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Mathematics homework help

Mathematics homework help. due at 6:30 p.m. eastern timeQuestion 1ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(01.07 MC)Which of these illustrate the divisibility of money?ÿCarlos uses five dollars in cash and $10.45 in credit to pay for dinner.ÿEsperanza exchanges a one dollar bill for four quarters.ÿJose carries coins and bills in his wallet.ÿThe one dollar bill in Mia’s pocket stayed intact in the laundry.Question 2ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(04.02 MC)Public DomainWhich of these is an example of the line marked “Artificial Price”?ÿFarm subsidiesÿMarket priceÿMinimum wageÿRent controlsQuestion 3ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(06.03 MC)Sixty-five nations sign a treaty pledging caps on industrial emissions and the development of renewable resource energy production. Which of the following would be a long-term positive externality for global health?ÿIncreased land allocation for wind farmsÿLower rates of childhood asthmaÿMore manufacturing of vaccinesÿReduction of vitamin deficiencies in childrenQuestion 4ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(04.02 LC)Which of these keeps prices below equilibrium?ÿMinimum priceÿPrice floorÿMinimum-wage lawsÿRent-control lawsQuestion 5ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(04.05 MC)? Farcaster 2009Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 UnportedWhich of the following statements best describes the data shown for 2012 to 2015?ÿSpending and tax rates will both decrease.ÿSpending and tax rates will remain about the same.ÿSpending will decrease relative to tax revenue.ÿTax revenues will increase relative to spending.Question 6ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(04.02 MC)Why is it in the best interest of the government to regulate natural monopolies?ÿTo allow multiple suppliers access to the marketÿTo gain a share of the profits of the monopolyÿTo keep costs to a minimum for consumersÿTo prevent surplus goods and servicesQuestion 7ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(04.03 LC)What is the main function of the Federal Open Market Committee?ÿExtend loans to consumers.ÿOversee administration of financial regulations.ÿSet monetary policy to promote economic growth.ÿWrite laws governing finance and trade.Question 8ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(04.05 MC)Economists warn that the nation is slipping into a recession. Which fiscal policies will the federal government most likely take to help the economy grow?ÿLower taxes and decrease spendingÿLower taxes and increase spendingÿRaise taxes and decrease spendingÿRaise taxes and increase spendingQuestion 9ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(06.02 LC)The city council allocates funds for road repair. Which of the following circumstances would be a positive externality?ÿCitizens spend less money repairing punctured and torn tires.ÿGas stations throughout the city reduce fuel prices.ÿMunicipal taxes increase to fund added services.ÿTraffic flow in the city improves.Question 10ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(02.05 MC)Andrew is 17 years old and would like to establish credit history. Which of these would be a good first step for him?ÿApply for as many credit cards as possible.ÿAsk a parent or guardian to cosign for a no-fee credit card.ÿAsk to borrow a parent’s credit card.ÿFind a low-interest, unsecured credit card.Question 11ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(04.05 MC)Imagine the federal government has a national debt of $10.2 trillion. Congress’s budget for the coming year includes spending projections of $4.2 billion. Tax revenue projects $3.8 billion. Which will be the most likely consequence?ÿThe national debt will decrease.ÿThe national debt will increase.ÿPersonal incomes will go down.ÿUnemployment programs will be cut.Question 12ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(06.03 MC)A livestock ranch decides to expand its operations. Which of the following would be a negative externality for the local environment?ÿHigher property taxesÿLess land for developmentÿLess use of renewable resourcesÿMore groundwater pollutionQuestion 13ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(06.02 MC)Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) SitesRed = water damsPurple = nuclear power plantsOrange = fossil fuel power plantsPublic DomainStudy the map above. Who would object to negative externalities related to the use of renewable and nonrenewable resources in the map?ÿBusiness owners forced to relocate when property is seizedÿFamilies who lose power during a stormÿLocal officials who collect taxes for energy usageÿWorkers who undergo training for new high-wage positionsQuestion 14ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(04.01 MC)Following U.S. involvement in the Korean War and the related period of low unemployment and rising prices, the Federal Reserve intervened to curb growth and decrease inflation. At what point in the business cycle did the Federal Reserve take action?ÿContractionÿExpansionÿPeakÿTroughQuestion 15ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(04.04 MC)If the United States falls into a recession, which action would the Federal Reserve take to encourage employment?ÿBuy government securitiesÿIncrease reserve requirementsÿRaise federal funds and prime ratesÿSell government securitiesQuestion 16ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(04.01 MC)A period of economic stability began in the 1980s. In 2001, prices began to increase. In 2007, an economic crisis caused prices to fall. Which of these dates would be considered the peak of this cycle?ÿ1980ÿ1990ÿ2001ÿ2007Question 17ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(02.06 HC)? 2013 FLVSAfter creating the 2013 budget for her hamburger restaurant, Holly realizes that she will need to spend 10 percent on training because of a change in food-handling laws. Which of these could represent the numbers in Holly’s new budget?ÿRepairs 3%; Rent 27%ÿMisc 10%; Payroll 10%ÿAdvertising 3%; Misc 2%ÿUtilities 5%; Misc 5%Question 18ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(02.04 MC)Tina has $1,500 that she will use to buy a car in four months. In the meantime, she would like to invest it to earn more money. Which of these would yield the greatest return in her time frame?ÿMoney market accountÿRoth IRAÿSavings accountÿSavings bondsQuestion 19ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(04.04 MC)Economic forecasters predict a long period of job growth and consumer spending. The Federal Reserve is most likely to do which of the following to encourage this expansion?ÿIncrease federal funds rateÿKeep the discount rate lowÿSell government securitiesÿMaintain high reserve requirementsQuestion 20ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(02.04 MC)As an eighth grader, Marliss wins an art competition, and her prize is one thousand dollars. She wants to invest the money for her college fund. Which of these would be a good option?ÿA savings bondÿAn IRAÿFuturesÿStocksQuestion 21ÿ(Multiple Choice Worth 4 points)(06.01 MC)? 2013 FLVSCardinal Comics produces graphic historical novels and retails them through local shops throughout the United States. The publisher maintains an in-house staff of editors and illustrators but contracts out writing, printing, and distribution. Its printer uses domestically recycled paper but imports ink and much of its printing equipment from overseas. Segment B of the circular flow diagram above reflects which part of this scenario?ÿConsumers purchase graphic historical novels from local shops.ÿPublisher maintains an in-house staff of editors.ÿCardinal Comics contracts out writing, printing, and distribution.ÿPrinter uses domestically recycled paper.Question 22ÿ(Essay Worth 4 points)(06.05 HC)? 2013 FLVSLook at the circular flow diagram. Choose and define an environmental issue. Using the diagram as a guide, explain how the environmental issue you chose affects the relationship between product market and rest of world.Mathematics homework help
Table of Contents Introduction and background Discussions Analysis Recommendations Conclusion References Introduction and background Accountants and auditors are guided by international accounting standards that require them to uphold high levels of professionalism and maintain professional ethics and values as they undertake their businesses. In the case of Sue, she encountered an unethical practice in a clients books but she got minimal support from his counterparts’ employees and team members, other than having raised the issue, she noted that the practice has been ongoing and was unlikely to come to an end soon. The situation on the ground was seen to be acceptable by both the audit firm she was working for and the client; actually it can be seen as a compromise of the two firms to defraud the government of taxes payable (Wheelen,

HMD 455 Cal Poly Pomona Human Resource Orientation and Training PPT

HMD 455 Cal Poly Pomona Human Resource Orientation and Training PPT.

Orientation and TrainingCreate a basic orientation presentation using PowerPoint incorporating information from the projects previously completed for this course. Audio voice over and navigation links are required! Please note that voice over for each slide is a critical element for this assignment. As such, there will be up to a 25-point deduction for missing voice overs on slides.Required Orientation Slide Content:WelcomeProgram AgendaProperty OverviewMission, Vision, and ValuesTeam Building/Get to Know Each Other ActivityDiscussion of Attendance GuidelinesDiscussion of Appearance GuidelinesDiscussion of Basic Service StandardsJob Training Daily Schedule Overview (Keep in Mind that You have 10 hours of Little Hotelier training). Training should include hour by hour content/activities for each day of training.Questions and AnswersFormatting StandardsAttach a PowerPoint presentation adhering to the following formatting standards:A minimum of one slide per each of the required orientation content elements. · Welcome· Property Overview· Vision· Mission· Values· Team Building/Get to Know Each Other Activity· Discussion of Attendance Guidelines· Discussion of Appearance Guidelines· Discussion of Basic Service Standards· Job Training Daily Schedule Overview (Keep in Mind that You have 10 hours of Little Hotelier training).· Questions and AnswersPlease note that one slide per orientation topic is the minimum requirement. You are welcome to have multiple slides for each!Presentation must include:· Voiceover narration on each slide· Navigation hyperlinks so the viewer can easily progress through content.Include a reference slide listing in APA format the books, journals, industry documents, and websites you utilized to develop your project. Since your submission will not be a direct copy of information, you do not need to cite within the presentation. Make sure to paraphrase to avoid text with more than 3 words quoted from another source. Copying material greater than 30 words is not permitted, even with a reference. Your project will be submitted through TurnItIn plagiarism detection technology. A medium to high percentage of similarity may result in:· Substantial assignment deduction.· A failing grade for the assignment with no opportunity to submit.· Professor submitting Alleged Academic Misconduct Report form with academic sanctions ranging from failing grade on the assignment to failing grade for class.
HMD 455 Cal Poly Pomona Human Resource Orientation and Training PPT

San Jose State University Green Talk Discussion

cheap assignment writing service San Jose State University Green Talk Discussion.

1) Watch GreenTalk 2 first. It is available under the assignment “Watch GreenTalk #2″2) Provide a two-page document that is either a description, definition or set of instructions about the area you picked.This is essay format. Provide an interesting title and put your team’s name under the title.BUT you are only reaquired to write how the company can accomplish their goal with 200-300 wards.Out topic is the solutions and goal of the greentalk companyWe are discussing this in class on Tuesday.Here is the slide deckMinimize File PreviewUpload one document per team here.Other Resources:David McMurrey – Free Online Tech Writing Textbook (Links to an external site.)
San Jose State University Green Talk Discussion

Sex Education Should Be Taught In School Education Essay

Sexual education – not a black and white magic, it’s silly to wait for miracles from it; nevertheless it is useful and effective. The experience of countries in which it has long existed, dissipates as the irrational fears as exaggerated expectations. Expert analysis of the impact of school courses on sexual behavior of schoolchildren shows that none of the existing programs is not conducive to accelerating the start of their sex lives, but those who have passed the course of sex education and are sexually active students – received less risky than their less educated peers, and a program which not only called for teenagers do not rush to sexual debut, but also taught the rules of safe sex, effectively those who promoted only abstinence. Opponents of sex education programs are convinced that the provision of information relating to the sexual sphere, corrupting teens initiate early sexual activity, increases the number of teenage pregnancies. However, today there is no conclusive evidence that it is presented. Studying the experience of countries where such programs have long been introduced, allows us to understand what measures have proven effective in protecting the reproductive health of adolescents, which, on the contrary – does not work, and which may cause harm. The main advantages of sex education are: Children and adolescents, who have passed a systematic course in sex education, know more about sexuality, and their knowledge is more reliable. This does not eliminate the problems and difficulties of psychosexual development, but also facilitates the resolution of arising conflicts. Knowledge facilitates the understanding of and tolerance to others’ views and behavior, which is very valuable in both personal and societal terms. If a course of sex education includes information about contraception, and taught early enough, it sharply reduces the number of teenage pregnancies and abortions. Almost all modern school sex education programs, along with the sexual information, discuss a wide range of moral and psychological problems that are very important for teenagers, as described in Sex Education in Public Schools. In addition to above mentioned results it consisting the fact that it makes young people more civilized and safe. I mean sex education also has long-term historical effect – people who received a child good sex education not only live better, but also sharing their knowledge and skills among other children, that reduces the tension between parents and children and contributes to the overall increase in social tolerance. Different countries comparisons have allowed identifying common factors contributing to the successful implementation of sexual education. Among them: reconciliation of different political and religious views, involvement in the implementation of sex education a wide range of social movements. An important role in sexual education plays mass-media. It attitude to this problem can be very different depending on the country. In some countries, mainly in Scandinavia, the media are a source of support and information about sex. In Denmark, the national radio and television broadcasters provide free air time for programs of sex education. In other countries such as Britain, the question of sex served with more shades of sensation that has a negative impact on sexual education for young people, as described in The Fight Over Sex Education in Public Schools. To improve the efficiency of an integrated approach to sex education programs were considered not in isolation from other issues and is an important component of broader initiatives aimed to improve the health and wellbeing of young people. It is important to observe the different approach, since many countries have large populations of immigrants with their distinct from the host country’s cultural traditions. Sexual education should not be a temporary campaign needs constant work in this direction, achieved over the period of its implementation will not guarantee success, further progress when the program closes. Also I would like to note that easy access of youth to school or other educational opportunities is an important aspect of HIV prevention. Higher education is not only associated with safer sexual behavior and later onset of sexual activity – going to school gives students the opportunity to participate in school education programs on sexuality and HIV prevention. In many countries young people have no access to education on sex and health education in schools because parents and other authorities fear that it will lead to early sexual activity. Nevertheless, there are compelling data obtained from studies around the world and in different cultures, which actually suggests that sex education increases the level of responsibility. Educated young people are usually delayed sexual intercourse or use condoms if they have sex, as stated in How to Bring An End to the War Over Sex Ed. However, statistics shows that information is not enough. Young people also need life skills, such as the ability to make decisions, ability to communicate and negotiate. They need to understand the concept of risk behaviors such as unprotected sex, alcohol and drug abuse, the possible consequences of such behavior and how to avoid them. They also need to know where to go for services and assistance. AIDS education should include all these aspects. The most effective approaches to education on sex and health education in schools, among other things include the use of role-playing games to personalize issues and common education, where young people learn how to disseminate information and promote responsible behavior among their friends and colleagues. Also I would like to describe situation with education outside school. Young people that not attending school, are a diverse group that includes those who stopped attending school or college, children whose families that cannot afford to pay school fees or need to help children in domestic work and children living on the street. These young people are often particularly vulnerable to HIV. Feelings of sadness, alienation, and sometimes hopelessness due to the fact that they do not participate in life with others, they can seek salvation and pleasure in drugs, alcohol or sex. Providing them with information and skills necessary to protect them from HIV, poses a special problem. What they do not attend school or work, making them difficult to reach. In addition, they have different levels of literacy. Experience shows that one of the most effective strategies is to educate peer, which includes training of youth not attending school how to pass information to others. Those who spend educating peer, understand the lives and concerns of other young people not attending school, and, consequently, high credibility. Another effective strategy involves the use of such means of entertainment, like street theater, music and puppet shows, which attract people who can accentuate the problem and spend their time avoiding risky behavior, as described in Facts on Sex Education in the United States. Taking into consideration all mentioned above I want to make a conclusion with my own words. Sexual education can be very effective in reducing the prevalence of risky behavior (I mean alcohol, drugs) and, moreover, may lead to postponement of sexual debut and fewer sexual partners among young people. Comprehensive sex education instills skills of equal dialogue between adolescents and between adolescents and parents, and generally contributes to a healthier lifestyle. The question of the expediency and necessity of sex education in schools is discussed a dozen years. No one argues that education can be good and bad it is not depend on sex education program, it depends on teacher. One and the same curriculum in mathematics, conducted by a talented teacher, can make a genius from the student, but in the hands of unintelligent teacher ever recapture the interest to learn from talented student. I would like to say it is not the matter of program, program can only describe the range of issues that teacher needs to express. Quality of teaching this sensitive subject is very important. In opinion behavior to Sexual education depends on media – which shape public opinion on this issue. I am convinced that none of enlightened parents will not come into his head to pick up child from school because they do not agree with Ohm’s law, or Darwin’s evolutionary theory, which, incidentally, is contrary to all religious canons, but why they do it only because of such subject like sexual education? It is just attempts to blame educational systems in all the problems reflected to their children. Today, when the main information source is the Internet and almost every family in United States has connected to it, parents have no longer possible to close the house for the key to all ills. All of this cannot possibly understand “the champions of morality” for which sex education is a sex-educational program for future prostitutes. Thanks to technological progress, everyone can find an answer to his question, but if children have not yet asked the right questions, I am sure; the system of sex education will help them sort things out.

Managing Organisational Behaviour for the benefit of a company

Organisational Behaviour is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals,groups, and structure have on behaviour within organisations for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward improving an organisation’s effectiveness (s ribbins 2001) As you can see from the definition above, organizational behavior encompasses a wide range of topics, such as human behavior, change, leadership, teams, etc.OB is specifically concerned with employment related situations and hence it emphasizes behaviour related to jobs,work,employement turnover,productivity,human performance and management. The organization’s base rests on management’s philosophy, values, vision and goals. This in turn drives the organizational culture which is made up of formal ,informal and the social environment. The culture determines the type of leadership, communication, and group dynamics within the organization. The workers see this as the quality of work life which relates to their degree of motivation. The final outcome are performance, individual satisfaction, personal growth and development. All these elements combine to form framework that the organization operates from. Management is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives efficiently and effectively. According to Mary parker Follett(1868-1933) Management is described as “the art of getting things done through people It is the process through which the efforts of members of the organisation are co-ordinated, directed and guided towards the achievement of organisational goals. It is an integral part of the successful operations of the organisation. Management is hence the cornerstone of organisational effectiveness, and is concerned with the procedures for the carrying out the organisational processes and its execution (MULLINS) Management operates along various functions, often classified as planning, organizing, staffing, leading/directing, motivation and controlling/monitoring. Among the various aspects of management,I would like to emphasize on the importance of Motivation,Leadership and Human resource management as one of the most important factors likely to determine the success of an organization. In this essay I have taken a few case studies to emphasise the importance of management in an organisation. The first case study deals with the motivation of Siemens employees that has helped the company to achieve excellence in a creative environment. The second case study that I have used, mainly talks about the importance of Leadership and the way leaders are groomed for the future in a giant IT organisation like Infosys. And finally I stress upon the importance of Human resource management as a strategic tool in the management of the organisation’s most valued asset-people.I would talk about the various success Human Resource practices being employed in Google. Success Factors: Management is today the significant part of our daily life and one of the effective and innovative ingredients of our improved economies and better societies. Out of nowhere; today management is being recognized as a separate ground of learning. Hence one of the important aspect of an effective management is the ability to motivate the work force and to make use of the human potential to the fullest.People vary in their ability to do an activity and in their willingness to do it. The need with the greatest strength at any one time is what leads to activity (Hersey

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