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August 7, 2011 What I chose in module one to follow was the McDonald’s Corporation. Although the specific type of operation process is mainly product it is also service for the McDonald’s Corporation. In having to choose the process strategy from one of the four process strategies it falls under all of them in some form or fashion, but I chose mass customization. The reason I chose mass customization over all of them is because it combines a little of all the other strategies. For instance, with process focus there is a large variety of products.

With product focus the operators are less broadly skilled and the employees are modestly trained when referring to employees falling under the repetitive focus strategy. The one process that does come close to the mass customization strategy is the repetitive focus strategy and the reason is because there is a lot of repetition when it comes to a McDonald’s restaurant. The burgers are always served the same way and so are many of their other items that they have to order, but the reason they are mass combination strategy is because there are custom orders.

Every person driving up to the window or stepping up to the counter has a different order from the next person. It is not like going to the grocery store and getting your food, because you are making the choice yourself and you are not depending on anyone else to get it for you, other than making sure it is stocked on the shelves. At McDonald’s you are ordering your food the way you want it. You might want a number one meal and that is it, but the next person might want a number two meal and they want it super sized and a six piece Chicken McNugget as well.

These are entirely different orders and this is what McDonald’s deals with all day every day. Even though there is some repetitiveness when making the burgers, the orders are always different making McDonald’s strategy being mass customization. McDonald’s headquarters location is in Oak Brook, Illinois. This is actually a very good place for them reason being it is centrally located in the United States. It is in the mid-west and it is an 88 acre facility that has been designed to support the operations of the headquarters and the hamburger university where training, research and development happen.

It is a great location and I would not change it because it is so centrally located and I don’t feel that any other place would be much better. You would not want it located on either one of the coasts because then it would not be cost effective for their people to travel to the university or the headquarters. It is not their distribution center because their distribution centers are done from many centers around the United States and the world with products from different suppliers. This is just their headquarters and is a perfect place because it is not located in a big city so they cut down on their costs and bring jobs to a smaller area.

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