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Measuring Macroeconomic Concepts Essay

Inflation rate can be defined as the percentage rate at which prices of goods and services change over a period of time (Sheffrin 7). As a matter of fact, it can also be referred to as the rate at which the purchasing power of individuals’ changes as time goes by. In this case, inflation rates can be used to calculate interest rates and any expected increase in wages (Inflation rate 11). Inflation rate is measured by looking at the current average price level and the price level that had been witnessed a year ago. The USA inflation rate has been changing as time goes by in 2010. It should be known that the government calculates its inflation rate to one decimal place. As a matter of fact, it has been ranging from 2.63% to 1.05% (Forecast 8). In December 2010, the inflation rate stood at 1.2%. This rate is expected to stabilize in January 2011 at 1.3% (Inflation rate 17). The country is in a stable period of prices because this inflation rate is manageable and good for the economy. This will keep prices within the reach of various consumers. Unemployment rate can be defined as the percentage of a country’s labor force that doesn’t have jobs but they are looking for jobs and at the same time willing to work (Ruhm 14). The unemployment rate can be arrived at by dividing the number of unemployed persons with the country’s total labor force (Ashley 9). In this case, the labor force is the total number of employed persons and the total number of unemployed persons in a given economy. The USA unemployment rate has been changing as time goes by. This is more so after the global financial crisis. As a matter of fact, the country’s unemployment rate was last recorded at 9.80% in November 2010 (Forecast 17). The country’s inflation rate has been manageable all along and it has never reached such highs. Such an unemployment rate was last witnessed in 1982 at 10.80%. This unemployment rate will not cause deflation. This is because deflation only occurs when the average inflation rate falls below 0%. As much as the economy is still recovering, this will not cause a reduction in the supply of money to warrant deflation. A labor market can also be termed as an informal market (Blades 13). In this market, workers compete for various jobs in the economy. On the other hand, employers also compete for existing workers. The current labor market structure is characterized by a lot of labor supply with less demand. Companies are still picking up after the global financial crisis and they don’t have enough capacity to employ people. This labor market structure will not lead to cost push inflation because the cost of doing business in the country has not increased to push up various manufacturing costs (Economy watch 9). In the mean time, this structure will have a little impact on deflation as time goes by. This is because the market is still readjusting for sustainability. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Growth rate can be defined as the year on year change that a given country will experience as far as its economic performance is concerned. As a matter of fact, it is an increase that a given variable will gain as time goes by (Trading economics 13). GDP is the amount of goods and services that a given country can produce at a given period of time. GDP is calculated by looking at the market value of the country’s goods and services (Wieseman 9). The USA GDP is estimated to have expanded by 2.60% in the third quarter of 2010 (Trading economics 16). As a matter of fact, the country has a market oriented economy. In this case, individuals and private companies are free to make their own decisions. There are good future predictions because the GDP growth rate is expected to increase as time goes by. In December 2010, GDP was $14, 834 while it is estimated to reach 14,952 in January 2011 (Trading economics 18). Income distribution can be described as the approach that is used to distribute a nation’s total economy among its citizens (Sudhir 15). Income distribution has mostly been represented or defined by the Lorenz curve. The distribution of income has mostly been unequal for a long period of time. In this case, it is argued that those in the top two quintiles earn more than 60% of the population combined together (Trading economics 13). It should be known that most of the country’s income rests in the hands of the middle class. Works Cited Ashley, Richard. Fact sheet on the impact of unemployment. 2007. Springer: Heidelberg. Blades, Derek. Understanding National Accounts. 2006. London: Guardian. Economy watch. Cost push inflation. 2011. Web. Forecast. U.S. Inflation Rate Forecast. 2011. Web. We will write a custom Essay on Measuring Macroeconomic Concepts specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Inflation rate. Current Inflation. 2011. Web. Ruhm, Christopher. Are Recessions Good for Your Health. 2000. New York: Routledge. Sheffrin, Steven. Economics: Principles in action. 2003. New Jersey: Upper Saddle River. Sudhir, Anand. Inequality and Poverty in Malaysia. 1983. New York: Oxford University Press. Trading economics. United States GDP Growth rate. 2011. Web. Wieseman, Ted. United States review and preview. 2011. Web.
Globalization involves an increased unanimity of the global economic activities through eradication of the common barriers such as tariffs, and import duties. Globalization may also involve an improved way of sharing ideas, languages or culture among nations. Any aspect or attribute that has managed to move and be shared among nations leads to globalization. The aspect of globalization has both negative and positive impacts to the nation. Globalization has changed various ways of doing things in Australia. For instance, through globalization most of people in Australia have improved their ways of travelling, their eating habits, and generally their living standards. The major part that has been affected by globalization in Australia is the economic sector. Australia has been able to enjoy a free and open markets, whereby the importers and the exporters are subjected to a less tax. Through globalization, Australia has realized a rapid growth of industrial competition hence increasing both the quality and the quantity of production, and the consumers are left to enjoy the lower prices for the goods they are consuming. Globalization has come with many changes in Australia and the whole world, changes such as even the impacts of terrorism. The Australia was found through the globalization of the 19th century. The focus of this globalization was moving from Europe to other corners of the world as people used to describe it. The globalization of that period was very slow as things used to happen through the longest route, as there were no otherwise. In terms of communication, there were very slow means of conveying the intended messages. It was an era whereby the letters were used in various places to pass the messages. There were no quick means and hence a delayed response. In terms of transport, the means were also ineffective and people could take ages to reach their destinations. Economically, Australia suffered a great deal due to the presence of many barriers of trade. For them to import some commodities, this would cost the country much money due to the import duties imposed on the cash transactions. When the country would be preparing to export some of their commodities to other countries as a way of boosting their economy, these barriers prohibited. When exporting, the commodities would sell at a very lower price due to the export duties hence realizing a very little profit and sometimes even a loss due to several expenses incurred. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More As far as globalization is concerned, Australia has also developed greatly in terms of culture. In the past, the country survived mostly on the cultural practices and beliefs. People could not interact freely as they are doing these days. People relied on some specialists for important information, unlike these days when globalization is advancing day-by-day. In the past, people from a certain community would just live together without interacting with others. This was because of minimal migration of people from rural areas to urban areas. There were specific places for particular group of people. Through this separation of various communities, there were no chances of people to learn from each other especially exchanging ideas of different cultural groups. The fear between different communities existed and that is why people could not interact with one another well. The political aspect of Australia in the past was also of low quality before the globalization. There were traditional ways of campaigning that most politicians used to apply. The citizens could not have a good chance of choosing the right leader as people relied on the cultural ways of doing politics. The citizens were not enlightened as they are these days of a globalized society. Australian citizens believed on leadership of some specific individuals due to lack of enough information that would aid in their processes of decision-making. In the past days, limitation of information sources made people to make uninformed decisions and hence there were some limitations for the development of the country as a whole. For the country to develop in all sectors especially economically there is need for the citizens to have access to various sources of information to enlighten them. In terms of business, Australia was ranging behind due to lack of business knowledge and many limitations as one is conducting his or her businesses. Several doors to business were locked waiting for globalization. For instance, people could not have access to raw materials outside the country as the international businesses were not available, and even citizens were not aware of how to conduct international businesses. We will write a custom Essay on Globalization in Australia specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The few people who were conducting domestic businesses in Australia could not prosper very well as they were contained within the country hence minimal business knowledge. The business sector whether a private or public is relied much to earn some profits for the government through taxation, but in those days the government could not earn much from these investments due to the limitations that existed. Among all the histories of globalization in Australia, technology was the worst hit. The things that people are doing and accomplishing within a blink of a second took people hours or days to accomplish. Almost in every sector of the country, there is need of applying some technology to make the work easier for the people who were involved For instance, several industries like transport and communication, health industries, education industries, and many more all work effectively and deliver their services to the public by technology. In the past days in Australia, such industries could use more resources both financially and human labor to accomplish their missions as the technological knowhow of the nation was low and needed some advancement. The citizens of Australia suffered a great deal in the processes of getting some problems solved especially in the education and health industries. For instance, a major change of technology in Australia came in 1975 through the emergence of Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering. This Australian academy majorly focused on the policies of technology. Through this academy, the famous engineers and technologists were recognized due to their efforts.. Through welcoming globalization, Australia is now in a position to live in a borderless world. The main activators of globalization are the sharing of goods and services among nations, interaction and sharing of ideas and cultures among people from different nations. Recently the level of globalization has developed to the point advancing the technological levels, and removing the trade barriers. Through these latest improvements of globalization citizens of Australia can now trade internationally faster than before. Although globalization comes with both advantages and disadvantages, the benefits are more as its effects are reflected in the economic development of Australia. Globalization in Australia has resulted to bigger markets, hence increased profits, which improves the wealth status of a nation. Through this Australia has been able to invest in several development projects that would make it to reduce the level of poverty among its citizens. For Australia to benefit fully from the advantage of globalization especially the opening of international markets, the country has put some extra efforts to ensure it gets full benefits. For instance, Australia has come up with strong domestic policies, reliable institutions and infrastructure to be able to take full advantages of the globalization changes. Australia has so far managed to come up with suitable policies and informed decisions to maximize the benefits of globalization and to minimize fully the challenges. Not sure if you can write a paper on Globalization in Australia by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Since the time when Australia opened itself to globalization, several benefits have been realized in the country (ABS, 2005). Through engaging with the international economies, the economy of Australia has grown faster compared with some countries that remain closed to the forces of globalization. According to some researches done, the economy of Australia has proved to grow with 2.5 % more than the closed economies to the effects of globalization. Through the advantage of faster economic growth, Australia has been able to improve the living standards of its citizens as well as reducing the poverty rate. For instance, Australia has managed to cut its poverty rate in almost a half for the last two decades. Through the availability of cheaper imports, the citizens of Australia are in a position to have access to various types of products and hence they can compete effectively with other traders and increase their productivity. The economic gains through the forces of globalization have also resulted to the availability of improved health services and availability of clean water in Australia. Citizens have a right to a good health services, as it is in the United Nations declaration of human rights. By reliable health services the life expectancy in Australia has also improved, which is a good ground for the future developments of the nation. Even in the whole world the increased life expectancy has resulted to 85% of the population in the world to have an increased probability of attaining approximately sixty five years, which is regarded to be double compared to how life expectancy was a hundred years ago (Gough, 2003). Through the increased global income because of removing, the investment barriers have some benefits like Australia having increased foreign direct investments, which has accelerated much growth in Australia. Globally the total of foreign direct investment was us$23 billion which shoot up to US$575 billion in 2003 which was a dynamic positive change realized due to globalization. Globalization in Australia has also come with environmental changes whereby, there is improved environmental awareness that is encouraging the use of more reliable and less polluting materials. Australia is also in a position to import renewable matters to be used in place of the locally available natural resources, as they are still scarce. Pollution is one cause of the air borne diseases that should be avoided. The United Nations declaration of human rights requires the nation to put measures on such sensitive issues to ensure citizens are living in safe environments. The availability of good materials that can be reused is advantageous to the nation as less pollution is realized and the citizens would be able to live in a conducive environment. Through the increased interaction of Australia with global institutions like WTO and World Bank has benefited this nation a great deal especially in cases of solving the government-to-government conflicts. In cases where the nation has some conflicts with another, the disputes are solved depending on the rules of the global institutions, rather than the traditional ways of favoring the more powerful among the victims. Through this, most of the countries have managed to maintain peace within and among other nations. In the past, the trading partners were encountering some challenges that were hard for them to solve, and this led to the most powerful nation among the two winning the case. Nowadays the global institutions have the rules regarding every type of trade conflict to guide the member nations (AEPAC, 2003). Through this provision, members solve their conflicts well hence reducing their poverty level, which is believed to be the breeding area for terrorism. The international interactions between Australia and other nations, has led to increased recognition of diversity respect for different cultural practices. Through this type of respect among various cultures, the level of democracy of the nation is improved and the application of human rights to the citizens is made possible. The global companies have some working standards to be followed in production of commodities for international trade. This has the countries to adhere to the labor standards especially the countries that tend to ignore the rules of labor. There are set levels of wages that the workers are supposed to receive, which an advantage to the citizens as it protects them from any form of discrimination from the employer, as it is required by the United Nations declaration of human rights. Australia serves as a good example of the countries that have derived much benefit from globalization. Australia has benefited in both exports and imports. It is well known in production of wool, wheat and minerals. Its level of living standards has gone high due to its ability of taking the advantage of open economy a status that made it more competitive in both domestic and international trade. Australia is in a region whereby the neighboring nations are the developing ones, and most of its exports are destined to these developing nations or must pass through them. The country is famous because of its aid program whereby it offers technical support, reliable building initiatives, and various ways of passing the information globally to ensure there is active participation for all in global developments. Australia is in the front line to offer technical advice to its neighboring developing nations to take part in trade movements that would open their trading standards through provision of more and advanced trade regulations. Australia is assuring these developing nations of the availability of ports that are efficient for their commodities, customs and quarantine schemes. This country is also assisting the developing nations economically, on the best tactics to apply for them to acquire full benefits of free trade opportunities for instance by revising their domestic policies regarding the trade. As long as these developing nations have a right to work, as it is required by the United Nations declaration of human rights, Australia does not understand why these nations would prefer to be left behind. References Australia. Economic planning Advisory Commission (AEPAC). (2003). Globalisation: Issues for Australia: papers and proceedings from an economic planning Advisory commission seminar held in Canberra. Canberra: Australia Govt.Pub.Service. Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). (2005). Year book, Australia. Michigan: Cengage Learning. Bessant, J. (2002). Sociology Australia. London: Allen

Richland Community College Culture and Foods Research Paper

Richland Community College Culture and Foods Research Paper.

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Elements of Paper: i chose mexican burrito bowl Introduction: Clearly state your own cultural identity and the culture of the recipe you have chosen.State why you choose this cultural recipe.Describe your preparation methods of the recipe that you selected to prepare.Evaluate the recipe for texture, flavor, color, appearance and overall acceptability (form provided below). Be detailed and descriptive. Use a variety of sensory words.Make sure to include your completed sensory evaluation form (does not count towards page count)Compare and contrast the information found in the preface of the cookbook or book and other source with the information provided in the textbook. Include a compare and contrast for the following:Cooking/preparation methods.Traditional flavor notes/principles.Typical staple foods.Meal/eating patterns or habits.Discuss how your cultural perceptions may have affected your perception of the food you ate and reviewed.Include a References page (detailed below).Attach a picture of the final product at the END of your paper. Do not embed or include in the body of the text.
Richland Community College Culture and Foods Research Paper

Chemistry homework help

java assignment help Chemistry homework help. This is an assignment that focuses on the who can you trust at consumer protection using analytics. The paper focuses on businesses applying analytics on customer data.,Who can you trust at consumer protection using analytics,Instructions, Topic:, Consumer Protection – Who Can You Trust?, This is for page 1 of the assignment., Businesses are applying analytics to customer data at an exponential rate in order to tailor the user experience. When data analysis results in different customers being offered different products or prices, there’s the possibility for problems related to privacy and fair business practices. Here are some questions to reflect upon:,1. If you are shopping online, how do you determine whether the merchant is trustworthy? Do you use a different method to determine trustworthiness when you walk into a store and need to use a credit card for a purchase?, 2. Who is better positioned to regulate online transactions and handle irregularities or complaints – consumer advocacy groups or the government? You might need to do some research on the purposes and functions of consumer advocacy groups AND the method of filing a consumer complaint with a consumer protection office (government agency).,Prove the point you are making by citing external research, or providing examples or personal experiences. They are to be relevant and support your position on the topic.,Who can you trust at consumer protection using analytics,For page 2 of the assignment, please reply to the below person:, With online shopping I tend to stick with the sources that I already know like big names like Amazon.  When there is a new site that I may check out there are things I make sure to check. I look on google to see if its been scanned and safe.I know there are some of those that are genuine but with no way for me to validate whether the item works I will not usually go for those. Also the facebook market works similarly to ebay with showing what a person is selling. Also, their history which definitely helps.,Cont..,My method when shopping in person is very similar. I use reviews from Google as well as Yelp to see if the place has a history of any credit fraud incidents. With in person I also feel like its just like a thing where you go and you have to be very aware of your surroundings. Even the most credible of shops can have incidents with fraud and integrity.,If the bussiness is breaking the law, the FTC (government) are the best ones to regulate online transactions. The reason being consumer advocacy groups (such as BBB) have limited authority. When it comes to the complaint spectrum, the BBB in cases can be better as you can obtain quicker resolution than using the government. For example, when I live in New York we were being overcharge for internet with Time Warner. We wrote and contact the FCC on multiple occasions for them to help us and it ultimately felt like the waiting game. Afterwards, we addressed our issues with the BBB of New York. With either or there’s an understanding that cases will take time but with my own personal experiences. The BBB has been great in handling complaints.,Machine learning, write in details about it using examples,Chemistry homework help

Assisted Living Volunteer Experience Reflection

Austina Burton Robert Frost, a famous American poet, wrote, “Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” This is an excerpt from one of his most well-known poems, The Road Not Taken. It intends that in making this choice, one is trying to distinguish oneself from the rest of the world by taking the less traveled road, or the less popular decision. This indicates a person who is ready to take a chance, and to face a challenge. This is directly related to the foundation of The Davis Community, where I volunteered at this semester. In 1963, Champion McDowell Davis was a retired railroad executive. He began with a vision to create a positive living environment for aging men and women. This vision inspired him to transform his family’s former peanut plantation into, what is today a 50-acre not-for-profit community, where seniors choose to live (Davis, 2014). The Health Care Center, at The Davis Community, welcomed its first residents in 1966. In 2000, Champions Assisted Living was completed, which added another support service in the Davis Community. In 2010, the Rehabilitation and Wellness Pavilion was added, to provide seniors with a modern fitness center, outpatient therapies, and short-term inpatient care (Davis, 2014). Agency Information The part of the Davis Community I volunteered in was Champion’s Assisted Living. Its exact address is 1007 Porters Neck Rd, Wilmington, NC 28411. The Davis Community campus is located at Porters Neck, on a 50-acre campus (Davis, 2014). It is only a quarter of a mile from the Intracoastal Waterway. The campus is settled in a woodland location with luxury homes, yacht basins, and golf courses in close proximity. Nearby to the property is Plantation Village, an independent, not-for-profit residential community for seniors (Davis, 2014). The Davis Community is only 12 miles from Historic Downtown Wilmington, and the campus is within easy reach of the Wilmington International Airport and major roadways. Their phone number is 910-686-6462 (Davis, 2014). The person who was my supervisor was the activity director at Champions. Her name is Vicki Hardiman. My orientation was on January 24th, then I volunteered every Monday since January 27th. I skipped Monday, March 3rd because I was on spring break. Then my last day was on April 7th. What I Did During the orientation, I was welcomed in immediately. I was given a handbook and an application to fill out. There were other volunteers there for an orientation. At the end, we were given a tour of the building. On my first day I painted in the memory care unit, with the memory care patients. I helped a woman named Marilyn. The second day consisted of crafts and bingo, and, on my third day, there was a sing along group that came to perform, and then I helped with bingo. On the fourth day, I got to take control of my own activity because the staff was short-handed. I conducted a trivia game for half an hour, with the general population. The fifth day I volunteered consisted of craft time and bingo. On the sixth day, I attended craft time in memory care, and then I got to bake cookies. On the seventh day I volunteered, I got to watch a woman play the piano and sing, then I helped during bingo. The eighth day was really fun. I got to help Vicki do a trivia game, and then help with bingo. On my last day, I set up the recreation room for bingo, then helped get residents to the homeschooled children’s play on the second floor. Agency Structure Champions Assisted Living is a not-for-profit organization. The agency’s distinction of nonprofit is that decisions are guided by principle not profit (Davis, 2014). The people who make the decisions for the Davis Community is the Board of Directors. Then rules, regulations, and information is given to the staff to go bye (Davis, 2014). My supervisor was the Activity Director, so she was over the activity department for the assisted living home. Vicki had two people working under her, but she never treated them as such. The staff at Champions Assisted Living work as a team. There is a social worker who works at Champions Assisted Living. She has a Bachelor’s degree. Her job at Champions consists of conducting pre-residency assessments, and screening, of potential residents, and makes recommendations for appropriate level of residency. She is also responsible for evaluating the psychosocial, and activity of daily living needs of residents, and coordinating care and services as needed. She develops a care plan based on the resident’s needs, and works with an interdisciplinary team to communicate with residents and families before the plan of care is changed, or when there is a change in the resident’s condition. She provides individualized support to residents, and their families, through family meetings or support groups, and assists through the transition process to a higher level of care. Lastly, she monitors the needs of residents routinely. Many clients are served by Champions Assisted Living. The minimum age, that a resident may be, is 55 years old (Davis, 2014). Both males and females are welcome, as well as, all ethnicities. As far as the needs of the clients is concerned, there are caregivers and nurses that are assigned to specific halls on each level of the building, and there are a lot of services for each individual resident. When it comes to doing research, the most Champions does is keep medical records, and do checkups on each patient that is there. Champions provides a variety of services. When it comes to care services, Champions offers assisted living, skilled nursing care, rehabilitation and wellness, dementia care, respite care, and end of life care. Champions has a special care Alzheimer’s unit, and offers many amenities. A few of these are emergency call units in each bedroom and bathroom, clinic services open seven days a week, weekly housekeeping and daily tidying, restaurant-style dining, an in-house beauty salon/barber shop, a wide variety of activities, including weekly field trips to restaurants and museums, laundry services, pharmacy services, and psychological services (Davis, 2014). There are governmental policies that influence how Champions assisted Living operates. One of them is the policy about the minimum age of residents. To be eligible to be a resident at Champions Assisted Living, one must be 55 years old or older. Another policy is a no smoking policy in private or public areas indoors (Davis, 2014). This was set in place because some of the residents have oxygen tanks they carry around with them. You are not supposed to have an open flame around one, under any circumstance. Feelings over Experience My feeling about the experience was that, mainly, it was fun. It was definitely a memorable experience. I learned a lot while I was there, about myself, and the population I want to work with in the future. The volunteering I did at Champions was enjoyable. I got to spend a lot of time with the residents. Volunteering there was definitely worth it. The agency is a great community for the older adults to live out the rest of their lives. It has a good atmosphere, and the staff were nice. I could tell the staff was qualified for their jobs. Continue Services I would be willing to continue to volunteer at Champions Assisted Living. Patrick White, author of Three Uneasy Pieces, summed up the public’s feelings about the older adult population in his own opinion. I would like to believe in the myth that we grow wiser with age. Those of a middle generation, if charitable or sentimental, subscribe to the wisdom myth, while the callous see us as dispensable objects, like broken furniture or dead flowers. For the young, we scarcely exist unless we are unavoidable members of the same family, farting, slobbering, and perpetually mislaying teeth and bifocals. (White, 1988) I am one of the few “young” who still view old age as wisdom. Every day that I volunteered, I learned something new from one of the residents. Sometimes it was as simple as experiencing a kindness I never had before. Other times, it was listening to their life stories. Older people have encountered some amazing incidents in their journey of life. When they shared their life stories, it gave me an insight about lifestyle in their time. The life stories I was told were very insightful to why things are the way they are in the present time. Also, it is very interesting to know about their adventures and the places they travelled to. I would be willing to provide services to any agency, not just an assisted living facility. I believe volunteering is very important, because you get to learn about new agencies, it looks good on a resume, and one can gain much needed experience from it. Human Behavior in the Social Environment In terms of human behavior in the social environment, I observed a lot of activities at the agency regarding client issues. I did not see much aggressive behavior. The old ladies were mean sometimes, though, during bingo. Most of the residents were really sweet, and non-confrontational. I didn’t observe any resistance to activities of daily living care. I also did not observe any depression. Sometimes when I was there, some of the residents would not want to partake in the activities, such as board games or trivia time. On these occasions, the staff had to be extra suggestive to get them excited about the activities. I noticed that everyone in memory care was forgetful in some way. For example, they needed assistance with walking to places or they would get side tracked very easily. Every resident at Champions Assisted Living needed assistance in some way. Conclusion Overall, I enjoyed volunteering at Champions Assisted Living. I would consider volunteering here again. I loved working with the staff, and visiting with the residents. I had fun watching all the old ladies play bingo, and I liked helping them. Champions is a nice facility. The Davis community, in total, is great. The campus is set in a nice location. It is close to the ocean, as well as, downtown Wilmington. I am glad I chose to do my service learning at Champions Assisted Living. References The Davis Community: Assisted Living in Wilmington NC. (2014). Retrieved April 9, 2014, from White, P. (1988). Three uneasy pieces. London: Jonathan Cape.

Google Qualitative Research Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Discussion Conclusion References Introduction The internet bubble occurred from mid 1990’s to 2000. During this period, stock markets in the developed world saw a sharp rise in value of technology and internet stocks. As a result, people believed that the internet would be the major driver of future business, people would not need to physically go to the retail store and we could shop our groceries online and order our meals from a dot com site. Unfortunately, this did not last as the stock market suddenly crashed. Despite the crash, most internet companies are still registering significant growth and it is clear that there are here to stay. For the purpose of this study, the paper will focus on Google Corporation. Discussion Google has registered significant success since its inception in 1998. The Company’s success is attributed to factors such as Google’s design to suit the final user and its simplicity in terms of design that has attracted many internet users over the years. Reuters (2009) reports that Google uses an excellent search engine that produces products that exactly fit into customer’s needs. Google Corporation provides a software technology that is capable of continuous calculations that are performed simultaneously compared to traditional search engines that perform calculations one at a time. Due to the engine’s speed, the engine was able to perform over 85% of the search requests in 2004 on the World Wide Web. Another key factor in Google’s success is the superb organizational culture. The working conditions for the company’s employees are conducive as they feel at ease at the work place. Moreover, the company’s top management is comprised of highly qualified MBA and PhD graduates from various fields that are important in the fulfilment of the objectives of the vision of Google Corporation. They work together as a team to accomplish the goals of the company. In addition the employees are encouraged to be innovative. For instance, engineers are free to spend up to 20% of their work time in any interesting project that they believe can add value to Google, this has led to creation of innovative products like Ad sense, Google news and Google mail. Furthermore, the Google business model also explains its success. This model makes it almost impossible for its rivals to catch up. Chaffey (2007) asserts that Google’s business model is summarised by the following phrase “to make the world’s information universally accessible and useful “(p.2). As noted by Chaffey, the firm has positioned itself well in the market in order to offer high quality products that cannot be compared to any competitor in the industry, thereby leaving its users satisfied and promoting the company through the word of mouth. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Strategic alliances also explain Google’s success. Google has acquired and in some cases formed alliances with several other companies such as YouTube, E-bay, Yahoo and Amazon. Through such alliances, Google has a better position to tackle its competitors. Dwivedi (2008) further notes that Google has largely changed its core business to a variety of businesses in the field of marketing such as Picasa, blogger, keyhole, Gmail and Google news among others. It is estimated that 90% of Google’s revenues are from advertising therefore suggesting that Google is majorly an advertising firm (Dwivedi, 2008). Google Corporation offers its consumers high quality products that enable its clients such as corporate organizations to make online advertisements for their products without hiring advertisement consultants. Largely, Google is the most recognized brand outperforming even household brands like Coca-Cola and McDonalds because of its excellent search engine (Google, 2009). Conclusion The evidence above shows that the business strategy pursued by Google is realistic. The company is better positioned to denominate internet associated business and activities. Unless something dramatic happens, Google will continue to be a going concern. In the search engine industry, one can deduce several lessons from Google`s success. International internet retailers need competent and committed staffs that are creative and innovative. Furthermore, these organizations should give the professionals an opportunity to innovate by offering a free and favourable work environment. Internet retailers equally need financial and human resources in large scale. Without resources, Google could not have acquired companies such as You Tube. It is estimated that Google has over 31,353 employees as at 30 September 2011. Gather (2009) notes that many people around the world will continue to “Google” things, not “Yahoo” or “Bing” them. This emphasizes the fact that Google has become a common household name more than any other search engine. References Chaffey, D. (2007). Google case study-covering Google business strategy and technology case. Web. We will write a custom Essay on Google specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Dwivedi, J. (2008). Google’s robust strategy and business model. Web. Gather, (2009). Microsoft and Yahoo in a war against Google. Web. Google, (2009). Technology overview. Web. Reuters. (2009). Google quietly declares email war on Yahoo. Web.