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Will the Marshall Mathers LP 2 be a classic like the first LP?
The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (MMLP2) was released on November 5, 2013 and it is Eminem’s latest album produced by himself, with the help of Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin, who produced many hits like the Beastie Boys– licensed to ill, and Run DMC– Raising Hell. One of Eminem’s hit singles, Berzerk, took kind of an old school style of rap that isn’t seen to often in the music that we hear today. When you hear Berzerk for the first time, you kind of get that Beastie Boys feel to it and it is something that many rappers today wouldn’t be able to achieve, making Eminem a one of a kind hip-hop artist once again.

For people who don’t know, the MMLP2 is a sequel to his first recorded album, the MMLP, which was his best selling album of all time and received 1.26 million copies purchased within the first week. The MMLP2 has received only 792,000 copies in the first week. Although the MMLP2 hasn’t sold as much as the first LP, Eminem has still placed very high in the charts at number 2 for album sales within the first week, passing Drake’s new album, Nothing Was The Same, but falling just short of number one behind Justin Timberlake’s album, The 20/20 Experience.
Eminem really has done a great job of making this album like the first LP. The first Marshall Mathers LP is a young Shady type of music and you can tell that Eminem has really matured in his rap. Before, Eminem was very vulgar and blunt about everything he said on the first album. However Eminem is still sort of vulgar and blunt, he raps with a new style and he has meaning behind his lyrics. When Eminem was young, he made a song that threw a lot of shots at his mother, Debbie Mathers, and on this new album he apologized in the song, Headlights.

On the first LP, Em’s best selling song was Stan and it still is a classic to this day, so the sequel to Stan is the intro to the MMLP2, which is called Bad Guy. Songs like: Wicked Ways, So far, Beautiful Pain, Headlights, Rhyme or Reason, Legacy, and Rap God, all have a unique beat to them and they portray genres like rock while Eminem raps to them. Eminem’s ability to rap to a rock type beat shows that he can rap to any beat that is thrown his way, making him a truly unique rapper, if not the best of all time. If you really want to get the full “chill-thrilling” effect of what Eminem is saying, you have to understand what Eminem has been through in his life and you have to focus in on his lyrics and I guarantee that you will really feel what Eminem’s lyrics mean if you understand the young Eminem from back in the day. He now raps to a more mature rap level then he once did before. Em wanted to go back to his roots from when he first started rapping and I really think that he succeeded. Everybody should buy his album because it will be a classic!