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Medicine and Health Question Description 7. Watch Weight of the Nation documentary, Consequences –

7. Watch the Consequences documentary from the Weight of the Nation at Complete the following questions completely. 1) What is the BMI (Body Mass Index)? What is the definition of it? What is the purpose of it? 2) Give an overview of the Bogalusa Heart Study. What was discovered in the Bogalusa Heart Study? 3) What health issues and disorders related to obesity were discussed in the film? 4) What are the many influences/risk factors that drive obesity rates? 5) The movie shows several cities in the US, and the maps of different neighborhoods and their rates of obesity and diabetes. Why are obesity rates so diverse in different parts of town? 6) Why is it significant that an increasing number of youngsters are overweight or obese? 7) Define what constitutes ideal cardiovascular health. What are some healthy habits that can help people achieve optimal cardiovascular health? (7 variables) 8) What is the definition of fatty liver disease? What makes it so dangerous? What can be done to prevent it?