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Mathematics homework help

Mathematics homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the Patient Leaflet Submission and Supporting Rationale. The paper also provides additional instructions to use in writing the assignment paper.,Patient Leaflet Submission and Supporting Rationale,Summative Assessment Task:, Patient Leaflet Submission & Supporting Rationale (2 000-word assignment), • This summative assessment tsk is designed to build on the Formative Assessment and to help you to provide a rationale to support the Patient Information Leaflet that you have chosen to design and disseminate to your peers, practice mentors and members of the Multi-Disciplinary Team,,• In order for you to successfully complete this written assignment, it is important for you to search for, read and apply relevant evidence-based literature in the form of empirical research, policy, guidance, legal and ethical frameworks. In other words, you will need to read around your chosen topic and include current and up-to-date references to support your Patient Information Leaflet., • As the focus of this Module is the development of your Leadership and Management skills, the content of your assignment needs to show that you have used relevant knowledge and various theories that will underpin the ideas that you want to use to develop your leadership and management skills in your mental health practice.,Writing Critically, • When offering ideas and concepts, you must support these by drawing on relevant evidence. That is theories, concepts and models – from the literature., • Core texts and further readings are in this module, but you will need to look beyond these. You can do so via electronic library facilities., • Your writing must show evidence of compare and contrast. Also, should have some application to the workplace where appropriate to demonstrate synthesis of knowledge and its application to practice., • Learning and reflection should be align to the learning outcomes you need to demonstrate in this assignment. Also, should include examples from your work where appropriate.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Mathematics homework help
RUC Sociology Racism Central Observation & Social Constructionist View Essay.

Its 2000 words,I had originally started my research for option 9: What does it mean to say that
“race” is socially constructed? How does this construction allow social
inequality to be created and maintained? Illustrate your answer with
examples of how Indigenous Australians and/or other groups in Australia
have experienced discrimination or prejudice on the basis of perceived
“racial” characteristics.However I am also leaning towards option 4: Does education reproduce or reduce
social inequality in Australia?
Refer to both the evidence and theoretical explanations offered in
sociological studies on this question. Be sure to define which form of
inequality you are examining, e.g. class, gender, racialised, etc.I’m
new to this and feeling super guilty but this subject I have really
struggled with and the sociological understandings of
sociological theories.
RUC Sociology Racism Central Observation & Social Constructionist View Essay

STS 359 New Jersey Institute of Technology Gender Issues & Sexuality on the Internet Research.

Summary:For Short Paper #2, we will consider how gender manifests in online spaces.First, begin by reviewing the psychology behind gender and gender roles. You might also consider the theories discussed in this week’s lecture materials that provide a foundation for beginning to think about how we lean to perform gender. You may also find it useful to complete the Open Sex Role Inventory (Links to an external site.), which was developed as an open source, modernized measure of masculinity and femininity as defined by Sandra Bem in the Bem Sex Role Inventory. You are welcome to reflect on your results in addressing Part 1 of this short paper assignment.Next, consider the relationship between gender and language: How do male and female speech patterns differ? To what can we attribute such differences?Finally, using one of the online text analyzer provided below, perform a gendered analysis of some sample text of your choosing. You may use text derived from your own online social interactions (e.g., social media profiles, status updates, tweets, emails, etc.), or you may choose another source to use for analysis. Report results for the gendered analysis of the text, and then be sure to reflect on how the algorithm made the determination of the gender of the text’s author. Was the algorithm correct in its assessment? Regardless, how did it seem to reach its conclusion regarding gender?Program #1: Hacker Factor’s Gender Guesser (Links to an external site.)Program #2: Gender Analyzer (V. 5) (Links to an external site.)________________________________________________________________________Mechanics:Write at least 500 words (although you may always write more), not including title, citations, or identifying information.Be sure to include a list of references identifying sources for your findings (if applicable).________________________________________________________________________References:For the submission you upload to Turnitin, sources should be explicitly defined in a references section.________________________________________________________________________Grading Rubric:The following grading rubric will be used to evaluate this and all future short paper assignments. Possible points for each section are included in parentheses.
STS 359 New Jersey Institute of Technology Gender Issues & Sexuality on the Internet Research

Ikea is a global renowned large furniture retail established in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden. The main business likes stationery of mail order, grocery and so on. Then finally turning to furniture as its main business. At present, it has 292 large-scale outlets in 34 countries and regions around the world. Ikea has been promoting the motto of “better life for everyone” since its inception. It focuses on low price, good quality household furniture to do. So, Ikea strive to create customer and social benefits as the center of business. Business Model of Ikea Complete industrial chain Ikea have the supply of raw material, product design and development, production and processing manufacturing, sales flow and customer service five processes. It firmly seized the product design and sales of the two profit maximum link, at the same time will service into the sales, return low link the basic way of outsourcing complete industry chain synergy. Powerful R

Wk 6 Americans Change of Perception Asian Immigrants Analytical Questions

Wk 6 Americans Change of Perception Asian Immigrants Analytical Questions.

PLS give me the 3 question at least before 11pm on 11.17(PTD) so there will be enough time for me to submit and get the questions from others and send to youNo need to read all of the readings. The quality of the questions actually doesn’t matter. Just simply come up with 3 questionsAt least one question must relate to the concept of “Community Formation and Resistance” (Nov. 10 readings)At least one question must relate to the subject/concept of “World War II and the Reconfiguration of Race and Community” (Nov. 12 readings)Your questions should be substantial (3-5 sentences or more) and reflect your understanding of the material2) Respond to at least one of your classmate’s questions through the appropriate analytical framework of “Community Formation and Resistance” or “Reconfiguration of Race and Community.”Respond with substance, 3-5 sentences or moreDon’t simply agree but extend or enliven the conversation by including new thoughts and ideas based on course concepts.Respond with at least one additional example or counterexample.Keep in mind that you will not see other students’ posts until after you post, so allow yourself time for that.
Wk 6 Americans Change of Perception Asian Immigrants Analytical Questions

Management and strategy consulting Essay

i need help writing an essay Managers are sometimes suspicious of consulting projects offered for free. This stems from the fact that nothing is free in the business world, as people spend energy and resources for everything that is done to a certain point. The key goal of any business is to increase the existing profits to a greater extent. In case a free consulting project is offered, people might suspect some form of a scam or a disadvantage. The modern world has made spying, copying of information and general abuse of knowledge, much easier. The use of technology can be rather detrimental to a company. If the results of the research or consulting gathering of information is revealing, it can be published and made accessible in a matter of minutes, compromising the “know how” and other unique features (Weil, 2005). The three different types of project from those listed in this chapter and the details of a selling strategy offered on a no-fee basis, are as follows: First one is the study of stores and adjustment of their inner workings. After each store was analyzed and employees, as well as managers were spoken to, it was possible to identify the problem and find solutions. When offering a selling strategy for free, HR could focus on the moral satisfaction of employees and customers. As a result, the environment will be bettered and people will be more inclined to participate in sales and company’s advancement. The second relates to Selfridges and its HR team’s strength. The unity of the company is determined by people who work and move the company in different ways. Because it has been focusing on proper management and adequate working conditions as far as 1920s, it is clear that the benefit of selling strategies is evident (Donkin, 2003). The third one is the project by Bath University’s school of management. It was a worthy and valuable idea to perform academic research for the companies and their HR departments. From the research that does exist and by consulting employers about the matter, it was possible to establish that there are numerous benefits of having a strong organizational fabric and ethical HR (Bruce, 2002). Not only there are social and organizational benefits, but there are personal as well, which later help to carry over skills into the workplace. A free strategy would make interpretation of results beneficial to both sales and academics. All the organizations will function according to SWOT or strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The strengths will be measured by internal structure and politics, as well as uniqueness of the business. Weaknesses are managements’ miscommunication and lack of public demand. Opportunities are presented by the market, while threats are the internal security breaches or external sabotage and reputational concerns. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More If a selling strategy was being offered on a full-fee basis, it would majorly change. A structure with detailed directions and availabilities would be provided to increase profits. Employees and managers could be contacted to arrange meetings and learning sessions, in order to learn about the internal matters of the company but also, of the demand and the relationship between the business and the society. There would also have to be some level of confidence and guarantees that the information which is crucial to success or functioning of society will not be revealed. This mostly pertains to competition and organization’s security. It is also crucial to establish a direct and personal link to the company, as the culture and values that are present in the business will shape the outcome. Paid services offer full package of care and recommendations that would be otherwise held off. Overall, paid services have more reliability and have much more advantages over free services (Langran, 2007). References Bruce, M. (2002). Design in Business: Strategic Innovation Through Design. Essex, England: Pearson Education. Donkin, R. (2003). Types of management consulting project: Positive prognosis from HR health check. Case Study 03 – HR. Langran, R. (2007). Government, business, and the American economy, Rowman

Effect of Sample Size and Confidence Interval to Margin of Error Discussion

Effect of Sample Size and Confidence Interval to Margin of Error Discussion.

I’m working on a statistics discussion question and need a reference to help me learn.

Choose one or both activities below and write a summary of your finding(s).1) What is the effect of sample size and confidence interval to margin of error? Do a discovery activity below to write your finding. Post screen shots if needed to illustrate. Do not use the formula of margin of error for the finding. Use the link to begin the activity:…2) What are the differences and similarity between t and z distributions? Use the activity below to compare. Use screen shots to show when t and z are most similar and when the two distributions are least similar. Use the link below to begin the activity:…
Effect of Sample Size and Confidence Interval to Margin of Error Discussion

Grantham University Visual Studio Community and Stack Implementation Discussion

Grantham University Visual Studio Community and Stack Implementation Discussion.

Frequently, while browsing the web, users utilize the back and forward browser buttons to go back to the previously visited pages, or to go forward to the already visited page.In order to be able to support such functionalities, the browser must be capable of putting already visited pages on the stack, thus enabling users to go backwards and forwards. For the assignment, you are to create a Windows console application. To create a Windows console application, please follow the instructions below: Run Visual Studio CommunityFrom the file menu, select New/ProjectOnce a new dialog window opens, from the extension table, select C++From the list of templates, select Windows console applicationsProvide the application name, select the folder where your app will be saved, and click the OK button Once your application is created, modify your code so that it displays a menu with the following items: Go backGo forwardList all pagesAdd pageDelete page To provide such functionalities, you will implement a stack that will have the following functions: Pop, push, size, peek, is Empty For each page placed on the stack the application will be capable of storing the following page data: Page titlePage descriptionPage URLDate Accessed Submission: Create a Microsoft Word document name IP1_RobertWoodley.docx.
2. Take
screenshots, with timestamps, of each menu item in use to show a successful
compile and successful run. Paste the screenshots into the Word document. NOTE:
Failure to provide screenshots with time stamps will result in a score of 1.
3. Copy
your code into the Word document. For each line of the code provide a
description explaining what it does
Grantham University Visual Studio Community and Stack Implementation Discussion