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Media violence Media violence has been an ongoing issue and a major talking point for over three decades. There have been numerous debates whether media violence is considered a problem and if it actually causes real-life aggressive behaviour. It is believed that media violence is seen to have a crucial barring on how an individual may behave whether it is socially or mentally. Biological factors also come into account in media violence situations.

Important factors like the amount of media violence the individual is being subdued to, how extreme the content may be and whether the ndividual is still developing mentally also determines to an extent of how an individual behaves long term and short term. Media violence comes in various forms such as TV violence, Movie violence and video game violence. The purpose of this literature review is to distinguish how media violence affects behavior based on the three main factors ‘bio-psycho-social’. This will be established with four text reviews. Video games are thus great teachers and great motivators, but they can be misused. But it is society, not science, that must decide how to deal with the negative effects of iolent video games. ‘ (Anderson 2004, p. 4). Anderson’s (2004) literature is clear and useful towards parents in the concept of media violence. Anderson discusses in his text how violence in the media affects children in a social perspective. Anderson focuses on video games and emphasises how many may believe it is either ‘For good or ill’ (Anderson 2004, p. 4).

Anderson believes the content of video games is the key and decides whether it is good or ill. As children mature they develop mentally and physically, when exposed to media it is inevitable they learn and take in what they ee. Factors like how often children are exposed and what they are being exposed to also plays a major role. Anderson identifies video games as worse than TV shows and movies in terms of violence. ‘In a violent video game the player has to identify with the aggressor – you become the aggressor, the character whose actions you control




In this assignment, you will draw on your understanding of content from across the entire unit to analyse the learning potential of a play experience.
A play scenario will be made available when Assignment 3 has concluded. Your task is to analyse the learning potential of this play experience with particular reference to topics that have been covered in the lectures and readings for Module 3 (Week9 -12).

Essential resources for this assignment are:

? Your readings for weeks 9 – 12

? Lecture, reading and tutorial notes from Modules 1(week1-4) and 2 (week5-8)
? Your Referencing Guide (e.g., Perrin, 2015) Instructions
1. Choose 2 of the following topics to use as the basis of your analysis
a. Creative thinking c. Social play
b. Literacy development d. Physical activity
NB: your analysis does not need to cover all aspects of your chosen topic. You can choose to analyse elements of the scenario that relate to specific aspects of your chosen topic.
Then, using essay form:

2. Write a short introductory paragraph to introduce the topic of your essay, explaining what you aim to achieve in your essay and the areas that you chosen to use for your analysis (approx. 150 words).

3. Analyse the children’s play scenario in reference to each of your two areas in turn. Ensure that you i) define each of your chosen topics, ii) explain why this area is important to consider when thinking about children’s learning and/or development, and iii) analyse how the children’s play demonstrates and/or supports development and/or learning in this area.
4. Write one or two concluding paragraphs that sum up your analysis and identify 2 different ways (i.e., active practices) which adults could enhance the learning in children’s play. These must include convincing explanations of how these experiences would improve children’s learning or development other than mere provision of materials.
5. Remember to analyse the scenario, do not describe it.
6. Refer to module 3 (week9 -12) as much as you can as it highly relates to the assignment. If appropriate, could use module 1 and 2.

Assessment Criteria:

The following unit outcomes apply to the assessment of this assignment:
2. An ability to identify and apply relevant theoretical knowledge about play and inquiry in order to address the assignment requirements.
3. An ability to analyse the features and potentials of young children’s play environments and materials
4. An ability to generate ideas about play/inquiry experiences that will enhance children’s experiences and learning
5. An ability to format and submit assignments appropriately and on time, as per instructions in the Unit Guide.
6. An ability to address assignment requirements using appropriate academic written expression.
7. An ability to identify key arguments in academic readings and use these appropriately to support the views expressed in assignments
8. An ability to use in-text citations and construct a reference list using APA 6th style.

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