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Do Mexican immigrants bring more harm than good to the U. S economy? After studying about what Mexican American immigrants mean to the United States Economy, I would have to conclude by saying they do not bring more harm than good to our economy. I arrived at this conclusion because I believe Mexican immigrants actually stabilized the economy and help those who can’t afford to pay very high wages to sustain their employees.

The theories about how Mexican immigrants take up natural born citizen’s jobs and bring those wages of the market down are ludicrous. These theories also say that immigration effects low-skilled jobs in the United States, but give a weak argument that hasn’t surfaced to reality. The last key thought I am going to explore is what are the overall advantages and disadvantages of Mexican immigration. The notion that the United States is better off without any immigrants is mind boggling to me and I am not taking this stance because I myself migrated to this country from Somalia.

Yes there are lot problems that arise from illegal immigration no matter what ethnic groups are brought up, but that has nothing to do with how this impacts our economy as a whole. Mexican immigrants come to the United States for one reason and one reason only and that is to better their families financially. So how can we turn around and say that they bring more harm to this economy. One argument that anti-immigration advocates keep clinging to is the concept of how Mexican immigrants contribute to a higher unemployment rates in metropolitan areas of Texas and California.

The truth is that although the United has seen significant rise of unemployment in conjunction with more Mexican immigrants entering this country; unemployment rates are not affected by immigrants taking up lower wage jobs. There is no base to support this argument that immigration is bad for the economy. One other propaganda of anti-immigration a advocates is the believe of how Mexican American are bad for drug pharmacy businesses by trafficking drugs across the border of Mexico and that there are high number of Mexican immigrants involved with crimes.

Again this is totally false because a small number of minority Mexican immigrants are involved is these types of crimes and there percentages are not higher than other minority groups that migrate to this country who commit these crimes. There are way too many ethnic groups involved in selling drugs on the streets (which prevents the government from putting taxation on it) besides Mexican immigrants, so to put the whole blame on one ethnic group is unfair.

Mexican Immigrants spend what they earn back on the economy way more then they spend sending back home to Mexico. When they take jobs that someone with advance skills or training might not settle for they are seen as people who bring the economy down? If anything this would further help grow small business across the United States and put more people to work. This is why I can conclude by saying that while there are drawbacks of immigrants who enter this country illegally; I can certainly say there are way more good than bad that can come from Mexican immigrants.

There is no denying what they mean to this country’s economy; I can’t believe there is even an argument over this. Mexican immigrants actually drive the economy when comes their marketability of Cinco de Mayo and other festivities they hold yearly. Lastly, the labor market throws out numbers that spouse to explain how immigrants negatively impact the economy, but what those numbers fail to mention is the details of how they can arrive at this conclusion and different factors affecting their findings.