesundefinedYou need three authored sources. An authored source is one that has a real human’s name associated with it. You can use web sites too, but you still must have at least three authored sources – including one peer-reviewed journal from the Journal of Marketing for example.Note:The goal of this assignment was to select a consumer brand and propose a marketing plan (not fully developed at this stage) that could be expected to disrupt the market and competition. Often, students select a stodgy brand, one that’s not growing, and propose some out of the box ideas, using the 4Ps to guide thinking, that could surprise competition and regain market leadership. In the Course Content tab, there is a template for the paper.
BUSI 745 Liberty University Online Disruptive Marketing Proposal Report

Is it legal and/or ethical to allow Bob to escape his contractual obligations? Why or why not?

Is it legal and/or ethical to allow Bob to escape his contractual obligations? Why or why not?. I need help with a Business Law question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Bob Smith is a sixteen-year-old high school student. He has worked forty hours per week at the local convenience store over the last year and has diligently saved $6,000 for the purchase of his first car.
While visiting a local car dealership, Bob finds the car of his dreams, a used yellow Camaro. Bob walks into the dealership, negotiates $6,000 as the purchase price, and leaves the dealership a proud car owner.
Over the course of the next six months, Bob drives the Camaro eight thousand miles, wears the tires thin, dents the left front fender, and regrets his purchase. He realizes that in two short years college will beckon, and he knows that his parents cannot afford to pay for his higher education. In short, he wants his money back.
On a Saturday morning, Bob returns to the car dealership, walks into the sales office, and hands the keys to the seller, asking for the return of his $6,000. The dealer chuckles, and then his look turns stern, saying, “Son, I don’t owe you anything. You’ve just learned a lesson in the ‘School of Hard Knocks.’ The car is still yours, and the money is still mine!”
Who will prevail? Why? Is it legal and/or ethical to allow Bob to escape his contractual obligations? Why or why not?

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Is it legal and/or ethical to allow Bob to escape his contractual obligations? Why or why not?

The problem of Gun control in America

essay writer free This is an ever growing problem of violence faces Americans. The streets are becoming a battleground where individuals are been beaten for their belongings, women are terrified and viciously attacked and raped, teenage gangsters are shooting it out for a patch of territories to sell their illegal drugs, and innocent children are been caught every day in the crossfire of drive by shootings which end up in seriously injured or die. Society cannot look the other way and ignore the damage that these criminals do to the society, and people must take appropriate actions to try to stop these horrors. This paper will analyze different aspect of this problem the nation is facing. Gun control may be called the acid test of liberalism. All liberals who call or think themselves as the true one must favor stricter gun controls. After all, does the United States of America have the most heavily armed population on the earth? Is the United States of America the world’s most violent people? Surely, these facts must be at least casually connected. Therefore the apparently desperate need to do something about the vast quantity of firearms and firearms abuse is a major concern. Guns are been used in an enormous number of crimes in this country. In other places in the world with stricter gun laws, gun crimes are rare. Many of the firearms or weapons involved in crime are cheap handguns, and sometime called Saturday night specials for which there is no legitimate use or need. The public is deeply concerned on the issue of gun control; anti-gun control activists believe or think that it is each and every American’s individual right to bear arms. The Second Amendment to the Constitution proves that the people have a choice to own weapons. A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, and it is the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Advocates of gun control said that even with multiple gun control laws already in existence, the serious problems are due to firearm misuse each and every day. Furthermore, the controls that have been designed have not been sufficiently effective or progress. Therefore, those who favor gun controllers argue, we need more uniform into the legislation, more extensive gun controls, and effective enforcement. Various pro-gun control organizations argue on methods of gun control needed. For more examples, there are individuals who would ban all weapons as well as those who take a less radical stand and who would simply increase the controls on firearms. The moderate gun control individuals or groups propose measures such as requiring an individual to successfully complete weapons safety course before being allowed to possess a gun or the individuals have to wait for a mandatory period of time before taking possession of a gun. Today, there maybe over more 20,000 different gun control laws in existence, ranging from those enacted by counties and states, and to those enacted by the federal government. When gun control is ineffective and tougher sentencing of criminals or offenders and stricter parole policies should do far more to combat crime. Statistics prove that Canada has less violent than the United States. Fewer weapons are only part of the story. The inner city slums of the United States of America are murderous, and bombed out looking places. When Americans visit Canada’s big cities, they often ask where the bad individuals are. The answer usually is, there really aren’t any slums, because the lack of violence there reflects it. According to the Economist magazine, blacks are 12% of the United States’ population, and account for 48% of murders, mostly because the inner city blacks are killing one another. Most of these guns were not purchased from retail gun stores. Gun laws will not keep guns out of these ghettos (The Economist, 1993). One of the founding fathers included Second Amendment from the Constitution, because it was made very aware of the fact that there might once again come a time when American citizens would have to fight for their freedom. Of course guns fall in the wrong hands or hands of criminals are harmful. But taking away guns from honest individuals or law abiding citizens do nothing to solve the problem of those who would misuse guns. Criminals will always have guns or find ways to get them, whether we accept it or not. Even in other countries where guns are completely illegal, criminals will simply manufacture or smuggle weapons. The Soviet Army was unable to successfully impose gun control on the small country of Afghanistan. In the United States of America today, criminals import weapons (guns) that law abiding citizens are banned from possessing. What would happen if a nation with guns in every household? The nation is Switzerland. The Swiss does not have to fight a foreign war for over hundreds of years (the last fight in Switzerland was a one month affair in 1847), and their crimes rate is among the lowest in the world. The United States of America can only envy their record. To carry a firearm in the state of California, it requires a permit commonly called Carry Concealed Weapons. CCWs are issued by the discretion of the chief of police of a city of the County, or a sheriff of the County, where the applicants live. As long as the applicants or individuals passes the background check provided by California Department of Justice (DOJ), and a chief of police or a sheriff may issue permit to applicants. In California where Carrying Concealed Weapons permits are obtainable, some studies reveal that the following: when more individuals were armed, the crime rates dropped down proportionally. It is not a surprise that when more citizens are armed there is less crimes. The examples from California and Switzerland were evidence to the fact. Some freedoms have already been lost in this country; can we afford to lose more? With many firearms regulations are now in the books, we do not need more gun control laws. We need to start enforcing the laws that we have now. The government put in place many gun control laws, but some of the laws were made to make the public feel safer. For instance the government has banned some assault rifles, but they were not even used for most gun related crimes. The government passed another law called the Bradey Law. The Bradey Law allows five day wait on the purchase of a handgun so a check can be done on the person’s background. None of these laws seem to decrease the amount of deaths caused by hand guns. The media play part in more laws being applied against guns and ammos. The media also helped to have bullets that may penetrate bulletproof armor get banned, but the bullets were made especially for law enforcement and licensed dealers. All of these laws should be made unconstitutional because it goes against individuals’ right to bear arms. They should find some other ways to deal with gun related crimes and violence. The United States of America was founded by people who believe that owning guns are to protect what they think is right. The constitution gives everyone the right to bear arms and protect themselves. Laws against guns should be unconstitutional but the laws were made because it is what some individuals want. The ban on assault rifles was in effect in the May of 1994. Many assault style weapons and broad categories encompassing many more semiautomatic firearms were among that were banned. Some weapons were banned, and were only used for three percent of all gun related crimes in 1993. Most of the crimes include murders were committed with handguns. The only reason for making to set these laws was to make the people feel good and safe. The reason for many to wait on obtain is to make sure no criminals or mentally disturbed individuals can buy guns. Did anybody really think that solve any of the problems? Many do not think so. The law prevented about 45 thousand individuals from getting guns. This number does not even compare to the number of deaths caused by guns. If the government really wants to stop the amount of killings, they would have to enforce gun education and enforce stricter punishment on murders. The media continue to play hugh part in gun control. If the news reported something was bad or wrong, people would always take their side and views. Rhino Bullets were banned also because of the media. What many individuals did not hear or understand was that they were for law enforcement officers and licensed dealers only. The bullets were banned because of lack of information. Society is the one who suffers because most people got the wrong image about the Rhino Bullets. When individuals are dealing with the interpretation of the Constitution, there are many views they can take. They can view the Constitution as a living document or in its original understanding. The main understanding that people are guided by is what the Framers of the Constitution had in mind when they created them. The Constitution may also be viewed as a living document, in which the interpretation should be surveyed in light of today’s social and politics environments. Bill Clede ideas seem to be guild by the idea of the Constitution being a living document. When the Second Amendment was written, it already had a major impact on this country because state and national governments were unable, and were lacked the power to protect the people. The Amendment gave the power to the people to have guns for protection. As Mr. Clede points out, it was not the intent or purpose of the Amendment to give unlimited rights to the people. Many do not believe that the people are responsible enough to have the unlimited rights they seem to have under the second amendment. Clede stated that does not mean that the government can constitutionally prohibit all weapons, but it probably meant that the government can reasonably regulated and limit their use. Many individuals agreed with Clede’s point. The nature of the Constitution is very vague. The second amendment stated that a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of Free States, the right of the individuals to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. The Constitution never defined or gives examples of what a well-regulated militia is or types of weapons deemed reasonable for protection. It should be left to congress, or more importantly the Supreme Court to interrupt this vague language. Many individuals think that the government could reasonable regulate guns, without compromising the second amendment, but like Clede, some believe congress should concentrate more on who is using the guns and not guns themselves. Patrick Henry felt that all of us should preserve our public liberties, and if need be by force. Patrick Henry stated that the great objective is that, every man be armed. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams also had the same views as Patrick Henry that every man should have the right to own weapons (guns) for private self-defense. Our forefathers felt that it was very important for people to bear arms for protection of property, life, or limb. When they created a document that protected these rights, this seems to be evident because to right to bear arms is in the Second Amendment. Once again, this issue must be raised, and the forefathers foresee a time when this freedom that they embraced would not cause such wide-spread crime in the country. Individuals asked how can they maintain their individual rights, and yet get the guns out of the hands of convicted felons, drug addicts, and people who are mentally impaired from owning guns as Clede described. Many self-respect gun owners are in favor of a waiting period before the purchasing of any type of gun. Clede has clearly taken the stand of some type of tighter control on the sale of weapons, but without touching the Second Amendment. A major problem that has been addressed in Clede’s statement is that no matter what changes, the element in this country will always be, any individual be able to obtain guns. Perhaps individuals should take a closer look at the manufacture of guns and why they are manufactured in such abundance when the numbers of guns already surpass the population of this country. Although state and federal laws forbid the ownership of automatic weapons, but they can easily be obtained for the right price, and always to the criminals in our society. These are the problems that should be made aware of, not the outright banning of guns.

The Social Class Structures Sociology Essay

The Sumerian civilization was one of the earliest in Mesopotamia. The Sumerians existed around 3500-1750 B.C. The Sumerian civilization was not discovered until the 19th century. The following manuscript will cover three key topics the Sumerian Creation Story, the compared social class system to the contemporary United States, and how the hierarchical structure set forth by the Sumerian Empire compares with our current criminal justice system. Lastly, the educational material will show the similarities and differences between the ancient Sumerian Empire and today’s contemporary United States. This research will help individuals understand early civilizations and how they compare to today’s society. The information discovered will also show how early civilizations built their societies. The Social Class Structures and Criminal Justice Systems of Sumerian and the United States Sumer was a collection of city states around the Lower Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what is now southern Iraq. It was a collection of farming villages. Each of these cities had individual rulers; although the leader of the dominant city could have been considered the king of the region. The Sumerians formed the earliest written language. Their religious beliefs also are found to have some similarities with the Bible, especially the book of Genesis. This essay will compare and contrast the Sumerian Empire and the United States. To compare and contrast the two the Sumerian Creation, social classes, and criminal justice system will be assessed. First, I will evaluate the story of the Sumerian Creation. Next, I will compare the different social classes between the Sumerian civilization and the United States. Lastly, I will discuss the hierarchical structure set forth by the Sumerian Empire compared to our current criminal justice system. Literature Review This literature review focuses on literature regarding Sumer and the Sumerian Creation Story, particularly focusing on the Sumerian social class hierarchy. Additionally, this literature review examines the contemporary social structure in the United States and the current criminal justice system. Discussion Sumerian Creation Story The Sumerians Creation Story begins with the earth and the heavens being created in the sea. The Sumerian myths have been pieced together due to the age of the remains found. After the earth and the heavens were created the gods created cities and each city had its own god. The male god, “An”, and the female god, “Ki”, gave birth to Enlil, the chief god of the pantheon. Enlil impregnated Ninlil, the goddess of wind, which created the moon. When the moon was created then it was time to create humans. The Sumerian gods created some humans out of silt or clay. From the evaluation of the Sumerians Creation Story similarities to the Bible can be found. As in Genesis, the Sumerians’ world is formed the heavens and earth are separated from one another by a solid dome. The second chapter of Genesis introduces the paradise Eden, a place which is similar to the Sumerian Dilmun. (Gen. 2:9-10) In the second version of the creation of man “The Lord God formed man out of the clay of the ground and blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and so man became a living being.” The Sumerian gods used a similar method in creating man (Kramer

Commodification and Globalisation in Dubai Essay

Dubai, one of the seven United Arabs Emirates (UAE), has captured the attention of the world as global city with a globally competitive economy. The city is has been known for oil industry but this has been replaced by its comprehensive tourism industry, hosting of events and construction projects. It is therefore evidenced that development of Dubai is line with concepts of globalisation and commodification. Globalisation is a function of Economy, Environment, Culture, Society and Politics, and effect on one result in effect on the other. Commodification is the process by which formerly non- economic things and relationships like institutions, objects, attributes, signs and even people are turned into commercial things whose prime purpose is sale in the market place, as Blunden (1975) explains. According to Marxist political economy it refers to the extension of market trade to formerly non-market areas, and to the handling of things as if they were a tradable commodity (Blunden,1975) A commodity is typically associated with 3 types of values: use value referring to the design of commodities to meet certain need either physically or psychologically; Exchange value as they can be bought and sold in the market with money, and finally commodities have sign value as they act as mode of self-expression in a battle for social position. (Gottdiener, 2000, 26) In Dubai the global media has influenced the society by laying emphasis on the three value of a commodity. The use value of commodities implies that for every need there a product claiming to satisfy it. This has lead to continue product differentiation to meet the arising needs. Labour in Dubai has been heavily commodified with the growth of the fashion industry. The socialisation of women to do domestic work such as dressmaking, cooking, cleaning and caring for the children among others for free has changed. The Dubai shopping mall is a classic example of how the otherwise non-economic dressmaking has been commodified and the fashioners are making lots of money. The Dubai shopping mall. Web. Leisure has been largely commodified in Dubai with distancing from work being perceived as prestigious and a symbol of honour. This is in agreement with Veblen’s observation that, conspicuous leisure; which means distancing oneself from industrial work attracts admiration. (Veblen, 1899). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Commodification of labour, education, government service like education among others have been accelerated by globalisation, whose prime aim is to reduce people’s diversity by restricting individuals’ freedom with the promise of economic gains. Another issue to consider is the increasing commoditization of the city and its impact in the eyes of tourists. According to what Galdauskas (2008) says, commoditization is a two-part complicated process which requires certain efforts and time. However, it must be kept in mind that the process allows to promote the place so that it could bring more profit and attract more tourists. However, Galdauskas (2008) warns that to achieve this goal, one will have to make sufficient alterations concerning the way the place looks and the facilities it can suggest to the newcomers (38). Thus, the question of national identity rises against the idea economical profit. To ensure the balanced correlation between the two, considerable efforts must be made. It is evident that both the part involving “dramatization of life on the stage” (38), as Galdauskas (2008) put it, and the one concerning the preservation of national identity are leveled in Dubai. However, it does not mean that the process of commoditization must run uncontrolled in the city. Since one of the main concerns of the space regeneration is the idea of keeping the national identity, as Universidad de Barselona (1977) claims (77), it becomes clear that the key priority of Dubai citizen at present is to ensure that tourism can coexist with their national identity – otherwise they will be forced to abandon the former to preserve their sense of national dignity. Still, taking into account the culture of Dubai, it can be considered that its citizen can cope with preserving their national identity. Since people flood Dubai to indulge into sightseeing and all kinds of attractions, they bring certain misbalance into its established structure. Foreign elements in the clockwork of Dubai, they slowly make the city dissolve. To prevent Dubai from being gobbled by another culture, people have to undertake certain measures. Another aspect of the problem, the space regeneration, deals with the economical issues. In this case, the principle of mutual recoupment can be put into practice: thus, certain spaces can be restored using the tourism incomes. According to what Universidad de Barselona (1977) suggests, the balance between tourism and the space and place maintenance can be achieved once the “appropriateness to the work in relationship to the place” (133) has been achieved. We will write a custom Essay on Commodification and Globalisation in Dubai specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More However, to achieve this goal, the dwellers of Dubai will have to follow the main principles of the Consumption Theory. Thus, one of the first challenges which the dwellers of Dubai are going to face is how to level the supply and the demand. Utilizing the principle of rationality, as Sherman (2008) suggests (332), it will be possible to achieve the desirable result. However, there are certain issues which require special attention of the entrepreneurs and the government of Dubai. For instance, it is crucial for the city to take into account the principle of rationality. Thus, the chief goal of Dubai is to suggest its guests the necessary attractions and entertainments which they suppose to encounter in here. An advancement of an integration agenda between nations and it entails the widening of economic markets (Mittelman, 1997. pp. 2) globalisation has brought various benefits such as: growth of tourism industry through the movement freedom, enhanced trade widen access to information, rapid diffusion of creative and innovations, specialisation of work and benefit from large scale of production where countries produce what they can better and cheaply produce for local and export while they import what they cannot produce, enabling international relations and this has resulted to rapid economic growths as well as improved living standards. The immense impact of globalisation is felt in Dubai from all aspects of life i.e. Economy, Environment, Culture, Society and Politics. The great extent of globalisation in Dubai is demonstrated by its rapidly growing tourism industry with such baits for tourists as: Burj Al-Arab – the only seven-star hotel in the world and an international icon of Dubai and Palm Jumeirah- an on-going project of the largest artificial island in the Arabian Gulf. The Dubai’s special features have been a major focus for the global media. (Elsheshtawy, 2004). The hosting of international sports has had immense gains for the Dubai’s economy. Although these prizes are won by the foreigners, they spend some of the money in Dubai. Also the fans of sport come in large numbers to watch the sports further contributing to the growth of tourism industry in Dubai. The city has become well-known for hosting famous tennis and golf tournaments, with Andre Agassi, Roger Federer and Tiger Woods promoting Dubai. (Student Personal World Wide Web Pages.2) ”Golfer Tiger Woods tees off the Burj Al-Arab helipad nearly 1,000 feet above the ground” The integration of Dubai with other emirates to form United Arab Emirate and a further collaboration between the UAE and other countries has opened its market to the foreign investors. “Dubai attracts foreign investors and corporations because of the considerable economic opportunities offered to businesses there.” (Hollis, 2000, 52) Off shoring is a classic example which entails transfer of commodities from one country to another. Globalisation results in the free movement of people from one region to another. Dubai continues to create global job opportunities for low waged workers. According to Lang LaSalle the employment rate in Dubai has grown to 8.3 percent per annum while the population is growing at 5.8 per cent per annum (2004). This means the economy will continue to get more workforces locally and from international market. Not sure if you can write a paper on Commodification and Globalisation in Dubai by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The high level of globalisation has had negative effects on Dubai society. Some of the negative impacts of globalisation include: the freedom of movement of people from one country to another has made it difficult for the natives to preserve their culture and religion. Islamic had been the predominant religion in Dubai but with globalisation, other religions come up. This resulted in change of weekend from Saturday –Sunday to Friday-Saturday in a bid to accommodate both Muslims who emphasis on holiness of Friday and Christians who respects Saturday-Sunday. There is a conflict between the native’s culture and the western. In a global market an economic recession affect the whole world with the poor and middle income population being hit harder. As Hari (2009) emphasized, because of the economical crisis in Dubai a number of workers suffered great losses; many of them were not paid and thus could not leave the countries. Hari observed that policemen intimidated the workers who complained or left their stations. (2009, pp6). Other negative effects of globalisation in Dubai include the increase in the prostitution which is as a result of the rapid growth in tourism. Globalisation enhances capitalism resulting in poor getting poorer thus the poor population of Dubai has turned to illegal business like prostitution, drugs and arms smuggling and also terrorism, as Davidson (2009) mentioned (p. 247). Commodification and globalisation have had both positive and negative impact in Dubai with the former outweighing the later. It is important for Dubai government to come up with policies that will enhance globalisation and commodification for Dubai to be consistent with the national development goals. Government should try to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich and reduce instances of crime and prostitution as this will not only devalue humankind but it also increases disease transmissions. If Dubai has to remain a world class city, it has to deal with social problems of its citizens. Reference List Blunden, A., ed. Commodification, Encyclopedia of Marxism. Web. Davidson, Christopher M., 2009. Dubai: the vulnerability of Success. New York, Columbia University Press. Elsheshtawy, Y., 2004. Planning Middle Eastern cities, an urban kaleidoscope in a globalizing world, Stamford, CN, Cengage Learning. Galdauskas, K. et al., 2008. Serving culture: tourists, lobsters and restaurants of Ogunquit, Maine. Ann Arbor, MI, Pro-Quest. Gottdiener, M, 2000. New forms of consumption. Oxford, Blackwell. Hari, J., 2009. The dark side of Dubai. The Independent (London). Web. Hollis, R. 2000. Managing new developments in the Gulf. Washington, DC.Brookings Institution. LaSalle, J. L., 2004 Winning cities of the decade. Web. Sherman, H. J., et al., 2008 Economics: An Introduction to Traditional and Progressive Views. Armonk, NY, M. E. Sharpe, Inc. Student Personal World Wide Web, The effect of globalization on Dubai’s economic development: Web. Universidad de Barcelona, 1977 Urban Generation: A Challenge for Public Art. Barcelona, Edicions Universitat Barcelona. Veblen, T. (1899). The Theory of the Leisure Class New York, NY, New America Library.