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Marketing Strategies Of Lg Marketing Essay

To make itself a known brand in the consumer electronics sector, LG has taken innovative marketing and promotional initiatives: CRICKET FIRST!!!!! In November 2002, LG Electronics India (LG), one of the leading consumer durables companies in India, launched advertising campaigns featuring cricketers. LG announced that it would release 22 ad films featuring world-class cricketers to strengthen its association with cricket. The campaign, ‘Cricket First,’ which featured captains of the 14 teams participating in World Cup 2003, highlighted the spirit of cricket with a tagline, ‘Captains of Cricket World, for the Captain of Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances.’ The company announced that it would spend around Rs 400-500 million on advertising during the World Cup. Analysts felt that LG might reap rich benefits by associating itself with cricket in a cricket crazy country like India. Since 1997, when LG entered India, it has emphasized on marketing. Analysts felt that LG was trying to sell a brand of consumer durables using an FMCG marketing model, and was trying to create a mass market for a brand, which had a premium image. Like the marketing of FMCG products, LG’s marketing was heavily dependent on advertising. Its ad spends to sales ratio at 5-6% of sales was very close to that of FMCG giant HLL. PRODUCT INNOVATION LG believed in holding the interest of its customers by bringing out new products regularly. In its first year of operations, it launched 70 models across a range of products. In 2001, it launched 45 new models across its entire product range and in 2002 it launched 60 new models. Before developing products, LG conducted market research to ensure that its products met local requirements. LG customized product for Indian markets. LG has differentiated its products using technology and health benefits. The CTV range has ‘Golden Eye’ technology, air-conditioners have the ‘Health Air System’ and microwave ovens have the ‘Health Wave System’. DISTRIBUTION Soon after its entry into India, LG realized that it needed to be innovative to capture the market. LG expanded throughout the country to far-flung towns and semi-urban markets. It sent vans across the country, covering a distance of 5000 km every month, to increase brand awareness among the trade and the customers. PRICE Initially, when LG entered the Indian market, its products were priced high. This was because LG had to import products in the absence of a manufacturing facility in India. Thus, its products were priced as high as Japanese products. According to some analysts, this strategy was adopted to make local consumers feel that LG products were by no means inferior to Japanese products in performance or in quality. However, in 1998, LG launched ‘Sampoorna,’ a low priced TV aimed at rural consumers. PROMOTION Of all the elements of marketing mix, LG seemed to have put more emphasis on promotion and advertising. Some analysts are of the opinion that the cornerstone of LG’s strategy was its heavy advertising. In 2002, it spent around 1.3 billion on advertising. An ad agency which handled the account of one of the LG’s rivals, commented: “Communication creates a mind space among the consumers and LG has occupied that fairly well.” PRODUCT LOCALISATION Product localisation is a key strategy used by LG. • LG came out with Hindi and regional language menus on its TV. • Introduced the low-priced “Cineplus” and “Sampoorna” range for the rural markets. • LG was the first brand to introduce gaming in CTVs. In continuation of its association with cricket, LG introduced the cricket game in CTVs. LOCAL AND EFFICIENT MANUFACTURING To overcome high import duties, LG manufactures PC monitors and refrigerators in India at its manufacturing facility at Noida, Delhi. LGEIL had already commissioned contract manufacturing at Mohali, Kolkata and Bhopal for CTVs. This has helped LGEI to reduce costs. LGEIL is implementing a “digital manufacturing system” (DMS) as a cost-cutting innovation. This system is a follow-up to the Six Sigma exercise LGEIL had initiated earlier. REGIONAL CHANNEL STRATEGY AND WIDE DISTRIBUTION NETWORK LG has adopted the regional distribution model in India. All the distributors work directly with the company. This has resulted in quicker rotation of stocks, and better penetration into the B, C, and D class markets. RURAL MARKETING Rural Marketing is defined as any marketing activity in which one dominant participant is from a rural area. This implies that rural marketing consists of marketing of inputs (products or services) to the rural as well as marketing of outputs from the rural markets to other geographical areas. Reasons for Entry into Rural market: The urban market is a replacement and up gradation market today and facing Intense competition from local and global players The Rural population is nearly three times of the urban large untapped rural market (72%) Saturation in Urban market. The urban consumer durable market for products like CTVs, AC’s,
The Ohio State University Viy Questions.

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Instructions: Watch Class Video 9b, read the story “Viy” (on Carmen), and write paragraphs on the following 5 prompts. Submit your paragraphs by Carmen by the end of the day on Tuesday, March 23. I’m evaluating you on your ideas, not on your writing style.Khoma is a seminary student learning to be a priest. Specify three (3) events where Khoma’s actions fail to live up to the norms of priestly or holy behavior. Describe the events in your own words, not those of the author. Be sure to choose events from both of the episodes—the one with the Witch and the one with the dead Young Lady.The philosopher Khoma’s stated philosophy is “philosophical indifference” (fatalism): “What has to be, you can’t pass by” (i.e., “What will be, will be”). Specify three (3) events where Khoma’s actions prove that he is not a true fatalist, willing to accept “what will be” with composure. Describe the events in your own words, not those of the author. Be sure to choose events from both of the episodes—the one with the Witch and the one with the dead Young Lady.Neither the holy space of the church nor the holy words that Khoma recites seem to thwart the actions of the Young Lady and her demons. State your own opinion: does Gogol think that the “church” itself (i.e., religion) itself is ineffective against evil, or is the fault with Khoma (i.e., with a weak individual). Be sure to state, on the basis of the story, why you hold those opinions:In the Epilogue, Khoma’s two friends discuss whether his death had a meaning. Khoma himself had asked, “How can it be that Christian souls perish without rhyme or reason?” It is open to debate what Gogol believes.State your own opinion on the following: Do some deaths have a higher significance, and others not, and what makes them different? (Higher significance here refers to meaning for system of beliefs, not to individual emotions.)Given your opinion on (a), take a position on whether or not Khoma’s death in the story was “for nothing.”Consider the aftermath of Khoma’s third night in the church—what happens to Khoma, the Young Lady, and the demons. In your opinion, does Good triumph over Evil in the story? Be sure to state, on the basis of the story, why you hold that opinion.
The Ohio State University Viy Questions

GCCCD Costa Ricas Covid 19 Response Scapegoats Nicaraguan Migrants Discussion.

For this assignment, you are to read current news articles about Latin America from the website for the North American Congress of Latin America (NACLA) and submit two short reviews during the semester. Please submit one review per due date. Each review is to be at least 3-4 pages and each due date corresponds to a regional topic in Latin America.In terms of the content of each report, I am looking for two main points of discussion. First, you should devote the first half of the report to a summary of the main points in the article that you selected. To help you to address this issue, consider some of these questions: What is the main issue being discussed? (i.e. immigration, elections, education, environment, women’s issues, crime, etc.) Who are the main personalities mentioned in the article? (i.e. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President-Elect Biden, President Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, etc.) How does the issue affect the people of the country mentioned in the article? Does the issue have any connection with United States interests? What do you think could be the best solution to resolve this problem?And for the second point of discussion, please analyze the article that you selected and present your point of view on the story. For example, how do you feel about the story? How did this article contribute to your understanding about modern Latin America? And what do you think about the author’s perspective on the article? How does this topic relate to contemporary political, economic or cultural themes in the United States today?Here is a list of articles from the NACLA website pertaining to regions for your first due date. Everybody, just pick any one article from this list for your review. The dates in parenthesis indicate when the article was published. These articles range in date from February 2019 to January 2021.Costa Rica:Costa Rica’s Covid-19 Response Scapegoats Nicaraguan Migrants (July 2020)
GCCCD Costa Ricas Covid 19 Response Scapegoats Nicaraguan Migrants Discussion

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Assignment: Evidence-Based Project, Part 3: Advanced Levels of Clinical Inquiry and Systematic Reviews
Your quest to purchase a new car begins with an identification of the factors important to you. As you conduct a search of cars that rate high on those factors, you collect evidence and try to understand the extent of that evidence. A report that suggests a certain make and model of automobile has high mileage is encouraging. But who produced that report? How valid is it? How was the data collected, and what was the sample size?
In this Assignment, you will delve deeper into clinical inquiry by closely examining your PICO(T) question. You also begin to analyze the evidence you have collected.
To Prepare:

Review the Resources and identify a clinical issue of interest that can form the basis of a clinical inquiry.
Develop a PICO(T) question to address the clinical issue of interest for the Assignment.
Use the key words from the PICO(T) question you developed and search at least four different databases in the Walden Library. Identify at least four relevant systematic reviews or other filtered high-level evidence, which includes meta-analyses, critically-appraised topics (evidence syntheses), critically-appraised individual articles (article synopses). The evidence will not necessarily address all the elements of your PICO(T) question, so select the most important concepts to search and find the best evidence available.
Reflect on the process of creating a PICO(T) question and searching for peer-reviewed research.

The Assignment (Evidence-Based Project)
Part 3: Advanced Levels of Clinical Inquiry and Systematic Reviews
Create a 6- to 7-slide PowerPoint presentation in which you do the following:

Identify and briefly describe your chosen clinical issue of interest.
Describe how you developed a PICO(T) question focused on your chosen clinical issue of interest.
Identify the four research databases that you used to conduct your search for the peer-reviewed articles you selected.
Provide APA citations of the four peer-reviewed articles you selected.
Describe the levels of evidence in each of the four peer-reviewed articles you selected, including an explanation of the strengths of using systematic reviews for clinical research. Be specific and provide examples.

By Day 7 of Week 5
Submit Part 3 of your Evidence-Based Project.
Submission and Grading Information
To submit your completed Assignment for review and grading, do the following:

Please save your Assignment using the naming convention “WK5Assgn+last name+first initial.(extension)” as the name.
Click the Week 5 Assignment Rubric to review the Grading Criteria for the Assignment.
Click the Week 5 Assignment link. You will also be able to “View Rubric” for grading criteria from this area.
Next, from the Attach File area, click on the Browse My Computer button. Find the document you saved as “WK5Assgn+last name+first initial.(extension)” and click Open.
If applicable: From the Plagiarism Tools area, click the checkbox for I agree to submit my paper(s) to the Global Reference Database.
Click on the Submit button to complete your submission.

Grading Criteria

To access your rubric:
Week 5 Assignment Rubric

I nurse to help with this question on NURS 5052

The Nature Of Pastoral Care Theology

assignment writer The Nature Of Pastoral Care Theology. Pastoral care in ministry is one of the most critical ministries found within the Church. Churches are full of individuals who have or are experiencing crisis, anxiety, devoiced, loneliness, lost, grief, sadness, and family issues. These prevailing crises make available to pastors opportunities to assist these individuals mostly by just encouraging and listening to those within their faith community. In many cases, pastors’ involvement in these crises may only require of them to listen whereas in other the need for trained pastors in specialized ministry of counseling is required. Many individuals now-a-days continue to turn to their pastors as a first source when face with a crisis. Pastors are usually more immediately and directly accessible than some other counseling professionals they do not charge a fee, and they are every so often known and trusted within a community. Since pastors are perceived as generalist, parishioners as well as community residents often look to them for assistance in a wide range of needs, including counseling. A skill acquired by pastors from some useful classes in the area of counseling during their training in seminary as well as an important basic quarter in C.P.E. (Clinical Pastoral Education). Personally, my study in pastoral counseling has given me the necessary tools to effectively counsel my congregants. Such training has led me into the following concepts: Clinical Pastoral Periderm, which focuses on relationship and individuals; the different kinds of Listening Skill introduced by Salvage; the dynamics of LossThe Nature Of Pastoral Care Theology

Networking Questions

Networking Questions.

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1. Which technology provides a means of securing the interactions between domain name servers?2. Ethernet uses ‘counted-effort’ delivery semantics and has distributed access control (true/false)3.
An IP packet destined for arrives at a router. Which of
the following routes from the routing table will be selected to forward
the packet? a) Send packets destined for out port Eth0 b) Send packets destined for out port Eth1 c) Send packets destined for out port Eth2 d) Send packets destined for out port Eth3e)None of the above4. Which one of the following addresses is a valid IPv6 address?4001:1:0:4F3A:206:AE144001:1:0:4F3A:0:206:AE144001:1:0:4F3A::206:AE142001:1::4F3A:206::AE14
Networking Questions

Political Qualities Do Artifacts Have Politics Article Analysis Discussion

Political Qualities Do Artifacts Have Politics Article Analysis Discussion.

Read “Do Artifacts have Politics?” (p7-13) This is an excerpt of an article by Langdon Winner that examines the relationship between social value systems and different technologies. By “political qualities” Winner means human values.1. How does Winner characterize common conceptions of technology and the ways people and technology interact? (p788)2. Does Winner agree?3. Describe the racial dynamics of the overpasses on the parkways and highways to Jones Beach?4. What does Winner write about the mechanical tomato harvester?5. According to Winner, what two kinds of choices about technology should people make? (p12)By submitting this paper, you agree: (1) that you are submitting your paper to be used and stored as part of the SafeAssign TM services in accordance with the Blackboard Privacy Policy; (2) that your institution may use your paper in accordance with your institution’s policies, and (3) that your use of SafeAssign will be without recourse against Blackboard Inc. and its affiliates.
Political Qualities Do Artifacts Have Politics Article Analysis Discussion