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Measures of variation provide us with information about how a set of scores are distributed. Refer to the data

Measures of variation provide us with information about how a set of scores are distributed. Refer to the data you collected in Week 1 or other dataset practice, running measures of variability for each of your variables.

Write a 250- to 300-word response to the following:

What specific considerations did you use to determine which test to run?
Why are measures of variability important when interpreting your data?

Discussion Response 2

You will be expected to post an original (250 – 300 words) response that includes at least 2 APA in-text citations for a bulleted question or response prompt.
Not meeting word count or having at least 2 APA in-text citations will result in points deductions.
In-Text Citations: The Basics // Purdue Writing Lab (Links to an external site.)
Please answer the following:
1-Explain “Separate but not equal”, why was this an important conversation? Do you believe this is still the case today?

Geometry History Writing Question

Measures of variation provide us with information about how a set of scores are distributed. Refer to the data • How close was Saccheri to discovering non-Euclidean geometry?
Requirements: 100 Words Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced APA Format Excluding the Title and Reference Pages | .doc file
Be sure to include an introduction with a clear thesis statement along with a conclusion
Please be sure to carefully follow the instructions
Please be sure to use the textbook attached. If any additional sources are used please be sure that they are credible or scholarly
No plagiarism

Answer the following 2 discussion questions on separate pages with references. 1. Find a full text article in the KU

Answer the following 2 discussion questions on separate pages with references. 1. Find a full text article in the KU library that discusses Just-In-time manufacturing. What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages based on your reading. Do not forget APA format on your sources, in-text citations. 2. Since managerial accounting does not follow strict reporting requirements like financial accounting, do you see any ethical issues that may arise? Should there be specific reporting requirements? Do not forget APA format on your sources and in-text citations.

WR 121 A researched argument

The title prompt for this option is this:
“The Silver Lining of the Pandemic Cloud and Why It Matters.”
The larger subject to draw from in this option is global environment and health: finding overlap in climate priority, industry, economic stimulus, and health in light of the current pandemic and viewing the pandemic as a catalyst for positive change.
You would draw from this larger context and determine your subject and angle, and develop a focused, persuasive and reasonable argument. This essay will be an argumentative paper that makes use of a minimum of four outside sources and cites using MLA format. Length: 1250-1500 words (5-6 pages, typed, double-spaced, Works Cited included).
research your subject and develop an argument. Use the readings and explanation in Chapter 15 and my resource notes to help guide you as you begin to brainstorm, research and draft. Build support for your thesis and integrate evidence from your research and from your own thinking. Your rough draft should include in-text citations for any borrowed material.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc.

Joan of Arc 

For a basic biography you should consider the historical questions: who, what, when, where and why. In writing about historical research Richard Marius and Melvin Page noted that, “historians ask who the people involved were; what exactly happened, when it happened, where and why.”[1] In writing your short biography, considers these items more specifically: Who questions focus on historical people and their influences on others, i.e., who was Pacal? What questions seek to understand history… what happened to your historical person or what did they believe? When questions seek to know exactly when something happened and help to place your biography historically in time. Where questions involve geography and location and often lead to possible explanation of actions and events. Why questions stem from basic curiosity… why it happened, why it influenced Alexander? Your Task: From the list of people provided on page 2, select one individual and write a short biography for your historical person, in one to two pages, that considers the historical questions described above while providing specific facts like: Date and place of birth and death Major achievements / contributions Education Work facts An overview of what makes the person significant in history Lastly, in your closing statement select one aspect of the person’s life that you would alter and explain how this change may have altered history.

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This School Reflection Paper is not due until the end of Module 4, but I want you to have plenty of time to work on it! Be sure check the Calendar here in Canvas. Keep an eye on the due date, and plan your time accordingly.
For this first graded paper, you will reflect on your experiences in school. This should not be just a reporting of some of your schooling experiences, but a reflection, using some of the concepts in our course, as a lens to view your remembrances.
Education Majors: If you have completed the Educational Autobiographical Paper in EDT 190, this paper will build on that identity/positionality work, and focus more on the curriculum and schooling you received (or didn’t receive) in response to that identity/positionality. What can you add now, with more education and experiences and these new readings, to your thoughts on your EDT 190 paper? (Some of you may not have taken EDT 190 yet, or your section may not have had this paper assigned. No problem!)
You do not need to (and should not) describe all items, but should consider many. Be as specific as possible.Eventually for your paper, organize and describe ideas (don’t just list). You might start with a brainstormed list of all these items, to see what is most salient to use in this analysis paper.
Identify your school(s) by name.
Describe the grouping/tracks you were in (primarily in high school, but perhaps earlier): AP/IB, Honors, college prep, gifted, special ed, etc.
Describe your community: urban, suburban, rural, and more detail.
Describe the demographics of your school: race, social class, ethnicity, language, perhaps gender, sexuality, disability, etc. This might differ between your neighborhood elementary school and your district high school. Also consider the demographics of the students in most of your classes, and how closely they mirror the demographics of the entire school population.
Describe the group/demographics of students you were friends with or hung out with in school (high school especially).
Describe how closely the demographics of your school reflect the demographics of your neighborhood/community. Also, consider why your neighborhood/community is diverse or not diverse, particularly in terms of social class and race but also other characteristics.
Compare your own personal identities with those of your school and that of your neighborhood/community.
Describe some key ideas you remember about the curriculum/content.
What specific topics or subjects do you remember? Were there any topics or aspects that you noticed were missing?
What was your impression or feeling about school, your teachers, your peers, the curriculum? Either overall or some specific aspects or topics or subjects? (positive, anxiety-provoking, comfortable, didn’t fit in, etc.)

Use concepts/terms from course texts (Course Terms

Case study

I’m working on a accounting case study and need a reference to help me learn.

..No Plagiarism, No Matching will be acceptable.
All answers must be typed using Times New Roman (Size12, Double-space) font.
No pictures containing text will be acceptable and will be considered plagiarism.
proper examples and explanations for each questions.
– No short answer as it’s not acceptable for this assignment
the answer should be sufficient
References are very important to put them under the solution
I want the solution on the same page of the questions that I attached, under the word answer

Product Costing

Product Costing.

Paper details

Product Costing Project

Develop the full cost of a simple item. 1. Choose a simple, everyday household item (i.e. loaf of bread, fabric placemat, broom) to investigate its full cost. 2. Describe the product and why it was chosen. 3. Identify all direct and indirect materials used in production. 4. Identify the different production stages and the labor requirements for each stage. 5. Calculate the overhead. 6. You will use the material, labor, and overhead amounts to calculate the production cost per unit. 7. Find the selling price for your product. 8. Assumptions: a. Production will be in your personal kitchen or workshop, therefore no rent expense will be incurred. b. Use the fixed amount of $100 per month for the additional utilities expense that will be incurred in the production of your product. c. No additional major machinery/equipment will need to be purchased. Small tools and equipment such as hammers or cookie sheets may be lumped together. They will be considered to have a limited one year life with no salvage value. d. The federal minimum wage should be used as the labor cost per hour. e. Assume no indirect labor. 9. Requirements: a. Written portion of the project should be 5-6 pages, including the spreadsheets (but not including the cover page) b. Written portion to include: i. Why product was chosen? ii. How cost was derived (where materials were obtained, etc.)? iii. How was price determined? iv. Why your classmates should purchase your product? (Sell it – this part should be fun!) BUSA 5061 Class or Cohort _____________________ Costing Project Grading Rubric Student(s) __________________________ TOPIC OR ISSUE Cover Page ( Possible Points: 5 ) Comments and Points 5: Complete, attractive title page 3-4: Brief, less attractive 1-2: Very brief, not attractive 0: Missing cover page

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Business Memo Writing

Hello, I have an In-Class Writing tomorrow, its writing a business a memo, the writing starts at tomorrow 02/14/2022 at 10:00am PDT and ends at 11:30PDT, the prompt will be given at the start of the assignment and pre-reading is attached below.

1) Choose one environmental problem that we have studied this semester which interested you the most and write a 2-3

1) Choose one environmental problem that we have studied this semester which interested you the most and write a 2-3 page paper including the information below. 2) Investigate the issues surrounding that environmental problem: a) Identify the key perspectives – most environmental problems have at least two points of view on what the issues are (or whether there even is an issue) related to that problem. b) Seek writings from stakeholders on both sides of the issue. A stakeholder is a person or group that has an interest in the issue. For example, both hunters and animal rights activists are interested in hunting regulations, but both have very different points of view on what those regulations should be. If there is more than one predominant point of view on the issue you chose, then you may need to seek out writings from more than 2 different perspectives. Writings could be from magazines, web pages, blogs, etc. These most likely are not going to be objective sources. c) Identify at least one objective source about the problem – for example, a peer-reviewed journal article that was written by a researcher who has conducted a study on the problem, or an institution that reports objectively on environmental problems (such as the EPA or the United Nations). In some cases, newspaper articles can objectively report on environmental problems, but you will have to use your judgment about whether that is an objective article. 3) Find ways to persuade others that the issue matters. Use the information gleaned from your investigations above to do this. 4) Identify which Method of Action(s) you would use to help mitigate this environmental problem or lessen the impact of this problem. Use the Methods of Actions resource under this week’s topic. Find at least one example of this Method of Action being effective for your chosen problem (or a similar one). You may choose to identify how you can improve the environmental impact of this problem in your local area, or how you can improve the problem in the country or even the world. Contact me if you need more information on any of the Methods of Action or do your own research for more detail. 5) Include citations (multiple required) of the resources you used. Use APA style for your citations. They should generally be in this format: Author(s)’ names, Date published, Article title, Publication title, Web address. The Midway Library has an excellent resource for citation formats here: 6) Make sure to proofread your writing.