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Messianic Movement In Brazil Article

Messianic Movement In Brazil Article.

this needs to be 5-6 pages and cites MLAPlease be sure to use both a title page and works cited page. (title and works cited pages do not count toward the overall page count of your review) You are also encouraged to follow the MLA or Chicago formats to develop this report. Please double-space your review.In terms of the content of the report, I am looking for two main points of discussion. First, you should devote the first half of the report to a summary of the main points that the author is trying to convey to the reader. To help you to address this issue, consider some of these questions: What type of article is this? Is the author presenting an original feature, or is he/she conducting a book review? If this is a book review, what book (or books) is being reviewed? What is the author’s purpose for writing this article? What is the author’s academic or professional background?As for the second point of discussion, this is where you provide your opinion or perceptions of the article. In other words, what did you think about it? What were the strengths or weaknesses of the article? How did the article relate to the class? You are definitely encouraged to write in first person singular (I feel that…, I think..) as you provide your opinions. As a general rule of thumb, your JSTOR review should be about 60% summary and 40% commentary. Thus a 5-page review with about 3 & 1⁄2 pages summary and 1 & 1⁄2 pages commentary is an ideal proportion.
Messianic Movement In Brazil Article

North Central University Intervention Plan Case Study.

Review the fictitious case study below. Based on this scenario, complete the following:Document a stressor or problem the client discussed in the scenario.Using CBT as your evidence-based practice model, plan one intervention that could be used to help your client with her stressor.Clearly articulate why you chose this particular intervention and the CBT concept(s) that support your choice.Case Study:Hannah Johnson is a 24-year-old Caucasian female who was referred to you for outpatient therapy by her primary care physician. Hannah sought treatment from her physician for symptoms of depression and anxiety following an intense argument with her boyfriend of 6 months, which caused him to break-up with her. Hannah informed her physician that she has been having panic attacks daily for the last five days since the break-up. She also stated that she had called into work “sick” each day because she had no motivation, felt “hopeless,” had insomnia nightly, and could not stop crying. Hannah denied feeling suicidal. Hannah asked her physician for medication to “make the pain go away.” Her physician prescribed her seven pills of .5mg Xanax to take at night, as needed, with no refills. She was told by her physician that what she really needed was therapy to help her address her depression and anxiety and that a quick fix from a medication would not be a long-term solution.Her physician had seen her request medication numerous times “to make the pain go away” when she was facing the ending of a relationship. At her intake session with you, Hannah disclosed that she had a history of failed romantic relationships and “hated” being single. She described herself as “a romantic” and “fell in love easily,” but her relationships never lasted more than six months. She described her past relationships as “exciting and intense at first” but full of drama as the excitement wore off. She also stated she felt extremely anxious, abandoned, and depressed when her relationships ended. Hannah stated that her ex-boyfriends always ended the relationships stating she was “too needy.” She said she “felt like a failure” and wanted to know “what is wrong with me? Why can’t I keep a boyfriend?”Support your assignment with at least three scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may be included.Length: 3-5 pages, not including title and reference pagesYour assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.
North Central University Intervention Plan Case Study

College of The Canyons Conversation Collaboration & Success Definition Discussion.

after reading 7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Achieve Better Success in Life briefly summarize why hard work alone won’t get you there. Then write two thoughtful paragraphs on how you define success for yourself. After reading How to Develop a Team that Collaborates Effectively (Links to an external site.) and watching Ten Ways to Have a Better Conversation (Links to an external site.), note the advice from each that might help you achieve success in your chosen career.The links to the readings are very short.
College of The Canyons Conversation Collaboration & Success Definition Discussion

report the second out of three.

Pick a scientific topic that is
currently in the news. Your source needs to be reliable, such as, or  YOU MUST CITE YOUR SOURCE AS A LINK in your posting or you
will earn a zero for this assignment! These posting must be at least a 500 word
explanation of the Topic, so choose topics with substance. These postings are
due by the end of each week (see Weekly ). The topic will lock after the
deadline, however, you can still read the postings.  See document under CONTENT on how to create a
Current Scientific Report
a scientific topic that is currently in the news related to Human Biology and
write a summary report. Make sure to include your INSIGHT (your
opinion, related personal experience of self, friend, relative or another
reference source) , DO NOT SAY; “I found this article interesting” or
“I never knew”, in other words do not use general statements that can
be used for any topic or summary, if so, points will be deducted. 
stated in the syllabus, postings should be at least 500 words, so be sure to
pick topics of sufficient content.
is a college level course, therefore, check for misspellings and typos.
sure you look through other postings before you submit…NO REPEATS.  If
someone else posted your topic, find another one to post. 
source needs to be from 2 OR MORE
reliable scientific articles from the internet at sites such as;,,,, or other
scientific search engines.  YOU MUST CITE YOUR SOURCE AS A QUICK LINK (see doc.
under CONTENT for how) in your posting or you will earn a zero for this
assignment! (each submission is worth 100pts)
Grading will be based on a quality, concise
and informative presentation. Remember: “Low Effort = Low Grade” RUBRIC: Title = 5pts., Summary
Content = 50pts,  Insight = 30pts, Working Reference Link = 15 pts,
Originality Report >20% = 0
Hint: Put quotes in
your own words, too many direct quotes are counted as unoriginal and therefore
contribute to the score of the Originality Report.
Remember: To not
lose points on your postings be sure to follow directions, completely. 1. 500
word is the minimum word count.  2. You must title your summary ( Week #2
Topic is not the title of your summary) Title must reflect the subject about
which you are writing.  3. Insight means to relate the subject of your
posting to some personal experience, or add additional information from another
source(s).  4. Any paper submitted with more than 20% on the Originality
Check will receive a grade of 0, second time will be considered
plagiarism.  5. Reference cited must be a working link.(To
create your link for Drop Box submissions, open “Insert Stuff”
located in the Comment Box, then “Insert Link”, then type or past the
URL of your reference source in the box provided.)
  ”Remember that
minimum effort produces a minimum grade”

report the second out of three

Palm Beach State Letter of Recommendation to Admissions Committee Directions

Palm Beach State Letter of Recommendation to Admissions Committee Directions.

Guidelines for Writing Your Letter to the Admissions Committee
Directions: The following instruction contains information about your letter to the Admissions
Committee, which is a required part of your application to be presented for review. Please focus
only on the information requested about you, your background, and your future goals. You are
strongly encouraged to carefully proofread, grammar check, and spell check your letter to the
Admissions Committee. Overall writing presentation and clarity are very important.
Your Full Name: You must include your full name in your letter to the Admissions Committee.
Degree and specialization: You must clearly indicate to which degree program you are applying
as well as the specialization you wish to pursue within that degree program.
Content: There are 8 sections described below. Please include the following information when
preparing your letter to the Admissions Committee. While not required, we strongly suggest that
you format your letter by heading each section with the headings shown below. Write your
information in paragraph form and do not use bullet format under the section headings. • Personal/Professional Goals
o Why you are interested in graduate school and what are your plans after you receive
your degree?
What influenced you to choose the field?
Why are you interested in the program and specialization to which you are applying?
Please note that your personal/professional goals must be in line with the
specialization to which you are applying. • Academic Experience
o Describe your previous undergraduate and graduate academic experience; if you do
not have the specialization background, you may want to explain how you plan to
apply your prior academic skills to your chosen specialization.
o You may include any experiences (e.g., study abroad, unique work or research
experience) that influenced your choice of graduate program/specialization. Explain any inconsistencies in academic record or work experience. If your GPA is
not what you would have liked, explain special personal, physical or family
circumstances that may have adversely affected your GPA. • Research Experience
o Address prior research experience, significant research papers/projects or other
research accomplishments in your field. If you do not have any prior research
experience, you must indicate that under this section in a complete sentence. • Work /Other Experience
o What is your prior work experience? Include any volunteer work and/or
extracurricular activities that complement your career decision. If you do not have
any relevant experience, you should indicate this. You can also address any cultural
Revised: 5/9/2012
knowledge or experiences you may have acquired that may better prepare you for the
field. • Personal Qualities
o Include in this section personal qualities (e.g., interpersonal skills, team work skills,
etc.) you possess that you believe will contribute to your success in your field and
graduate study. • Why Walden?
Indicate why Walden would be a good match for you and your future goals.
o What interested you about Walden (this could include courses, faculty, and / or
research projects and facilities)?
o Why are you interested in an online program? • Reasons for Admissions Committee Review
Address the reason(s) why your file is being presented to the Admissions
Committee for review.
For example, if you have a low GPA, state the reasons for your low GPA or poor
academic performance. • How will you be successful?
o Address how you plan to be successful at Walden if admitted.
Palm Beach State Letter of Recommendation to Admissions Committee Directions

Do you think the IRS should have restrictions on the administration costs of nonprofits?

essay order Do you think the IRS should have restrictions on the administration costs of nonprofits?.

Do you think the IRS should have restrictions on the
administration costs of nonprofits?
Do you think the IRS should have restrictions on the administration costs of nonprofits?

Chapter 10 Difference Between Two Independent Populations Assignment 9

Chapter 10 Difference Between Two Independent Populations Assignment 9.

Homework-9 All problems are from the Levine – Text-Book – Edition 8For this HW you can use EXCEL Functions, DATA ANALYSIS TOOL-PAK (Add-in) OR PHstatChapter 10 : Problem Numbers 10-9, 10-21, 10-23Excel files attached Submission:This assignment can be done by any one of the alternatives listed below.Do it manually on paper/pencil… scan and attach as 1 pdf documentUse excel – charts and simple EXCEL calculations and attach 1 excel workbook (each problem on separate worksheet)Use Analysis Toolpak and attach 1 EXCEL workbookUse Phstat to do the HW ( if you do not have the access code-do the above 2 methods) and attach one excel workbookYou are allowed to submit the assignment multiple times(4) until the due-date. Only the last submission will be graded.
Chapter 10 Difference Between Two Independent Populations Assignment 9

field mustard- brassica papa discussion and results

field mustard- brassica papa discussion and results.

I attached some of the instructions bc I couldn’t upload them alli need a TOTAL OF 7 PAGES, RESULT 3 PAGES AND DISCUSSION 4 PAGESI need the graphs to be done by SAS JMP with all the values and tables to be done with SAS JMP(ie p values) no all of the data was collected so jus do what I included in the excel sheetin the discussion pls said that at the beginning we were doing another experiment (I attached it as “first experiment proposal”) so talk about why it fails we did brassica Rapa bc the first seed didn’t grew at all ( we plant them multiple time even we tried to ” T. farfara seeds were roughed up with sandpaper before being placed onto a damp papertowel. Another damp papertowel was placed on top of the seeds to bust germination. The L. maackii seeds were placed between two damp papertowels the same as the T. farfara, they were not roughed with sandpaper as the seeds were too small and a different shape. The papertowels containing the seeds were placed into a planter box with a lid and placed into the greenhouse to help with germination but they didn’t that why we changed our experimentATTACHMENTSresult_1.jpegresult_2.jpegresult_3.jpegresult_4.jpegresult_5.jpegresult_1.jpeg
field mustard- brassica papa discussion and results

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