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   media industries Essay

   media industries Essay. Paper details my chegg account is on file these are the instructions for the order In Chapter 5 of Understanding Media Industries, “Economic Conditions in Media Production,” we are given an overview of how media industries finance themselves. The chapter connects to Bagdikian’s work on the ownership of the U.S. media, but with a stronger focus on revenue streams and the different ways in which we, as customers, pay for the media we consume intentionally, or receive passively. Havens   media industries Essay
Grossmont College ATM Deposit and Withdraw Programming Project.

I expect at least 90. Please follow the directions.NOTE: Minimum requirement to qualify for grading: 1) Code must be properly indented, modularized and follows the best practices.Account Project (A bank account has methods to deposit, withdraw, and check the balance.) (50 points)1. The program contains 3 main variables called accountBalance, accountName and accountNum. Choose appropriate data types for these variables2. initializes the accountName with the parameter specified. The member variables accountBalance and accountNum are assigned some random value (No need to use rand function).3. The program will contain member functions named menu, withdraw, and depositThe withdraw function checks to see if balance is sufficient for withdrawal. If so, decrements balance by amount; if not, prints an appropriate message indicating insufficient funds and displays the current balance.The deposit function adds deposit amount to balance and displays new balanceThe menu function will contain the following menu options: 1. Check Balance, 2. Deposit Amount, 3. Withdraw Amount, 4. Exit. Use appropriate messages for each option selected and then call the correct function to perform the task.Output:Welcome to the Bank Account programHere is your Initial Account Information:Account for: HelenAccount #: 123456Balance: $187.5************************Menu************************1. Check Balance2. Deposit Amount3. Withdraw Amount4. ExitPlease make a selection: 8ERROR: Invalid choice. Please try again !!!************************Menu************************1. Check Balance2. Deposit Amount3. Withdraw Amount4. ExitPlease make a selection: 1Here is the account Information:Account for: HelenAccount #: 123456Balance: $187.5************************Menu************************1. Check Balance2. Deposit Amount3. Withdraw Amount4. ExitPlease make a selection: 2Enter the amount you want to deposit: 50Depositing $50 to Acc# 123456Your new balance is now $237.5
Grossmont College ATM Deposit and Withdraw Programming Project

EBay Company International Human Resource Management Essay

Table of Contents Abstract The failure of eBay Solutions to the failures EBay failure to compete with Alibaba Conclusion Reference Abstract The paper addresses a case study carried out on a multinational e-business company called eBay. French entrepreneur Pierre Omiya started the company in the United States in March the year 1998. The company had a successive growth and within 10 years, it had close to 40 countries. Similarly, it had a tremendous growth with the number of employees rising from 50 employees to more than 15,000 employees. As the company looked for more expansion rooms, it moved to Asia particularly Japan and China. However, in Japan and china, the company failed to sustain itself in those countries and pulled out. This paper therefore seeks to find the reasons why eBay failed in Japan as well as china, what the company could have done differently in order to fit in the Asian market, and why it was not able to compete with its competitors such as Alibaba. Moreover, the paper discusses the management practices that eBay could have acquired whether local or global and the suggestions to the eBay leadership. The failure of eBay During the establishment of any form of business, a critical analysis of the market as well as the competitors is essential. This gives the business the insight of what to find in the market as well as giving the business ideas to use in order to have competitive advantage. A good market research would have given eBay potential analysis on the targets depending on various factors such as market characteristic, competitors’ conditions and products, financial and economic conditions, cultural, political, social factors and market prioritization. According to the case study, it is evident that research analysis of EBay Company was not good enough to help them penetrate the Asian market or the company failed to do the market research. The use of self-reliance criterion in Japan was a major blow to the establishment of eBay. Self- reliance criterion is a method of a multinational corporation assuming that the product, services and ways used to enter in the domestic market or another market in operation is applicable to any other market. The company used the previous approaches to other international markets in Japan. In addition, eBay failed to carry out a good analysis on how to counter its competitor in Japan that had already penetrated in the Japanese market very well. The company failed to do product analysis to help them produce products and services that are easier to penetrate and able to compete in the market. The company had learned about its failure in Japan and was faced with other challenges in China. However, the company approached the partnership method in the Chinese market and failed to sustain the fees charged by EachNet on its products and services. The company in China was unable to counter the competitors unlike in Japan where the competitor was a well-established firm. The company in Japan used the website that was used in other countries that lacked local and cultural practices of the place of operations. Moreover, eBay failed in maintaining EachNet management as well as modes of operations that made it to reestablish itself in China. This caused the people to loose confidence and trust of dealing with it. Solutions to the failures The most crucial thing the company could have done first was an extensive market research. As the company did in the other parts of Asia as well as China, instead of the company establishing itself from the start in Japan, it could have entered the market through partnership. They could have identified a major competitor with the Yahoo and partner with it. This could have given them an advantage to penetrate the market as well as an opportunity to learn and study the market and local/cultural practices. In addition, partnership would have enabled the company to know the competitors products and services well, learn the economic and financial aspects of Japanese market, known the methods used in Japan to advertise and promote products and services and any factor related to their business. Similarly, instead of eBay using self-reliance criterion to enter the market they could have established a market approach for the Japanese market. Financial/economic analysis was essential to help them address the fees to charge for their products and services in Japan that would also apply in China, where they could have sustained or lower the charges charged by EachNet. On competitors, the competitor analysis is the initial step. It helps in analyzing the competitors’ products and services, charges or prices, the means they apply to penetrate the market, the means of advertising and promotion and their strategies to counter other competitors. All this information was necessary for eBay during their company analysis. The change of website to favor the local market is also a solution to the failures. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More There are societies that hold and find their local and cultural practices superior and of great importance. They therefore hold them more than any other practices. Moreover, in China, eBay could have sustained the managements and operations of EachNet that could have helped sustain and gain more trust from the customers (Dlabay, Scott

JNTU Ethical Hacking & Information Assurance Types of Authentication Discussion

nursing essay writing service JNTU Ethical Hacking & Information Assurance Types of Authentication Discussion.

Hello, Answer below 3 answers in a separate WORD DocCourse: Ethical HackingA. In 500 words, Explain in your own words what “FOOTPRINTING” (or digital reconnaissance) is and how you would go about gathering the information you need to determine the location of a recently stolen late model car that was last seen in the parking lot of our college. Use APA format and add 3 clickable references at endB .Discussion topic on FOOTPRINTING, you now have an idea as to how to conduct a digital investigative project. For this assignment, you are asked to develop your own crime scenario. Explain the incident that occurred, and then list the steps you would follow to solve this case (examples might include: a lost child, an unauthorized charge on your credit card, an unidentified charge made with your EZ PASS, etc.).Your summary should be 3-4 paragraphs in length .Course : Information Assurance Describe three authentication types and give an example of each.Your post should be at least 350 words, Use APA format and add 3 clickable references at end
JNTU Ethical Hacking & Information Assurance Types of Authentication Discussion

I need help with the script

I need help with the script.

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DescriptionCreate and Implement a function named rgb26cc() in MATLAB to convert any given RGB color image to corresponding
6-bit color coded image. The function will take an RGB color image as its input. The function should convert RGB values
of each pixel in the input to the corresponding 6-bit color code.
1. Create a MATLAB function named rgb26cc(), which takes one input parameter:
(1) imRGB (an RGB color image)
The rgb26cc() function should return a 6-bit color coded image matrix named im6CC with the same height and width
of the original RGB color image.

Implement RGB to 6-bit color code conversion according to the procedure introduced in the class.
Please notice that the procedure converts only one pixel at a time, and thus, you must do one of the following ways
for converting the entire image.

Intuitive Version
Create a nested loop to read RGB values for each pixel in imRGB and convert the RGB values to
corresponding 6-bit color code. Create a new matrix of the same height and width and write the 6-bit color
code to the corresponding location in the new matrix im6CC. The intuitive version is easy to understand but
will be extremely slow when processing a large image.

High-Performance Version
Handle the conversion using matrix operation, which do not need a nested loop to process individual pixel.
The high-performance version can convert the entire image with few statements. You will need to have
comprehensive understanding to develop the algorithm. You will earn extra bonus points toward your
semester grade if you implement the rgb26cc() function using high-performance version.

In addition, you need to create a MATLAB script named hw10.m to demonstrate the usage of the
rgb62cc () function. In particular, in the script you need to

Read the color image provided (Hanfu_Libra.jpeg) and store pixel values in a variable (imC)

Call rgb26cc() to convert RGB color image stored in imC to corresponding 6-bit color coded image as imG.

Display the original color image and 6-bit color coded image side-by-side in a Figure Window where the original
color image is shown on the left and the 6-bit color coded image is shown in the right. (Please notice that when
display 6-bit color coded image using imshow() you should see a dark image due to the fact that the intensity
range of the 6-bit color code is from 0 to 63. To better visualize a 6-bit color coded image, you can look up the
imshow() function in MATLAB help file to specify the display range.)
I need help with the script

University of California Interpersonal Relationships of a Criminal Discussion

University of California Interpersonal Relationships of a Criminal Discussion.

You have a relative who is not very smart and think that cities are bad places to live because there is so much crime, and that rural areas are place with morally superior people and are places where no one has to lock their doors. Diplomatically, but firmly, you will tell this rather ignorant relative that he/she is wrong, based on the lectures for this course from week 13 and 14. What will you say?Whenever you refer to a concept from the lectures, be sure to provide a brief definition (preferably, in your own words, not simply copying over a definition from the lectures) and then use it to help answer the discussion question. In other words — “define it and then apply it.”A suggested length to your answer is 100-200 words. You may apply personal examples (about you, your family, your community, your friends and your society), but you must be sure that you link these examples to the subject matter of the lectures in this course. Otherwise, the examples are extraneous and will lower your grade.Our goal (the instructors) in this course is to respond to each of your posts. If we do not, it is either because we inadvertently skipped you or something has happened that has caused us to fall far behind in our work (we will try mighty hard to catch up). The longer into the week you wait to respond, the less likely we will have time to respond.Your grade (2 points)The rubrics for this discussion question, which is also stated in the syllabus, apply to how you will be graded. Here is a restatement of the rubrics:Connectedness– The discussion post demonstrates an ability to cite/connect specific concepts, examples and content from the lectures when answering the discussion question;Relevance– The discussion post shows how the topics relate to either/or your life, current events, or the content, concepts and examples from the previous two weeks of lectures in RS 1500;Thoughtfulness– The discussion post exemplifies thoughtfulness, originality, and critical thinking. It is not merely a regurgitation or mimicking of the words in the lecture slides, but rather connecting the topic to course content and/or examples outside of class, using your sociological imagination; andQuality– The discussion post shows you invested some time and effort in your answer. It addresses the discussion question fully. It is not full of typographical errors, misspellings, or poor sentence structure. A good idea is to write the post in Word with the spelling and grammar checker on, and then copy over for the purposes of posting on Carmen.We will grade your post based on how well you demonstrate that you have viewed/listened to the audio lectures on powerpoint.
University of California Interpersonal Relationships of a Criminal Discussion