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Matanzas High School Identifying a Piece of Visual Media Paper

Matanzas High School Identifying a Piece of Visual Media Paper.

Identifying and analyzing a piece of
visual media (the genre is up to you) and identifying the rhetorical elements at workIn
a document, include a link and/or image of the text you are working with, and identify
and include a brief discussion of the following rhetorical elements: 1. The Rhetorical Situation 2. The Overall Argument
3. Claims & any supporting Evidence 4. Appeals (Ethos, Pathos, Logos)
5. Assumptions Responses may be as brief or as detailed as you like, but please make sure that they are
thorough enough to cover each point.
Matanzas High School Identifying a Piece of Visual Media Paper

HIST 100 Prairie State College Gandhi and Nonviolent Indian Movement Paper.

Historical Document Analysis & Supplemental BibliographyThematic Title – The title should refer to the historical person or theme and not be simply titled “Document Analysis.” Examples: Spanish Perceptions of Native Culture in the 1500s or Christopher Columbus and the Encounter with the New World.Introduction to Topic (1-2 paragraphs) – The introductory paragraph provides the basic historical context about the person and the event or events of historical importance that person participated in. It also introduces the document to the reader, including author, nature of the document, and year of creation. Finally, the introduction should close with a thesis statement that makes an argument about the content of the document in relation to the broader historical context (i.e., a historical analysis of the document).Document Analysis and Historical Connections (2 pages) – The remainder of the paper must follow the thesis made in the introduction and analyze the document in relation to the historical context of the time it was written, considering issues such as the purpose and message of the document and what the document tells us about the people, society, and time in which the document was produced. How does the document illuminate our understanding of the past and demonstrate the motivations, beliefs, and practices of people in the past? This section will use and cite specific historical detail from the textbook and from the document itself as evidence to support the thesis. The analysis should not be a simple summary of the document itself; instead, you need to formulate an analysis of the relevance of the document (or the author or subject of the document) to the period of history it reflects. Supplemental Bibliography (4-6 sources) – The primary document analysis will be followed by a supplemental bibliography of the 4-6 sources that best reflect the research and writing that historians have done that examine and analyze the topic of your paper. Essay FormatName, upper left hand cornerPage numbers, upper right hand cornerDescriptive, thematic title, centered, before introductionBody, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1 inch margins, 3 pagesPlease proofread your final paper for grammatical and spelling errors. Avoid the use of the first person (“I”).Use quotation marks and brief footnotes (see footnotes guide) throughout.Please Note: Cases of plagiarism will receive a zero on the assignment and no opportunity to rewrite. Use Turn-it-In as a resource to check your citations.Supplemental Bibliography FormatCentered heading titled “Supplemental Bibliography” at the top of a new page (of the same document. Do not upload two documents.).Alphabetical order by author’s last name.Single space entries, with a space between each entry.Use Chicago (CMOS) bibliographic citation format. See the Purdue Owl Guide for details.FOOTNOTE GUIDE:Chicago Manual of Style Footnotes: A Brief GuideYOUR PAPERS IN THIS CLASS MUST USE CMOS BRIEF FOOTNOTES.What is a footnote?A footnote is an internal citation in your essay that denotes where you got the information that you are using to write your essay. A good, honest writer always cites their information.How do you insert a footnote in your essay?Click on “insert” and choose “footnote” in Microsoft Word or Google Docs when your cursor is at the end of the sentence you would like to cite (after the period and quotation marks).A small number is placed at the end of the sentence. It will automatically count up each time you insert a footnote.At the same time, a small number will appear at the bottom of the page. That’s where you write the citation information.For this class, we will be using the “brief” style of footnote.A footnote contains the following information: author’s last name, book (in italics) or article title (“in quotation marks”), page number. Note: if it is an online source that does not have a page number, author’s name and title of work will be sufficient. See below for more specifics. Footnotes are customarily in 10 pt. font.“Brief” Formatting StyleCiting Direct Quotes from Documents, Your Textbook, or ArticlesAny direct quotes (the exact words of the author) must be enclosed in quotation marks and followed by a footnote.Example from Primary SourceAristides praised the Roman emperor’s style of rule when he said, “you govern throughout the whole inhabited world as if in a single city.”Example from Secondary SourceEX: Hellenistic culture flourished through the spread of Greek, which “became the language of power and elite culture.”Citing Paraphrased InformationA sentence or series of sentences that contain specific, but paraphrased (in your own words) information from one source must be followed by a footnote.EX: Cities established by Alexander were centers of Greek culture. They had markets, theaters, and political assemblies, which were filled with Greek settlers who became the elites of each city.Citing Books and Journal ArticlesIf you use any of the sources in your supplemental bibliography in the paper itself, they must be cited using footnotes.Books: You need to include the name of the author, the full title of the book, and the page number or numbers where you found the information. Titles of books are always written in italics.Footnote: João José Reis, Slave Rebellion in Brazil: The Muslim Uprising of 1835 in Bahia, 57.Articles: You need to include the name of the author, the full title of the article (in quotation marks), the title of the journal (in italics), and the page number or numbers where you found the information.Footnote: Robert Nelson Anderson, “The Quilombo of Palmares: A New Overview of a MaroonState in Seventeenth-Century Brazil,” Journal of Latin American Studies, 546.Citing Online SourcesIf you use any information from online sources (perhaps websites/articles that I posted in your discussions or online articles you consulted to try to understand your topic better), you must also cite those.Online ArticlesExample w/ Author: A shortage of grain in France in the 1780s led to skyrocketing prices on bread forcing workers to spend almost 90% of their daily wages on bread alone.Example w/out Author: Although the liberal philosophies that inspired the French Revolution advocated for the equality of all men, women were not often included in the list of those who deserved equal rights based on the perceived “fact that women were not considered a persecuted group like Calvinists, Jews, or slaves.”Note on Dates: Online articles usually have publication dates, so use that instead of an access date. Resources from online university sites, museum sites, and encyclopedias often do not have publication dates, so use an access date.PURDUE OWL GUIDE: BELOW SOURCES:Supplemental BibliographyAllen, Douglas. “Mahatma Gandhi on Violence and Peace Education.” Philosophy East and West, vol. 57, no. 3, July 2007, pp. 290–310., doi:10.1353/pew.2007.0029.Ishii, Kazuya. “The Socioeconomic Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi: As an Origin of Alternative Development.” Review of Social Economy, vol. 59, no. 3, Sept. 2001, pp. 297–312., doi:10.1080/00346760110053914.Jha, Manoranjan. 1978. “Civil Disobedience, American Opinion and the British.” Journal of Indian History 56 (3): 553–84.…Kupfer, Joseph. “Gandhi and the Virtue of Care.” Hypatia, vol. 22, no. 3, 2007, pp. 1–21., doi:10.1111/j.1527-2001.2007.tb01088.x.Livingston, Alexander. “Fidelity to Truth: Gandhi and the Genealogy of Civil Disobedience.” Political Theory, vol. 46, no. 4, 2017, pp. 511–536., doi:10.1177/0090591717727275.McLain, Karline. “Gandhi’s Ashrams: Residential Experiments for Universal Well-Being in South Africa and India.” Utopian Studies, vol. 30, no. 3, 2019, pp. 462–485., doi:10.5325/utopianstudies.30.3.0462.Norvell, Lyn. “Gandhi and the Indian Women’s Movement.” British Library Journal, vol. 23, no. 1, Spring 1997, pp. 12–27. EBSCOhost,, Manfred B. “Mahatma Gandhi on Indian Self-Rule: A Nonviolent Nationalism?” Strategies: Journal of Theory, Culture & Politics, vol. 13, no. 2, Nov. 2000, pp. 247–263., doi:10.1080/104021300750022634.
HIST 100 Prairie State College Gandhi and Nonviolent Indian Movement Paper

Chaucers Canterbury Tales Research Paper, English homework help

Chaucers Canterbury Tales Research Paper, English homework help.

I got an outline a week or so ago form study pool but it was not what I needed. It was too vague and I only got 35/100. I will enclose it for you to look at. These instructions need to be followed for the first draft!!!!!Your first draft will be graded on the basis of the checklist below.The purpose of informing the reader about a literary topic is evident.The research paper has an introduction with a thesis statement.(the last sen in the intro)The body paragraphs contain facts and quotations from research.You must use valid sources… you CAN NOT use wikipedia, enotes, libguides, sparknotes, cliffnotes, blogs, study resources,etc.They must be VALID souresThe paper flows wellThe paper includes credible in-text citations and a works cited pageIf you use easybib– you need to put in the info it does not find— you should not have n.p. or n.d. in any sourceIT should be in alphabetical orderThe paper includes topic sentences and is organizedThe paper is 6-9 pages longDO NOT START OR END A PARAGRAPH WITH A QUOTE … you need to analyze each quote IN YOUR OWN WORDS double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font
Chaucers Canterbury Tales Research Paper, English homework help

Languages homework help

assignment writing services Languages homework help. This paper focuses on The Panama Canal Project Failures of the French Effort. Write a 3-page, double-space paper (plus cover page and bibliography) on the article entitled, “The Panama Canal Project Failures of the French Effort.”,The Panama Canal Project Failures of the French Effort,Write a 3-page, double-space paper (plus cover page and bibliography) on the article entitled, “The Panama Canal Project Failures of the French Effort.”,Additionally, use the course book and the resources attached for background information.  The paper will also be double-spaced, Times New Roman, font 12 with 4 citations. At the conclusion of the paper, describe ways that you can apply this information in your workspace.,More details;,French Panama Canal Failure (1881-1889),Under the charismatic leadership of Ferdinand de Lesseps, the French attempted to construct a sea-level canal in Panama.  DeLesseps, who had been successful in building the ,Suez canal against all odds,, assured everyone that building a canal in Panama would be easier to make than the Suez Canal.  However, after $287 million in expenditures and also more than 20,000 deaths, the French attempt failed. The debacle was blame on poor administration and corruption, but the main causes more likely were yellow fever and malaria., ,Jules Dingler, Director General of the French Company, arrived in Panama with his wife, son, daughter and her fiancé in 1883. He ordered a mansion built for his family and also their imported horses, at an estimated cost of $100,000. Within a few months, his daughter died of yellow fever, followed by his son, his daughter’s fiancé. Finally, his wife. Broken in mind and spirit, Dingler shot his stallions and returned to France without ever having occupied his lavish home, known thereafter as ,la follie a Dingler ,(Dingler’s folly).,Director General of Works and Chief Engineer Jules A. Dingler (sitting to the left with an umbrella) with a group of french engineers. Within a month after their arrival in Panama in 1886, thirteen of thirty enginners died, presumably of yellow fever. The Latin American Library, Tulane University.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Languages homework help

University of Cumberlands Artificial Intelligence and Teaching Research Question

University of Cumberlands Artificial Intelligence and Teaching Research Question.

This week’s journal article focus on the how positive team culture
can correct the impact of lagging leadership creativity. Additionally,
we discussed how digital transformation leaders in regard to artificial
intelligence (AI). After reviewing the reading, please answer the
following questions:What is your definition of AI? Please explain.What is your opinion of AI, is the technology currently available? Why or why not?Please note at least four AI technologies, explain if they are truly AI or something else. Thoroughly explain your answer.How is AI perceived as different in various industries and locations? Please explain.
University of Cumberlands Artificial Intelligence and Teaching Research Question

Florida State College Exploring Your Learning Mindset Paper

Florida State College Exploring Your Learning Mindset Paper.

Bonus for Exam 1: Follow the directions to earn 4 additional points on your exam.1) Watch the videos posted below.2) Write a 200 word paper discussing the concepts presented in the videos and how these concepts might help you study mathematics. (3 points)3) Respond thoughtfully to two classmates posts. (1 point)Do you have a growth mindset? (Links to an external site.)The Power of Making Mistakes (Links to an external site.)Challenges and Your Mindset
Florida State College Exploring Your Learning Mindset Paper