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Marketing Strategies Of Astro All Asia Networks Marketing Essay

Astro All Asia Networks is a Malaysia’s leading cross-media group with significance presence in DTH (Direct-To-Home) TV services, commercial radio and TV programming. The group encompasses of seven different structures which includes MEASAT Broadcasting Network Systems (MBNS) or also known as Astro TV, Astro Entertainment Network (AEN), Airtime Management

Work Related Stress Essay

With the current changing trends in working environments, although work may be enjoyable to do, as most individuals are always motivated to shine in their work places, sometimes the same jobs can be a stressing factor, depending on the prevailing work conditions. Work related stress is one of the greatest impediments to the success of any organization, because it lowers workers’ motivation hence, leading to reduced output. In addition to lowering work performance, work stress greatly affects an individual’s state of mind whereby, in uncontrolled situations it can cause work burnout and many health complications. Primarily, in most cases job stress occurs when there is a mismatch between an individual’s potentials, available resources, or personal wants with the requirements of one’s assigned roles. It is necessary to note that, there is a great variation between job stress and work challenges, because the former decreases motivation and innovation, whereas the latter is a psychological and physical energizer; hence, encourages innovation, motivation. Although this is the case, failure to provide solutions to demanding challenges or duties can be one of the primary stress causative agents, as most individuals will do everything at their disposal to shine in their duties (Ganster

Brookhaven College 8-bit Integer to Binary Algorithm Program Practice

order essay cheap Brookhaven College 8-bit Integer to Binary Algorithm Program Practice.

Using the flat assembler (fasm), write a program that converts an 8-bit integer to binary and hexadecimal using bitwise operators. Do not use external functions. You may use the algorithm below.Algorithm to convert Value to binary: (1) set Count to 0 (2) AND Value with 128 (binary 10000000) and store into Temp (3) if result is zero, output “0” (4) if result is not zero, output “1” (5) shift Temp left (6) increment Count (7) if Count <= 8, jump to step (2)Algorithm to convert Value to hexadecimal: (1) shift Value right 4 digits and store into Temp (2) if Temp <=9, print Temp (3) if Temp >=10, add 55 to Temp and print the ASCII character (4) AND Value with 240 (binary 00001111) and store into Temp (5) if Temp <=9, print Value (6) if Temp >=10, add 55 to Temp and print the ASCII characterExample outputThis x86 assembly program converts an integer to binary and hex.Enter an integer from 0 – 255: 73Binary: 01001001
Brookhaven College 8-bit Integer to Binary Algorithm Program Practice

Caring Angel Hospital’s Goals and Action Plan Case Study

Table of Contents Major Steps to Take by Caring Angel Hospital Recommendations to Acquire a Larger Market Share Value-Added Services in Caring Angel Hospital Conclusion References Caring Angel Hospital is a health care facility in need of significant improvements to its operations because the organization currently suffers from annual financial losses and reductions in the number of patients. After examining the situation in Caring Angel Hospital for three months, it is possible to develop a plan of action to enhance the progress of the organization. The purpose of this report is to propose specific actions that can be taken to achieve the goals set by Caring Angel Hospital: to increase the organization’s value, to improve the quality of care and employee morale, to develop a more efficient organization and a more effective team, and to create a competitive advantage. The recommendations will be proposed to reflect strategies designed to increase market share and value with a focus on the quality of provided services. Major Steps to Take by Caring Angel Hospital Caring Angel Hospital has faced many problems associated with the quality of care, weaknesses in employee morale, a lack of effective organizational structure, and the need to build a more effective team. Based on these serious concerns, it is possible to determine primary goals for the professionals of Caring Angel Hospital to achieve. It is important to develop a clear plan of action to reach each of the critical goals. To improve the quality of care, it is necessary to review the working schedules of the nurses as well as the standards according to which they perform their duties (Djukic, Kovner, Brewer, Fatehi,

Barstow Community College Persuasive Speech and Informative Speech Paper

Barstow Community College Persuasive Speech and Informative Speech Paper.

1) In your own words, explain the difference between General purpose and Specific purpose.2)Why do you think establishing the purpose of your speech is so important? After reviewing this week’s lecture, what do you think makes a good specific purpose? 3) Have you ever listened to a presenter whose purpose was unclear? How was that experience? Explain your answer.4) reply 2 student responses below———————————Mariah RangelYesterdayJan 25 at 11:15amManage Discussion EntryMariah RangelCOMM 1Professor Worland25 January 20211. In general purpose there’s three types of speeches that are used, and it’s used to inform and to teach the audience something. As well as informing your audience, demo, and category to your audience. General purpose is also persuading the audience to do something, or to change there minds about something. In a general purpose there’s also a commemorate or celebrate speech, and it used during celebrations. Specific purpose is when your really clear what your speech is going to be about. A specific purpose is to guide your entire speech. Specific purpose is mainly about catering your speech to your audience. A specific purpose also leads us into our audience that analysis our lecture.2. I think establishing the purpose of your speech is important because that’s how we connect with other, and send messages to our audience. By establishing the purpose of our speech is important because this is how we can teach others as well as expanding each others knowledge. Our message can be important to our people in the audience that someone needs to hear, or something they never knew and are interested in. 3. I don’t remember if I’ve listened to a presenter whose purpose was unclear, but there was a time that I had to give a presentation and I wasn’t clear about my speech about if I liked the book or the movie better. In my presentation I was supposed to explain why I liked the movie or the book better, but instead I got so wrapped up in talking about how powerful the message was in the book.————————————————————————–Michael OliverYesterdayJan 25 at 11:38amManage Discussion Entry1. General purpose is the topic that you want to speak about and the exact topic you want to speak about within that general topic is your specific topic. For example, my general topic could be US history, my specific topic could be the revolutionary war. 2. Establishing a purpose of your speech is important because than you know what you are speaking about. Also, it gives you a chance to gear your purpose to the audience. Without a purpose you’re kind of lost. A good specific purpose is one that can be explained within the allotted time and be expected that your audience will be able to understand your purpose. Also, a good specific pupose should be one that is developed for your audience for example speaking to 5 year old kids about the importance of taking care of your car may not be a good purpose for that age group.3. No, I haven’t experienced a presenter who had an unclear purpose. I have experienced speakers that have not connected with the audience but I have known their agenda or purpose of their speech. Those types of experiences have left me bored and unsatisfied. How can one be satisfied if they are uninterested in the speakers purpose or intent of being there? That’s how I felt. Without connecting with the audience your purpose, whether known or unclear, will not come across the way you’d like it to.
Barstow Community College Persuasive Speech and Informative Speech Paper

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