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Incidence in 1990s, reasons for, structure, four examples from 1994-1995, benefits & problems.

Recent years have seen a great deal of merger and acquisition (M&A)activity in the banking industry, a result of deregulation and the desire of thrifts to take advantage of the ability to establish interstate operations. The financial institutions involved argue that the move toward consolidation will result in economies of scale and savings being passed on to consumers, but consumer advocates argue that there will be a reduction in the level of service provided to customers and eventually, because of a lack of competition, an increase in costs to consumers. This research examines the environment which has led to the mergers, several recent mergers which have occurred and considers the cost-cutting arguments put forth by the thrift industry.

Informatics paper: Nursing Informatics

Informatics paper: Nursing Informatics.

Criteria Level 5 10 points Level 4 8 points Level 3 7 points Level 2 5 points Level 1 0 Points Criterion 1: Structural Integrity 10 points Introduction clearly communicates topic Ideas progress logically Closing supports main idea 8 points •Introduction communicates topic, Ideas in sequence, but don’t always progress •Closing relates to main idea 7 points Introduction fails to communicate topic, Ideas not in orderly sequence, Relationship between closing and main idea unclear 5 points Poorly developed introduction No sequence, Relationship between closing and main idea not present 0 points Criterion 2: Reasoning and focus consistency 10 points Maintains focus on topic throughout

•Develops appropriate, logical, and relevant supporting detail and/or evidence •Explains how, why, and in what way main evidence supports point(s) 8 points Appropriate focus on topic, but some deviation, Supporting detail and/or evidence is largely persuasive, Relationship between evidence and main point(s) are largely explained 7 points Insufficient focus on topic Inappropriate, illogical, irrelevant, or missing, detail and/or evidence Fails to connect evidence to main point(s) 5 points Poorly developed focus on topic Missing, detail and/or evidence Fails to connect evidence to main point 0 points

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