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MGT 321 Saudi Electronic University Chavez in Venezuela Question

MGT 321 Saudi Electronic University Chavez in Venezuela Question.

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Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page.Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.Late submission will NOT be accepted.Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions. All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted. Assignment Question(s): (Marks: 05)
1. Under Chávez’s
leadership, what kind of economic system was put in place in Venezuela? How
would you characterize the political system? (word
limit: 100, Marks: 02)
2. During the Chávez
years, many foreign multinationals exited Venezuela or reduced their exposure
there. What do you think the impact of this has been on Venezuela? What needs
to be done to reverse the trend? (word limit: 100, Marks: 02)
3. By 2016,
Venezuela’s economy appeared to be on the brink of total collapse. What do you think
needs to be done to reverse this? (word
limit: 150, Mark: 01))
MGT 321 Saudi Electronic University Chavez in Venezuela Question

Please make a response to a student-for a discussion thread assignment. I’m working on a History question and need guidance to help me study.

Students post:
By the Pope publishing a document called the Papal Bull, written in 1484, it greatly attributed to the upsurge in witch hunts and persecutions through the 16th and 17th centuries. Before hand however, during the 15th century a change began in which many people in European countries culturally started to shift their thoughts away from the Roman Catholic church’s control. A professor by the name of Martin Luther encouraged the Reformation movement by posting his disputes against the church, called ’95 Theses’ on the churches door. The Roman Catholic Church played a crucial rule in the lives of Europe both spiritually and immensely politically, due to its unmatchable power and non separation of church and state. However when protestants came forward and ignited change gearing towards what is known now as the Reformation, the church began to lose it’s control over it’s regions and thus witch hysteria culture was born.
It was Witch Hysteria’s goal to inflict organizational fear upon it’s believing and non-believing people. The Papal Bull, was the first document to touch on the subject of witch awareness and also the first step in which the church made it’s first political moves forward to regain power. Next, the creation of the ‘Hammer of Witches’ document in which describes a handbook towards procedures of seizing and obtaining confessions of supposed witches, further instigating a new witch hunt culture and fear of being chosen or labeled as suspicious. Though both documents articulate that both men and women are possibilities for witch evil, it is thoroughly engraved in a handbook written by Heinrich Kramer, that women are the main source because they are “particularly susceptible to the crime because of their inability to control their passions, a commonly-held viewpoint,”(Kramer) and because roughly 75% of 40,000 persecutions were women, is it unequivocally true.
Kramer, Heinrich. Malleus Maleficarum. Translated by Rev. Montague Summers. London: J. Rodker, 1928.
Luther, Martin. 95 Theses. Fordham University. Internet Medieval Sourcebook. (Links to an external site.). Sept. 2019.
Romanum, Bullarium. Innocent VIII: BULL Summis desiderantes. (Taurinensis editio) Medieval Sourcebook: Witchcraft Documents.[15th Century] Dec. 5th, 1484. Accessed at (Links to an external site.)
Nider, Johannes. The Ant Hill. Ed. of Augsburg, Ca. 1476Lib. V. cap. 3. Circa 1437.
The Hammer of the Witches. (Malleus Maleficaru), University of Pennsylvania. Dept. of History, Philadelphia. 1486.
Please make a response to a student-for a discussion thread assignment

Eating Disorders. Paper details Write a traditional research paper on a psychology topic that is of personal interest to you. You are welcome to use personal interviews, observations, surveys, or experiments to explore this area. Explore a psychological topic that grabs your attention and synthesize your findings into an interesting, well-researched, and well-rounded paper. This paper should be a culmination and a practical application of what you’ve learned throughout the course. The paper should demonstrate the following: •Mastery and critical understanding of the particular psychology topic self-selected by the student •Supported research findings that are cited correctly in APA format •Clear references to the course readings and other relevant resources such as personal observations or experiments •Writing that is well-organized and free of errors. Minimum 4-5 Pages Minimum 3-4 ReferencesAPA formatting required (be sure to include a Reference page!)Key Tips:!It is beneficial to use headings as they keep your findings organized: “Example: Introduction, Background Research, Literature Search, Findings, Personal Experiences, etc.! Be certain that you have a strong introduction and conclusion! Be certain to cite all work (APA). This is a valuable resource for APA formatting:Eating Disorders

FNU The Use of Complementary Medicine to Treat BPH Case Study

FNU The Use of Complementary Medicine to Treat BPH Case Study.

-Use APA 6th Edition Format -Support your work with at least 3 peer-reviewed references within 5 years of publication. -Remember that you need a cover page and a reference page. -All paragraphs need to be cited properly.-All responses must be in a narrative format and each paragraph must have at least 4 sentences.-2 pages of content, no greater than 3 pages, excluding cover page and reference page.Case StudyL.L. is a 67-year-old male who has been diagnosed with BPH. He is having difficulty with urination. He is currently on Cozaar 100 mg for HTN and his BP is well controlled. He is taking no other medications. The doctor has recommended medication for his BPH, but he would like to try a herbal supplement before taking a prescription medication.1. Would you recommend a herbal supplement in L.L’s case?2. If so, what herbal supplement would he take?3. What is the recommended dosage?4. What are possible side effects of the herbal supplement?5. What warnings should you give L.L. before he starts the herbal supplement.
FNU The Use of Complementary Medicine to Treat BPH Case Study

History of the Tesco Corporation

python assignment help Tesco PLC (LSE: TSCO ) is a UK – based international supermarket chain. It is the largest British retailer by sales and the overall domestic market share. Originally specializing in food, it came in sectors such as clothing, consumer electronics, financial services, consumer, service, and telecom consumers. For the year ended 26 February 2005 Tesco made a pre-tax profit of £ 1,962 billion on turnover of £ 33,974 billion (the benefit of widely advertised as the “surplus £ 2 billion” was “basic benefit” before some accounting adjustments). According to TNS superpanel Tesco’s market share of UK grocery 12 weeks to 4 December 2005 was 30.6%. Across all categories, over £ 1 in every £ 8 of UK retail sales is spent at Tesco. Tesco also operates overseas, and non-UK sales during the year to February 26, 2005 were 20% of total sales. History Tesco was founded by Jack Cohen, who sold groceries in the markets of the East End of London in 1919. The Tesco brand first appeared in 1924. After Jack Cohen bought a large shipment of tea from TE Stockwell , he made new labels by using the first three letters of the supplier and the first two letters of his surname forming the word “TESCO”. This information has been verified by the pressure relationships TESCO on BBC radio in the south on December 10. In the 90 late, the typeface of the logo was changed to the current shown on the top of the page with stripe reflections under the typefaces as Tesco used them on their bags bearer. The first Tesco store was opened in 1929 burnt oak, Edgware, London. The company was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1947. The first Tesco store service opened in 1948 in St. Albans in 2005 and still trade. The first Tesco supermarket was opened in 1956 converted cinema in Maldon, Essex. He said he began own-label canning factory in the former fruit farm Goldhanger, located a few miles from Maldon in the village of Tolleshunt commander, despite being Goldhanger another nearby village . The plant has since been sold. It is now a transport depot, with several other business units on site. The “superstore” Tesco’s first was opened in 1968 in Crawley, West Sussex. He began to sell gasoline in 1974 and its annual turnover reached one billion pounds in 1979. In addition in 1975 Tesco opened one of its first hypermarket in Irlam. The first hypermarket under the name “Extra” was opened in 1997. It introduced a loyalty card marked “Clubcard” in 1995 and later an Internet shopping service. During the 90s it increased in Central Europe, Ireland and East Asia. In July 2001 he became involved in internet grocery retailing in the United States when he obtained a 35% stake in GroceryWorks. In October 2003 he launched a UK telecoms division, comprising mobile and home services, telephone business to complement its existing Internet Service Provider. In August 2004 he also launched a broadband service. In addition to opening its own stores, Tesco has increased in succeeding other channels, including: ·€ Victor Value, England, 1968 (sold again in 1986) ·€ William Low, Scotland, 1994 ·€ Quinnsworth Stewarts shops and crazy prices, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland associated British Foods, 1997 ·€ HIT 13 hypermarkets in Poland, 2002 ·€ T and S Stores, owner of convenience store chains BRITISH stop and Nite and Day, 2002 ·€ C Two-Network in Japan, 2003 ·€ A majority stake in Turkish supermarket chain Kipa in 2003. ·€ Lotus in Thailand ·€ Hillard, northern England 1984 ·€ 21 stores remaining Safeway / BP in late 2005 when supermarket chain Morrisons has dissolved his association Safeway / BP (written in acquiring Safeway) Corporate strategy Tesco’s growth over the last two or three decades has involved a transformation of its strategy and image. His initial success was based on the “pile it high, sell it cheap” approach of the founder Jack Cohen. The downside of this was that the stores had a poor image with middle-class customers. By the late 70 the image of Tesco was so negative that consultants have advised the company to change the name of its stores. He did not accept this advice, yet by early 2005 was the largest retailer in the United Kingdom, with a 29.0% share of the grocery market analysts TNS Retail Sales superpanel, compared with 16.8% share of Wal-Mart-owned ASDA and 15.6% share of third-placed Sainsbury , who had been market leader until he was overtaken by Tesco in 1995. The main reasons for this success include: ·€ “An offer included. This term is used by Tesco to describe its aspiration to appeal to customers higher, middle and low income in the same stores. Citigroup retail analyst According To David McCarthy, “They’ve Pulled off a trick That I’m not aware of” any other retail Achieving. That Is To appeal to all segments of the Market ” [1] . By contrast ASDA’s marketing strategy IS Focused Heavily you value for money, Which Canon Undermine icts appeal to upmarket Customers Even though Actually it sells a wide-range of upmarket products. Düring icts long-term dominance of the supermarket Sector Sainsbury’s Retained year image as a high-priced middle class supermarket Which regarded Itself To Have Such A wide lead you quality That It Did Not Need to compete is price, and WAS indifferent to Attracting Lower-Income Customers Into icts blinds. This Strategy has been “sincere adandoned Losing the no.1 spot and particularly to Tesco Since The arrival of Justin King as CEO in 2004 ESTABLISHED Who has a new customer-Focused Strategy Closer to That of Tesco. ·€ One plank of this inclusivity has-been Tesco’s use of Its Own-Brand Products, Including The upmarket “Finest” and low-price “Value” ranges. The company has taken the Lead in Overcoming reluctance to customer own brands Purchasing, Which are Generally regarded to Be more profitable for a supermarket as it Retains a portion Of The Overall Higher Than it Does profit for branded products. ·€ Customer focus: Sir Terry Leahy, chief executive Since The mid 1990s, has taken the Bold Step of Trying not to Focus on the usual corporate mantra of “Maximising shareholder value.” The company’s mission statement reads, “Our core purpose IS, ‘To create value for Customers to Earn Their lifetime loyalty’. We deliver this Through Our values, ‘No-one tries harder for customers’, and’ Treat people how we like to Be Treated “. The Underlying Aim Is of course to make Higher Profit, Purpose There Is a clear focus on customer service at the top level of The Company. It Remains to Be Seen whether Tesco Will Be Able to Maintain Focus cette Now That It Is Widely Perceived as a great corporate success story

creating a PowerPoint about conflict resolution

creating a PowerPoint about conflict resolution.

Creating a PowerPoint about conflict resolution. ( module and reading material are attached) Your PowerPoint should be as long as required to deliver the information below thoroughly. Please include a cover page. 1.Choose three of the assertive communication styles from your reading that you think of the most important to communicate more assertively. 2.Define the five conflict response styles and provide a summary of each in your words. 3.What is meant by contentious tactics? What are they and how they affect conflict resolution? 4.Explain the concept of cognitive bias and how it affects conflict resolution. 5.What are the six principles of influence? Provide a summary of each in your words. 6.Define the six steps to the resolution roadmap, providing a summary of each on an individual slide. Make sure to boil down to the key concepts of each one of the six steps on your slides provide summaries in your words.7.Lastly, provide a summary of the Jack and Heather resolution from the module and give us your advice on how to resolve their conflict.
creating a PowerPoint about conflict resolution

three examples of leaders (by Machiavelli and Stephen Skowronek). Essay

three examples of leaders (by Machiavelli and Stephen Skowronek). Essay.

Essay 1 TOPIC:What are the key traits of a successful modern political leader? Illustrate your point with at least three examples of leaders and adequate arguments, using the material assigned for this class. Pay special attentions to the arguments raised by Machiavelli and Stephen Skowronek.Title page:The title page should meet the criteria set up in the “IRES Essay Writing Standards” 2.1, p. 3 as well as in Appendix A. on p. 7Structure of the essay:The essay should be not longer than 3500-4000 words.The structure of the essay should meet the criteria set up in the “IRES Essay Writing Standards” (Appendix B).Failure to include paragraphs will lower your grade.Papers with no references will be rejected. Fore referencing see 2.4, p. 4 of the “IRES Essay Writing Standards.”And one more sagnificant thing is this essay should be written by harvard reference style !No plagiarism!
three examples of leaders (by Machiavelli and Stephen Skowronek). Essay