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Maslows Motivational Theory essay help free help writing

Managers continually face scenarios where they need to motivate employees. By understanding the various motivation theories, a manger can assess a situation and determine what might be some different ways to motivate employees. Read the following case study and answer the questions that follow in an essay format: Case Study: Things have really been happening at Sun-2-Shade, a company that manufactures self-darkening windshields. Many changes have been made and it would seem like things ought to be going smoothly.

However, there are problems with the workers, and you just can’t figure out what’s wrong. People don’t seem to be motivated, although they are being paid well. You have been in charge, made the decisions you thought were best for the company and the workers, and have even pitched in and shown people how you want things done from time to time. Everybody has their own job, and they know exactly how it is supposed to be done. You have heard some people complain that their job is boring, but you know that the way you have shown them is the best way to get things done.

People come in late, and sometimes seem to actually resent your help! Most of the employees of this company are close to your age (Gen Xers and Millennials). You would really like the employees of this company to feel like they are a team. Answer the following questions in an essay format in at least 300-500 words: How would you solve this problem using Maslow’s motivational theory?