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MFT/ LCSW Physical changes and Ages

MFT/ LCSW Physical changes and Ages. I need an explanation for this Psychology question to help me study.

Please answer the questions below, please note these are two separate questions. Each question must me answered with a minimum of 200 words, and include an in text cite.
1)The marriage and family therapist is working with Mr. & Mrs. Smith, a family that is experiencing severe issues related to the deteriorating health of Mrs. Smith’s father. Mrs. Smith is concerned that her father is going to develop Alzheimer’s disease because he is getting “forgetful”. How would the marriage/family therapist best address Mrs. Smith’s concerns?
2) Using the links/resources presented this week (plus your own web search), identify one physical change of aging and discuss the implications of that age-related change on the overall functioning of the family unit. Place particular emphasis on how this age-related change may impact individual family members. Include how you would collaborate with medical professionals.
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MFT/ LCSW Physical changes and Ages

Keeping children safe in the virtual world. I have chosen to do my essay on the challenges of keeping children safe in the virtual world. I will include the following in my essay -: the historical context of this topic, the possible challenges of keeping children safe in the virtual world such as grooming, cyber bullying and many more. Ways we can keep children safe in the virtual world; for example educating children, how to report online abuse and relating to theorist ideas on this theme. I also will talk about the current policies that are in place, why this issue is relevant and why these policies have been introduced. Then I will talk about how this can be put into practice and how this will make a difference on how people work. The first online child abuse images started in the mid 1990s. In 1998 the parliament passed the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA which addressed online privacy and safety risks for children under age 13. COPPA need Web site companies need to take steps to avoid collecting personal information from children. In August 2003 the Internet Advisor for the National Child Helpline, joined members on our Your Child’s Safety board to answer their questions about child safety online. In April 2006 the Government set up CEOP, the ChildHYPERLINK “ children safe in the virtual world
NURS 121L ELAC Nursing Processes Patient with Left Shoulder Pain Case Study.

patient………… please fill out attached document file,,, “nursing process worksheet”Demographic DataPatient: HB is an 84-year-old female. DOB: 10/25/1936. Full codeDPOA: Daughter Living Will: NoneCC: Left Shoulder pain for 2 days HPI: Patient complins of left shoulder pain (location) for past two days (Duration) after fell while climbing staircase at home. Sudden pain started after fall (Onset). Patient stated is experiencing difficulty moving left arm, lifting light subjects, limited ROM at adduction and adduction. Pain radiates to arm and neck (Radiation). Pain rate 9/10 (Severity), worsening with movements and liftings (Aggravating factors). Patient report nothing make is better (Alleviating factors) Takes Motrin for pain which is not effective. PMH: left total knee surgery in 2015. Gastritis, Right knee pain, HTN, CAD, hypothyroidism.Allergies: Denies allergy to medication, food, and seasonal allergy.Medication:Levothyroxine 50 mcg orally daily on empty stomach.Protonix 40 mg orally daily. Toprol XL 50 mg orally dailyGabapentin 300 mg po qhs. Motrin 400 mg orally qid prn pain Influenza vaccine and pneumonia 13 and 23 up to date. Family Hx: Mother deceased at age 69 secondary to cardiac arrest, father deceased at 65, due to stroke. Son at age 64 (+) HTN. Daughter 55 is healthy.Social Hx: Home maker, lives with disabled husband. providing care for husband with dementia. Smokes 1 pack a day. Drinks occasionally 2-3 times per months, last drink a week ago. Denies drugs. Does not drive. Daughter takes her to church every Sunday. Vital signs: BP= 119/75 P= 83 beats/ min (Radial)RR=18 RR/minT= 96.8 F OralO2 sat= 98 % Room Air H=66 Inches W= 174 IbsBMI=28.1Physical assessment and ROS:Appearance: Patient is hard of Hearing, denies weight changes, denies fever, reports sleep 6-7 hours of night, reports appetite as good. Dress appropriately to weather, makes eye contact. Skin: No visible rash, hematoma, inflammation. No open wound, bruises, hematoma noted at left shoulder. CV: Denies chest pain. S1, S2 WNL, no murmurRespiratory: Denies Shortness of Breath, Chest wall pain, GI: Denies Diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, and melena. Abdomen is flat, soft, Bowel sound present in all 4 quadrants. No abdominal tenderness.MS: Reports inability to move left shoulder. Rates left shoulder pain rate 9/10. Decreased left should ROM. Unable to abduct or adduct the left farm. Holding the left arm at side. Right arm has full range of motion, able to abduct and adduct more than 90 degrees. Strength is decreased in left hand. GU: Denies urinary frequency, urgency, pain and burning with urination. Urine as yellow and clear. Neurology: Denies bilateral upper and lower numbness and tingling. Left hand has less strength compared to right hand; Left shoulder has limited ROM compared to right shoulder. Left should is positive for swelling and hematoma, and inflammation. Diagnostic Procedure: Left shoulder x-ray is positive for fracture, Reports shows a Left Humeral FractureLaboratory Results: Hgb: 11.1HCT: 33.4Platelet: 200,000Na:136K: 2.8Bun: 18Cr: 0.9ALT: 50AST: 15UA: Within normal rangeAssessment/ Diagnosis: Left shoulder FractureMD orders: Regular Diet CBC, CMP, LFT, UAEKGLeft shoulder x-rayPhysical therapy evaluation and treatment Ibuprofen 400 mg po q 6 hours PRN pain for pain rate 1-5Norco 5/325 mg po q 8 hours PRN pain rate of 6-10. Potassium Chloride 40 meq po x 1. Ice pack to left shoulder 4 times a day. Immobilize the left arm with Should sling for until next visit in 2 weeks. Refer to physical therapy for pain management and maintain mobility, and gait assessment. Report Fever more than 100.4 Report constipationSmoking cessation educationNursing diagnosis Format: Nursing diagnosis —- Related to —- Contributing factors —- As Evidence by —— sign/ symptoms
NURS 121L ELAC Nursing Processes Patient with Left Shoulder Pain Case Study

424 Philosophy future of human paper

424 Philosophy future of human paper. Help me study for my Philosophy class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

The final paper must be a minimum of 4000 words
The words “In this paper I will argue…” should appear in the first paragraph. Use The Chicago Manual of Style for your citations. Plagiarize and fail.
As we have seen through the course of our studies, much of the work of philosophy consists of asking the right questions. I encourage you all to conceive, fashion, and explore questions of your own creation, and therefore the suggestions below are genuinely mere suggestions. Use this as an opportunity to engage questions that you are curious and passionate about. Many of these topics will require some research, by which I mean going to the library and not just Google searching. I should be able to refer you to the most useful outside readings during our meetings. You may incorporate any of your writing from your previous response papers into your final paper, but don’t be tempted to use it just for filler to meet the deadlines. You may write on any issue related to the course and the texts we have read, so long as I approve the proposal. The topic may be narrow (Does the Labor Theory of Value fails to account for X?), broad (Is financial value in the process of overtaking all other value), concentrating on an author (Can Bentham measure happiness?) or an issue (What is the relationship between money and happiness?). I encourage you to design your own topic, but I offer the following suggested issues as samples to consider. Many of these questions would need to be worked up into full topics, but they provide something to work with.
424 Philosophy future of human paper

CUL 200 AUPR World Religion Jesus Christ Mankind Liberation & God Essay

help me with my homework CUL 200 AUPR World Religion Jesus Christ Mankind Liberation & God Essay.

I’m working on a religion writing question and need support to help me learn.

Assignment 1InstructionsNow that you have studied “religion” for the last seven weeks, you must have a solid insight into defining “religion.” Respond to the following:Write a 2-3 page essay with references on what the defining characteristics of religion are.Religion has existed as long as we have human evidence via the material and textual record. Why is religion fundamental to human culture and why are there so many religions of the world throughout time and space?Assessment and GradingLearning Outcome(s): 1, 2, 4, 6Analyze what is meant by religion.Describe the varieties of religious experience and practice in a wide range of cultures.Examine key features of religions.Compare and contrast the primary beliefs held by major religious traditions and the cultures in which these religions evolved.
CUL 200 AUPR World Religion Jesus Christ Mankind Liberation & God Essay

Montclair State University Omnichannel Retailing Logistics Service Quality Q&As

Montclair State University Omnichannel Retailing Logistics Service Quality Q&As.

I’m working on a business multi-part question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Read the journal article (“Investigating logistics service quality in omni-channel retailing”) and answer the following questions: 

Which of the delivery method (BOPS or BSSD) is more beneficial to the omnichannel retailer and why?
What does the author of the article mean by “timeliness” and how is it an important attribute in the overall efficiency of the delivery method?
How can OC retailers use this study to their benefit and what strategies could they develop?
What is your opinion on curb-side pick up as a logistics option for retailers? Is this here to stay even after the pandemic?

Montclair State University Omnichannel Retailing Logistics Service Quality Q&As

Gender Studies homework help

Gender Studies homework help. Renewables plc a wind turbine company is planning to set up wind turbines around the UK. The investment is expected to have only a three year life because of competition and technological advances.,Renewables plc a wind turbine company is planning to set up wind turbines around the UK,Question A (TOTAL 50 MARKS), Renewables plc a wind turbine company is planning to set up wind turbines around the UK. The investment is expected to have only a three year life because of competition and technological advances. The major cash flows of the project are as below:, Cash Flow Estimation $ 000s, Year 0                    Year 1                    Year 2                    Year 3, Customer Revenues                                       10,000                   14,000                   9,000, Operation Costs                               -3,000                    -6,000                    -4,000, Asset Investments          -7,000                                                                                    1,000, Government Taxes         0                              -4,122.47              -5,095.84              -1,065.22, The finance director has decided to raise capital using both debt and equity. The company would like to maintain the market value ratios of debt and equity at 25:75. If this is done, equity required rate will be 16% and for debt it will be 12%.,Answer the following:,1) Explain what the time value of money is and why it is so important in the field of finance. (7 marks),2) What is the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (“WACC”). Explain its uses. Calculate the WACC if the project raises the funds using both debt and equity. (NB Show all formulas & workings) (8 marks),3) Make a recommendation to Renewables plc on the investment plan for the wind turbines project using a net present value approach. (NB Show all formulas & workings) (15 marks),4) What is the payback period for this project and what are the advantages & disadvantages of the payback period as an investment appraisal technique? Critically compare & contrast the use of net present value as an investment appraisal and valuation tool and other tools or methods that can be used to assist in making both investment and corporate valuation decisions from a financial perspective? (NB Show all formulas & workings and assume revenues, cost & taxes are spread evenly through the year and investment is always made at the end of the year in which it is made)  (20 marks),Total Marks for Question A of Element 2 = 50 marks,Question B (TOTAL 50 MARKS – 25 marks each),ANSWER ANY TWO ONLY OUT OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS:, (1)    Portfolio theory suggests diversification can lower risk. Critically evaluate how effectively we can deal with risk and the various means we can use to limit or assess risk.,(2)    Evaluate the key advantages & disadvantages of raising capital via equity and debt, giving practical examples of situations when these might be appropriate,(3)    Discuss the ,importance, of Working Capital to a business and consider how you determine its health or otherwise.,Total Marks for Question B (choice of two questions from four) of Element 2 = 50 marks,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Gender Studies homework help

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