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Metallica- Death Magnetic custom essay help Sport assignment help

If you are looking for a cd that has some great songs and then some songs to take up space, this is not the cd for you. If you are looking for a cd where every song is fantastic and that you want to listen to every song, this is the cd for you. Metallica’s latest cd release, “Death Magnetic” is one of the best metal cd’s of 2008/ 2009. After the flop, “St. Anger”, Metallica hit full stride with this cd. The hit off the cd, “The Day That Never Comes” is a song that encompasses everything that Metallica is : a no holds bar band that is not a sell out for anyone and makes music how they want to. the song has parts that have different rhythms, sounds, and also fore fronts each instrument. The best part about this cd is each song is different, but they all flow into each other perfectly. This is a must have cd for anyone who likes good hard rock.