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Measurement, Statistics, And Appraisal

The independent variables are those that a researcher or experimenter changes or manipulates and are expected to impact the dependent variable (Mcleod, 2019) directly. For instance, when one wants to experiment if exhaust fumes from vehicles of high concentrations affect asthma incidence in children, the independent variable is represented by the vehicle exhaust while the dependent variable is asthma. Usually, the independent variable functions as the only significant difference between control groups and experimental activity in well-structured empirical research. A dependent variable stands for the variable being measured and tested in an experiment, and it “depends” solely on the independent variable. For example, depression symptoms are a dependent variable that is dependent on therapy (an independent variable).On the other hand, an Extraneous Variable has an effect on the relationship between the dependent and independent variable when explaining an outcome. In the case of asthma and car fumes, the Extraneous Variable would be a different exposure to factors that increase the chances of respiratory issues, such as smoke from cigarettes and factories (Sheppard, 2020). It is unethical to expose random people to high concentrations of exhaust deliberately. Therefore, an experiment seeking to compare two populations with differential exposure to car exhaust would depend on natural experimenting or circumstances that such occurrences are already happening due to unrelated situations. In a natural experiment, a community residing close to areas with greater exhaust concentrations may also live near factories with higher levels of smoking. Therefore, the Extraneous Variable could easily lead to bias during research. If an extraneous variable is the real cause of an outcome, it is referred to as a confounding variable since it confuses the relationship that a researcher was focused on.Two ways of controlling Extraneous Variables          While analyzing statistics, researchers must account, control, or attempt to remove any extraneous variables in the study design. Researchers can try to control Extraneous Variables using the following two ways. The first is the use of standardized procedures (Sheppard, 2020). Such a process involves the researcher ensuring that every feature of the experiment is the same, excluding the independent variable. For example, an experimenter can utilize the same procedure to recruit volunteers and participants and then carry out the experiment in the same environment. These researchers should provide some explanations to participants, and feedback, when the study ends, should also be the same. When rewarding participation, it should be done the same way for all participants. Furthermore, the researchers should ensure that the study is conducted simultaneously, such as time, month, or hour. The area of experimentation or lab must be maintained at a constant temperature, brightness, and noise.          The second method used by a researcher experimenting to control extraneous variables is by employing random assignations. This technique lowers the probability that some participants could affect the independent variable due to having certain specific characteristics (Sheppard, 2020). Random assignation calls for every participant in the experiment having an equal chance to be assigned to either side, the control group or the test group. This technique is more efficient if the sample size is large.

In need of help with (3) substantive reply of 100 words or more to the (3) different forum post below.

In need of help with (3) substantive reply of 100 words or more to the (3) different forum post below. TLMT313– Supply chain Management
Instructions: Your follow-up posts may add additional insights to a classmate’s opinions or may challenge posted opinions. Use examples from the readings, or from your own research to support your views as appropriate, include direct questions.
Refer to the Discussion question below when replying to ALL (3) Forum posts:
W6: Government Contracting
Review the Presidential Directive on Government Contracting found in the Content section. Why does the President want to reduce Cost-reimbursement contracts? Why is it preferred to use a Firm Fixed type contract? Who accepts the greatest risk under each type of contract? Why is competition favored over sole source?
Principles of Supply Chain Management: A Balanced Approach
Read chapters 10

Assessment of Company’s Communication Practices

Measurement, Statistics, And Appraisal Assessment of Company’s Communication Practices.

Assessment of Company’s Communication Practices


Paper details:

See attached document that details writing assignment. 2 of 4 required sources are attached. Writer selects the remaining 2. Please DO NOT assign a writer that lacks senior-level work experience in organizational communication.

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Discussion question

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
What are potential obstacles that may prevent intracultural communication and intercultural communication, and how do these obstacles differ based on cultural differences? Include an example of obstacles to intracultural and intercultural communication from your life.

VALS2 System’s consumption communities

VALS2 System’s consumption communities.

Description ***VALS2 System’s Consumption Communities Concept of Identity*** (double spaced) Defining and Thinking About A Term: How do the readings we’ve had define the term or concept, how do you define it, what other definitions have you encountered, and what are the issues, complexities and controversies related to the definition? What American and/or global values are associated with these concepts? Give at least three examples from actual media content related to the term and discuss how they relate to the term. Be sure to express your personal point of view on the various arguments about the term or concept.

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SA Project 3

Read and review the attached journal article. This weekly research paper should not be more than 3 pages, in the narrative

and it should be typed in APA formatting (title page, reference page, no

abstract page, double-spacing, Times New Roman 12 font, 1 inch margins,

in-text citations, etc…).
Your paper should contain the following headings:
Summary of the article
Relevant points made by the author
Critique of the article
Application of the concepts in the article

The importance of sustainable tourism to the local community and the economy of a country?

The importance of sustainable tourism to the local community and the economy of a country?.

The importance of sustainable tourism to the local community and the economy of a country?

For this assignment you have to choose an environmentally sustainable organisation within the tourism industry in your country. Your chosen organisation must evidence ways in which the organisation demonstrates commitment to sustainable tourism, including evidence of positive effects on the local community and environment. Include how your organisation is conforming to international and national laws and policies promoting sustainable development goals.

What are the main barriers in your chosen organisation that prevents them from being more sustainable? Research, discuss and suggest feasible implementable ideas to further develop this organisations sustainable tourism practices. Word count: 1,700 words . References and bibliography must be cited in Harvard Style.

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