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MATH 336 SDSU Modern Mathematical Modeling with R & Mortgage Payment Worksheet

MATH 336 SDSU Modern Mathematical Modeling with R & Mortgage Payment Worksheet.

I need help with these questions please(a) Derive a formula for the monthly mortgage payment x, expressed in terms of the
principal amount P, monthly interest rate r, and total number of months of the loan n. Show your work
and the detailed steps. The answer for this step is a formula. (b) Given the data: The principal amount (i.e., the total loan) is P = $250, 000, the annual interest
rate is 3.6% (converted into the monthly rate 0.3%), and the loan is to be paid off in 30 years (equivalent
to 360 months). Use the above derived formula and the data to compute the monthly mortgage payment
x by a calculator or R. The answer should be an amount of money per month. (c) If the annual rate is reduced to 2.9% in the above data, what is the monthly mortgage payment? (d) If the principal is increased to P = $270, 000, the annual rate is 2.9%, and the loan period is
still 30 years, what is the the monthly mortgage payment now?———The SVD result of a matrix A is below (use the uploaded photo for this question)svdA=svd(A)
[1] 2.0 1.0
[,1] [,2]
[1,] 0 1
[2,] 1 0
[,1] [,2]
[1,] 0.0 1
[2,] 0.4 0
[3,] 0.9 0
MATH 336 SDSU Modern Mathematical Modeling with R & Mortgage Payment Worksheet

Using Decision Tree Approach and values for Nodes.

Question 3 ONLYA local fashion retailer is seeking a new retail outlet in the neighbourhood estate. The
property agent recommended two possible sites. One of the sites (Site A) is near to the bus
interchange and is relatively small, while the other site (Site B) is further away but has a
larger floor area. If the retailer opens the store at Site A and demand is good, the store will generate an annual
profit of $200,000. If demand is low, the retailer will lose $40,000 per annum. If the retailer
opens at Site B and demand is high, the store will generate an annual profit of $320,000, but
the store will lose $120,000 per annum if demand is low. The retailer also has the option of
not opening the new retail outlet. The retailer believes that there is a 55 percent chance that
demand will be high.
The retailer is offered a market research study by the property agent. The probability of a
good demand given a favourable study is 0.85 while the probability of a good demand given
an unfavourable study is 0.1. There is a 70 percent chance that the study will be favourable.
(a) Determine, using the decision tree approach, whether the retailer should purchase the
market research study. Show the decision tree and compute the expected values for all
relevant nodes.
(26 marks)
(b) Determine the maximum amount the retailer would be willing to pay for this study.
(4 marks)
Using Decision Tree Approach and values for Nodes

AMDA Property Manager and Financial Management in a Firm Valuation Discussion.

Hello, need help with writing. Follow the instruction and template below: Describe your own Job Function(Property Manager) and Job Description and then offer 2 activities/decisions in your job function for increasing or decreasing your company’s overall valuation. Each of the 2 valuation scenarios must have 1 choice to increase value, and 1 choice to decrease value. Briefly describe the details for each choice and why it increases/decreases the valuation of your firm.Use the Answer Template below to present your role and the valuation scenarios.Grading criteria: Define the job function and job description (5) pointsEach valuation scenario is worth (20) points totalEach choice must explain details of the implications of making the choice (10) pointsEach choice must explain if it increases or decreases from your company’s overall valuation (4) pointsFollow the template below and use the attached document. Answer Template: Job Function: Technology Manager Job Description: As part of BitLink Solutions, you need to decide how to manage your software team and focus on what your company needs for both long term and short term growth. The age old question of build versus buy and software maintenance are two common decisions a technology manager must make. Option/Valuation Scenario 1: Choice 1: Build new software features that provide new revenue stream. The benefit of writing software in house is the ability to build exactly what customers want and the increased ease to maintain the code in the future. Up front, you will create expense to pay software engineers, quality assurance engineers, and project managers. But once the feature is done, it will continue to create revenue for years. This decision will increase your company’s overall valuation. Choice 2: Purchase third party components to add features to your software. This decision may seem like a quick win to get to market sooner, but there may be added cost in annual license fees. There is also the potential for increased spend if the third party component has bugs or needs to be modified to fit your needs. You may spend more time supporting the third party component than if you had it written it in house. This decision will decrease your company’s overall valuation Option/Valuation Scenario 2: Choice 1: Enhance existing software to gain market share from competitors and improve security. By increasing the features in your software, you can steal market share from your competition. It will cost money up front to build these enhancements. But you can control what to build by surveying your user base and estimate ROI based on difficulty of the feature and how much you can charge for new features. This decision will increase your company’s overall valuation. Choice 2: Continue use of existing software to retain customers who are already familiar with your product. Familiarity can be comforting, and you will reduce costs by not utilizing a software team. However, technology changes often and you need to improve your application to keep the user experience up to date. Also, the likelihood of a security issue increases as your software becomes more out of date. Hackers find vulnerabilities in legacy apps and exploitation of those vulnerabilities is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. This decision will decrease your company’s overall valuation
AMDA Property Manager and Financial Management in a Firm Valuation Discussion

VRF 45TT Fresno University American Soldier in Vietnam War Letter.

I’m working on a history report and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

in this assignment, you will be writing a letter to someone as if you were an American soldier in the Vietnam War. Try to put yourself in the shoes of someone from this time period (Nov 1, 1955 – Apr 30, 1975) and ‘look at’ the war from their perspective. Address the letter to a family member back home. Describe what you see, what you are doing, and how you feel. Make sure you use supportive evidence from the readings. Cite all sources used.Paper should be 2-3 pages of text (12 point font, double spaced, standard margins)Keep in mind that headings and blank lines do not count towards your page totalUse proper letter writing format (Links to an external site.)(for privacy purposes, do not use your real address)Use a works cited page for any sources you use (including the text book). You can use MLA, APA or Chicago style formatting.
VRF 45TT Fresno University American Soldier in Vietnam War Letter

All the requirements and materials is there, please read and follow carefully

All the requirements and materials is there, please read and follow carefully. I need support with this Management question so I can learn better.

After taking the two assessments (one from Chapter 3 and one from Chapter 4) tell us what you learned about yourself and your organization. Please specify your scores from the assessments. Depending on which assessments you took here are some reflection questions:
Ch. 3–Ethical Ideology–What is your ethical ideology? How does this impact your job and role as a student? What ethical dilemmas have you been faced with? How have you handled them?
Ch. 3–Corporate Social Responsibility–What is your stance on corporate social responsibility? Do you think it is important? Why or why not? Have you worked in an organization that promoted these practices? How did it impact you and the community?
Ch. 4–Global Management–What did you learn about yourself as a global manager? How could you improve your skills to work cross-culturally? Which GLOBE dimensions do you resonate with and why? How will this impact you in the workforce?
The Scores from the assessments were attached below, please you those scores in the paper.
All the requirements and materials is there, please read and follow carefully

What percentage of the total amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is 7.7 billion

programming assignment help What percentage of the total amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is 7.7 billion.

I need the answer for question 6 ( it’s related to question 5) pleease.  ThnxQuestion 5:  CO2 
comprises 0.05 percent (1/20 of 1 %) by weight of the atmosphere
(see table 1).  What is the weight
of  CO2  in tonnes in the atmosphere?Question 6:    World CO2  emission from deforestation and burning
of fossil fuel exceeds 7.7 billion tonnes per year and is increasing.   What percentage of the total amount of CO2    in the atmosphere (calculated in
Question 5) is 7.7 billion (7.7 X 109) tonnes.
What percentage of the total amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is 7.7 billion

Comment this please **

Comment this please **. I’m trying to study for my Statistics course and I need some help to understand this question.

One of the main benefits of using the MASE system is easy to setup. It entirely relies on self reporting honesty. Some of the data collected is demographic information and daily habits; for instance medication compliance. According to an study conducted to verify the efficacy of MASE concluded that this method of data collection is a reliable valid instrument that is suitable for use in hypertensive African-American patients (Fernandez, Chaplin, Schoenthaler, & Ogedegbe, 2008).
Comment this please **

exam essay

exam essay. I’m working on a Economics question and need guidance to help me study.

10 – 12 pages, simple words, the first 5-6 pages talk about the subject the next 5-6 pages answer 2 qustions Basic Terminology: Be able to incorporate as many of of the following basic political economic terms as possible into each one essay of choice from the second category. Class lecture notes may be used for defining the listed terms as well as the Thomas Oatley textual readings.** Do be certain to incorporate other useful data from lectures notes, the Oatley text, and various suggested scholarly IPE books and articles as well.**
David Ricardo, “Comparative Advantage,” “The Iron Law of Wages,” and “Theory of Rents.”
Anne-Robert Turgot and Jean-Baptiste Say
Charles Fourier and Count Sainte-Simon
Karl Marx
William Stanley Jevons and Leon Walras
Historical Economics and the Marshallian School
East Asian Model of Developement
Export Oriented Strategy
Rent Seeking
Structural Adjustment Programme
Efficiency Oriented Investment
Foreign Direct Investment
Horizontal Integration
Intangible Asset
Locational Advantages
Market Oriented Investment
Natural Resource Investment
Positive Externalities
Specific Asset
Vertical Integration
Calvo Doctrine
Export Processing Zone
Locational Incentives
Multilateral Agreement on Investment
Obsolescing Bargain Performance Requirement
Trade Related Investment Measures
United Nations on Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources
Balance of Payments and Balance of Payments Adjustment
Bretton Woods System
Capital Account
Current Account
Exchange Rate System and Exchange Restrictions
Fixed Exchange Rate System and Fixed but Adjustable Exchange Rate System
Floating Exchange Rate System
Foreign Exchange Market
Foreign Exchange Reserves
Fundamental Disequilibrium
Managed Float
Speculative Attacks
Stabilization Fund
European Monetary System
International Investment Position
Louvre Accord, Monetary Accord, and Plaza Accord
Target Zone
Phillips Curve
II. Essay Topics: Answer any two of the following essays with each response tallying 5-8 pages. (50 POINTS EACH).
1. Who was David Ricardo? Illustrate and explain his economic theories? Were they accurate? Might they be useful in the present?
2. In what ways did the French Enlightenment era help create the study of modern economics? Illustrate and explain all key figures
and their philosophies. Are they influences found still in the modern
global economy? If so, in which ways?
3. Who was Jean Baptiste Say? Why is he important in IPE? Explain.
4. Who were Charles Fourier and Count Saint-Simon? What economic philosophies did they create? Are their views prevalent, still?
5. Who was Karl Marx? What was his economic philosophy? How and why has his economic philosophy been so widespread as well as controversial? Explain.
6. What is Import Substitution Industrialisation? What are its’s problems? Explain.
7. What is the East Asian Model? Should the West imitate it? What are its’s strength and weaknesses?
8. What kind of economic reform is occuring in China? Is it both good and bad for China as well as the global economy?
9. What are the global community’s criticisms about the WTO’s treatment of developing countries? Are their complaints valid?
10. What are Multinational Corporations? Explain their evolution by illustrating examples of the first to evolve slowly thousands of years ago as well as the first global businesses to appear in the modern age. How are these kinds of businesses influencing the modern world economy in a positive or negative way? Should MNC’s be regulated by the international community. Defend your point.
11. What is the International Monetary System? What are its’ problems? How can payments imbalances become remedied?
12. What is the Bretton Woods System? Who created it, when, and why? Is it still used in the present? What were its’ strengths and weaknesses?
13. What International Monetary System conflicts have occured since the 1970’s? Have the international powers involved solved these problems?
14. How has the European Union cooperated in global currency exchange rates? Have they been better team players than America?
15. Why are some people as well as nations richer than others? Oatley source to be used as a source.
16. What can financial markets indicate about becoming wealthy very quickly. Oatley source to be referenced as well.
17. What does economics indicate about politics and vice versa? What are special interest groups?(Oatley data necessary).
18. What indicators are necessary to determine a successful and thriving economy? What factors cause economies to surpass others yet eventually decline? Does a powerful economy always indicate
a prosperous society for most everyone?(Oatley data to be used
as well).
19. What is the Federal Reserve? Is it a force of good, bad or both? (Oatley material to be consluted as well).

exam essay